FSX Fokker S-14 Mach-Trainer NLR Research Aircraft

PreviewThe Fokker S14 Mach-Trainer was the first purpose designed and built, side by side seated, jet trainer. First Flight 19 May 1951. Only twenty were built and used by the Royal Netherlands Air Force from 1955 till 1967. This release offers you a complete and superseding update of the earlier releas...

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The Fokker S14 Mach-Trainer was the first purpose designed and built, side by side seated, jet trainer. First Flight 19 May 1951. Only twenty were built and used by the Royal Netherlands Air Force from 1955 till 1967. This release offers you a complete and superseding update of the earlier released "fokker_s-14_machtrainer.zip" file. The modeling and texturing is brought to the highest detail possible and a new 2D and virtual cockpit added. Paint scheme presented here was used for the NLR research aircraft. Features animated landing gear, flight controls, lights, canopy and ground services and a fully functional VC. This issue includes the earlier released fix. By David Wooster and Emile Lancee.

Screenshot of Fokker S-14 Mach-Trainer landing on runway.

Screenshot of Fokker S-14 Mach-Trainer landing on runway.

Copy the unzipped aircraft directorie(s) in "Your Flight Simulator X directory", being [Effects] and [SimObjects], in the downloaded zipfile, to your main FSX directory. The content of the aircraft directory in the "Your Flight Simulator X directory" is build up similar to your main FSX directory.

title=S-14 update 21 april NLR std
sim=FSDS S-14
panel=std NLR
ui_type=S-14 Machtrainer
description=Fokker S-14 Machtrainer Registration PH-XIV. Is the first Fokker S-14 prototype build and later handed over to the National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR)and reregistered as PH-XIV after ending the testflying period with the Fokker company.Presently on display at the Aviodrome Museum in the Netherlands. It was the first purpose designed and built jet trainer.

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The archive fsx_fokker_s-14_machtrainer_proto_nlr_version_2.zip has 532 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Your Main Flight Simulator X directory05.06.150 B
Effects05.06.150 B
SimObjects05.06.150 B
fx_S-14_jet_exhaust.fx01.13.141.18 kB
Airplanes05.09.150 B
Fokker_S-14_Machtrainer_Proto_NLR05.06.150 B
Aircraft.cfg05.06.1512.99 kB
FSDS S-14.air09.17.149.47 kB
model.proto05.09.150 B
Model.cfg01.19.1529 B
S-14 PROTO.mdl03.25.153.57 MB
panel.std NLR05.09.150 B
Captain side.bmp04.08.154.80 MB
Copilot side repositioned.bmp04.08.154.80 MB
Panel.cfg02.23.1512.31 kB
sound05.09.150 B
flaps.wav04.09.10105.55 kB
gear down.WAV04.09.10170.14 kB
gear up.WAV04.09.10176.42 kB
