FSX A-4E Topgun Viper

PreviewTexture for FSX A-4E Skyhawk. VFC-126 based in NAS Miramar. Textures used for the movie "Top Gun". Model by Virtavia. By Antonio Diaz.

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Texture for FSX A-4E Skyhawk. VFC-126 based in NAS Miramar. Textures used for the movie "Top Gun". Model by Virtavia. By Antonio Diaz.

Screenshot of A-4E Topgun Viper in flight.

Screenshot of A-4E Topgun Viper in flight.

title=A-4E Skyhawk TOPGUN
atc_heavy= 0
atc_parking_types= mil_combat
atc_airline= Navy
atc_flight_number= AD320
atc_id= 151118
atc_id_color = 0000000000
ui_manufacturer= Douglas
ui_type= A-4 Skyhawk
ui_variation= A-4E USN TOPGUN
ui_typerole=Military Jet
atc_type = Douglas
atc_model= A-4E/F
editable= 0
Description=The Douglas A-4 Skyhawk was designed to replace the piston-engined A-1 Skyraider in the close air support and interdiction role. It was capable of carrying both nuclear and conventional weapons.The prototype flew in June 1954, with the first production model, the A-4A entering service in 1956. This was followed by the A-4B in 1957 and the A-4C in 1960. The A-4E was equipped with a more powerful engine and other improvements, and entered service in late 1962. The A-4F was a modified version of the "E" model and included an upgraded engine, nose wheel steering, wing spoilers, a zero-zero ejection seat, and an upper avionics pod which gave the aircraft its characteristic "humpback" shape. The Blue Angels flew the specially modified A-4F Skyhawk II from 1974 to 1986. The A4G entered service with the Royal Australian Navy in 1967. It was armed with Sidewinder missiles and flew from the carrier Melbourne.

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fsx 2014-07-23 00-49-45-64.jpg07.23.14103.14 kB
fsx 2014-07-23 00-49-51-64.jpg07.23.1499.17 kB
fsx 2014-07-23 00-50-33-16.jpg07.23.14114.99 kB
fsx 2014-07-23 00-54-49-01.jpg07.23.1442.76 kB
fsx 2014-07-23 00-55-18-08.jpg07.23.14127.39 kB
readme.txt07.23.141.58 kB
texture.TOPGUN07.23.140 B
AGM-62.dds06.14.12128.12 kB
AGM-75.dds01.13.08128.12 kB
AIM_rails.dds06.17.12256.12 kB
AIM-9.dds06.15.1264.12 kB
BridleParts.dds06.04.12256.12 kB
BridleStrop.dds06.04.1232.12 kB
brt_spec.dds05.14.1216.12 kB
Compressor blur.dds05.15.1264.12 kB
dkgrey.dds05.14.1216.12 kB
generic_rfl.dds07.22.1264.12 kB
generic_spec.dds05.14.1216.12 kB
Glass.dds05.14.1216.12 kB
Glass_refl.dds08.11.121.00 MB
GP_bomb.dds06.10.12128.12 kB
GunsightGlass.dds08.05.1216.12 kB
Ladder.dds06.28.121.00 MB
LAU10A.dds06.13.12128.12 kB
LAU3A.dds06.13.12128.12 kB
Lens.dds05.14.1216.12 kB
Maingear1.dds05.15.12256.12 kB
Maingear2.dds05.15.12256.12 kB
Maingear3.dds05.14.121.00 MB
Maingear3_bump.dds07.10.121.00 MB
MER.dds10.28.12256.12 kB
MER_wings.dds10.28.12256.12 kB
MiscAO_1.dds06.02.121.00 MB
MiscAO_2.dds05.14.12256.12 kB
MiscAO_L.dds06.24.121.00 MB
MiscAO_R.dds05.16.121.00 MB
NavLts.dds06.28.128.12 kB
Needles_1.dds07.22.1216.12 kB
Needles_1_night.dds07.22.1216.12 kB
Nosegear1.dds05.15.12256.12 kB
Nosegear2.dds05.15.12256.12 kB
Nosegear3.dds05.14.12256.12 kB
Nosegear4.dds05.15.1264.12 kB
Nosewell.dds05.15.12256.12 kB
Oleo.dds05.15.1264.12 kB
Pilot.dds07.22.141.33 MB
PodEnds.dds07.08.12256.12 kB
RadarGlass.dds08.01.1216.12 kB
Red.dds05.14.1216.12 kB
Skyhawk_1.dds07.22.145.33 MB
Skyhawk_1_bump.dds07.10.124.00 MB
Skyhawk_1_C.dds10.26.124.00 MB
Skyhawk_1_C_night.dds10.26.124.00 MB
Skyhawk_2.dds07.22.145.33 MB
Skyhawk_2_bump.dds07.06.124.00 MB
Skyhawk_2_C.dds10.27.124.00 MB
Skyhawk_2_C_night.dds10.16.124.00 MB
Skyhawk_3_C.dds07.16.124.00 MB
Skyhawk_3_C_night.dds10.16.124.00 MB
Skyhawk_4_C.dds08.09.124.00 MB
Skyhawk_4_C_night.dds10.16.124.00 MB
Skyhawk_5_C.dds10.26.124.00 MB
Skyhawk_5_C_night.dds10.26.124.00 MB
Skyhawk_6_C.dds09.09.12256.12 kB
Skyhawk_6_C_night.dds10.16.12256.12 kB
Skyhawk_7_C.dds10.14.121.00 MB
Skyhawk_7_C_night.dds10.16.121.00 MB
Skyhawk_8_C.dds09.19.12256.12 kB
Skyhawk_8_C_night.dds09.19.12256.12 kB
Skyhawk_Ext_panels.dds10.27.121.00 MB
Spdbrks.dds05.14.121.00 MB
Spdbrks_bump.dds07.11.121.00 MB
Tank_ctr.dds06.21.1264.12 kB
Tank_wing_L.dds10.13.12512.12 kB
Tank_wing_R.dds10.13.12512.12 kB
TER.dds10.28.12256.12 kB
texture.cfg06.19.0770 B
thumbnail.jpg07.23.14103.14 kB
Turbine.dds05.14.12256.12 kB
Turbine_blur.dds05.15.1264.12 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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