FSX/P3D Douglas C-47 Skytrain/DC-3 Mega Pack

PreviewNow version 3.14 (V3.1406). This package includes the latest Douglas C-47 Skytrain/DC-3 model along with 20+ repaints compatible with this version. Some tweaks may need to be made to ensure compatibility with the repaints but they will work - there is a document inside the "Repaints" folder in ...

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Now version 3.14 (V3.1406). This package includes the latest Douglas C-47 Skytrain/DC-3 model along with 20+ repaints compatible with this version. Some tweaks may need to be made to ensure compatibility with the repaints but they will work - there is a document inside the "Repaints" folder in the ZIP archive.

Previous versions of this file were called - c47basepack.zip and douglas_c-47_v3_12_beta.zip

This model is guaranteed to work in all versions of FSX along with Prepar3D including the latest v4 (P3Dv4).

Skytrain screenshot in FSX.

Repaints included

Over 20+ repaints have been included in this "mega pack". You can find all of them below.

The repaints mentioned below are already packed with the model - it's a full pack - with no need to modify aircraft.cfg files or anything like that - they are already installed, configured, and bundled. However, this pack does include additional repaints that you may install yourself. Further details below.

Bonanza Air Lines

Bonanza was the first all-jet powered airline in the United States. It was based in Las Vegas. They operated from inception in 1945 until merging into Air West in 1968. Their DC-3s were phased out in 1960.


PH-PBA as operated from 1946 - 1947 and 1947 until 1960. This download contains two liveries for the C-47 as owned and flown The Netherlands Government. This aircraft was once active in the II World War and thereafter stored in Germany. In 1946 it came in ownership with the Netherlands Government and was regularly flown by his RH Prince Bernard of The Netherlands and has flown for the Royal household for some years. In the first year, it flew under its military registration and later it became registered as the well known PH-PBA.

Netherlands Civil Aviation Authority

This aircraft was once active in World War II, owned by the Prins Bernard of The Netherlands and flown as a calibration aircraft for the Rijksluchtvaartdienst (RLD) or Netherlands Civil Aviation Authorities and now still in airworthy condition in operation with the Dutch Dakota Association "DDA Classic Airlines"

Dutch Dakota Association

​Dutch Dakota Association Douglas C-47 PH-DDA "Prinses Amalia". This aircraft was active in the II World War, once owned by the Prins Bernard of The Netherlands, flown as a calibration aircraft and now in airworthy condition flying for the Dutch Dakota Association "DDA Classic Airlines".

Three Exterior Models

This package includes exterior only models C47 v3_1 (wartime, Rebecca aerial, no beacon), C47 v3_2 (post-war, tailfin beacon, minus Rebecca), and C47v3_GAF (special aerials and beacons as used by the GAF calibrator planes of the nineteen seventies).

Santa Fe Skyway

LOT Douglas C-47 (DC-3) "22 Lipca"

"Bluebonnet Belle"

C-47B 43-49942 - N47HL, Commemorative Air Force. This C47 was built in 1944 and was flown to Canada where it was transferred to the U.K.under the lend-lease program. In Britain it was assigned to the 435th Transport Squadron, a Canadian unit. It served in the China/Burma/India theater until the end of WW2. After the war, the aircraft returned to Canada and in the mid-1990s the aircraft returned to the USA. The CAF acquired the aircraft in 2002 and spent two years on the restoration of the aircraft.

MAAM Douglas C-47 (DC-3)

A repaint of former USN BuN 50819 at the Mid Atlantic Air Museum, registration N229GB. This repaint responds to the famous model and skin of R4D-6 from MAAM (yes, FS2004 times!). BTW, model has some limitations so it isn't in 100% with the real one, something like 95%.

Private Unmarked Livery 1 & 2

This time a red DC-3/C-47 for your every need. Whether you are asked to fly some suspicious cargo across Africa or the Caribbean Sea, or you just want a personal holiday-vehicle, this DC-3 is what you need! Unmarked, unregistered in any country, no known history and reasonably well maintained.

"Spirit of Middlesex"

A repaint of Douglas Dakota Mk IV KN340 VM-YBN "Spirit of Middlesex" of No 234 Sqn based at Camden in September 1945.

"Spirit of Ostra Brama"

A repaint of Dakota Mk.III (C-47A) named "Spirit of Ostra Brama" (FD547) used by the main commander of Polish forces general Kazimierz Sosnowski (pilot Lieutenant Jozef Tyszko), No. 216 Transport Bomber Squadron). Used in 03-08.1944. Italy. RAF, the crew from Poland.

"Swamp Rat II"

A repaint of 41-38678 "Swamp Rat II" (374th TCG 6th TCS) Douglas C-47-DL (c/n 6073) to USAAF Nov 30, 1942 - 5th AF, Australia Jan 15, 1943 - USA Jan 20, 1944 - To RFC Oct 02, 1945.

Black & White Nose

Aeropostal vintage repaint for the freeware Douglas C-47 Skytrain v3 (beta, but 100% functional Douglas_C-47_V3_12_Beta.zip) with the colors in use in the late 1960s - early 1970s. Aeropostal is one of the oldest Venezuelan commercial airlines, still in service.

VC Repaint

​Douglas C47 'vintage black' office with faded brown upholstery and padding.

Ozark Airlines Douglas DC-3 1965

Ozark Air Lines of Missouri, began scheduled services in 1950 using DC-3s between St. Louis and Chicago. They eventually created a vast route network spreading two-thirds of the USA. The name OZARK is said to derive from the French "Bois Aux Arc" - "Wood of Bows". Incidentally, the Ozarks are highlands that stretch across 5 states in Mid-America.

​​Ozark DC-3 1965 repaint.

Ozark Airline's logo of the 3 swallows was chosen because the birds are traditional symbols of safe travel and good luck. In the beginning, Ozark flew various pistons such as CV-240s, Martin 404s, and the DC-3s. Turboprop F-27/FH-227Bs were also used.

By 1968 all their piston-engined airliners were retired, and the FH-227Bs took their routes. Their first jet, a DC-9-10, was delivered in May 1966. Later on, they used DC-9-30s and MD-82s.

In 1985 Ozark boasted a huge fleet of DC-9s, and passenger boardings topped the five million mark for the first time. Ozark was progressing very well. However, TWA was none too pleased with the competition from Ozark, so after applying heavy pressure on the airline from Missouri, they purchased it in 1986 and integrated it into their network.