groundroll.wav05.05.07194.14 kB
j31comb1.wav05.05.07534.10 kB
j31comb2.wav05.05.07870.17 kB
j31comb3.wav05.05.071.05 MB
j31comb4.wav05.05.07406.10 kB
j31combstart.wav05.05.07434.10 kB
j31jw1.wav05.05.07314.10 kB
j31jw2.wav05.05.07248.10 kB
j31jw3.wav05.05.07180.10 kB
j31jw4.wav05.05.07474.10 kB
j31shutdown.wav05.05.07786.14 kB
j31start.wav05.05.071.92 MB
overspeed.wav03.10.0881.46 kB
Sound.cfg04.09.1011.62 kB
stall.wav03.10.08117.66 kB
touch.WAV04.07.106.75 kB
xj31comb1.wav05.05.07534.11 kB
xj31comb2.wav05.05.07870.18 kB
xj31comb3.wav05.05.071.05 MB
xj31comb4.wav05.05.07406.11 kB
xj31combstart.wav05.05.07434.11 kB
xj31jw1.wav05.05.07314.11 kB
xj31jw2.wav05.05.07248.11 kB
xj31jw3.wav05.05.07180.11 kB
xj31jw4.wav05.05.07474.11 kB
xj31shutdown.wav05.05.07786.15 kB
xj31start.wav05.05.071.92 MB
texture05.09.150 B
accumulator.bmp07.12.14512.07 kB
Canopy interior.bmp02.05.1516.00 MB
cockpit sides.bmp03.23.154.00 MB
cockpit.bmp03.25.154.00 MB
common textures for.txt05.06.1545 B
compass.bmp10.29.144.00 MB
controls.bmp03.25.1516.00 MB
copilots anti-G-valve.bmp11.13.144.00 MB
copilots throttle housing.bmp10.27.1416.00 MB
crew seat.bmp01.29.1516.00 MB
elevator trim wheel.bmp03.23.1516.00 MB
flap top side.bmp07.09.144.00 MB
glareshield.bmp11.27.1416.00 MB
ground equipment.bmp07.09.1464.07 kB
instrument panel back.bmp10.29.144.00 MB
landing gear.bmp09.09.144.00 MB
left flap well.bmp07.09.144.00 MB
miscellaneous.bmp01.28.1516.00 MB
oleo strut.bmp07.09.1464.07 kB
oxygen requlator.bmp11.05.141.00 MB
oxygen tanks.bmp01.29.154.00 MB
pedestal.bmp10.27.1416.00 MB
pilots anti-G-valve.bmp11.16.144.00 MB
pilots throttle housing.bmp10.27.1416.00 MB
radio.bmp12.21.144.00 MB
right flap well.bmp07.09.144.00 MB
seat belts.bmp02.08.1516.00 MB
throttle.bmp02.04.1516.00 MB
wheel wells.bmp02.24.1516.00 MB
texture.NLR05.09.150 B
canopy exterior.bmp04.14.1516.00 MB
canopy track cover.bmp09.19.14256.07 kB
copilots sub panels.bmp11.11.144.00 MB
flight crew.bmp02.08.1516.00 MB
gun pod.bmp12.17.1416.00 MB
instrument panel LH.bmp12.22.1416.00 MB
instrument panel RH.bmp12.21.1416.00 MB
intakes.bmp04.15.1516.00 MB
landing gear doors inside.bmp04.16.154.00 MB
left fuselage.bmp04.15.1516.00 MB
left horizontal.bmp04.14.154.00 MB
left wing.bmp04.15.1516.00 MB
pilots sub panels.bmp12.22.144.00 MB
right fuselage.bmp04.15.1516.00 MB
right horizontal.bmp04.14.154.00 MB
right wing.bmp04.15.1516.00 MB
sensor boom base.bmp03.24.15256.07 kB
sensor boom.bmp03.24.154.00 MB
speed brakes.bmp04.15.154.00 MB
texture.cfg04.28.1535 B
thumbnail.jpg09.23.146.54 kB
vertical.bmp04.14.154.00 MB
windshield structure.bmp04.16.1516.00 MB
Fokker S-14 NLR ground.jpg05.07.15310.60 kB
Fokker S-14 NLR VC.jpg05.07.15239.99 kB
Fokker S-14 NLR.jpg05.07.15157.25 kB
Fokker S-14 VC NLR.jpg05.11.15332.57 kB
