X-Plane 11/10 Eclipse 550

X-Plane Eclipse 550 v2. This is a twin-engine very light jet from Eclipse Aerospace. This Eclipse project is the result of more than 500 hours of work, from October 2012 to March 2013. Features: virtual 3D cockpit, custom sounds, group power unit, ten livreries, 64 bit compatible, manual in Engli...

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X-Plane Eclipse 550 v2. This is a twin-engine very light jet from Eclipse Aerospace. This Eclipse project is the result of more than 500 hours of work, from October 2012 to March 2013. Features: virtual 3D cockpit, custom sounds, group power unit, ten livreries, 64 bit compatible, manual in English and French. By Stephane Buon.

Eclipse 1 Eclipse 2

The archive eclipse-550-2-0.zip has 646 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Eclipse 550 2-002.07.140 B
Custom Avionics02.07.140 B
demarrage.lua02.07.142.07 kB
sounds.lua02.07.142.23 kB
Documents02.07.140 B
Eclipse-document-FR.pdf02.02.142.42 MB
Eclipse550_Specs.png02.07.1463.94 kB
Eclipse_quick-flight-EN.pdf02.02.141.88 MB
checklist.pdf02.26.13123.04 kB
Eclipse.acf02.07.142.21 MB
Eclipse_cockpit.obj01.30.144.39 MB
Eclipse_icon.png02.07.1480.59 kB
Eclipse_prefs.txt02.07.1427 B
TdB.png01.11.144.38 MB
TdB_LIT.png09.08.131.85 MB
airfoils02.12.130 B
NACA 23012.afl10.13.1225.21 kB
NACA 23014 (standrough).afl10.13.1225.21 kB
NACA 65(216)-415 (lam flow).afl07.10.1224.49 kB
avionics.lua02.07.141.72 kB
cockpit_3d02.02.130 B
-PANELS-09.09.130 B
Panel.png09.07.13116.24 kB
EFIS02.25.130 B
EFIS elements primary02.03.140 B
el_HSI_full_circle-1.png07.10.125.85 kB
el_HSI_full_circle-2.png02.25.131.13 kB
el_HSI_full_circle-3.png07.10.123.49 kB
el_HSI_full_circle-4.png07.10.123.59 kB
el_HSI_full_circle.png02.25.137.28 kB
el_HSI_full_circle.txt07.10.12297 B
el_airspeed-1.png11.15.115.18 kB
el_airspeed-2.png11.15.113.17 kB
el_airspeed-3.png11.28.122.84 kB
el_airspeed-4.png11.15.113.88 kB
el_airspeed.png11.28.123.04 kB
el_airspeed.txt11.15.11328 B
el_altitude-1.png11.15.115.54 kB
el_altitude-2.png11.15.113.46 kB
el_altitude-3.png11.28.122.86 kB
el_altitude-4.png11.15.114.15 kB
el_altitude.png11.28.123.05 kB
el_altitude.txt11.15.11417 B
el_horizon (copie).png08.24.1286.32 kB
el_horizon-1.png02.03.1452.44 kB
el_horizon-2.png01.31.146.24 kB
el_horizon-3.png09.10.133.09 kB
el_horizon-4.png02.03.144.01 kB
el_horizon.png09.10.1336.52 kB
el_horizon.txt01.31.14198 B
el_horizon.txt~08.24.12198 B
el_vvi_dig-4.png11.15.113.72 kB
el_vvi_vert-1.png02.05.134.76 kB
el_vvi_vert-2.png01.31.132.82 kB
el_vvi_vert-3.png11.28.122.78 kB
el_vvi_vert-4.png11.15.113.64 kB
el_vvi_vert.png02.05.134.76 kB
el_vvi_vert.txt01.31.13488 B
el_vvi_vert.txt~11.28.12488 B
