World-of-AI AI Traffic Packages

PreviewThis download provides all of the AI aircraft and flight plan packages to be used with the World of AI installer ( These package are compatible with both FSX and FS2004. This is the file that brings your flight simulation experience to life with AI traffic based on the real world.

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This download provides all of the AI aircraft and flight plan packages to be used with the World of AI installer ( These package are compatible with both FSX and FS2004. This is the file that brings your flight simulation experience to life with AI traffic based on the real world.

This is a complete package containing all of the current World of AI traffic packages. All of the AI packages (over 400) have been included in this easy to download single file.

Selection of some of the AI airline logos​This file includes over 400 packages including commercial airlines, military aircraft, general aviation and even airlines that have ceased operation. The full packages are included with includes AI aircraft models and flight plans/routes. Routes are based on real-world airline routes.

NOTE: You must have the World of AI installer to use these packages. You can download that here.

Some of the packages included

Commercial Airlines

Some of the commercial airline packages include Air Dolomiti, Aer Lingus, Air Malta, Onur Air Tasimacilik, Monarch Airlines, KLM, Icelandair, Thomas Cook, Avianca, Air Arabia, easyJet, Delta Airlines, US Airways, United Airlines, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Finnair... and over 450 more.

Cargo Airlines

Just some of the cargo carriers include Lufthansa Cargo, Martinair Holland Cargo, Emirates Sky Cargo, Air France Cargo, Singapore Airlines Cargo, British Airways World Cargo, Eva Air Cargo and many more.

General Aviation and Military

Also included are general aviation packages such as UGA Gulfstream 3, British Aerospace Hawker XP800 GA, Gates Learjet 35 GA, Citation 550, Boeing Business Jet, King Air F90 plus more. A small selection of military AI packages are included too.

Airlines That Have Ceased Operation

Over 120 airlines that have ceased operation are also included. Names include Bahrain Air, Eurofly, Olympic Airways, Windjet, Sky Airlines, First Choice Airways, Lauda Air, Martinair, Variglog.

