FSX Iris F4 Phantom AS-GA Megapack

PreviewThis is a Megapack of the Iris F-4 Phantom II Air Superiorty Ground Attack with multiple beautiful paints, compiled by David Robles and uploaded by permission from Iris Simulations. The package features 13 textures with two model variants. Smoke configuration included. Tested in FSX/ Acceleration...

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
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This is a Megapack of the Iris F-4 Phantom II Air Superiorty Ground Attack with multiple beautiful paints, compiled by David Robles and uploaded by permission from Iris Simulations. The package features 13 textures with two model variants. Smoke configuration included. Tested in FSX/ Acceleration but may also work in FS2004 and Prepar3D. Slight FDE and panel modification as well as all new thumbnails by Michael Pook. Thanks to David Robles for his compilation and Iris Simulation for their permission. Uploaded with permission of and on David Robles' behalf by Michael Pook. Included video links and videos by David Robles.

Screenshot of F4 Phantom "USS Enterprise" in flight.

Screenshot of F4 Phantom "USS Enterprise" in flight.


  • Copy and paste the Phantom folder into your main airplane directory.
  • Copy and paste the gauges into your main FSX gauges directory and the effects in the effects folder into your main effects directory (no need to overwrite if you already have them).
  • That's it, enjoy your flight.


To activate the radar screen just click anywhere on the screen and it will appear, wing fold, spoiler and tail hook are activated by the respective default keys.

Credits go to Iris Simulations for the flight model and to David Robles for the compilation. Also, thanks to all those designers out there for their great gauges.

