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FSX Vought A-7E

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This stand-alone full package of a modified version of Iris' ex-payware A-7E. It sports the BX tail code of Aeroworks Flight Center IV in Railroad Valley, Nevada as well as the LV tail coded A-7's of the 4450th Tactical Group used in the 1980's as a cover for the then-secret F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter based out of Tonopah Test Range. The package includes three schemes, updated autopilot, differential brakes for ground handling, support for FSX Acceleration aircraft carrier operations improved flight dynamics and ground handling. Base model by Iris. Updates to FSX by Jason L. Terry.

Screenshot of Vought A-7E in flight.

Screenshot of Vought A-7E in flight.

UPDATES over the original:

  • Added aircraft carrier launch/arrest capability for FSX Acceleration.
  • Tweaked flight dynamics for more realistic handling, the original version had too much pitch and roll to a point that I have never seen an A-7 perform.
  • New scheme with BX tail code.
  • 2 Throwback schemes from 1980s F-117 Stealth Program.
  • Disabled GPWS, i.e. the annoying voices that tell you you're having too much fun. FSX Adds these automatically when you port an aircraft.
  • Added differential brakes so you can turn easier while braking. A must for carrier ops.
  • Upgraded Autopilot of my own design.
  • Added a Fuel Management gauge of my own design.
  • FSX Native HUD.


Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4

The archive has 111 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
A-7.air10.31.139.61 kB
a7_check.htm02.17.0548.51 kB
a7_ref.htm12.25.138.16 kB
Aircraft.cfg12.25.1316.62 kB
desktop.ini12.18.1369 B
DSB Design A-7E Corsair II Manual.doc02.24.05248.00 kB
FSX README.txt12.25.131.97 kB
model.ai02.11.130 B
A-7_AI.mdl02.24.052.25 MB
model.cfg02.24.0527 B
model.cas02.11.130 B
A-7_CAS.mdl02.24.052.57 MB
model.cfg02.24.0528 B
model.clean02.11.130 B
A-7_Clean.mdl02.24.051.97 MB
model.cfg02.17.0530 B
model.ferry02.11.130 B
A-7_Ferry.mdl02.24.051.99 MB
model.cfg02.16.0530 B
model.strike02.11.130 B
A-7_Strike.mdl02.24.052.12 MB
model.cfg02.18.0531 B
panel.jt11.02.130 B
A7_Centre.bmp02.11.13106.52 kB
a7_gauges.CAB02.24.05361.14 kB
A7_Panel.bmp02.11.13769.05 kB
ALPHA_Crusader.cab09.19.13357.79 kB
ap913.cab10.23.1325.52 kB
b52h.cab04.12.07186.10 kB
CONCORDE.GAU04.12.073.60 MB
cpt.toggles.metal.cab11.07.0230.58 kB
FA-18.dll09.26.07920.06 kB
Panel.cfg11.02.134.96 kB
prev_a7bx.jpg12.25.13262.48 kB
prev_a7bx_sm.gif12.25.1313.96 kB
sound02.11.130 B
Hawk_AP.WAV04.27.9942.59 kB
Hawk_APU.wav04.20.03732.13 kB
Hawk_C.wav09.26.9914.28 kB
Hawk_Crash1.WAV05.06.97275.53 kB
Hawk_Crash2.WAV04.01.00403.81 kB
Hawk_Crash3.WAV04.01.00537.30 kB
Hawk_Flaps.WAV04.02.00116.51 kB
Hawk_Geardn.WAV04.02.00180.52 kB
Hawk_Gearup.WAV04.02.00180.52 kB
Hawk_Gearwarn.WAV04.27.9970.15 kB
Hawk_Glideslope.wav12.07.9825.92 kB
Hawk_Groundroll.WAV03.18.00397.21 kB
Hawk_Idle.wav05.22.03667.15 kB
Hawk_Idle_int.wav05.22.03667.15 kB
Hawk_L.wav09.26.9936.05 kB
Hawk_Max.wav05.12.04186.60 kB
Hawk_Max_int.wav05.22.03552.91 kB
Hawk_Overspeed.wav12.07.9886.16 kB
Hawk_R.wav09.26.9935.98 kB
Hawk_Rumble.wav05.11.04143.29 kB
Hawk_shutdown.wav05.22.032.47 MB
Hawk_shutdown_int.wav05.22.032.47 MB
Hawk_Splash.WAV04.01.00336.38 kB
Hawk_Stall.wav03.19.0072.37 kB
Hawk_start.wav05.22.031.68 MB
Hawk_start_int.wav05.22.031.63 MB
sound.cfg05.12.044.75 kB
texture.bx_camo12.08.130 B
fus_1_t.bmp10.22.134.00 MB
fus_2_t.bmp12.08.134.00 MB
fus_2_t.psd12.08.132.45 MB
tail_1_t.bmp10.22.134.00 MB
texture.cfg11.04.1339 B
thumbnail.jpg10.22.1319.45 kB
vc_2_t.bmp10.22.134.00 MB
wing_1_t.bmp10.22.134.00 MB
texture.lv8311.08.130 B
exhaust_t.bmp10.22.13256.07 kB
fus_1_t.bmp10.22.134.00 MB
fus_2_t.bmp10.22.134.00 MB
tail_1_t.bmp10.22.134.00 MB
texture.cfg11.04.1339 B
thumbnail.jpg10.22.1322.09 kB
vc_2_t.bmp10.22.134.00 MB
wing_1_t.bmp10.22.134.00 MB
texture.lv8411.08.130 B
fus_1_t.bmp10.22.134.00 MB
fus_2_t.bmp10.22.134.00 MB
tail_1_t.bmp10.22.134.00 MB
texture.cfg11.04.1339 B
thumbnail.jpg10.22.1317.40 kB
vc_2_t.bmp10.22.134.00 MB
wing_1_t.bmp10.22.134.00 MB
texture11.04.130 B
bombs.bmp02.11.13256.07 kB
chrome_t.bmp02.11.1364.07 kB
ejhandle.bmp02.11.134.07 kB
exhaust_t.bmp10.22.13256.07 kB
face.bmp02.11.1364.07 kB
glass_t.bmp02.11.131.00 MB
intake_t.bmp02.11.1364.07 kB
light_t.bmp02.11.1316.07 kB
NavLight_Green.bmp02.11.134.07 kB
NavLight_Red.bmp02.11.134.07 kB
ordnance_1_t.bmp02.11.131.00 MB
seat2.bmp02.11.1316.07 kB
spare.bmp02.11.134.07 kB
tailhook.bmp02.11.1365.05 kB
vc_1_t.bmp02.11.131.00 MB
vc_3_t.bmp02.11.131.00 MB
wells_t.bmp02.11.1364.07 kB
web link.URL10.08.13226 B
FILE_ID.DIZ12.27.13657 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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