Fokker S-14 NLR Landing.jpg05.11.15194.30 kB
Fokker S-14 NLR inflight.jpg05.14.15119.84 kB
NLR flying with boom and pod.jpg05.16.15452.61 kB
The Fokker S-14 description.txt05.20.1512.40 kB
The Fokker S-14 description.pdf05.20.152.07 MB
Fokker S-14 Pilots Handbook.pdf05.20.152.66 MB
NLR FSX diz file.diz06.10.15759 B
FSX_Fokker_S-14_Machtrainer_Proto_NLR.gif06.02.1510.11 kB
S-14 Gauges06.07.150 B
accelerometer background-1.bmp10.07.14400.05 kB
accelerometer background.bmp07.12.14400.05 kB
accelerometer needle.BMP09.02.114.24 kB
accelerometer needle1.BMP09.02.114.24 kB
accelerometer-1.xml10.11.111.97 kB
accelerometer.xml01.04.141.97 kB
adf background.bmp12.21.14177.34 kB
adf digit 00.bmp10.29.112.28 kB
adf mask 1.bmp09.18.032.26 kB
adf mask 2.bmp09.18.031.71 kB
adf number strip1.bmp10.30.1122.67 kB
adf number strip2.bmp09.18.037.62 kB
ADF Radio.xml11.07.113.05 kB
ADF sw.xml04.03.04539 B
air outlet open.bmp07.13.1471.25 kB
air outlet open1.bmp07.13.1471.77 kB
air outlet.bmp07.13.1471.25 kB
air outlet.xml12.26.13176 B
air outlet1.bmp07.13.1471.77 kB
Airline Number 1.xml11.02.10455 B
Airline Number.bmp10.07.144.10 kB
Airline Number.xml11.02.10455 B
airspeed background.bmp11.19.13263.72 kB
airspeed needle.bmp11.19.1326.58 kB
airspeed.xml11.21.132.38 kB
airspeed_bg.bmp10.06.14156.30 kB
airspeed_bgcln.bmp06.28.14117.24 kB
Airspeed_cln.xml05.04.061.21 kB
Airspeed_std.xml10.06.141.21 kB
altimeter.xml01.04.044.53 kB
altimeter_10,000_needle.bmp11.22.13794 B
altimeter_background.bmp12.15.1340.49 kB
altimeter_bg.bmp10.07.14156.30 kB
altimeter_bgcln.bmp07.09.14156.30 kB
Altimeter_cln.xml05.04.064.53 kB
altimeter_hundreds_needle.bmp11.22.131.50 kB
altimeter_knob.bmp01.04.043.20 kB
altimeter_kohlsman_knob.bmp11.22.131.19 kB
altimeter_kohlsman_strip.bmp11.22.1317.82 kB
altimeter_kohlsman_window.bmp11.22.13938 B
altimeter_mask.bmp01.04.042.22 kB
altimeter_strip.bmp01.04.0420.00 kB
altimeter_thousands_needle.bmp11.22.131.44 kB
alt_10,000_needle.bmp11.21.13794 B
alt_1000_needle.bmp11.21.131.79 kB
alt_100_needle.bmp11.21.133.46 kB
alt_background.bmp12.15.1340.49 kB
alt_kohlsman_knob.bmp11.22.131.06 kB
alt_kohlsman_strip_1.bmp11.21.131.99 kB
alt_kohlsman_strip_10.bmp11.21.132.37 kB
alt_kohlsman_strip_100.bmp11.21.132.37 kB
alt_kohlsman_strip_1000.bmp11.21.132.37 kB
alt_kohlsman_window.bmp11.21.13914 B
amber warning light off.bmp01.21.0516.97 kB
amber warning light on.bmp01.22.0516.97 kB
ap dash.bmp11.11.111.80 kB
ap mask.bmp09.18.031.71 kB
ap number strip.bmp09.18.037.62 kB
ap number strip1.bmp11.12.117.62 kB
Artificial_Horizon - Copy.xml12.03.132.17 kB
Artificial_Horizon.xml12.05.131.18 kB
asi needle.bmp11.15.138.61 kB
asi.bmp11.20.13263.72 kB
Attitude.xml10.09.043.05 kB
Attitude_Background.bmp12.03.1325.76 kB
Attitude_Bars.bmp12.03.134.26 kB