Iberia Vintage C-47/DC-3 1953/1963 Pack

The first Douglas DC-3 planes that flew to Iberia had been military transports of the C-47A version. The first DC-3 that were used in Spain were three devices that were lost and landed by mistake in the Protectorate of Morocco. For two decades this plane would be the most important part of the air transport system in Spain, both civil and military.

1963 Iberia DC-3/C-47 in P3Dv4.

All the planes that arrived at the airlines were C-47 military, with the floor reinforced The internal configuration of the DC-3 was 21 seats, although the strong existing demand then forced the installation of folding seats, which increased the capacity to 25 seats, although sometimes it reached up to 28, which was the maximum capacity. The file contains two real models, with liveries used between 1953-1963 and 1963-1966.

North Central Douglas DC-3

North Central DC-3

North Central Airlines DC-3 textures.

Additional Manual-Install Repaints

This pack also includes an abundance of additional repaints that you may configure yourself if you wish to use them. These additional repaints were created for previous versions of the C-47 Skytrain models but the majority of these additional repaints do indeed work with this latest edition (as tested ourselves).

Manual Install Liveries also included are;

  • Pacific Northern Airlines
  • Ohio University
  • Jugoslovenski Aerotransport
  • Aero Holland
  • South Pacific Airways E5-SBS (Vintage)
  • Dakota 16697
  • Indochine Squadron Franche-Comte
  • Swedish Air Force
  • Aerovias Douglas C-47 PP-AVJ
  • South Pacific Airways E5-SBN (Vintage)
  • NOAA
  • "Mosquito Control"
  • South Pacific Airways Douglas C-47 E5-SAD (Metallic)
  • Sabena Douglas OO-AWZ
  • 1947 American Airways Flagship Tulsa
  • South Pacific Airways E5-SBS (Modern)
  • Northwest Airlines
  • "Kroonduif"
  • Schneider Airways
  • "Malta"
  • South Pacific Airways E5-SBS (Metallic)
  • Royal Air Lao
  • French Navy
  • South Pacific Airways E5-SAD (Vintage)
  • Legend Airways
  • L'Envolee Air Inter
  • Rhode Island ANG
  • Autrex Indochina
  • Army Missile Command
  • RAF Middle East
  • RCAF Dakota MkIV KN269
  • RCAF Dakota CSR MkIII KG587
  • USMC R4D-6 Quantico
  • ML-KNIL C47 Tjililitan 1950
  • ML-KNIL C47 Tjililitan 1949
  • USMC R4D-6 Fleet Marine Force
  • USMC Douglas C-47J H&MS-32

Developer Information

With this package, you have downloaded the probably long-awaited update for our Douglas C-47R Skytrain V3.12 Beta edition.

The main culprit of the delay happened to be the dreaded FSX bug that prevents ambient 'VCLighting' to be used with VC's that use bump-mapped textures. A lot of unforeseen new texture work was therefore at hand. Anyway, as you will soon see when you take your Skytrain/Dakota/Gooney Bird up for a first night flight, we've made it bump-mapped textures are still there in the VVC (Vintage Virtual Cockpit) along with ambient 'VC lighting' at dusk/night/dawn. 1-0 for us.

The virtual cockpit of the C-47.

The now implemented VVC night lighting is actually the main feature of this V3.14 update but it certainly is not the only new feature or addition.

The Interactive Checklist has been significantly upgraded, 'Automixture' can now be activated, the flight dynamics have been fine-tuned, alternative config files have been provided for joystick or pedal control of ground-steering, and there is a set of working OMI Marker Lights.

Further modifications and corrections have been implemented following V3.12 users' and beta team feedback including new VOR1/2 Compass Roses, better placement of AH markers and various texture corrections/additions here and there. And that's not all, we also have installed a Showstopper!

It comes in the form of an interchangeable photo or picture that can be clipped on the left side of the Captain's panel. 4 different photos/pictures can be selected simply by clicking it.

To complete this 'personal touch' implementation you can replace the 4 default photos/pics with a true personal subject if you like to. For obvious reasons, we have called this new gadget 'Cutie' and a description of how to make your own 'Cutie' texture follows here underneath.


Currently, aka 'for the time being', we can offer two types of cockpit night lighting. Red ambient cockpit light and UV light that will light up the Main Panels, Overhead Panels and Gauges (with a future final update panel and gauge lights will be separated).

Red ambient light can be switched On/Off with a single knob on the Captain's Overhead Panel. UV Lighting consists of various UV lamps situated on the left and right cockpit walls, roof, and throttle quadrant. Currently they will be switched On/Off all together, hopefully, we'll be able to change that with the next and final update.

As opposed to the single ambient light knob the UV light can be switched On/Off with three knobs. One is situated on the Captain's panel, a second one on the Co-Pilot's panel and the third one on top of the Throttle Quadrant.

Click the switch and it will move to 'Start', meaning it will take a second or two for the UV light to actually come on. Once it does the knob will automatically turn to 'On'. Click the knob again and it will move to 'Off'.

The gauges' dials and needles are painted with so-called 'radioluminescent' paint that glows in the dark. Dangerous stuff in the real world, lucky for us it is harmless. In real life, the glow of this radioluminescent paint would gradually disappear and that UV lighting, therefore, helped a lot for the gauges to still be readable during the night.


Call up the Checklist either via Shift-5 or by clicking any of the checklist icons in Shift-4 Monitor > Misc.

When you pick a Checklist item, the line will be highlighted. If the item is already set and checked, the cursor will proceed to the next line. It will wait for a click when it comes to an item that has no checkmark.

To set a value via the checklist L-click the line again. On pages 1 and 2 (Before Starting, and Engine Start), an R-click removes or undoes the current setting (if possible). This comes in handy as a learning mode for identifying the location and operation of switches.

Page navigation is bottom left for the previous, bottom middle for the exit, and bottom right for the next page. There are some occasional hotspots for items such as "Cold and Dark" on p.1, "Power Settings" on p. 4, etc.

If you want the Checklist to be accompanied by voice callouts from the pilots remember to turn on the callouts option via the Title page of the Checklist, or the interphone switch on the left of the pilot's seat.


The pilot has two main choices: (a) controlling the mixture manually as in V 3.12 and or (b) using the new C-47 Automixture system.

For using the C-47 Automixture system, the "Automixture" line under FSX realism settings must be turned OFF. It is best turned OFF for manual mode, too. In manual mode, the "mixture set best" setting is available via default key Ctrl-X. Never use Ctrl-X when in C-47 Automixture mode because this will lead to a 'flooding' loop. Usually, you can stop the flooding by briefly changing over to manual mode, and then turning Automixture on again.