Images & Screenshots

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The archive has 698 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
FS2004 Packages04.10.170 B
woa_aerlingus_v4.zip04.10.177.13 MB
woa_aigleazur_v3.zip04.10.173.20 MB
woa_airarabia_v2.zip04.10.171.55 MB
woa_airarabiaegypt_v1.zip04.10.17593.63 kB
woa_airarabiamaroc_v2.zip04.10.17630.69 kB
woa_airindiaexpress_v2.zip04.10.177.62 MB
woa_airmalta_v2.zip04.10.172.54 MB
woa_allegiantair_v2.zip04.10.173.22 MB
woa_alohaaircargo_v1.zip04.10.171.89 MB
woa_americanairlines_v4.2.zip04.10.1711.19 MB
woa_aviancabrasil_v1.zip04.10.172.98 MB
woa_aviancacolombia_v1.zip04.10.176.48 MB
woa_bhutanairlines_v1.zip04.10.17593.28 kB
woa_deltaairlines_v4.zip04.10.1718.04 MB
woa_easyjet_v4.zip04.10.177.94 MB
woa_easyjetswitzerland_v9.zip04.10.171.22 MB
woa_hongkongexpress_v2.zip04.10.172.64 MB
woa_iberiaexpress_v2.zip04.10.172.29 MB
woa_jazeeraairways_v5.zip04.10.17947.48 kB
woa_jetblueairways_v4.zip04.10.178.48 MB
woa_jinair_v1.zip04.10.171.35 MB
woa_klmcityhopper_v5.zip04.10.173.21 MB
woa_klmroyaldutchairlines_v7.zip04.10.1714.34 MB
woa_lufthansacargo_v6.zip04.10.175.46 MB
woa_martinairhollandcargo_v5.zip04.10.176.49 MB
woa_monarchairlines_v3.zip04.10.174.45 MB
woa_nokair_v5.zip04.10.179.63 MB
woa_nokscoot_v1.zip04.10.171.23 MB
woa_onurairtasimacilik_v4.zip04.10.172.53 MB
woa_royalfalcon_v1.zip04.10.171.48 MB
woa_southwestairlines_v3.zip04.10.1716.24 MB
woa_sunexpressgermany_v1.zip04.10.17926.26 kB
woa_thomascookairline_v5.zip04.10.172.43 MB
woa_thomascookairlinesscandinavia_v3.zip04.10.172.50 MB
woa_thomascookairlinesuk_v2.zip04.10.176.57 MB
woa_tigerairaustralia_v1.zip04.10.17940.62 kB
woa_tigerairtaiwan_v1.zip04.10.171.15 MB
woa_transavia_v4.zip04.10.174.97 MB
woa_unitedairlines_v2.zip04.10.1716.74 MB
woa_usairways_v3.1.zip04.10.1713.29 MB
woa_westjet_v3.zip04.10.174.78 MB
FSX Packages04.10.170 B
woa_aerlingus_v4_fsx.zip04.10.1711.17 MB
woa_aigleazur_v3_fsx.zip04.10.177.01 MB
woa_airarabia_v2_fsx.zip04.10.174.10 MB
woa_airarabiaegypt_v1_fsx.zip04.10.171.52 MB
woa_airarabiamaroc_v2_fsx.zip04.10.171.54 MB
woa_airindiaexpress_v2_fsx.zip04.10.1721.65 MB
woa_airmalta_v2_fsx.zip04.10.174.88 MB
woa_allegiantair_v2_fsx.zip04.10.174.62 MB
woa_alohaaircargo_v1_fsx.zip04.10.175.86 MB
woa_americanairlines_v4_fsx.zip04.10.1715.50 MB
woa_aviancabrasil_v1_fsx.zip04.10.176.41 MB
woa_aviancacolombia_v1_fsx.zip04.10.1713.31 MB
woa_bhutanairlines_v1_fsx.zip04.10.171.09 MB
woa_deltaairlines_v4_fsx.zip04.10.1724.21 MB
woa_easyjet_v4_fsx.zip04.10.1721.08 MB
woa_easyjetswitzerland_v9_fsx.zip04.10.172.27 MB
woa_hongkongexpress_v2_fsx.zip04.10.176.69 MB
woa_iberiaexpress_v2_fsx.zip04.10.174.35 MB
woa_jazeeraairways_v5_fsx.zip04.10.171.35 MB
woa_jetblueairways_v4_fsx.zip04.10.1717.31 MB
woa_jinair_v1_fsx.zip04.10.172.58 MB
woa_klmcityhopper_v5_fsx.zip04.10.175.01 MB
woa_klmroyaldutchairlines_v7_fsx.zip04.10.1722.54 MB
woa_lufthansacargo_v6_fsx.zip04.10.177.01 MB
woa_martinairhollandcargo_v5_fsx.zip04.10.179.58 MB
woa_monarchairlines_v3_fsx.zip04.10.178.63 MB
woa_nokair_v5_fsx.zip04.10.1720.56 MB
woa_nokscoot_v1_fsx.zip04.10.171.83 MB
woa_onurairtasimacilik_v4_fsx.zip04.10.174.92 MB