attitude_bg.bmp11.19.14211.19 kB
attitude_bgcln.bmp07.09.14211.19 kB
attitude_cage_knob.bmp01.03.042.99 kB
Attitude_cln.xml05.04.063.05 kB
attitude_horizon.bmp01.03.041.88 kB
attitude_mask.bmp01.03.0456.70 kB
Attitude_OFF_Flag.bmp12.03.131.60 kB
Attitude_plane.bmp12.03.1325.76 kB
attitude_plane_indicator.bmp01.03.043.56 kB
attitude_plane_indicator_knob.bmp01.03.041.38 kB
attitude_roll_indicator.bmp01.03.041.23 kB
audio panel background.bmp07.14.14201.16 kB
Audio panel.xml10.31.113.52 kB
audio switch off.bmp01.06.043.13 kB
audio switch on.bmp10.27.113.13 kB
autopilot background.bmp05.10.12132.30 kB
Autopilot.xml11.12.1117.22 kB
Avionics Switch.xml04.13.04528 B
Battery Switch Off.bmp06.04.049.23 kB
Battery Switch On.bmp06.04.049.23 kB
Battery Switch.xml11.19.14540 B
Battery_Switch-Warning.xml11.15.14450 B
Canopy closed LH.bmp08.23.141.40 MB
Canopy closed RH.bmp08.23.141.41 MB
canopy closed.bmp11.07.14824 B
Canopy open LH.bmp08.23.141.41 MB
canopy open LH.xml08.23.14526 B
Canopy open RH.bmp08.23.141.41 MB
canopy open RH.xml08.23.14521 B
canopy open warning light.xml12.08.13532 B
canopy warning light.xml11.15.14574 B
canopy_switch.xml11.19.14475 B
clock background.bmp07.15.14129.66 kB
clock bkgr.bmp10.07.14172.32 kB
clock hour hand.bmp06.20.084.10 kB
clock in.bmp07.12.14172.32 kB
clock minute hand.bmp06.20.084.10 kB
clock second hand.bmp09.09.114.10 kB
Clock std.xml10.07.142.07 kB
Clock.xml09.09.112.07 kB
Coffee off.bmp07.18.1449.88 kB
Coffeecup.xml07.18.14560 B
Coffeecup1.xml08.22.13552 B
Coffeecup2.xml07.18.14562 B
Coffeecup3.xml08.22.13552 B
coffee_n.bmp07.19.1440.12 kB
coffee_off.bmp07.18.1449.88 kB
coffee_on.bmp07.19.1440.12 kB
coffee_onn.bmp07.19.1440.12 kB
coffee_onnn.bmp07.19.1440.12 kB
com nav 1 background.bmp12.21.14177.34 kB
com nav 1.xml10.29.115.02 kB
com nav 2 background.bmp07.14.14177.34 kB
com nav 2.xml10.30.115.02 kB
com1 xmit off.bmp01.06.043.13 kB
com1 xmit on.bmp10.27.113.13 kB
com2 xmit off.bmp01.06.043.13 kB
com2 xmit on.bmp10.27.113.13 kB
Comm 1 sw.xml04.03.04532 B
COMPASS.xml02.28.05660 B
Compass_backgrnd.bmp07.12.1411.87 kB
Compass_mask.BMP05.22.041.57 kB
Compass_strip.bmp05.22.047.11 kB
copilots throttle background.bmp06.19.1477.93 kB
copilots throttle.bmp01.09.1424.99 kB
copilots throttle.xml01.09.141.24 kB
CTR gear down.bmp07.12.1417.65 kB
divebrake closed.bmp11.13.14366.26 kB
divebrake closed1.bmp11.13.14366.26 kB
divebrake open.bmp11.13.14366.26 kB
divebrake open1.bmp11.13.14366.26 kB
divebrake selector RH.xml07.21.14663 B
divebrake selector.xml07.21.14658 B
dme background.bmp11.12.11133.01 kB
dme number mask.bmp09.18.031.71 kB
dme number strip.bmp09.18.037.62 kB
dme off flag mask.bmp11.06.1145.58 kB
dme off flag.bmp11.07.114.55 kB
dme period.bmp11.24.051.27 kB
dme selector knob.bmp11.06.114.62 kB
