FSX Boeing B-52G "Old Dog Zero"

PreviewBoeing B-52G "Old Dog Zero". This stand-alone full package of a modified version of Alphasim's B-52G. It sports the BX tail code of Aeroworks Flight Center IV in Railroad Valley, Nevada. It is a special modified version based loosely on what would become the EB-52 Megafortress of the Dale Brown n...

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Boeing B-52G "Old Dog Zero". This stand-alone full package of a modified version of Alphasim's B-52G. It sports the BX tail code of Aeroworks Flight Center IV in Railroad Valley, Nevada. It is a special modified version based loosely on what would become the EB-52 Megafortress of the Dale Brown novels. It represents the pre-Megafortress modifications of a mostly stock B-52, and its nose art is that of "Old Dog Zero". The package includes one scheme, a new digital autopilot and digital fuel management gauge and various other upgrades and changes. It uses only the advanced flight model. Base model by Alphasim. Updates and new gauges by Jason L. Terry.

Screenshot of Boeing B-52G taxiing to runway.

Screenshot of Boeing B-52G taxiing to runway.

UPDATES over the original:

  • All textures converted to .dds
  • Changed touchdown effect so smoke no longer clouds the plane when you make a turn a little too sharp.
  • Uses the Advanced flight model with modified fuel load. Simplified flight model has been removed.
  • New scheme with BX tail code and nose art.
  • Disabled GPWS, i.e. the annoying voices that tell you you're having too much fun.
  • New digital fuel management gauge of my own design.
  • New digital autopilot gauge of my own design.
  • Autopilot no longer automatically levels or does anything when you *initially* turn it on - instead, it simply awaits a command, instead of taking over everything. For example, if you're in a turn and you set AP for altitude, it will lower the nose and hold altitude, but will not level the wings until a command is given for hdg/crs etc.

I hope everyone enjoys this scheme and updates. Credit is due to Alphasim for the original, and I thank them for making it free for all to use and upload as they see fit. If you enjoy this mod, check out my mod of the B-1B also by alphasim.

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The archive b-52g_rrv_jt.zip has 120 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
b52smoke.fx07.12.051.24 kB
b52water.fx05.30.051.20 kB
Airplanes10.26.130 B
JTmod - B-52G Stratofortress of Alphasim10.26.130 B
Aircraft.cfg10.26.1316.17 kB
B-52G.air07.14.057.66 kB
b52g_check.htm07.18.0511.75 kB
b52g_ref.htm07.14.059.83 kB
desktop.ini10.25.1369 B
FSX README.txt10.26.131.55 kB
images10.26.130 B
alpha.jpg07.15.051.92 kB
autopilot.jpg07.13.0534.61 kB
EVS-panel.jpg07.14.05125.86 kB
fuel-panel.jpg07.13.0547.60 kB
mp-screen.jpg07.13.05123.53 kB
other-screen.jpg07.13.05139.30 kB
radios.jpg07.13.0553.70 kB
throttles.jpg07.13.0549.06 kB
model.EVSgun10.26.130 B
B-52.mdl07.23.052.39 MB
Model.cfg02.21.0423 B
model.EVSgun_clean10.26.130 B
B-52.mdl07.25.052.25 MB
Model.cfg02.21.0423 B
Original FS9 Readme.txt10.11.121.98 kB
panel.jt10.26.130 B
ALPHA_B-52.cab07.27.05839.48 kB
ALPHA_B-52CP.cab08.19.0573.96 kB
ap913.cab10.23.1325.52 kB
Blank.bmp07.07.05769.05 kB
Copilot Panel EVS.bmp08.03.05769.05 kB
cpt.toggles.light.green.cab04.19.0525.26 kB
cpt.toggles.metal.cab11.07.0230.58 kB
Fuel Panel.bmp07.05.0592.12 kB
Main Panel EVS.bmp07.05.05769.05 kB
Overhead Panel.bmp06.30.0572.57 kB
panel.cfg10.25.139.53 kB
Panel_backup001.cfg10.24.139.53 kB
Panel_backup002.cfg10.25.139.50 kB
vc main panel 2.bmp01.05.103.00 MB
vc main panel 4.bmp01.08.101.24 MB
Yoke window.bmp06.04.05400.09 kB
sound10.26.130 B
Sound.cfg10.17.1332 B
texture.bx10.26.130 B
bomb bay.dds10.24.13256.12 kB
bomb bay1.dds10.24.131.00 MB
bunk.dds10.24.131.00 MB
cloth.dds10.24.13256.12 kB
cockpitfloor.dds10.24.131.00 MB
cockpitfloor1.dds10.24.131.00 MB
colour pal.dds10.24.13256.12 kB
dragchute.dds10.24.131.00 MB
ejectseat.dds10.24.134.00 MB
engfan.dds10.24.13256.12 kB
engine nacelle left.dds10.24.131.00 MB
engine nacelle right.dds10.24.131.00 MB
evs blister.dds10.24.13256.12 kB
face1.dds10.24.1364.12 kB
face2.dds10.24.1364.12 kB
flaps.dds10.24.131.00 MB
flightsuit.dds10.24.131.00 MB
forward fuselage.dds10.24.134.00 MB
gear.dds10.24.131.00 MB
geardoorinsides.dds10.24.134.00 MB
glass.dds10.24.13256.12 kB
helmet.dds10.24.13256.12 kB
lamp.dds10.24.13256.12 kB
landlight.dds10.24.1364.12 kB
leftevs.dds10.24.13256.12 kB
mainwheel.dds10.24.1364.12 kB
middle fuselage.dds10.24.134.00 MB
nosecone gr.dds10.24.131.00 MB
nosecone.dds10.24.131.00 MB
outrigger doors.dds10.24.131.00 MB
outrigger.dds10.24.13256.12 kB
rear fuselage.dds10.24.134.00 MB
rear_left.dds10.24.134.00 MB
rear_right.dds10.24.134.00 MB
rightevs.dds10.24.13256.12 kB
rudderpedal.dds10.24.13256.12 kB
spoiler.dds10.24.13256.12 kB
struts.dds10.24.13256.12 kB
tailplane.dds10.24.134.00 MB
thermal.dds10.24.13256.12 kB
throttle.dds10.24.131.00 MB
throttletop.dds10.24.131.00 MB
thumbnail.jpg08.23.1330.73 kB
tyre.dds10.24.13256.12 kB
vc gear indicators.dds10.24.13256.12 kB
vc_back.dds10.24.134.00 MB
vc_main_panel.dds10.24.134.00 MB
vc_side_console.dds10.24.131.00 MB
VC1.dds10.24.134.00 MB
VC2.dds10.24.134.00 MB
VC3.dds10.24.134.00 MB
vc4.dds10.24.134.00 MB
VC5.dds10.24.134.00 MB
vcinside.dds10.24.134.00 MB
vctoilet.dds10.24.13256.12 kB
waterinjection.dds10.24.131.00 MB
weapons.dds10.24.131.00 MB
wing bottom left.dds10.24.134.00 MB
wing bottom right.dds10.24.134.00 MB
wing top left.dds10.24.134.00 MB
wing top right.dds10.24.134.00 MB
texture.bx210.26.130 B
texture.cfg08.23.1342 B
thumbnail.jpg08.23.1318.30 kB
web link.URL10.08.13226 B
FSX README.txt10.26.131.55 kB
web link.URL10.08.13226 B
FILE_ID.DIZ10.26.13699 B
b52panl_150.jpg10.26.1316.54 kB
b52panl.jpg10.26.13626.46 kB
B-52Grrv_150.gif10.26.1310.65 kB
B-52G RRV.jpg10.26.13378.03 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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