Images & Screenshots

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The archive fsx_iris_phantom_as_ga.zip has 441 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
FSX_IRIS_Phantom_AS_GA12.10.150 B
Effects12.10.150 B
fx_iris_vclight_red.fx03.04.071.30 kB
fx_phantflame.fx11.11.1522.11 kB
fx_PhantomExhaustDCB.fx08.19.111.29 kB
fx_phantom_aniburner.fx11.11.1513.39 kB
fx_smoke_B47.fx12.19.035.79 kB
gauges12.10.150 B
APQ-72.CAB11.07.15112.98 kB
ch47HMD.gau11.07.151.17 MB
cpt.icons.cab06.11.1234.88 kB
cpt.toggles.light.square.cab06.11.1229.24 kB
F-35_HUD_VC12.10.150 B
ADL_B_00FF00.bmp11.07.1512.05 kB
Airspeed_box_00FF00.bmp11.07.1524.05 kB
Alpha_00FF00.bmp11.07.156.05 kB
Altitude_box_00FF00.bmp11.07.1524.05 kB
Altitude_dial_00FF00.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Altitude_index_00FF00.bmp11.07.15246 B
AM_CIRCLE_00FF00.bmp11.07.15768.05 kB
AM_CIRCLE_BIG_00FF00.bmp11.07.15768.05 kB
AoA_bracket_00FF00.bmp11.07.1512.05 kB
bank_arrow_00FF00.bmp11.07.153.05 kB
bank_scale_1_00FF00.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
bank_scale_2_00FF00.bmp11.07.1596.05 kB
bank_scale_3_00FF00.bmp11.07.15192.05 kB
BATR_00FF00.bmp11.07.15822 B
Bearing_pointer_00FF00.bmp11.07.151.55 kB
beta_arrow_00FF00.bmp11.07.153.05 kB
CCIP_00FF00.bmp11.07.1512.05 kB
CueFRIEND.bmp11.07.153.05 kB
CueINRNG.bmp11.07.153.05 kB
CueSHOOT.bmp11.07.153.05 kB
Diamond_00FF00.bmp11.07.1512.05 kB
Diamond_cross_00FF00.bmp11.07.1512.05 kB
Energy_caret_00FF00.bmp11.07.153.05 kB
F-35_HUD_VC.xml11.07.15124.36 kB
Gear_00FF00.bmp11.07.1524.05 kB
glideslope_line_00FF00.bmp11.07.156.05 kB
Ground_Target_00FF00.bmp11.07.153.05 kB
Gun_Cross_B_00FFFF.bmp11.07.156.05 kB
Heading_mask_00FF00.bmp11.07.1512.96 kB
Heading_tape_00FF00.bmp11.07.1588.75 kB
Horizon_00FF00.bmp11.07.1596.05 kB
Horizon_ghost_00FF00.bmp11.07.1596.05 kB
HUD_Funnel_DOTsm_00FF00.bmp11.07.15246 B
HUD_Funnel_DOT_00FF00.bmp11.07.15246 B
HUD_steering_arrow_00FF00.bmp11.07.151.55 kB
HUD_steering_dots_00FF00.bmp11.07.1512.05 kB
Needle_glideslope_00FF00.bmp11.07.153.05 kB
Needle_localizer_00FF00.bmp11.07.153.05 kB
Nird_circle.bmp11.07.15192.05 kB
Nird_circle_Cue.bmp11.07.15822 B
Nird_circle_RNG.bmp11.07.15822 B
Nird_steeringdot.bmp11.07.15246 B
nozzle_vector_00FF00.bmp11.07.153.05 kB
Pitch_Ladder_-25_-60_00FF00.bmp11.07.151.50 MB
Pitch_Ladder_-5_-20_00FF00.bmp11.07.15384.05 kB
Pitch_Ladder_-65_bottom_00FF00.bmp11.07.151.50 MB
Pitch_Ladder_20_5_00FF00.bmp11.07.15384.05 kB
Pitch_Ladder_25_60_00FF00.bmp11.07.151.50 MB
Pitch_Ladder_65_top_00FF00.bmp11.07.151.50 MB
Radar_Target_00FF00.bmp11.07.153.05 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_1000.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_10000.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_11000.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_12000.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_1250.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_1500.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_1750.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_2000.