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FSX Douglas Skystreak

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The Douglas Skystreak was a single-engine jet research aircraft of the 1940s, designed by the Douglas Aircraft Company in 1945. This package, originally by Craig Richardson, features a new-designed VC, so now all of the gauges are visible. Some of them were partially covered by cockpit framing. It also includes a completely new 2D panel. The default one was so large that you could not look out of the cockpit at all. This is the whole aircraft, new panel configuration by Michael Pook.

Screenshot of Douglas Skystreak in flight.

Screenshot of Douglas Skystreak in flight.


  • 1. Those who already have this aircraft do not need to install the whole aircraft again, just copy my panel folder into your Skystreak folder and overwrite. Otherwise copy the whole aircraft folder into your main simobjects/ aircraft directory.
  • 2. Copy the gauges into your main FSX/ gauges folder.
  • That's it, your all done.


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The archive has 100 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Douglas_Skystreak05.24.140 B
2D default.jpg05.23.14421.99 kB
2D panel.jpg05.23.14203.50 kB
Classic Wings Read Me.pdf08.25.09265.22 kB
Douglas Skystreak D-558-105.24.140 B
Aircraft.cfg05.23.1412.41 kB
model05.24.140 B
bubble.mdl08.19.092.83 MB
Model.cfg08.13.0925 B
model.105.24.140 B
Model.cfg08.13.0928 B
skystreak.mdl08.19.092.80 MB
model.205.24.140 B
Model.cfg08.14.0927 B
research.mdl08.19.092.85 MB
panel05.24.140 B
ALPHA_Skyray.cab02.28.06352.94 kB
douglas_dc6.cab11.03.06486.52 kB
KO_F16_FX.CAB12.21.111.80 kB
panel.BMP05.23.141.56 MB
panel.cfg05.23.144.59 kB
panel1.bmp06.21.093.00 MB
pc-7.cab10.21.071.00 MB
Thumbs.db07.21.09259.00 kB
ww2usa.cab07.31.04778.68 kB
ww2usa_radio.cab07.31.04387.68 kB
panel.105.24.140 B
panel.BMP05.23.141.56 MB
panel.cfg05.23.144.59 kB
panel1.bmp06.21.093.00 MB
skystreak.air08.20.0911.94 kB
Sound05.24.140 B
canopy_slide_close.wav04.09.03923.11 kB
canopy_slide_open.wav04.09.03945.71 kB
J33-A-35_Flaps.wav03.10.0895.67 kB
J33-A-35_Gear_Down.wav03.10.08458.42 kB
J33-A-35_Gear_Up.wav03.10.08404.14 kB
J33-A-35_No_AP.wav02.25.0340.31 kB
J33-A-35_Overspeed.wav03.10.0881.46 kB
J33-A-35_rpm1.wav02.22.08197.42 kB
J33-A-35_rpm1_Turbine.wav02.22.08448.09 kB
J33-A-35_rpm2.wav02.22.08225.11 kB
J33-A-35_rpm2_Turbine.wav02.22.08474.09 kB
J33-A-35_rpm3.wav02.22.08242.78 kB
J33-A-35_rpm3_Turbine.wav02.22.08504.09 kB
J33-A-35_rpm4.wav02.22.08223.36 kB
J33-A-35_rpm4_Turbine.wav02.22.08464.09 kB
J33-A-35_Shutdown.wav02.22.08377.07 kB
J33-A-35_Stall.wav03.10.08117.66 kB
J33-A-35_Startup.wav02.22.08439.92 kB
J33-A-35_Startup_Turbine.wav02.22.081.07 MB
J33-A-35_Wind.wav11.08.05548.91 kB
sound.cfg07.22.096.86 kB
XJ33-A-35_rpm1.wav02.22.08159.58 kB
XJ33-A-35_rpm1_Turbine.wav02.22.08741.58 kB
XJ33-A-35_rpm2.wav02.22.08129.27 kB
XJ33-A-35_rpm2_Turbine.wav02.22.08984.43 kB
XJ33-A-35_rpm3.wav02.22.08926.96 kB
XJ33-A-35_rpm3_Turbine.wav02.22.08609.43 kB
XJ33-A-35_rpm4.wav02.22.08425.82 kB
XJ33-A-35_rpm4_Turbine.wav02.22.08656.30 kB
XJ33-A-35_Shutdown.wav02.22.081.47 MB
XJ33-A-35_Startup.wav02.22.08364.50 kB
XJ33-A-35_Startup_Turbine.wav02.22.082.17 MB
texture05.24.140 B
black_T.bmp08.13.0932.07 kB
fin_T.bmp08.13.091.00 MB
fuz2_T.bmp08.13.091.00 MB
fuz_T.bmp08.13.091.00 MB
glass_T.bmp08.19.09256.07 kB
Interior.bmp08.13.09128.07 kB
Interior1.bmp08.13.09128.07 kB
Interior2.bmp08.14.09512.07 kB
Interior3.bmp08.13.09128.07 kB
panel.bmp05.23.14682.75 kB
panel1.bmp08.13.09512.07 kB
parts2_T.bmp08.13.09256.07 kB
parts_T.bmp08.13.09256.07 kB
pilot1.bmp08.13.09512.07 kB
red.bmp08.13.0932.07 kB
tail_T.bmp08.13.091.00 MB
thumbnail.jpg05.23.1427.26 kB
Thumbs.db06.21.0913.00 kB
wings_T.bmp08.13.091.00 MB
WUPPa9Mask.bmp08.13.09512.07 kB
WUPPheadSet.bmp08.13.09512.07 kB
WUPPhelmet.bmp08.13.09512.07 kB
gauges05.24.140 B
ALPHA_Skyray.cab02.28.06352.94 kB
douglas_dc6.cab11.03.06486.52 kB
KO_F16_FX.CAB12.21.111.80 kB
pc-7.cab10.21.071.00 MB
ww2usa.cab07.31.04778.68 kB
ww2usa_radio.cab07.31.04387.68 kB
Readme.txt05.24.141.45 kB
thumbnail.jpg05.24.1494.07 kB
thumbnail_vc.jpg05.24.14297.72 kB
VC default.jpg05.23.14231.23 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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