EFIS elements supplement12.20.120 B
el_DH-1.png07.10.122.82 kB
el_DH-4.png07.10.123.19 kB
el_DH.png07.10.122.96 kB
el_DME_VORADF1-1.png07.10.123.65 kB
el_DME_VORADF1-4.png07.10.126.12 kB
el_DME_VORADF1.png07.10.123.31 kB
el_DME_VORADF2-1.png07.10.123.82 kB
el_DME_VORADF2-4.png07.10.126.12 kB
el_DME_VORADF2.png07.10.123.27 kB
el_DME_waypoint-1.png07.10.123.08 kB
el_DME_waypoint-4.png07.10.125.72 kB
el_DME_waypoint.png12.15.123.19 kB
el_OBS1-1.png07.10.122.86 kB
el_OBS1-4.png07.10.123.28 kB
el_OBS1.png07.10.122.94 kB
el_OBS2-1.png07.10.122.87 kB
el_OBS2-4.png07.10.123.17 kB
el_OBS2.png07.10.122.95 kB
el_TAS_GS-1.png07.10.122.96 kB
el_TAS_GS-4.png07.10.124.04 kB
el_TAS_GS.png07.10.122.99 kB
el_TAS_GS_wind-1.png07.10.123.02 kB
el_TAS_GS_wind-2.png07.10.122.85 kB
el_TAS_GS_wind-4.png07.10.124.04 kB
el_TAS_GS_wind.png07.10.123.19 kB
el_asi_trend-1.png07.10.122.85 kB
el_asi_trend.png07.10.123.05 kB
el_baro-1.png12.29.122.82 kB
el_baro-4.png12.29.123.16 kB
el_baro.png12.29.122.98 kB
el_gear-1.png12.20.122.97 kB
el_gear.png04.03.053.03 kB
el_glideslope-1.png07.10.122.82 kB
el_glideslope-2.png07.10.122.94 kB
el_glideslope.png07.10.122.82 kB
el_groundspeed-1.png07.10.122.84 kB
el_groundspeed-4.png07.10.123.26 kB
el_groundspeed.png07.10.122.93 kB
el_heading-1.png07.10.122.83 kB
el_heading-4.png07.10.123.28 kB
el_heading.png07.10.122.95 kB
el_localizer-1.png07.10.122.84 kB
el_localizer-2.png07.10.122.87 kB
el_localizer.png07.10.122.84 kB
el_machnumber-1.png07.10.122.79 kB
el_machnumber-4.png07.10.123.72 kB
el_machnumber.png07.10.122.94 kB
el_radioalt-1.png07.10.122.84 kB
el_radioalt-4.png07.10.123.19 kB
el_radioalt.png07.10.122.97 kB
el_re-entry-4.png07.10.128.28 kB
el_re-entry.png07.10.127.56 kB
el_wind-1.png07.10.123.02 kB
el_wind-2.png07.10.123.03 kB
el_wind-4.png07.10.124.05 kB
el_wind.png07.10.123.16 kB
EFIS maps09.07.130 B
map_s_GA-1.png09.07.1311.36 kB
map_s_GA-2.png07.10.1221.31 kB
map_s_GA-3.png07.10.1223.90 kB
map_s_GA-4.png07.10.124.73 kB
map_s_GA.png09.23.122.82 kB
map_s_GA.txt09.23.12118 B
map_s_HM.png07.10.126.75 kB
map_s_HM.txt07.10.12118 B
map_t_HM-1 (copie).png03.30.135.00 kB
map_t_HM-1.png06.10.1313.03 kB
map_t_HM-2.png03.30.1317.58 kB
map_t_HM-3.png09.23.1220.03 kB
map_t_HM-4.png09.23.123.76 kB
map_t_HM.png03.30.133.52 kB
map_t_HM.txt03.30.13118 B
but_map_TCAS-1.png07.10.123.03 kB
but_map_TCAS.png02.25.132.71 kB
but_map_apt-1.png07.10.123.03 kB
but_map_apt.png02.25.132.71 kB
but_map_fix-1.png07.10.123.03 kB
but_map_fix.png02.25.132.71 kB
but_map_mode-1.png07.10.129.94 kB
but_map_mode.png07.10.123.35 kB
but_map_ndb-1.png07.10.123.03 kB
but_map_ndb.png02.25.132.71 kB
but_map_options-1.png07.10.123.03 kB
but_map_options.png07.10.123.65 kB
but_map_vor-1.png07.10.123.03 kB