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_2250.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_250.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_2500.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_2750.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_3000.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_3250.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_3500.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_3750.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_4000.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_4250.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_4500.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_4750.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_500.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_5000.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_5500.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_6000.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_6500.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_7000.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_750.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_8000.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_9000.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_range.bmp11.07.153.05 kB
Reticle_AG_00FF00.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Reticle_MAXRANGE_00FF00.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
speed_caret_00FF00.bmp11.07.153.05 kB
Speed_dial_00FF00.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Speed_index_00FF00.bmp11.07.15246 B
SW_CIRCLE_00FF00.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
SW_Seeker_00FF00.bmp11.07.153.05 kB
Tadpole_00FF00.bmp11.07.1512.05 kB
Thumbs.db11.07.15259.50 kB
Velocity_Vector_00FF00.bmp11.07.1512.05 kB
Velocity_Vector_cross_00FF00.bmp11.07.1512.05 kB
Velocity_Vector_dot_00FF00.bmp11.07.1512.05 kB
Velocity_Vector_ghost_00FF00.bmp11.07.1512.05 kB
Velocity_Vector_ghost_BAE_00FF00.bmp11.07.1512.05 kB
vsi_arc_00FF00.bmp11.07.1524.05 kB
vsi_arc_mask_00FF00.bmp11.07.157.54 kB
vtol_airplane_00FF00.bmp11.07.1548.05 kB
Waterline_00FF00.bmp11.07.156.05 kB
wind_arrow_00FF00.bmp11.07.153.05 kB
F16.gau11.07.151.53 MB
iphantom.CAB11.07.152.10 MB
pc-7.CAB11.07.151.11 MB
pc-7.rar11.07.151.06 MB
sextank.CAB11.07.159.02 kB
Virtavia Phantom Set3.cab09.06.06536.72 kB
IRIS Phantom Air Superiority Ground Attack12.10.150 B
Aircraft.cfg12.10.1525.93 kB
desktop.ini11.08.15114 B
FGR2_FDE.air11.08.157.44 kB
model.C40012.10.150 B
Model.cfg11.20.1534 B
RN_Phant_C400.mdl11.07.153.65 MB
model.GA12.10.150 B
Model.cfg11.20.1532 B
RN_Phant_GA.mdl11.07.153.62 MB
panel12.10.150 B
Carrier_Landing_Gauge12.10.150 B
Carrier_Landing_Gauge.xml11.07.159.56 kB
TrapDisplay.xml11.07.15684 B
dvc_1.bmp11.07.153.00 MB
dvc_3.bmp11.07.153.00 MB
Gauge12.10.150 B
DataGauge.xml11.07.15100.41 kB
StatusGauge.xml11.07.154.06 kB
Thrust to Weight.xml11.07.15688 B
GunTest12.10.150 B
Canons.xml11.07.1518.71 kB
iphantom12.10.150 B
Drag Chute.xml11.08.155.36 kB
Effect Controller.xml11.08.152.42 kB