dme.xml11.07.114.65 kB
egt background.bmp10.07.14126.62 kB
egt bkgcln.bmp07.12.14126.62 kB
egt needle.bmp09.19.112.22 kB
egt.xml10.07.14781 B
egt_cln.xml10.07.14781 B
engine fire placard.xml12.20.13782 B
Engine_Auto_Start.xml11.17.14461 B
fire warning.xml12.20.13561 B
FLAP.xml11.10.142.46 kB
Flaplever.xml11.17.141.37 kB
Flapposition_0.bmp11.18.1433.20 kB
Flapposition_1.bmp11.18.1433.20 kB
Flapposition_2.bmp11.18.1433.20 kB
Flapposition_3.bmp11.18.1433.20 kB
Flapposition_4.bmp11.18.1433.20 kB
Flapposition_5.bmp11.18.1433.20 kB
Flaps up warning.xml01.06.14734 B
FLAP_BACK.bmp11.10.14256.05 kB
FLAP_FACE.bmp11.08.14256.05 kB
FLAP_ND.bmp03.21.0510.31 kB
Fuel Qty Background.bmp07.12.14112.95 kB
Fuel Qty Bkgr.bmp10.07.14112.95 kB
Fuel Qty L std.xml10.07.141.09 kB
Fuel Qty L.xml07.13.141.09 kB
Fuel Qty Needle.bmp02.27.072.17 kB
Fuel Qty R std.xml10.07.141.09 kB
Fuel Qty R.xml07.12.141.09 kB
Fuel Valve L.xml11.19.14533 B
Fuel Valve Off.bmp11.09.109.23 kB
Fuel Valve On.bmp11.09.109.23 kB
gear up warning light.xml12.20.13836 B
gear up.bmp12.01.121.82 kB
Generator warning light.xml07.17.14461 B
GS_Flag.bmp02.01.03101.05 kB
GS_pointer.bmp11.13.031.90 kB
Gyro_Card.bmp11.08.1464.43 kB
Gyro_Card_face.bmp11.09.14105.47 kB
gyro_compass_mask.bmp07.12.1432.50 kB
Gyro_Knob.bmp12.14.033.16 kB
heading director needle.bmp11.08.141.22 kB
HPC.xml07.15.14495 B
HPCock Off.bmp07.15.1412.29 kB
HPCock On.bmp07.15.1412.29 kB
HPC_warninglight.xml11.15.14520 B
Icon_Instr_panel-fo.xml07.15.11282 B
Icon_Instr_panel-fo_std.xml06.23.14286 B
Icon_Instr_panel_cpt.bmp07.23.1129.35 kB
Icon_Instr_panel_cpt.xml07.15.11279 B
Icon_Instr_panel_cpt_std.xml06.23.14285 B
Icon_Instr_panel_fo.bmp07.23.1129.35 kB
Icon_Map.bmp09.19.011.44 kB
Icon_metric or us gauges.bmp12.24.131.17 kB
Icon_Radio.bmp09.19.011.44 kB
ignition_switch.xml11.14.141.40 kB
ILS.XML11.26.133.20 kB
ILS_background.bmp02.05.04101.05 kB
ILS_background_2.bmp03.25.03101.05 kB
ILS_OBS_knob.bmp11.26.134.45 kB
landing light.xml02.24.14364 B
landinglight-off.bmp12.22.1417.92 kB
landinglight-on.bmp12.22.1417.92 kB
left wing fuel quantity.xml11.24.132.15 kB
left wing low fuel warning.xml12.20.13553 B
LH gear down.bmp07.12.1412.67 kB
LH_MPD_OPEN.bmp07.15.141.37 kB
lights_beacon.xml11.19.14477 B
lights_land.xml12.18.14539 B
lights_nav.xml11.19.14468 B
lights_taxi.xml08.13.13471 B
low fuel press.xml12.08.13564 B
Mach.xml10.07.141018 B
mach_bkg.bmp10.07.14380.30 kB
mach_bkg_cln.bmp06.28.14285.24 kB
Mach_cln.xml10.07.141.00 kB
MACH_Needle.bmp10.18.0711.65 kB
Map.xml07.05.02229 B
metric or us gauges.xml12.23.13426 B
MKB Off.bmp10.04.144.11 kB
MKB On.bmp10.04.144.11 kB
MKBswitch.xml10.04.14460 B
Nav 1 sw.xml04.03.04542 B
needle1.bmp01.04.043.54 kB
needle10.bmp02.06.043.14 kB
needle11.bmp02.06.04376 B
needle2.bmp01.04.044.18 kB