but_map_vor.png02.25.132.71 kB
but_map_wxr-1.png07.10.123.03 kB
but_map_wxr.png02.25.132.71 kB
old02.25.130 B
but_map_TCAS.png02.11.132.85 kB
but_map_apt.png02.11.132.85 kB
but_map_fix.png02.11.132.82 kB
but_map_ndb.png02.11.132.84 kB
but_map_vor.png02.11.132.85 kB
but_map_wxr.png02.11.132.85 kB
annunciators09.08.130 B
APU_running-1.png02.15.132.81 kB
APU_running.png02.15.132.71 kB
GPU_connected-1.png01.31.132.94 kB
GPU_connected.png01.31.132.86 kB
ann_fuel_press-1.png07.10.124.09 kB
ann_fuel_press.png02.26.132.76 kB
ann_generator-1.png07.10.124.18 kB
ann_generator.png01.31.132.76 kB
ann_hydraulic_press-1.png07.10.124.12 kB
ann_hydraulic_press.png01.31.132.76 kB
ann_low_voltage-1.png07.10.124.08 kB
ann_low_voltage.png01.31.132.76 kB
ann_master_caution-1.png05.23.13273 B
ann_master_caution.png05.23.13121 B
ann_yaw_damp-1.png01.31.132.91 kB
ann_yaw_damp.png12.28.122.72 kB
autopilot12.26.120 B
autopilot annunciators10.25.120 B
ott_ann_ALT-1.png01.16.133.25 kB
ott_ann_ALT.png01.16.132.81 kB
ott_ann_ALT_arm-1.png12.26.123.22 kB
ott_ann_ALT_arm.png01.16.132.81 kB
ott_ann_ASI-1.png01.16.133.43 kB
ott_ann_ASI.png01.16.132.81 kB
ott_ann_ATR-1.png01.16.133.50 kB
ott_ann_ATR.png01.16.132.81 kB
ott_ann_BC-1.png07.10.12856 B
ott_ann_BC.png07.10.122.98 kB
ott_ann_BC_arm-1.png07.10.12856 B
ott_ann_BC_arm.png07.10.122.98 kB
ott_ann_GS-1.png01.16.133.44 kB
ott_ann_GS.png01.16.132.81 kB
ott_ann_GS_arm-1.png12.26.123.45 kB
ott_ann_GS_arm.png01.16.132.81 kB
ott_ann_HDG-1.png07.10.123.50 kB
ott_ann_HDG.png01.16.132.81 kB
ott_ann_LCA-1.png07.10.123.67 kB
ott_ann_LCA.png01.16.132.81 kB
ott_ann_LOC-1.png07.10.123.58 kB
ott_ann_LOC.png01.16.132.81 kB
ott_ann_LOC_arm-1.png12.26.123.40 kB
ott_ann_LOC_arm.png01.16.132.81 kB
ott_ann_SYN-1.png07.10.123.60 kB
ott_ann_SYN.png07.10.122.98 kB
ott_ann_VN-1.png07.10.123.66 kB
ott_ann_VN.png07.10.122.98 kB
ott_ann_VVI-1.png07.10.123.59 kB
ott_ann_VVI.png01.16.132.76 kB
ott_ann_app-1.png07.10.123.44 kB
ott_ann_app.png01.16.132.81 kB
ott_ann_power-1.png07.10.123.42 kB
ott_ann_power.png07.10.122.98 kB
ott_ann_winglev-1.png07.10.123.44 kB
ott_ann_winglev.png07.10.122.98 kB
autopilot engage03.04.130 B
ott_VN_eng_BC-1.png03.04.132.77 kB
ott_VN_eng_BC.png03.04.132.73 kB
ott_alt_eng_BC-1.png03.03.132.76 kB
ott_alt_eng_BC.png02.28.132.73 kB
ott_app_eng_BC-1.png02.28.132.77 kB
ott_app_eng_BC.png02.28.132.73 kB
ott_asi_eng_BC-1.png02.28.132.77 kB
ott_asi_eng_BC.png02.28.132.73 kB
ott_atr_eng_BC-1.png12.17.123.24 kB
ott_atr_eng_BC.png01.31.132.82 kB
ott_hdg_eng_BC-1.png03.03.132.76 kB
ott_hdg_eng_BC.png02.28.132.73 kB
ott_loc_eng_BC-1.png02.28.132.77 kB
ott_loc_eng_BC.png02.28.132.73 kB
ott_vvi_eng_BC-1.png02.28.132.77 kB
ott_vvi_eng_BC.png02.28.132.73 kB