JMA_INS.gau11.07.15302.00 kB
main_ifr.bmp11.07.151.34 MB
main_vfr.bmp11.07.152.25 MB
Panel.cfg11.29.1515.63 kB
pspbrwse.jbf11.07.1513.75 kB
right_console.bmp11.07.15878.96 kB
Sound12.10.150 B
dsd_fsx_xml_sound.gau11.07.15156.46 kB
dsd_fsx_xml_sound.ini11.07.15874 B
dsd_fsx_xml_sound.rtf11.07.1584.76 kB
dsd_fsx_xml_sound.txt11.07.1514.59 kB
Gun.wav11.07.15129.24 kB
MasterCaution..wav11.07.1579.02 kB
MasterCaution.wav11.07.1578.53 kB
RWR_1.wav11.07.1534.50 kB
RWR_2.wav11.07.1551.74 kB
RWR_3.wav11.07.1521.59 kB
Sound.ini11.07.151.10 kB
SWGrowlLock.wav11.07.159.92 MB
SWGrowlSeek.wav11.07.159.51 MB
Switch1.wav11.07.15112.07 kB
Switch2.wav11.07.1550.73 kB
Weapon controls.bmp11.07.15768.05 kB
sound12.10.150 B
blank.wav11.08.1548.56 kB
canopy.wav11.08.151.01 MB
ext_combstart_eng1.wav11.08.15861.37 kB
ext_combstart_eng2.wav11.08.15861.37 kB
ext_combustion_burner_eng1.wav11.08.15800.26 kB
ext_combustion_burner_eng2.wav11.08.15696.66 kB
ext_combustion_full_eng1.wav11.08.15648.20 kB
ext_combustion_full_eng2.wav11.08.15629.80 kB
ext_combustion_idle_eng1.wav11.08.15258.19 kB
ext_combustion_idle_eng2.wav11.08.15349.40 kB
ext_combustion_mid_eng1.wav11.08.15510.31 kB
ext_combustion_mid_eng2.wav11.08.15630.26 kB
ext_combustion_rumble_eng1.wav11.08.15696.66 kB
ext_combustion_rumble_eng2.wav11.08.15676.90 kB
ext_shutdown_eng1.wav11.08.15867.05 kB
ext_shutdown_eng2.wav11.08.153.77 MB
ext_starter_eng1.wav11.08.151.79 MB
ext_starter_eng2.wav11.08.151.78 MB
ext_turbine_eng1_mid.wav11.08.15149.44 kB
ext_turbine_full_eng1.wav11.08.15485.77 kB
ext_turbine_full_eng2.wav11.08.15472.48 kB
ext_turbine_idle_eng1.wav11.08.15867.05 kB
ext_turbine_idle_eng2.wav11.08.15485.28 kB
ext_turbine_mid_eng1.wav11.08.15213.22 kB
ext_turbine_mid_eng2.wav11.08.15228.99 kB
ext_turbine_rumble_eng1.wav11.08.15345.99 kB
ext_turbine_rumble_eng2.wav11.08.15345.99 kB
int_av_fan.wav11.08.15206.82 kB
int_combstart_eng1.wav11.08.152.31 MB
int_combstart_eng2.wav11.08.152.31 MB
int_combustion_burner_eng1.wav11.08.151.06 MB
int_combustion_burner_eng2.wav11.08.15827.54 kB
int_combustion_full_eng1.wav11.08.15711.13 kB
int_combustion_full_eng2.wav11.08.15677.95 kB
int_combustion_idle_eng1.wav11.08.151.56 MB
int_combustion_idle_eng2.wav11.08.15830.67 kB
int_combustion_mid_eng1.wav11.08.15177.68 kB
int_combustion_mid_eng2.wav11.08.15177.46 kB
int_combustion_rumble_eng1.wav11.08.15567.51 kB
int_combustion_rumble_eng2.wav11.08.15202.93 kB
int_flap.wav11.08.15181.28 kB
int_gear_down.wav11.08.15408.44 kB
int_gear_up.wav11.08.15408.44 kB
int_ground_rumble.wav11.08.15356.20 kB
int_shutdown_eng1.wav11.08.151.36 MB
int_shutdown_eng2.wav11.08.151.36 MB
int_starter_eng1.wav11.08.156.06 MB
int_starter_eng2.wav11.08.156.06 MB
int_turbine_full_eng1.wav11.08.15394.77 kB
int_turbine_full_eng2.wav11.08.15394.62 kB
int_turbine_idle_eng1.wav11.08.15394.69 kB
int_turbine_idle_eng2.wav11.08.15394.62 kB
int_turbine_mid_eng1.wav11.08.15394.77 kB
int_turbine_mid_eng2.wav11.08.15394.62 kB
int_turbine_rumble_eng1.wav11.08.15394.77 kB
int_turbine_rumble_eng2.wav11.08.15394.62 kB
int_wind.wav11.08.15315.26 kB