woa_royalfalcon_v1_fsx.zip04.10.173.30 MB
woa_southwestairlines_v3_fsx.zip04.10.1765.38 MB
woa_sunexpressgermany_v1_fsx.zip04.10.172.27 MB
woa_thomascookairline_v5_fsx.zip04.10.176.12 MB
woa_thomascookairlinesscandinavia_v3_fsx.zip04.10.174.96 MB
woa_thomascookairlinesuk_v2_fsx.zip04.10.179.49 MB
woa_tigerairaustralia_v1_fsx.zip04.10.172.15 MB
woa_tigerairtaiwan_v1_fsx.zip04.10.172.01 MB
woa_transavia_v4_fsx.zip04.10.1715.05 MB
woa_unitedairlines_v2_fsx.zip04.10.1726.68 MB
woa_usairways_v3.1_fsx.zip04.10.1722.53 MB
woa_westjet_v3_fsx.zip04.10.179.94 MB
Universal FSX:FS2004 Packages04.10.170 B
Airlines not operating anymore04.10.170 B
dauair.woai.zip04.10.17379.61 kB
woa004v3.zip04.10.17507.51 kB
woa07_v1.zip04.10.17499.26 kB
woa_atlanthungary_v2.zip04.10.17620.30 kB
woa_bahrainair_v1.zip04.10.171.99 MB
woa_bmibaby_v4.zip04.10.172.15 MB
woa_eaglesairlines_v1.zip04.10.17372.57 kB
woa_hamburginternational_v2.zip04.10.171.91 MB
woa_hello_v4.zip04.10.171.00 MB
woa_jet4you_v7.zip04.10.171.43 MB
woa_kubanairlines_v1.zip04.10.171.19 MB
woa_malevhungarianairlines_v2.zip04.10.173.35 MB
woa_martinairholland_v2.zip04.10.17597.37 kB
woa_midwestairlines_egypt_v1.zip04.10.17737.96 kB
woa_nigerianeagleairlines_v3.zip04.10.171.38 MB
woa_skyairlines_v2.zip04.10.175.91 MB
woa_spanair_v3.zip04.10.173.70 MB
woa_vuelingairlines_v6.zip04.10.171.03 MB
woaaclv1.zip04.10.171.31 MB
woaadkv2.zip04.10.17679.05 kB
woaaeiv1.zip04.10.171.24 MB
woaaeuv1.zip04.10.17722.45 kB
woaaeyv2.zip04.10.172.83 MB
woaamgv2.zip04.10.17654.56 kB
woaankv1.zip04.10.172.37 MB
woaarkv1.zip04.10.17318.12 kB
woaaujv3.zip04.10.17296.61 kB
woaaviv1.zip04.10.17702.92 kB
woaazac2.zip04.10.17358.67 kB
woabbov1.zip04.10.171.36 MB
woabgkv1.zip04.10.171.76 MB
woablvv1.zip04.10.171.63 MB
woabstv1.zip04.10.171.04 MB
woabsyv1.zip04.10.171.14 MB
woabtvv1.zip04.10.173.56 MB
woacbbv1.zip04.10.171.44 MB
woacglv1.zip04.10.17712.07 kB
woachpv1.zip04.10.171.03 MB
woackwv1.zip04.10.17694.91 kB
woaclwv1.zip04.10.172.49 MB
woacoav5.zip04.10.179.61 MB
woadxhv1.zip04.10.173.53 MB
woaeafv2.zip04.10.17959.11 kB
woaecav2.zip04.10.172.25 MB
woaeezv1.zip04.10.173.82 MB
woaeosv4.zip04.10.17785.36 kB
woafcav1.zip04.10.173.64 MB
woaflxv1.zip04.10.17746.33 kB
woafyav1.zip04.10.172.35 MB
woagbkv2.zip04.10.17416.52 kB
woagblv2.zip04.10.171.93 MB
woaggcv1.zip04.10.172.88 MB
woaghbv3.zip04.10.17712.26 kB
woagscv1.zip04.10.17891.83 kB
woagwyv2.zip04.10.171.45 MB
woahcwv1.zip04.10.17710.15 kB
woaholv1.zip04.10.17305.24 kB
woaiazv1.zip04.10.17515.34 kB
woailhv1.zip04.10.171.01 MB
woaiswv2.zip04.10.171.29 MB
woaitkv1.zip04.10.17327.88 kB
woaiwdv1.zip04.10.173.07 MB
woaizmv3.zip04.10.171.87 MB
woajaev1.zip04.10.171.55 MB
woajalc5.zip04.10.173.68 MB
woajetv1.zip04.10.173.14 MB
woakniv2.zip04.10.171.22 MB
woal3v1.zip04.10.17612.54 kB
woalbcv2.zip04.10.171.47 MB
woaldav1.zip04.10.175.01 MB
woalvgv1.zip04.10.173.44 MB
woamakv2.zip04.10.171.04 MB
woamckv1.zip04.10.171.10 MB
woamepv2.zip04.10.171.52 MB
woamggv2.zip04.10.171.66 MB
woamjxv1.zip04.10.171.04 MB
woampdv2.zip04.10.173.76 MB
woamrtv1.zip04.10.17811.14 kB
woamtwv1.zip04.10.171.29 MB
woamxav1.zip04.10.174.39 MB
woamxjv3.zip04.10.171.01 MB
woanchv1.zip04.10.171.22 MB