autopilot select02.28.130 B
EFIS_disp_ALT-1.png12.23.12148 B
EFIS_disp_ALT-4.png12.23.123.15 kB
EFIS_disp_ALT.png02.04.13135 B
EFIS_disp_HDG-1.png01.31.13153 B
EFIS_disp_HDG-4.png01.31.133.20 kB
EFIS_disp_HDG.png02.04.13135 B
EFIS_disp_SPD-1.png12.23.12148 B
EFIS_disp_SPD-4.png12.15.123.06 kB
EFIS_disp_SPD.png02.04.13135 B
EFIS_disp_VVI-1.png12.23.12148 B
EFIS_disp_VVI-4.png12.23.123.12 kB
EFIS_disp_VVI.png02.04.13135 B
ott_sel_SPD.png02.28.13140 B
ott_sel_VVI_HM.png02.28.132.79 kB
buttons02.28.130 B
but_apu-1.png02.15.137.20 kB
but_apu.png02.15.132.80 kB
but_auto_AP_GA-1.png12.18.122.78 kB
but_auto_AP_GA.png01.31.132.83 kB
but_auto_FD_GA-1.png02.28.132.83 kB
but_auto_FD_GA.png02.28.133.21 kB
but_avionics (copie).png01.24.132.96 kB
but_avionics-1 (copie).png01.28.134.34 kB
but_avionics-1.png02.25.132.72 kB
but_avionics.png02.25.132.71 kB
but_battery-1.png07.10.124.39 kB
but_battery.png01.24.132.96 kB
but_brakes-1.png02.08.133.49 kB
but_brakes.png01.31.132.72 kB
but_yawdamp-1.png02.28.133.53 kB
but_yawdamp.png02.28.132.73 kB
engine01.28.130 B
but_generator-1.png07.10.124.30 kB
but_generator.png01.28.132.96 kB
but_generator_APU-1.png07.10.124.30 kB
but_generator_APU.png07.10.123.56 kB
but_hydraulic_pump_engine-1.png07.10.124.39 kB
but_hydraulic_pump_engine.png07.10.123.55 kB
fuel02.26.130 B
but_fuel_on_off-1.png02.26.132.72 kB
but_fuel_on_off.png02.26.133.02 kB
but_fuelpump_light-1.png01.28.132.84 kB
but_fuelpump_light.png01.28.132.71 kB
landing gear01.21.130 B
but_gear_handle_GA-1.png01.21.132.73 kB
but_gear_handle_GA.png02.01.143.63 kB
lights10.25.120 B
but_beacon-1.png07.10.124.30 kB
but_beacon.png12.29.122.98 kB
but_land_light-1.png07.10.124.30 kB
but_land_light.png12.29.122.97 kB
but_nav_light-1.png07.10.124.30 kB
but_nav_light.png12.29.123.01 kB
but_spot_light-1.png07.10.124.30 kB
but_spot_light.png07.10.123.34 kB
but_strobe_light-1.png07.10.124.30 kB
but_strobe_light.png12.29.122.97 kB
but_taxi_light-1.png07.10.124.30 kB
but_taxi_light.png12.29.122.98 kB
starter03.01.130 B
but_ignition-1.png07.10.124.30 kB
but_ignition.png07.10.123.44 kB
but_off_run_start-1 (copie).png07.10.127.24 kB
but_off_run_start-1.png03.01.132.75 kB
but_off_run_start.png01.10.132.87 kB
but_starter_BC-1.png07.10.126.07 kB
but_starter_BC.png07.10.126.69 kB
but_starter_GA-1.png07.10.126.07 kB
but_starter_GA.png07.10.128.30 kB
but_starter_HM-1.png07.10.123.71 kB
but_starter_HM.png07.10.123.72 kB
de-ice09.08.130 B
all_systems-1.png07.10.124.30 kB
all_systems.png12.28.123.00 kB
ice_detect-1.png07.10.124.30 kB
ice_detect.png12.28.123.08 kB
ice_detect_ann-1.png06.11.13211 B
ice_detect_ann.png06.11.13101 B
engine01.31.130 B
engine number01.31.130 B
dig_CHT-4.png07.10.123.28 kB
dig_CHT.png07.10.122.81 kB