sound.cfg11.08.1517.97 kB
texture12.10.150 B
bomb.bmp11.07.1564.07 kB
chrome_t.bmp11.07.1564.07 kB
chute.bmp11.07.1542.75 kB
Clothing.bmp11.07.15256.07 kB
dvc_1_l.bmp11.07.154.00 MB
dvc_3_l.bmp11.07.154.00 MB
ejhandle.bmp11.07.154.07 kB
eng_t.bmp11.07.1521.43 kB
face.bmp11.07.1564.07 kB
Fan.bmp11.07.1585.43 kB
Fan_fast.bmp11.07.1585.43 kB
Fan_slow.bmp11.07.1585.43 kB
fg1_pod_t.bmp11.07.151.00 MB
fgr1_weps_t.bmp11.07.151.00 MB
gear_leg_t.bmp11.07.158.07 kB
glass_t.bmp11.07.154.07 kB
green_glass_t.bmp11.07.154.07 kB
intake.bmp11.07.1564.07 kB
light_t.bmp11.07.1516.07 kB
mk7handl.bmp11.07.1585.42 kB
mk7pull.bmp11.07.15170.75 kB
NavLight_Green.bmp11.07.154.07 kB
NavLight_Red.bmp11.07.154.07 kB
pulltop.bmp11.07.1585.42 kB
raf_helmet.bmp11.07.15256.07 kB
red_well.bmp11.07.154.07 kB
reflection_T.bmp11.09.15256.07 kB
rf_probe.bmp11.07.154.07 kB
rim.bmp11.07.154.07 kB
rim2.bmp11.07.152.07 kB
RR_Spey.bmp11.07.15256.07 kB
sb.bmp11.07.1564.07 kB
screw.bmp11.07.151.42 kB
seat_dark.bmp11.07.152.07 kB
seat_green.bmp11.07.152.07 kB
seat_t.bmp11.07.15256.07 kB
strip.bmp11.07.154.07 kB
strip2.bmp11.07.154.07 kB
t2_01_T_LM.bmp11.09.154.00 MB
t2_02_T.bmp08.19.154.00 MB
t2_aircrew_T.bmp11.09.151.00 MB
t2_glass_T.bmp11.09.151.00 MB
t2_placard.bmp11.09.151.00 MB
tire.bmp11.07.1564.07 kB
vc_1_t.bmp11.07.154.00 MB
vc_2_t.bmp11.07.154.00 MB
vc_glass_t.bmp11.09.151.00 MB
vc_seat_belt.bmp11.07.152.07 kB
vc_seat_black.bmp11.07.152.07 kB
vc_seat_buckle.bmp11.07.152.07 kB
vc_seat_green.bmp11.07.152.07 kB
vc_seat_red.bmp11.07.152.07 kB
vc_seat_yellow.bmp11.07.152.07 kB
vc_x_t.bmp11.07.154.07 kB
wells_t.bmp11.07.1564.07 kB
texture.10212.10.150 B
fgr1_1_t.bmp11.07.151.00 MB
fgr1_2_t.bmp11.07.151.00 MB
fgr1_3_t.bmp11.07.151.00 MB
fgr1_4_t.bmp11.07.151.00 MB
texture.cfg01.12.12137 B
thumbnail.jpg11.22.1540.83 kB
Thumbs.db11.07.1535.00 kB
texture.14212.10.150 B
fgr1_1_t.bmp11.07.151.00 MB
fgr1_2_t.bmp11.07.151.00 MB
fgr1_3_t.bmp11.07.151.00 MB
fgr1_4_t.bmp11.07.151.00 MB
texture.cfg01.12.12137 B
thumbnail.jpg11.23.1528.50 kB
Thumbs.db11.07.1535.00 kB
texture.43late12.10.150 B
fgr1_1_t.bmp11.07.154.00 MB
fgr1_2_t.bmp11.07.154.00 MB
fgr1_3_t.bmp11.07.151.00 MB
fgr1_4_t.bmp11.07.154.00 MB
texture.cfg01.12.12137 B
thumbnail.jpg11.22.1519.04 kB
Thumbs.db11.07.1539.00 kB
texture.56_XV42412.10.150 B
fgr1_1_t.bmp11.07.151.00 MB
fgr1_2_t.bmp11.07.151.00 MB
fgr1_3_t.bmp11.07.151.00 MB
fgr1_4_t.bmp11.07.151.00 MB
texture.cfg01.12.12137 B
thumbnail.jpg11.22.1518.39 kB
Thumbs.db11.07.1522.00 kB
texture.8412.10.150 B
fgr1_1_t.bmp11.07.151.00 MB
fgr1_2_t.bmp11.07.151.00 MB
fgr1_3_t.bmp11.07.151.00 MB
fgr1_4_t.bmp11.07.151.00 MB
texture.cfg01.12.12137 B
thumbnail.jpg11.22.1529.24 kB
Thumbs.db11.07.1535.00 kB
texture.blackmike12.10.150 B
fgr1_1_t.bmp11.07.154.00 MB
fgr1_2_t.bmp11.07.154.00 MB
fgr1_3_t.bmp11.07.154.00 MB
fgr1_4_t.bmp11.07.154.00 MB
texture.cfg01.12.12137 B
thumbnail.jpg11.22.1526.73 kB
Thumbs.db11.07.1533.00 kB
texture.HO12.10.150 B
fgr1_1_t.bmp11.07.151.00 MB
fgr1_2_t.bmp11.07.151.00 MB
fgr1_3_t.bmp11.07.151.00 MB
fgr1_4_t.bmp11.07.151.00 MB
texture.cfg01.12.12137 B