When loading a flight, the C-47 Automixture mode should be ON by default. You can toggle it manually either by R-clicking a mixture lever or by clicking Shift-4 Monitor > Engines > Mixture (which also provides a readout of the current setting).

Unlike manual mode, Automixture mode restricts lever movement to the following stops or detents:

  • EMERGENCY (full rich, 100%),
  • Auto-Rich (AR, target fuel/air ratio is 0.080),
  • Auto-Lean (AL, f/a 0.074),
  • Cutoff guard (against accidentally moving to cutoff)
  • Idle cutoff (ICOF).

In C-47 Automixture mode the cockpit mixture levers will snap to the placarded positions. In manual mode, they move continuously.

To set a C-47 Automixture setting use either of the following:

  • VC levers: drag or mouse wheel
  • Monitor > Engines > Mixture: click L/R or wheel up/dn on the value hotspot (L=less, R=more)
  • FSX default keys Shift-Ctrl-F1 (ICOF), Shift-Ctrl-F2 (decrease), Shift-Ctrl-F3 (increase), Shift-Ctrl-F4 (EMRG/full rich)
  • Mixture hardware levers if fitted (range intentionally restricted to AR/AL only)
  • Any mixture item on the Shift-5 Checklist

Once a setting has been changed, the mixture will slowly adjust to reach the expected fuel/air ratio. This can take up to half a minute. If you see continuous mixture adjustments over a longer period of time ("flooding") turn Automixture OFF and adjust mixture manually...

Note: Given the variety of options currently present, any report of an issue is best accompanied by a screenshot showing the readouts of the Shift-3 Control and Shift-4 Monitor panel windows.

Naval Air Transport Service in flight in FSX.


Assuming that most flight simmers do not possess fancy rudder pedals with toe brakes but fly their virtual aircraft using a simple or more advanced joystick we have provided two slightly different aircraft.cfg's to handle ground steering. The default aircraft.cfg is best to be used by people who use a joystick with 3 axes (aileron, elevator, and rudder) and can also handle differential braking. If no differential braking can be used keep the same default aircraft.cfg but open it and search for [contact points].

Underneath the contact points listing you'll find a line called ' //-->Alternative settings for tailwheel steering '. Remove the two slashes in front of '//point' while placing them in front of 'point' on the line beneath ( //-->Default settings with free castoring tailwheel ). Don't forget to save the changes.

Lucky simmers with rudder pedals and toe brakes are advised to use the alternative aircraft.cfg called 'aircraft.cfg-C47pedalsensitive'. Rename 'aircraft.cfg' to something like 'aircraft.cfg_org' and remove '-C47pedalsensitive' from the respective file name. You always have 'aircraft.cfg-C47default' as a backup if anything goes wrong.


First, move your current 'Douglas C-47R_V3.12 Beta' out of your FSX (or P3D) /Objects/Airplanes folder.

Next, unzip this package to a temp folder keeping the folder structure intact. Move the 'Douglas C-47R_V3.14 Beta' folder either to your FSX or P3D Airplanes folder. Open the Effects folder in which you should see three folders named FSX, P3Dv3 and texture, plus two effect files called 'fx_c47parajump.fx' and 'fx_vclight_c47v3.fx'. Move these two fx files to either your FSX- or P3D/Effects folder.

The FSX and P3Dv3 folders contain the exhaust smoke effects files. Depending on which sim you use to open the respective folder and move the 'fx_Cranky_DC3_TFF.fx' file to the Effects folder of either FSX or P3D. Click 'Yes' when asked to Overwrite.

Finally, move the two BMP files (fx_c47para1.bmp and fx_c47para2.bmp) from the texture folder to either your FSX or P3D Effects/Texture folder. These are the two files that texture your parajumpers.

To port your V3.12 repaints to V3.14, copy the relevant [fltsim] sections from the 3.12 aircraft.cfg and paste them into the new V 3.14 aircraft.cfg. Make sure the numbering sequence is in proper order. Important: also edit all sim= lines to read 'sim=Douglas_DC3_v1.5' (no longer '1.4'). We have included the two additional exterior models that some of the V3.12 repaints call for, so nothing needs to be changed in that area.

That should do it. Please do read the Manual as it contains more valuable information about the various updates of this V3.14 edition.

We hope you have as much fun flying your upgraded C-47 as we had to put this first update together.

Developer: Jan Visser.

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4Screenshot 5Screenshot 6Screenshot 7Screenshot 8Screenshot 9Screenshot 10Screenshot 11Screenshot 12Screenshot 13Screenshot 14Screenshot 15Screenshot 16Screenshot 17Screenshot 18Screenshot 19Screenshot 20Screenshot 21Screenshot 22Screenshot 23Screenshot 24Screenshot 25Screenshot 26Screenshot 27Screenshot 28Screenshot 29Screenshot 30Screenshot 31Screenshot 32Screenshot 33Screenshot 34Screenshot 35Screenshot 36Screenshot 37Screenshot 38Screenshot 39Screenshot 40Screenshot 41Screenshot 42Screenshot 43Screenshot 44Screenshot 45Screenshot 46Screenshot 47Screenshot 48Screenshot 49Screenshot 50Screenshot 51Screenshot 52Screenshot 53Screenshot 54Screenshot 55Screenshot 56Screenshot 57Screenshot 58Screenshot 59Screenshot 60