woanrdv1.zip04.10.172.41 MB
woanwac2.zip04.10.174.14 MB
woaoalv1.zip04.10.174.72 MB
woaohkv1.zip04.10.172.13 MB
woaoltv4.zip04.10.172.03 MB
woaozjv1.zip04.10.17532.11 kB
woapdfv1.zip04.10.17325.35 kB
woaplyv1.zip04.10.17489.74 kB
woapmwv2.zip04.10.17979.04 kB
woaprjv2.zip04.10.172.21 MB
woaraov1.zip04.10.17953.20 kB
woarhav4.zip04.10.17563.79 kB
woariuv2.zip04.10.17267.37 kB
woarnvv2.zip04.10.173.18 MB
woarnxv2.zip04.10.172.18 MB
woarpav1.zip04.10.17513.96 kB
woarynv1.zip04.10.171.61 MB
woasayv2.zip04.10.172.71 MB
woascdv1.zip04.10.171.06 MB
woaskxv2.zip04.10.171.62 MB
woasngv1.zip04.10.171.20 MB
woassvv4.zip04.10.173.19 MB
woassxv2.zip04.10.172.56 MB
woasvkv1.zip04.10.171.75 MB
woasxrv1.zip04.10.171.45 MB
woasywv1.zip04.10.171.55 MB
woatasv1.zip04.10.171019.45 kB
woathmv1.zip04.10.17544.95 kB
woatprv1.zip04.10.17723.10 kB
woatrkv1.zip04.10.17939.51 kB
woatsdv1.zip04.10.17880.36 kB
woavazv1.zip04.10.171.20 MB
woavikv1.zip04.10.17475.57 kB
woavlov1.zip04.10.171.05 MB
woavrev1.zip04.10.17896.50 kB
woavunv1.zip04.10.17998.52 kB
woavurv1.zip04.10.171.05 MB
woawanv1.zip04.10.171.03 MB
woawebv3.zip04.10.171.14 MB
woawowv1.zip04.10.17278.81 kB
woazmav1.zip04.10.17313.43 kB
General Aviation04.10.170 B
woa_ultimategagulfstream3_v1.zip04.10.1721.33 MB
woab200v2.zip04.10.172.67 MB
woabbjv1.zip04.10.1714.38 MB
woac4021.zip04.10.1717.40 MB
woac4211.zip04.10.171.71 MB
woac5501.zip04.10.1712.64 MB
woags4v1.zip04.10.1747.69 MB
woahxp800v1.zip04.10.1713.92 MB
woakafv1.zip04.10.1710.98 MB
woaklsv1.zip04.10.17771.71 kB
woal40v1.zip04.10.173.96 MB
woal45v1.zip04.10.1718.93 MB
woalj25v1.zip04.10.171.65 MB
woalj35v1.zip04.10.172.91 MB
woalj60v1.zip04.10.174.17 MB
woasmgv1.zip04.10.171.08 MB
Military04.10.170 B
woacefv1.zip04.10.171015.40 kB
woagafv1.zip04.10.172.55 MB
woanaf336v1.zip04.10.17804.55 kB
Passenger Airlines and Cargo04.10.170 B
woa2q_v1.zip04.10.17242.42 kB
woa8rv1.zip04.10.17247.01 kB
woa_aegeanairlines_v4.zip04.10.173.54 MB
woa_aerlingusregional_v1.zip04.10.171.50 MB
woa_aeromar_v2.zip04.10.172.02 MB
woa_aeromexicoconnect_v1.zip04.10.172.67 MB
woa_aeromongolia_v1.zip04.10.17283.17 kB
woa_africanexpressairways_v1.zip04.10.17739.78 kB
woa_afriqiyahairways_v3.zip04.10.174.02 MB
woa_air_asia_x_v2.zip04.10.172.17 MB
woa_air_france_by_regional_v2.zip04.10.173.41 MB
woa_airastana_v2.zip04.10.174.49 MB
woa_airbusan_v2.zip04.10.171.43 MB
woa_aircanadajazz_v4.zip04.10.175.04 MB
woa_aircargogermany_v1.zip04.10.171.02 MB
woa_airchina_v2.zip04.10.1718.98 MB
woa_airchinacargo_v1.zip04.10.171.76 MB
woa_airdolomiti_v3.zip04.10.17731.62 kB
woa_airfrancecargo_v3.zip04.10.171.72 MB
woa_airhighnesses_v1.zip04.10.17456.63 kB
woa_airhongkong_v3.zip04.10.171.52 MB
woa_airiceland_v1.zip04.10.17924.54 kB
woa_airindia_v5.zip04.10.175.10 MB
woa_airnewzealand_v3.zip04.10.175.74 MB
woa_allnipponairwayscargo_v2.zip04.10.17804.68 kB
woa_almasriauniversalairlines_v1.zip04.10.17948.84 kB
woa_americanconncection_v2.zip04.10.17470.07 kB
woa_americaneagle_v2.zip04.10.172.77 MB
woa_asiana_airlines_cargo_v2.zip04.10.172.18 MB
woa_atlantiqueairassistance_v1.zip04.10.172.07 MB
woa_atlasjet_v1.zip04.10.174.36 MB
woa_aviancaecuador_v1.zip04.10.171.94 MB