thumbnail.jpg11.23.1531.46 kB
Thumbs.db11.07.1554.00 kB
texture.vf51_139812.10.150 B
fgr1_1_t.dds11.07.1516.00 MB
fgr1_2_t.dds11.07.1516.00 MB
fgr1_3_t.dds11.07.1516.00 MB
fgr1_4_t.dds11.07.1516.00 MB
texture.cfg01.12.12137 B
thumbnail.jpg11.22.1527.32 kB
texture.VMFA-53112.10.150 B
fgr1_1_t.dds11.22.152.67 MB
fgr1_2_t.dds11.22.152.67 MB
fgr1_3_t.dds11.22.152.67 MB
fgr1_4_t.dds11.22.152.67 MB
texture.cfg01.12.12137 B
thumbnail.jpg11.22.1527.16 kB
texture.XT86312.10.150 B
fgr1_1_t.bmp11.07.154.00 MB
fgr1_2_t.bmp11.07.154.00 MB
fgr1_3_t.bmp11.07.154.00 MB
fgr1_4_t.bmp11.07.154.00 MB
texture.cfg01.12.12137 B
thumbnail.jpg11.22.1517.70 kB
Thumbs.db11.07.1536.00 kB
texture.XT87212.10.150 B
fgr1_1_t.bmp11.07.154.00 MB
fgr1_2_t.bmp11.07.154.00 MB
fgr1_3_t.bmp11.07.154.00 MB
fgr1_4_t.bmp11.07.154.00 MB
texture.cfg01.12.12137 B
thumbnail.jpg11.22.1520.33 kB
Thumbs.db11.07.1543.50 kB
texture.xv42812.10.150 B
fgr1_1_t.bmp11.07.154.00 MB
fgr1_2_t.bmp11.07.154.00 MB
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fgr1_4_t.bmp11.07.151.00 MB
texture.cfg01.12.12137 B
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texture.xv57412.10.150 B
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fgr1_4_t.bmp11.07.154.00 MB
texture.cfg01.12.12137 B
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READ ME from David Robles' earliar Phantom Package.txt11.26.154.44 kB
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VC.jpg11.24.15335.25 kB
The Letter - YouTube.website11.29.15493 B
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Tim Conrad's Aircraft_Spotlight On Tim Conrad.pdf11.17.15646.43 kB
YouTube Links12.10.150 B
(FSX) USAF at Helens - YouTube.url11.13.15181 B
(FSX) USCG HH60 - YouTube.url11.13.15181 B
Aussie Icon (FSX) - YouTube.url11.13.15131 B
B 52 Retrofit (FSX) - YouTube.url11.13.15181 B
Because - YouTube.url11.13.15181 B
C130 Hercules Retrofit (FSX) - YouTube.url11.13.15181 B
Canadian Thunder - YouTube.url11.13.15253 B
Diplomatiic Transport (FSX) - YouTube.url11.13.15131 B
EH101 Retrofit (FSX) - YouTube.url11.13.15181 B
F16 Retrofit (FSX) - YouTube.url11.13.15181 B
F16D Retrofit (FSX) - YouTube.url11.13.15181 B
F9F5 Panther Retrofit (FSX) - YouTube.url11.13.15181 B
FTX Global Denali (FSX) - YouTube.url11.13.15181 B
FTX Global Sea to Shining Sea (FSX) - YouTube.url11.13.15181 B
Hawaii... 2013 - YouTube.url11.13.15181 B
King Air 350 U.S.M.C. (FSX) - YouTube.url11.13.15181 B
Life (FSX) - YouTube.url11.13.15131 B
NASA N817NA - YouTube.website11.26.15494 B
NOAA Orions (FSX) - YouTube.url11.13.15161 B
Prepare3D Screensavers - YouTube.url11.13.15181 B
Silver Bird N90079 - YouTube.website11.26.15677 B
Special12.10.150 B
Because - YouTube.url11.13.15181 B
BlueJay517 YouTube.website11.13.15683 B
Honor - YouTube.url11.13.15181 B
The Letter - YouTube.website11.13.15375 B
Virtavia MH53J YouTube.website11.13.15776 B
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Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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AceWarbirdsTue, 27 Oct 2020 05:29:15 GMT