The archive Douglas_C-47_Beta_V3.1406.zip has 1915 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Douglas_C-47_Beta_V3.1401.10.200 B
C47_check.htm02.14.178.25 kB
C47_ref.htm02.20.171.14 kB
Douglas_DC3_v1.5.air01.28.176.80 kB
Manual02.20.170 B
Flying the C-47v3.14.pdf03.15.173.00 MB
Texture._V3_nca10.14.190 B
C47_1_T.dds10.14.1916.00 MB
C47_1_T_BUMP.dds08.30.1921.33 MB
C47_1_T_SPEC.dds08.30.1916.00 MB
C47_2_T.dds10.14.1916.00 MB
C47_2_T_BUMP.dds10.12.1916.00 MB
C47_2_T_SPEC.dds10.12.1916.00 MB
GlobalEnv_AC_Chrome.dds08.30.191.50 MB
VC_back.dds08.30.19512.12 kB
VC_bits.dds08.30.19512.12 kB
VC_clipboard.dds08.30.192.00 MB
VC_console.dds08.30.19512.12 kB
VC_floor.dds08.30.19512.12 kB
VC_nose.dds08.30.19341.48 kB
VC_ovhead.dds08.30.192.00 MB
VC_panel.dds08.30.192.00 MB
VC_seat.dds08.30.19512.12 kB
VC_sides.dds08.30.192.00 MB
propdisk.dds10.12.19256.12 kB
texture.cfg08.30.19137 B
aircraft.cfg01.10.2046.44 kB
aircraft.cfg-C47default03.04.1734.63 kB
aircraft.cfg-C47pedalsensitive03.04.1734.60 kB
fixes_overview.jpg03.14.17229.98 kB
model02.14.170 B
model.C47_202.14.170 B
C47V3_2.MDL03.02.178.41 MB
model.cfg02.13.1761 B
model.GAF02.14.170 B
C47v3_GAF.MDL03.02.178.42 MB
model.cfg08.11.1663 B
C47R_interior.MDL03.21.1719.45 MB
C47v3_1.MDL03.02.178.49 MB
model.cfg02.22.1650 B
panel02.14.170 B
C4702.14.170 B
Control.xml03.03.1799.40 kB
Control.xml-00107.07.16100.92 kB
Control_BG.bmp01.27.1781.83 kB
Keys.xml03.03.177.04 kB
Main.xml03.04.17861 B
Sim_C47.xml03.21.1757.84 kB
Status.xml02.08.1743.07 kB
Status.xml-00104.13.1645.48 kB
Status_BG.bmp02.08.1781.83 kB
Status_Close.bmp09.24.111.19 kB
C47_dsd_fsx_xml_sound.gau07.20.14161.80 kB
Clipboard02.14.170 B
CL01.bmp01.15.17153.44 kB
CL02.bmp01.16.17153.44 kB
CL03.bmp02.07.17153.44 kB
CL04.bmp02.09.17153.44 kB
CL05.bmp02.11.17153.44 kB
CL06.bmp02.07.17153.44 kB
Clipboard.xml03.16.1791.74 kB
Mark.bmp07.15.16954 B
Title.bmp11.04.16153.44 kB
n_a.bmp09.20.1621.37 kB
para.bmp09.20.1621.37 kB
DGSounds02.14.170 B
C47-AileronLeft.wav05.02.1653.58 kB
C47-AileronRight.wav05.02.1657.30 kB
C47-AltAlert.wav07.02.1625.65 kB
C47-Ambiance.wav05.08.161.91 MB
C47-AmbianceCargo.wav08.02.162.26 MB
C47-ArmCPT.wav05.31.1697.92 kB
C47-ArmFO.wav05.31.1699.16 kB
C47-COM_Sw.wav04.15.1629.87 kB
C47-CageOFF.wav04.26.1625.43 kB
C47-CageON.wav04.26.1613.09 kB
C47-CarbLeverOFF.wav04.22.16190.21 kB
C47-CarbLeverON.wav04.22.16186.88 kB
C47-CowlFlaps1.wav04.30.1615.63 kB
C47-CowlFlaps2.wav04.30.1625.83 kB
C47-ElevatorBW.wav05.02.1647.75 kB
C47-ElevatorFW.wav05.02.1643.47 kB
C47-Eng1_Explode.wav05.01.16784.27 kB
C47-Eng2_Explode.wav05.01.16784.27 kB
C47-Feather.wav05.03.1642.16 kB
C47-FireAlarm.wav04.21.161.88 MB
C47-FireAlarmEnd.wav04.21.16328.01 kB
C47-FlapsLeverDown.wav04.18.1666.46 kB
C47-FlapsLeverUP.wav04.18.1665.79 kB
C47-Freq_ADF_01.wav06.13.1617.85 kB
C47-Freq_ADF_02.wav06.13.1626.99 kB
C47-Freq_ADF_03.wav06.13.1628.27 kB
C47-Freq_ADF_04.wav06.13.1624.58 kB
C47-Freq_Sel_01.wav04.17.1610.08 kB
C47-Freq_Sel_02.wav04.17.169.64 kB
C47-Freq_Sel_03.wav04.17.1612.86 kB
C47-Freq_Sel_04.wav04.15.1615.01 kB
C47-Freq_Sel_05.wav04.15.169.90 kB
C47-Freq_Sel_06.wav04.15.169.62 kB
C47-FuelPump1.wav06.01.1624.09 kB
C47-FuelPump2.wav06.01.16976.73 kB
C47-FuelPump2B.wav06.01.16976.73 kB
C47-FuelPump3.wav06.01.1621.14 kB
C47-Fuel_Aux_Pump.wav06.19.16369.24 kB
C47-Fuel_Sw.wav06.10.167.96 kB
C47-Fuel_sel_L.wav06.20.1657.43 kB
C47-Fuel_sel_R.wav06.20.1639.76 kB
C47-GPU_OFF.wav04.15.16185.92 kB
C47-GPU_ON.wav04.15.16142.59 kB
C47-GPU_RUN.wav04.17.16520.58 kB
C47-GPU_Start.wav04.17.162.27 MB
C47-GPU_Stop.wav04.17.162.21 MB
C47-GearLeverDown.wav04.23.1687.91 kB
C47-GearLeverUP.wav04.23.1670.76 kB
C47-Gyro1.wav06.11.163.93 MB
C47-Gyro2.wav06.11.16900.58 kB
C47-Gyro3.wav06.11.164.15 MB
C47-Hydraulic_Failure.wav04.30.16299.65 kB
C47-Hydraulic_Pump.wav07.05.1650.46 kB
C47-Jump1.wav05.25.16296.51 kB
C47-Jump2.wav05.25.162.48 MB
C47-Jump3.wav05.25.16289.23 kB
C47-LeverStop1.wav06.12.1658.37 kB
C47-LeverStop2.wav06.12.1643.28 kB