needle3.bmp01.04.041.59 kB
needle3a.bmp01.06.041.58 kB
needle4.bmp01.05.046.05 kB
needle5.bmp01.11.043.89 kB
needle6.bmp01.06.04504 B
needle7.bmp01.06.04660 B
new Flaps up warning.xml01.06.14729 B
NO_GS_flag.bmp11.13.03101.05 kB
NO_VOR_flag.bmp11.13.03101.05 kB
number blank.bmp11.09.111.52 kB
oat background.bmp07.12.14356.32 kB
oat bkgr.bmp10.07.14356.32 kB
oat card.bmp07.12.14356.32 kB
oat needle.bmp12.22.133.28 kB
oat std.xml12.21.14868 B
oat.xml12.21.14870 B
oil press background.bmp07.12.14172.32 kB
oil press bkgr.bmp10.07.14172.32 kB
oil press needle.bmp12.15.1311.65 kB
oil press.xml12.15.13763 B
oil pressure std.xml10.07.14916 B
oil pressure.xml06.20.08918 B
oxy reg LH.bmp11.05.14271.40 kB
oxy reg RH.bmp11.05.14260.69 kB
oxy reg.bmp12.20.13401.71 kB
Oxygen Regulator LH.xml11.05.14120 B
Oxygen Regulator RH.xml11.05.14120 B
Oxygen Regulator.xml11.13.13114 B
panellights-off.bmp11.15.1435.63 kB
panellights-on.bmp11.15.1435.63 kB
PanelLights.xml11.15.14536 B
Park Brake Light.xml08.15.13609 B
Park Brake Off.bmp08.14.1310.82 kB
Park Brake On.bmp08.14.1310.82 kB
Park Brake.xml11.12.07560 B
Park_Brake_Off.bmp07.23.1129.35 kB
Park_Brake_On.bmp02.02.1229.35 kB
pilots throttle background.bmp06.19.1477.93 kB
pilots throttle.bmp01.09.1429.76 kB
pilots throttle.xml10.11.131.23 kB
PitchTrim_1.bmp12.29.1010.49 kB
PitchTrim_2.bmp12.29.1010.49 kB
PitchTrim_3.bmp12.29.1010.49 kB
PitchTrim_4.bmp12.29.1010.49 kB
PitchTrim_5.bmp12.29.1010.49 kB
PitchTrim_Pointer.bmp08.08.061.07 kB
Pitot Heat Switch.xml11.19.14502 B
placard km.bmp11.14.14122.70 kB
placard knots.bmp12.18.13122.69 kB
Pneumatic System Pressure background.bmp07.12.14248.12 kB
Pneumatic System Pressure bkgr.bmp10.07.14248.12 kB
Pneumatic System Pressure needle.bmp02.10.113.44 kB
Pneumatic System Pressure std.xml10.07.14847 B
Pneumatic System Pressure.xml01.05.14849 B
popup_ignition_switch_off.bmp12.22.1427.94 kB
popup_ignition_switch_on.bmp12.22.1427.94 kB
Punkah 1.xml06.26.14569 B
Punkah.xml06.21.14565 B
radio call background.bmp01.06.146.80 kB
Radio Call.xml01.06.14467 B
radio digit 1.bmp11.24.051.71 kB
radio mask 1.bmp09.18.031.71 kB
radio mask 2.bmp09.18.032.26 kB
radio period.bmp11.24.051.27 kB
radio strip1.bmp09.18.037.62 kB
radio strip2.bmp09.18.0350.38 kB
Radio.xml07.05.02256 B
range and heading background.bmp11.10.1444.53 kB
range and heading meter.xml11.10.142.02 kB
range and heading warning flag.bmp06.16.131.90 kB
range needle.bmp11.08.142.24 kB
red warning light off.bmp10.03.1316.97 kB
red warning light on.bmp01.22.0516.97 kB
RH gear down.bmp07.12.1412.67 kB
right wing fuel quantity.xml11.24.132.15 kB
right wing low fuel warning.xml12.20.13555 B
RMI2 test.txt07.13.141.88 kB
RMI2.xml07.13.141.87 kB
RMI2ADFAiguille.bmp07.09.1419.78 kB
RMI2Carte.bmp07.12.14219.46 kB