I know it's an old question but here's the solution, when installing any files, its ALWAYS a cut and paste never copy as files over time have a tendency to vanish or become inert for whatever reason.

Now when it comes to file placement, The file heading main file example F4 Phantom/Effects/Texture inserts at Airplanes If the file READS AS F4Phantom is the heading, But, if the file says Effects/Texture that would be inserted into Microsoft Flight Simulator File because the other subfolders will automatically insert into the correct file.

The main issue in errors is if the creator uses a lower case heading on any file it will automatically be placed as a separate file in the file list as such example. simobjects Airplanes SimObject Airplanes. Notice in the master files the way the casing is and you'll see how so many users write that they can't see the aircraft. It's usually not in the correct file.

The correct would be Microsoft Flight Simulator/ SimObjects/ Airplanes/F4 Phantom and the contents.

I've also found that quite often all of the files can stay with the Aircraft or Helio, it all depends on preference.

If you have an application where you can choose multiple aircraft that fly on its own information and you want Helicopters to fly, they won't show to enable the flight, you'll have to place the helicopters in the Airplanes list so the application can find them.

The best idea for anyone is to learn how to tweak the CFG file in the FSX main, and the CFG in Aircraft, this will allow you to tweak. As far as memory issues, go into FSX cfg then search box %appdata%, scroll to FSX then to FSX CFG, at the top of the file type in exactly as this MEMFIX=1, that will take care of that tweak for memory.

I know it seems like everyone's heading onto MSFS2020, but as you'll see, there will be a ton of updates before that program is tweaked. It's taken over ten years to tweak the hell out of FSX, and the truth is, with the new technology available, FSX is better than ever. SEMPER FIDELIS.

David IsraelThu, 09 Jul 2020 23:16:36 GMT

Too slow! max speed is Mach 1.24? That's not right. there was a german variant that had reduced thrust and top speed but it was only down from M2.2 to M1.74 not these slow pokes maxing out at M1.24.

David IsraelTue, 23 Jun 2020 20:26:40 GMT

Why is there zero performance boost when applying full throttle with afterburn? slowest free F4 model around, max speed is M1.25at any altitude. Just a shame because these are some good-looking planes inside and out.

griffin sheerFri, 22 Mar 2019 21:34:50 GMT

there is a file labeled f-35 hud i dont know where to put it in the files

jpop8807Thu, 16 Aug 2018 03:01:53 GMT

Everything works fine I have the steam edition I love it. just not sure how to use the autopilot type stuff on it.

DonSat, 12 May 2018 16:13:43 GMT

Can't get the instruments or effects to work after copying them to the appropriate folders. Bummer

Maxwell DeyesTue, 14 Feb 2017 19:49:32 GMT

A seriously great plane and model. However, as a carrier plane it doesn't seem to be compatible with the catapult or the arrester cables. I did find the command to animate the extension of the front gear which show a steam cat connection but it does not function for launch. I'm trying to copy from the config files of other air craft. We'll see. Any advice welcome because I would love to use this for carrier ops.

evasyaSat, 31 Dec 2016 15:39:02 GMT

Very good & interesting aircraft. But I found 2 problems: 1. Unreadable data on display that can be on/off only from 2D panel 2. The plane bounces off the runway like a ball when gave big negative vertical speed, even when stalling

GlenlekWed, 15 Jun 2016 05:53:49 GMT

This fighter flies like a dream with these 2 aileron config file changes. taxis better also!

aileron_effectiveness and roll_stability

parasite_drag_scalar=1.150  //1.180 for 'C' + 'D'  //1.025 for 'A'  //1.15  //0.65  //0.60 
David DetchemendyWed, 08 Jun 2016 22:10:43 GMT

There is a "Effects_Textures_Folder". Does that get copied in also please? Thank you. David

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