C47-MagnL_Both.wav06.20.1635.69 kB
C47-MagnL_L.wav06.20.1633.07 kB
C47-MagnL_OFF.wav06.20.1680.89 kB
C47-MagnL_R.wav06.20.1648.49 kB
C47-MagnR_Both.wav06.20.1634.15 kB
C47-MagnR_L.wav06.20.1647.53 kB
C47-MagnR_OFF.wav06.20.1641.94 kB
C47-MagnR_R.wav06.20.1631.21 kB
C47-MixtureAL.wav11.05.166.60 kB
C47-MixtureAR.wav11.05.164.02 kB
C47-Pnl_lgt.wav04.15.167.57 kB
C47-Pnl_lgt_OFF.wav04.15.1611.42 kB
C47-Pnl_lgt_ON.wav04.15.1618.47 kB
C47-Rudder.wav05.02.1670.69 kB
C47-SSw_01OFF.wav04.15.1629.07 kB
C47-SSw_01ON.wav04.15.1630.28 kB
C47-SSw_02OFF.wav04.15.166.15 kB
C47-SSw_02ON.wav04.15.1610.00 kB
C47-SSw_03OFF.wav04.15.167.21 kB
C47-SSw_03ON.wav04.15.167.36 kB
C47-SSw_04OFF.wav05.30.162.60 kB
C47-SSw_04ON.wav05.30.162.82 kB
C47-SeatShake1.wav05.02.16484.63 kB
C47-SeatShake2.wav05.02.162.02 MB
C47-SeatShake3.wav05.02.16426.24 kB
C47-Sw_01OFF.wav04.15.1614.39 kB
C47-Sw_01ON.wav04.15.1633.62 kB
C47-Sw_02OFF.wav04.15.1631.72 kB
C47-Sw_02ON.wav04.15.1648.95 kB
C47-Sw_03OFF.wav04.15.1636.77 kB
C47-Sw_03ON.wav04.23.1635.90 kB
C47-Sw_04OFF.wav04.15.1611.96 kB
C47-Sw_04ON.wav04.15.1637.11 kB
C47-Sw_05OFF.wav04.23.169.17 kB
C47-Sw_05ON.wav04.15.1627.09 kB
C47-Sw_06OFF.wav06.20.1626.43 kB
C47-Sw_06ON.wav06.20.1627.19 kB
C47-Sw_07OFF.wav04.20.1660.61 kB
C47-Sw_07ON.wav04.20.1657.54 kB
C47-Sw_08OFF.wav05.30.166.34 kB
C47-Sw_08ON.wav05.30.1610.10 kB
C47-Sw_09OFF.wav05.30.164.97 kB
C47-Sw_09ON.wav05.30.164.81 kB
C47-Sw_10OFF.wav06.11.1616.30 kB
C47-Sw_10ON.wav06.11.1620.26 kB
C47-Sw_11OFF.wav06.11.167.51 kB
C47-Sw_11ON.wav06.11.1611.37 kB
C47-Sw_12OFF.wav06.11.1611.48 kB
C47-Sw_12ON.wav06.11.1614.88 kB
C47-Sw_13OFF.wav06.11.1615.09 kB
C47-Sw_13ON.wav06.11.1611.18 kB
C47-Sw_14OFF.wav06.11.1610.97 kB
C47-Sw_14ON.wav06.11.1611.81 kB
C47-Sw_15OFF.wav06.11.1613.65 kB
C47-Sw_15ON.wav06.11.1612.80 kB
C47-Sw_16OFF.wav06.11.168.63 kB
C47-Sw_16ON.wav06.11.168.77 kB
C47-Sw_17OFF.wav06.11.1610.25 kB
C47-Sw_17ON.wav06.11.1610.42 kB
C47-Sw_18OFF.wav06.11.1617.60 kB
C47-Sw_18ON.wav06.11.167.58 kB
C47-Sw_19OFF.wav06.11.1611.00 kB
C47-Sw_19ON.wav06.11.1616.99 kB
C47-Sw_20OFF.wav06.11.166.77 kB
C47-Sw_20ON.wav06.11.1612.63 kB
C47-Sw_21OFF.wav06.11.169.74 kB
C47-Sw_21ON.wav06.11.1613.70 kB
C47-Sw_22OFF.wav06.11.169.07 kB
C47-Sw_22ON.wav06.11.1614.14 kB
C47-Sw_23OFF.wav06.11.1612.93 kB
C47-Sw_23ON.wav06.11.1615.96 kB
C47-Sw_24OFF.wav06.11.1616.10 kB
C47-Sw_24ON.wav06.11.1613.75 kB
C47-Sw_25OFF.wav06.11.1611.47 kB
C47-Sw_25ON.wav06.11.1616.35 kB
C47-Sw_26OFF.wav06.11.1611.91 kB
C47-Sw_26ON.wav06.11.1614.55 kB
C47-Sw_27OFF.wav06.11.1610.56 kB
C47-Sw_27ON.wav06.11.1611.35 kB
C47-Sw_28OFF.wav06.11.1611.90 kB
C47-Sw_28ON.wav06.11.1615.86 kB
C47-Sw_29OFF.wav06.11.1611.40 kB
C47-Sw_29ON.wav06.11.1611.69 kB
C47-Sw_30OFF.wav06.11.1611.78 kB
C47-Sw_30ON.wav06.11.1615.43 kB
C47-Sw_31OFF.wav06.11.1614.42 kB
C47-Sw_31ON.wav06.11.1613.11 kB
C47-Sw_32OFF.wav06.11.1614.29 kB
C47-Sw_32ON.wav06.11.1617.07 kB
C47-Sw_33OFF.wav06.11.168.41 kB
C47-Sw_33ON.wav06.11.169.85 kB
C47-Sw_34OFF.wav06.11.1614.91 kB
C47-Sw_34ON.wav06.11.1626.21 kB
C47-Sw_35OFF.wav06.11.1616.95 kB
C47-Sw_35ON.wav06.11.1613.81 kB
C47-TailWheel_Lock.wav05.30.1632.39 kB
C47-TailWheel_Unlock.wav05.30.1631.44 kB
C47-UV_ON.wav02.15.17120.86 kB
C47-WindHeavy.wav06.03.16381.55 kB
C47-WindL.wav05.04.16498.19 kB
C47-WindR.wav05.04.16498.18 kB
C47-WindowClose.wav05.31.1671.92 kB
C47-WindowOpen.wav05.31.1661.66 kB
C47-WindowSideClose.wav06.20.16280.70 kB
C47-WindowSideOpen.wav06.20.16322.94 kB
C47-YokeOFF.wav04.18.16161.90 kB
C47-YokeON.wav04.18.1696.81 kB
C47-parkbrake.wav05.30.1646.03 kB
C47-parkrel.wav05.30.1639.45 kB
CockpitSounds_C47.ini02.15.1725.12 kB
KeyEvent_SND_C47.xml02.12.1752.50 kB
SB01_Brakes.wav02.09.17655.59 kB
SND_CL02.14.170 B
AL-1a.wav06.27.16206.98 kB
AL-1b.wav06.27.16164.80 kB
AL-completed.wav06.25.16158.83 kB
AP-1a.wav06.27.16289.09 kB
AP-1b.wav06.25.16403.49 kB
AP-2.wav06.25.1686.19 kB
AP-completed.wav06.25.16143.53 kB
AS-1.wav06.25.1682.37 kB
AS-2.wav06.26.16103.71 kB