RMI2std.xml10.06.141.87 kB
RMI2VOR1Aiguille.bmp07.09.1427.95 kB
RMIADFAiguille.bmp07.09.1419.78 kB
RMICarteMask.bmp10.30.0389.43 kB
RMIFond.bmp07.12.14353.96 kB
RMIFondstd old.bmp11.19.14353.96 kB
RMIFondstd.bmp12.22.14265.78 kB
roff.bmp01.29.055.15 kB
roll_indicator.bmp12.03.1325.76 kB
ron.bmp01.29.055.15 kB
RPM.xml01.13.142.75 kB
RPM_bkg.bmp07.12.14380.30 kB
RPM_bkgfull.bmp10.06.14380.30 kB
RPM_Needle_hundreds.bmp10.14.0711.65 kB
RPM_Needle_thousands.bmp10.14.0710.11 kB
RPM_std.xml10.06.142.76 kB
rudder trim background.bmp07.12.14868.11 kB
rudder trim bkgr.bmp10.07.14868.11 kB
rudder trim needle.bmp01.03.1413.20 kB
rudder trim std.xml10.07.142.51 kB
rudder trim switch C.bmp01.03.1422.74 kB
rudder trim switch L.bmp01.03.1422.74 kB
rudder trim switch R.bmp01.03.1422.74 kB
rudder trim.xml01.03.142.53 kB
S-14 Gyro Compass.xml11.09.142.79 kB
s-14 smoke.xml01.14.14321 B
SHADOW.bmp03.16.0565.07 kB
SpdOFF.bmp01.06.043.13 kB
SpdON.bmp11.10.113.13 kB
speed brake warning light.xml12.20.13574 B
speedlimit placard.xml11.14.14773 B
speedlimits.bmp11.14.14410.21 kB
Starter switch.bmp11.15.1436.97 kB
starter_switch_off.bmp11.19.1426.88 kB
starter_switch_on.bmp11.19.1426.88 kB
suction background.bmp07.13.14356.32 kB
suction bkgr.bmp10.07.14356.32 kB
suction needle.bmp12.30.1315.13 kB
Suction std.xml10.07.14784 B
Suction.xml12.30.13786 B
switch off.bmp12.22.148.18 kB
switch on.bmp12.22.148.18 kB
switch_down_s.bmp06.21.146.91 kB
switch_off.bmp01.27.022.46 kB
switch_on.bmp01.27.022.46 kB
switch_upp_s.bmp06.21.146.91 kB
Tail Number 1.xml10.31.10454 B
Tail Number.bmp10.07.144.10 kB
Tail Number.xml10.31.10454 B
toggle_off.bmp01.29.052.14 kB
toggle_off.psp04.03.0435.06 kB
toggle_on.bmp01.29.052.14 kB
total fuel quantity pounds-1.xml11.07.111.04 kB
Trim_Elev.xml08.07.061.57 kB
TRIM_WHEEL.bmp03.27.0519.96 kB
TRIM_WHEEL.xml08.04.08670 B
Turn Coordinator.xml01.05.041.72 kB
Turn Coordinator_cln.xml05.04.061.72 kB
turn_and_bank.xml06.12.032.14 kB
turn_and_bank_background.bmp07.12.0714.76 kB
turn_and_bank_ball.bmp06.12.03610 B
turn_and_bank_highlight.bmp06.12.0314.78 kB
turn_and_bank_needle.bmp06.12.031.95 kB
turn_and_bank_tube_lines.bmp06.12.032.07 kB
turn_coordinator_bg.bmp10.07.14156.30 kB
turn_coordinator_bgcln.bmp07.09.14156.30 kB
uc emer press background.bmp07.12.14248.12 kB
uc emer press bkgr.bmp10.07.14248.12 kB
uc emer press needle.bmp02.10.113.44 kB
uc emergency pressure std.xml10.07.14769 B
uc emergency pressure.xml01.05.14771 B
UC_Lever_Down.bmp11.18.14209.68 kB
UC_Lever_Up.bmp11.18.14209.68 kB
Undercarriage background std.bmp10.07.14312.90 kB
Undercarriage background.bmp07.13.14312.90 kB
Undercarriage std.xml10.07.141.95 kB

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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