dig_EGT-4.png07.10.123.28 kB
dig_EGT.png07.10.122.81 kB
dig_EPR-4.png07.10.123.24 kB
dig_EPR.png07.10.122.82 kB
dig_FF-4.png01.31.133.34 kB
dig_FF.png07.10.122.83 kB
dig_FP-4.png07.10.123.24 kB
dig_FP.png07.10.122.81 kB
dig_ITT-4.png01.31.132.96 kB
dig_ITT.png07.10.122.81 kB
dig_MP-4.png07.10.123.28 kB
dig_MP.png07.10.122.82 kB
dig_N1-4.png01.31.133.15 kB
dig_N1.png07.10.122.81 kB
dig_N2-4.png01.31.133.15 kB
dig_N2.png07.10.122.81 kB
dig_batt_amps-4.png07.10.123.24 kB
dig_batt_amps.png07.10.122.82 kB
dig_batt_volt-4.png07.10.123.24 kB
dig_batt_volt.png07.10.122.82 kB
dig_bus_volt-4.png07.10.123.24 kB
dig_bus_volt.png07.10.122.82 kB
dig_gen_amps-4.png07.10.123.24 kB
dig_gen_amps.png07.10.122.82 kB
generic02.05.140 B
LED-cabinalt-1.png01.24.133.32 kB
LED-cabinalt-4.png01.24.133.32 kB
LED-cabinalt.png12.27.122.72 kB
LED-cabinvvi-1.png01.24.133.32 kB
LED-cabinvvi-4.png01.24.133.32 kB
LED-cabinvvi.png12.27.122.72 kB
PanelMFDcentral-1.png01.31.1446.17 kB
PanelMFDcentral.png12.21.12874 B
PressL-1.png03.05.135.41 kB
PressL.png03.05.13146 B
PressR-1.png03.05.134.09 kB
PressR.png03.05.13145 B
T-pointer-ailrtrim.txt12.23.1267 B
adf-1.png01.30.14195 B
adf.png01.30.14117 B
ann_generator-1.png07.10.124.18 kB
ann_generator.png01.31.132.76 kB
antiice-1.png06.11.13238 B
antiice.png06.11.13101 B
big-mapmode-1.png09.07.131.32 kB
big-mapmode.png09.07.13122 B
big-mapzoom-1.png09.07.131.35 kB
big-mapzoom.png09.07.13122 B
boutonsMode-1.png09.10.132.09 kB
boutonsMode.png09.10.132.09 kB
checklist-1.png02.05.14148.68 kB
checklist.png01.31.14353 B
checklist.xcf01.31.141.00 MB
flaps-1.png12.15.12647 B
flaps.png12.15.12127 B
fleche1-1.png01.31.14142 B
fleche1.png01.31.14142 B
fondADF-1.png01.30.14865 B
fondADF.png01.30.14129 B
gen_needle-1.png01.31.142.87 kB
gen_needle.png08.27.132.78 kB
gen_selectpanel-1.png12.26.122.77 kB
gen_selectpanel.png07.10.123.40 kB
gen_text-4.png01.18.134.41 kB
gen_text.png01.18.132.72 kB
gen_trigger-1.png07.10.122.84 kB
gen_trigger.png02.16.132.71 kB
glass-fondG-1.png02.05.13920 B
glass-fondG.png02.04.13168 B
glass-fondG_old.png01.22.13680 B
gpu-1.png02.15.13970 B
gpu.png02.15.13123 B
indicationMap-1.png09.09.131.07 kB
indicationMap.png09.09.13137 B
mapmode-1.png02.25.13316 B
mapmode.png02.25.13114 B
mapzoom-1.png02.26.13315 B
mapzoom.png02.25.13114 B
needle-rudtrim-1.png12.27.12181 B
needle-rudtrim.png12.27.12113 B
pointer-ailrtrim-1.png12.23.12182 B
pointer-ailrtrim.png12.23.12111 B
pointer-ailrtrim.txt~12.20.1267 B
pointer-batt-1.png02.06.13519 B
pointer-batt.png02.06.13111 B
pointer-elvtrim-1.png12.20.12345 B
pointer-elvtrim.png12.20.12118 B
pointer-elvtrim.txt12.20.1267 B
pointer-elvtrim.txt~12.20.1267 B
pointer-eng-1 (copie).png01.20.13142 B