AS-3.wav06.25.16117.72 kB
AS-4a.wav07.15.16110.80 kB
AS-4b.wav06.25.16317.47 kB
AS-Completed.wav06.25.16213.30 kB
AT-1a.wav06.27.16173.52 kB
AT-1b.wav06.25.16242.93 kB
AT-Completed.wav06.25.16198.01 kB
Auto Rich.wav06.27.1681.27 kB
BS-10.wav06.27.16113.91 kB
BS-11.wav06.25.1667.07 kB
BS-12.wav06.25.1697.65 kB
BS-13.wav06.25.1697.65 kB
BS-14.wav06.25.16106.26 kB
BS-15.wav06.25.1669.94 kB
BS-16.wav06.25.1663.25 kB
BS-17.wav06.25.1693.83 kB
BS-18.wav06.25.16128.24 kB
BS-18J.wav06.25.16112.00 kB
BS-19.wav08.01.1662.29 kB
BS-19b.wav08.01.1646.52 kB
BS-1J.wav06.27.16511.10 kB
BS-1a-A.wav08.31.1635.72 kB
BS-1a-B.wav06.27.16318.49 kB
BS-1a-C.wav06.27.16328.63 kB
BS-1b.wav06.25.16258.37 kB
BS-2.wav06.27.1639.63 kB
BS-20.wav06.25.16144.33 kB
BS-3.wav06.25.1675.47 kB
BS-4.wav06.25.16116.36 kB
BS-5.wav06.25.16112.05 kB
BS-6.wav06.25.16116.36 kB
BS-7.wav06.25.16107.76 kB
BS-8.wav06.26.16116.29 kB
BS-9.wav06.26.16131.16 kB
BS-Completed.wav08.15.16187.53 kB
BT-1a.wav06.27.16244.48 kB
BT-1b.wav06.25.16241.15 kB
BT-2.wav06.25.16168.00 kB
BT-3.wav06.25.16176.61 kB
BT-Completed.wav06.25.16219.64 kB
Both OFF.wav06.27.1695.46 kB
Both OFF2.wav06.27.16185.90 kB
Both ON-Mixture.wav08.22.1691.49 kB
Both ON.wav06.27.1677.22 kB
Both ON2.wav07.05.1654.65 kB
C47-Eng2_Start-Mixture.wav08.22.16104.34 kB
CaptOFF.wav08.03.1648.37 kB
Checked Both OFF.wav06.27.16107.63 kB
Checked OFF.wav06.27.1692.00 kB
Checked ON-Starter.wav08.22.16106.21 kB
Checked ON.wav06.27.16101.60 kB
Checked both ON.wav06.27.16100.53 kB
Checked on Cold.wav06.27.16137.03 kB
Checked-Prime.wav08.22.1682.62 kB
Checked.wav06.27.1672.15 kB
Checked2.wav06.27.16130.10 kB
Chocks set.wav06.27.1693.44 kB
Closed.wav06.27.1630.85 kB
Cracked.wav06.27.16103.57 kB
ES-Mags.wav08.24.1661.19 kB
Flaps Set and checked.wav06.27.16168.45 kB
Flaps confirmed up.wav06.27.16140.07 kB
Flaps down.wav06.27.1699.52 kB
Flaps retracted.wav06.27.16111.68 kB
Flaps up.wav06.27.1699.52 kB
FlightControls Checked.wav06.27.16146.83 kB
Full forward.wav06.27.1695.46 kB
Full open.wav06.25.16124.97 kB
GPU Disconnected.wav06.27.16161.91 kB
Gear is down.wav06.27.16142.40 kB
Gear is up.wav06.27.16336.59 kB
High RPM.wav06.27.16118.05 kB
Idle Cutoff.wav06.27.1698.86 kB
Is Checked.wav06.27.16126.27 kB
Locked.wav06.27.1659.98 kB
OFF1.wav06.27.1672.82 kB
OFF2.wav06.27.1670.07 kB
OFF3.wav06.27.1676.93 kB
OFF4.wav06.27.1673.50 kB
ON1.wav07.01.1666.36 kB
ON2.wav07.01.1656.94 kB
ON3.wav07.01.1668.93 kB
PageDN.wav07.14.1621.32 kB
PageUp.wav07.14.1624.16 kB
R and L on Both.wav06.27.16141.35 kB
SO-1J.wav06.27.16561.79 kB
SO-1a.wav06.27.16484.75 kB
SO-1b.wav06.26.16268.20 kB
SO-2.wav06.26.16114.20 kB
SO-3.wav06.26.16198.20 kB
SO-4.wav06.26.1673.33 kB
SO-5.wav06.26.1686.20 kB
SO-7.wav06.26.1688.04 kB
SO-Completed.wav06.26.16180.20 kB
Set and Checked.wav06.27.1650.53 kB
Set on trail.wav06.25.16114.21 kB
Set to zero.wav06.27.16112.56 kB
TailWheel_Unlocked.wav06.25.16144.33 kB
Unlocked.wav06.27.1676.20 kB
blades315.wav08.10.16416.48 kB
SND_Calls02.14.170 B
AD-1.wav07.01.16183.64 kB
AD-10.wav08.15.16289.29 kB
AD-11.wav08.15.16435.93 kB
AD-12.wav08.15.16185.44 kB
AD-13.wav06.26.16117.67 kB
AD-14.wav06.26.1677.29 kB
AD-15.wav06.26.1669.41 kB
AD-16.wav07.01.16302.15 kB
AD-17.wav07.01.16335.62 kB
AD-18.wav06.26.16558.35 kB
AD-19.wav06.26.16503.45 kB
AD-2.wav07.01.16200.05 kB
AD-20.wav07.04.1685.95 kB
AD-21.wav07.01.16324.02 kB
AD-22.wav06.26.16366.20 kB
AD-23.wav06.26.162.45 MB
AD-24.wav06.26.16402.80 kB
AD-25.wav07.01.16373.16 kB
AD-26.wav07.01.16230.81 kB
AD-27.wav06.27.16354.65 kB
AD-28.wav06.27.16483.92 kB
AD-29.wav06.26.16182.17 kB
AD-3.wav07.01.16188.64 kB
AD-30.wav06.27.16317.12 kB
AD-31.wav06.27.16454.73 kB
AD-4.wav07.01.16156.35 kB
AD-5.wav07.01.16358.07 kB
AD-6.wav07.01.16333.60 kB
AD-7.wav07.01.16153.32 kB
AD-8.wav06.27.16258.74 kB
AD-9.wav08.15.16207.73 kB
AileronLeft.wav06.27.16129.93 kB
AileronRight.wav06.27.16121.82 kB
Blades-A.wav08.10.16416.27 kB
Blades-A2.wav08.15.16814.26 kB
Blades-B.wav08.10.16370.66 kB
Blades-B2.wav08.15.16748.13 kB
Blades-C.wav08.10.16390.55 kB
Blades-C2.wav08.15.16799.63 kB
Blades-Count.wav08.24.16377.11 kB
Blades-Count2.wav08.24.16715.49 kB
Blades-D.wav08.10.16402.90 kB
Blades-D2.wav08.15.16869.86 kB
Blades-E.wav08.10.16394.67 kB
ClearProp.wav06.27.1645.39 kB
ES-1l.wav07.16.16150.00 kB
ES-1r.wav07.16.16215.47 kB
ES-2.wav08.24.1665.54 kB
ES-4.wav08.24.1672.48 kB
ES-5.wav08.24.1668.79 kB
ElevatorDown.wav06.27.16130.95 kB
ElevatorUp.wav06.27.16115.74 kB
Eng1_Failed.wav06.25.16149.27 kB
Eng1_Fire.wav06.25.16125.85 kB
Eng1_Start_1_Turn.wav07.17.1688.57 kB
Eng1_Start_2_Start.wav08.15.16152.34 kB
Eng1_Start_3_Oil.wav06.25.16106.26 kB
Eng1_Start_3b_Oil.wav08.01.16125.93 kB
Eng1_Start_3c_Oil.wav08.03.16174.47 kB
Eng1_Start_4_Stab.wav06.25.16144.01 kB
Eng2_Failed.wav06.25.16144.49 kB
Eng2_Fire.wav06.25.16161.21 kB
Eng2_Start_1_Turn.wav07.17.1693.23 kB
Eng2_Start_2_Start.wav06.25.16102.91 kB
Eng2_Start_4_Stab.wav06.25.16144.48 kB
Eng_Stressed1.wav06.25.16288.80 kB
Eng_Stressed2.wav06.25.16348.06 kB
Eng_TooCold.wav06.25.16148.79 kB
Eng_TooHot.wav06.25.16163.12 kB
Eng_VeryHot.wav06.25.16177.94 kB
Eng_WarmedUp.wav06.25.16197.05 kB
Eng_WarmedUpB.wav06.25.16124.41 kB
Eng_WarmedUpC.wav06.25.16201.83 kB
FA-80kts-A.wav06.26.1654.98 kB
FA-80kts-B.wav08.10.1677.76 kB
FA-80kts-C.wav08.10.1672.57 kB
FA-80kts-D.wav08.10.16104.95 kB
FA-90kts-A.wav06.25.16107.76 kB
FA-90kts-B.wav06.25.16101.30 kB
FA-90kts-C.wav08.10.1693.30 kB
FA-90kts-D.wav08.10.16102.36 kB
Flaps1.wav07.05.1692.21 kB
Flaps2.wav07.05.16134.18 kB
Flaps3.wav07.05.16112.54 kB
FlapsFull.wav07.05.16153.56 kB
FlapsUP.wav07.05.16123.67 kB
GPU_Connect.wav06.25.16135.88 kB
GPU_Connected.wav06.25.16186.54 kB
GUMPT.wav08.10.16827.79 kB
GearDown.wav06.27.16517.42 kB
GearUP.wav07.08.16757.77 kB
Hydraulic_Failed.wav06.25.16226.68 kB
LH-Aux.wav06.26.16241.53 kB
LH-Main.wav06.26.16175.19 kB
Power_Set.wav06.25.16196.10 kB
Power_Set2.wav06.25.16121.55 kB
RH-Aux.wav06.26.16116.22 kB
RH-Main.wav06.26.16172.90 kB
Rotate2.wav06.26.16164.90 kB
Rotate_A.wav06.26.16235.97 kB
Rotate_B.wav06.26.16140.61 kB
Rotate_C.wav06.26.16219.94 kB
Rotate_D.wav06.26.16216.11 kB
RudderLeft.wav06.27.16137.24 kB
RudderRight.wav06.27.16153.69 kB
TFS_starter_left1.wav06.15.16321.79 kB
TFS_starter_left2.wav06.15.161.85 MB
TFS_starter_left3.wav06.15.1647.78 kB
TFS_starter_right1.wav06.15.16320.29 kB
TFS_starter_right2.wav06.15.161.85 MB
TFS_starter_right3.wav06.15.1678.21 kB
dc3_door_close.wav06.05.16187.23 kB
dc3_door_open.wav06.05.16159.96 kB
wiper.wav04.25.16606.82 kB
Douglas_C47.dll10.18.1391.00 kB
Monitor02.14.170 B
Control_BG.bmp07.08.1681.83 kB
Help-autopilot.bmp01.11.17206.46 kB
Help-avionics.bmp08.18.16293.18 kB
Help-engines.bmp01.29.17377.62 kB
Help-flight.bmp02.20.17314.15 kB
Help-limitspeeds.bmp02.20.1722.99 kB
Help-misc.bmp01.27.17469.80 kB
Help-powerchart.bmp09.19.16148.87 kB
Help.xml08.08.161.32 kB
Misc.bmp09.11.1623.90 kB
Mon.xml03.14.1765.90 kB
Status_BG.bmp07.08.1681.83 kB
autopilot.bmp05.14.1523.91 kB
avionics.bmp06.02.1523.90 kB
engines.bmp07.07.1623.90 kB
flight.bmp07.07.1620.25 kB
flight0.bmp07.07.16136.40 kB
test.bmp07.07.1623.90 kB
dsd_fsx_fuel_dump.dll03.04.12136.47 kB
dsd_window_status2.gau04.15.1284.47 kB
fsx_event_logger.gau04.14.12152.47 kB
panel.cfg01.21.173.38 kB
radiosvvc02.14.170 B
Corel Automatisch behouden02.14.170 B
DC2_radio_strip1_night.bmp11.19.1532.46 kB
DC2_radio_strip2_night.bmp11.19.1543.71 kB
DC2_radio_strip3_night.bmp12.02.1515.27 kB
DC2_radio_strip4_night.bmp12.02.155.93 kB
DC2_radio_strip5_night.bmp12.02.158.37 kB
DC2_xpdr_strip_night.bmp12.13.159.04 kB
RadioDME_BG_night.bmp12.15.1693.39 kB
Radio_Strip1_night.bmp12.15.1619.30 kB
DC2_nav2_strip1_mask.bmp11.19.152.54 kB
DC2_nav2_strip2_mask.bmp11.19.152.54 kB
DC2_nav_strip1_mask.bmp11.19.152.54 kB
DC2_nav_strip2_mask.bmp11.19.152.54 kB
DC2_radio2_strip1_mask.bmp11.19.152.54 kB
DC2_radio2_strip2_mask.bmp11.19.152.54 kB
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ZedThu, 06 Jul 2023 08:10:33 GMT