pointer-eng-1.png01.20.13176 B
pointer-eng.png01.20.13125 B
pointer-fuelqtity-1.png12.24.12214 B
pointer-fuelqtity.png12.24.12116 B
pointer-generatoron-1.png02.06.132.84 kB
pointer-generatoron.png02.06.13124 B
pointer-n1-1.png01.21.13146 B
pointer-n1.png01.21.13121 B
rheo-selectPA.png02.28.13140 B
rotary-gpu-1.png02.16.135.93 kB
rotary-gpu.png02.16.132.79 kB
rotary-leftpump-1.png01.24.13351 B
rotary-leftpump.png01.17.1396 B
rotaryselectbouton-1.png12.20.12121 B
rotaryselectbouton.png12.20.12121 B
rotaryselectsrc-1.png09.08.13299 B
rotaryselectsrc.png12.27.12119 B
sqk-1.png09.09.13360 B
sqk-sb-1.png02.07.13288 B
sqk-sb.png02.07.13114 B
sqk-xpdr-1.png02.07.13370 B
sqk-xpdr.png02.07.13114 B
sqk.png09.09.13116 B
systeme-1.png02.01.14115.96 kB
systeme.png12.21.12306 B
trimelev.xcf12.20.125.77 kB
pressurization12.24.120 B
bleed_air-1.png07.10.125.95 kB
bleed_air.png12.24.122.72 kB
dump_all_pressure-1.png07.10.125.95 kB
dump_all_pressure.png12.24.122.72 kB
radios02.02.130 B
GPS FMS02.02.130 B
FMS-4.png02.02.135.67 kB
FMS.png07.10.1219.26 kB
Garmin_430-1.png07.10.129.12 kB
Garmin_430-2.png07.10.1225.83 kB
Garmin_430-3.png07.10.1232.41 kB
Garmin_430.png07.10.1212.19 kB
rheostats12.29.120 B
rhe_OBS_1_BC.png07.10.124.45 kB
rhe_OBS_2_BC.png07.10.124.48 kB
rhe_OBS_2_GA.png07.10.124.68 kB
rhe_OBS_2_HM.png07.10.124.68 kB
rhe_OBS_any_BC.png07.10.124.48 kB
rhe_baro_BC.png02.28.132.75 kB
rhe_baro_GA.png07.10.124.45 kB
rhe_baro_HM.png07.10.124.83 kB
rhe_flood_brt_BC.png12.29.124.33 kB
rhe_instrument_brt_BC.png12.29.124.33 kB
liveries02.07.140 B
Aerobask02.06.140 B
objects02.07.140 B
ailes.png02.06.141.74 MB
fuselage.png02.06.141.89 MB
fuselage_LIT.png02.07.14178.76 kB
Air Littoral02.02.140 B
Objects02.02.140 B
ailes.png09.06.131.65 MB
fuselage.png02.01.142.04 MB
fuselage_LIT.png02.01.14277.48 kB
Bird of Paradise02.02.140 B
objects02.02.140 B
ailes.png09.11.132.42 MB
fuselage.png02.01.142.65 MB
fuselage_LIT.png02.01.14283.77 kB
F-BCBG02.02.140 B
objects02.02.140 B
ailes.png09.12.131.61 MB
fuselage.png02.01.141.72 MB
fuselage_LIT.png02.01.14231.24 kB
N119EA02.02.140 B
objects02.02.140 B
ailes.png09.13.131.49 MB
fuselage.png02.01.141.80 MB
fuselage_LIT.png02.01.14244.67 kB
N31SL02.02.140 B
objects02.02.140 B
ailes.png09.07.13957.48 kB
fuselage.png02.01.141.15 MB
fuselage_LIT.png02.01.14278.05 kB
N504RS02.06.140 B
objects02.06.140 B
ailes.png09.11.131.53 MB
fuselage.png02.01.141.81 MB
fuselage_LIT.png02.01.14241.15 kB
N508JP02.02.140 B
objects02.02.140 B
ailes.png09.04.131.53 MB
fuselage.png02.01.141.92 MB
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Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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LEFEVRESat, 25 Mar 2023 23:46:32 GMT