Excellent plane, possibly the best freeware plane add-on I've ever seen and I've been simming since FS2004, you can really tell that the developers love and appreciate the DC-3 and that in all likelihood they have spent time in the real plane, must have for anyone who likes vintage birds. It works with FSX Steam Edition as well, it's a big pack but download it, you won't regret it.

BedandBadAdviceWed, 03 Aug 2022 06:42:09 GMT

Get this over any other payware DC3, in my boisterously proclaimed opinion. Just make sure to monitor those engines on the climb out, everyone blows them at least once.

used FSXse

Murray AyataTue, 04 Jan 2022 23:45:27 GMT

I got a problem with the computer I bought from you now I need to reinstall it what to do need help?

FungamingSun, 18 Jul 2021 10:17:30 GMT

Would love to see this one make its way to MSFS (2020).

Howard BloomFri, 09 Jul 2021 20:16:56 GMT

I put the folder "Douglas_C47_Beta_3.14 into the Community folder of MSFS and the aircraft does not show up in the program. What am I missing? Thanks, Howard.

BBJN56Wed, 23 Dec 2020 21:33:09 GMT

Thank you so much for this great job! Very nice plane with a lot of good stuff!

MatthewSun, 06 Dec 2020 15:56:35 GMT

When I have the paratroopers jump, it appears as black boxes exiting the airplane, how can I change that to see the paratroopers?

flyjames2Sat, 13 Jun 2020 21:13:45 GMT

Where is the 707 or the KC-135 Planes?

K5083Sat, 28 Mar 2020 13:28:22 GMT

Big download but worth it. The cockpits are beautiful, and many of the paint schemes are nice. You can find a lot of new skins for the old FSX version online that fit it fine. It feels right and flies like the classic that it is. Bravo!

flyjames2Mon, 16 Mar 2020 01:31:46 GMT

Thank you for everything...

Alex GillespieTue, 07 Jan 2020 20:43:53 GMT

What happened to the National Airways Corp DC 3 out of your selections. NZ always seems to be forgotten about.

pepilleWed, 07 Aug 2019 11:43:48 GMT

The model looks very cool - I'll have fun with this aircraft!

ph328Thu, 13 Jun 2019 23:53:47 GMT

How do I contact the jumpmaster? I open the exit and turn on the red light and go to the requirements listed however I turn on the green light but nothing happens.

Patrick HaasThu, 13 Jun 2019 11:33:30 GMT

Hello where is the emergency located or what keybind is it?

rdebard3Tue, 04 Dec 2018 18:00:21 GMT

Very realistic Bravo. I had the happiness to fly in DC 3 in 1964 (Liaison Brazzaville - Pointe Noire) very modestly I can say that I know)

Patrick HaasSat, 06 Oct 2018 23:50:41 GMT

Where is the button to contact the jmpmaster

jpop8807Fri, 22 Jun 2018 00:03:13 GMT

SO far so good looks great haven't had a problem with it. I haven't went too indepth, but so far just cruising around its an amazing plane.

wyfWed, 20 Jun 2018 16:37:25 GMT

It's a pity that the autopilot is inoperatable

centurion88Mon, 18 Jun 2018 15:08:01 GMT

The ADF is unavailable.

ph328Thu, 14 Jun 2018 01:09:11 GMT

i try to hit shift f7 but it doesn't come up. Is there anyway to fix this

ph328Thu, 14 Jun 2018 00:59:33 GMT

How do i enable audible radio Also i try to hit shift f7 but it doesn't come up

MarcoThu, 26 Apr 2018 18:07:58 GMT

I agree with amadeus91. This model disables some views. I tried several things to repair it, but until now, no success.

Not a good thing to delete everything. Anyone have a cure for this problem?

ChuckPCpilotTue, 17 Apr 2018 02:53:52 GMT

This Plane is fabulous. What an icon of the sky!

As this is a Beta version, do I look forward to its continuing updates?

Panel lights would be good as well as actual (effective) carb heat & cowl temp control on the engine's performance.

I haven't worked out how to operate the parachute jump yet, but that's probably my limited understanding of the instructions in the pdf manual. Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted.

Well done to all the creators.

AlecFri, 23 Feb 2018 22:44:54 GMT

I love this model! The VC is wonderful and it flies really well. A few problems, though: the tailwheel stays locked and makes it nearly impossible to taxi without the use of differential brakes, the instrument lights don't turn on (the switch does nothing), and I've had a problem with the aircraft losing all power half an hour into the flight with no warning. I may not be noticing something, but that seems like a problem more than pilot error.

In any case, this airplane is fantastic and I love to fly it, there are just some issues that make it difficult.

amadeus91Sun, 18 Feb 2018 19:20:33 GMT

the author needs to fix this model, looks good but create many troubles with FSX steam. 3 star only

This model function average good, maybe need a best organization between all lot of panel screens is a maze. BUT HAVE A GREAT MISTAKE, this model disable the 2D, outside view and the MAP view (F10, F11 AND shift +F12) for him and for all planes you have installed, and is necessary uninstall completely to recover this important functions in FSX. tested in steam. The good part the voice checklist of the copilot is a good point, but never hear the steward voice.

B A PotfieterSat, 17 Feb 2018 16:47:17 GMT

Congratulations and well done on this piece of artwork

Eric RoweWed, 21 Jun 2017 20:21:29 GMT

Excellent considering it is a beta version...well done all involved. Some problems with views but what a great sound set and it handles very realistically. Have put in some other textures with no problems and the Checklist feature is great fun though a bit clunky at times. Have had some great flights in this and accu-feel brings it to life with lots of clunks and rattles as you would expect from a dear old girl like this. Can't wait for the final version.

amadeus91Mon, 19 Jun 2017 16:27:58 GMT

This model function average good , may be need a best organization between all lot of panel screens is a maze. BUT HAVE A GREAT MISTAKE , this model disable the 2D, outside view and the MAP view (F10 , F11 AND shift +F12) for him and for all planes you have installed, and is necesary uninstall complety to recover this important functions in FSX. tested in steam . The good part the voice checklist of the copilot is a good point, but never hear the steward voice.

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