Doesn't work with x plane 11.55 default Cessna load?

Ed LaFoeTue, 20 Oct 2020 03:19:49 GMT

To fix the GPS, FMC, and "won't load" problems, replace the Eclipse.acf aircraft file with the X-Plane 11 version, linked on https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/18661-eclipse-550/.

I've been flying this Eclipse 550 (harranssor's) a lot, it's my second-favorite, after the Zibo 737-800. Works great, once you update the Eclipse.acf file as described.


  • Lots of power climbs like a homesick angel, great around mountains.
  • Descends fast, too; I do all my descent plans for 4.5 degree=2nm per 1,000 feet, instead of the usual 3 degree=3nm/000'. And that's clean, gear up, no flaps, and a little power to keep the cabin pressurized and the anti-ice warm. o Fabulous fuel economy and range.
  • Holds a course at up to 16x, long-distance flights don't take as long. Reduce to 2x for turns, or it won't lead the turn enough.

Con's (But it's still my second-favorite):

  • Stock FMC, with all of its weirdnesses.
  • Hard to find the right spot to turn knobs. Altitude knob goes by 10's of feet instead of 100's, have to hold the mouse button down a long time to set jet altitudes.
  • Instruments have weird colors, hard to read. Matters most on glideslope.
  • Watered-down avionics compared to the real-life aircraft. I'm going to try the $40 Aerobask version for Christmas.

Tips: Improve panel visibility: PlugIns>DataRefs>Art: shadow/csm_split_interior=0. (lit_i is enough to find it.) Improves frame rate, too. Works on Zibo, also, and probably all aircraft.

Get the Data Ref Editor plugin from http://www.xsquawkbox.net/xpsdk/mediawiki/DataRefEditor

Leon Tue, 21 Jan 2020 19:14:11 GMT

I don't see an answer to the problem. I am having the same issue...GPS....pilot/copilot. As stated above.

takeoff showWed, 16 Jan 2019 13:58:41 GMT

it says there is a gps error when you try to use it and it wont work... anyone that knows how to fix this please help us

Alan CapoldoFri, 09 Nov 2018 14:05:19 GMT

I had the same problem trying to download this plane. Tried 3 separate times. I also got load errors as above comment. When you click on the aircraft in XP-11 it defaults to a Cessna.

Bob KellermanMon, 07 Aug 2017 14:07:30 GMT

Hello, I'm the worst pilot ever, but somehow I can fly this plane like a pro. This plane has so many great features built into it I don't have to add anything to it. I'm enjoying the big displays, weather radar, and the FMC the most. I thank you all for allowing poor guys like me to have such a wonderful plane to enjoy. X-Plane is so much more fun to play with great planes to fly that don't seem to kill frame rates. Thanks, again. Bob

Andrew DicksSat, 27 May 2017 10:06:03 GMT

Same issue as above! Gutted I really like the look of this aircraft

Chris PurkissSun, 30 Apr 2017 16:08:11 GMT

Installed on X-Plane 11 but got load errors saying different gps for pilot and co-pilot (or something like that) also load error that .acf file not valid, reverted to default aircraft.

Any thoughts??

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