woa_aviancaguatemala_v1.zip04.10.17472.84 kB
woa_aviancahonduras_v1.zip04.10.17475.50 kB
woa_aviancanicaragua_v1.zip04.10.17743.69 kB
woa_aviancaperu_v1.zip04.10.173.43 MB
woa_aviavilsa_v1.zip04.10.17504.18 kB
woa_bacityflyer_v3.zip04.10.171.15 MB
woa_bangkokairways_v2.zip04.10.175.14 MB
woa_baronaviationservices_v1.zip04.10.17211.23 kB
woa_blueislands_v1.1.zip04.10.171.36 MB
woa_bmiregional_v2.zip04.10.172.53 MB
woa_cardigair_v1.zip04.10.17677.96 kB
woa_cebupacificair_v2.zip04.10.172.73 MB
woa_centurioncargo_v1.zip04.10.172.17 MB
woa_chalairaviation_v1.zip04.10.171.07 MB
woa_china_southern_airlines_cargo_v1.zip04.10.171.53 MB
woa_chinaairlinescargo_v2.zip04.10.171.43 MB
woa_chinaunitedairlines_v2.zip04.10.172.44 MB
woa_compagnieafricanedaviation_v1.zip04.10.171.67 MB
woa_corporateair_v1.zip04.10.17214.51 kB
woa_corsairinternational_v2.zip04.10.174.72 MB
woa_croatiaairlines_v3.zip04.10.172.54 MB
woa_csaair_v1.zip04.10.17215.14 kB
woa_danaair_v1.zip04.10.17504.06 kB
woa_danubewings_v2.zip04.10.171.16 MB
woa_dragonair_v3.zip04.10.173.15 MB
woa_easyfly_v1.1.zip04.10.171.10 MB
woa_egyptaircargo_v2.zip04.10.17675.03 kB
woa_emirates_v8.zip04.10.177.56 MB
woa_emiratesskycargo_v1.zip04.10.171.52 MB
woa_empireairlines_v1.zip04.10.171.21 MB
woa_evaairways(cargo)_v3.zip04.10.172.27 MB
woa_evergreeninternationalairlines_v2.zip04.10.171.74 MB
woa_finnair_v3.zip04.10.178.85 MB
woa_firefly_v2.zip04.10.17857.27 kB
woa_firstair_v1.zip04.10.174.82 MB
woa_firstnationairways_v1.zip04.10.171.14 MB
woa_floridawestinternationalairways_v1.zip04.10.17561.04 kB
woa_flybe_v2.zip04.10.172.21 MB
woa_flydubai_v2.zip04.10.17794.02 kB
woa_fujidreamairlines_v1.zip04.10.171.47 MB
woa_garudaindonesia_v1.zip04.10.178.95 MB
woa_germania_v3.zip04.10.171.68 MB
woa_helvetic.com_v5.zip04.10.17394.01 kB
woa_icaro_v1.zip04.10.17637.12 kB
woa_icelandair_v3.zip04.10.171.94 MB
woa_indigo_v2.zip04.10.171.01 MB
woa_intersky_v4.zip04.10.171.20 MB
woa_islesofscillyskybus_v1.zip04.10.17249.77 kB
woa_janetairlines_v1.zip04.10.17687.03 kB
woa_konashuttle_v1.zip04.10.17701.42 kB
woa_lot-polishairlines_v2.zip04.10.175.14 MB
woa_lufthansaregional_v2.zip04.10.176.19 MB
woa_luxair_v2.zip04.10.173.13 MB
woa_miat-mongolianairlines_v1.zip04.10.172.17 MB
woa_mountainaircargo_v1.zip04.10.171.21 MB
woa_nationalsciencefoundation_v1.zip04.10.17751.32 kB
woa_neos_v1.zip04.10.171.18 MB
woa_nesmaairlines_v1.zip04.10.171.12 MB
woa_nok_mini_v1.zip04.10.17341.55 kB
woa_nolinoraviation_v1.zip04.10.17690.07 kB
woa_nordstar_v1.zip04.10.17775.72 kB
woa_northernaircargo_v1.zip04.10.17418.11 kB
woa_okayaircargo_v1.zip04.10.17675.73 kB
woa_openskies_v1.zip04.10.171.45 MB
woa_ourairline_v1.zip04.10.17698.56 kB
woa_peach_v1.zip04.10.17987.46 kB
woa_peoplesviennaline_v1.zip04.10.17456.48 kB
woa_petroleumairservices_v1.1.zip04.10.171.54 MB
woa_philippineairlines_v1.zip04.10.175.51 MB
woa_prescotsupportcompany_v1.zip04.10.17387.92 kB
woa_primeraair_v1.zip04.10.171.44 MB
woa_privilegestyle_v1.zip04.10.17777.90 kB
woa_qantasjetconnect_v3.zip04.10.171.12 MB
woa_royal_jordanian_cargo_v1.zip04.10.17483.22 kB
woa_royalbruneiairlines_v2.zip04.10.172.35 MB
woa_rusline_v1.zip04.10.173.93 MB
woa_safair_v1.zip04.10.173.07 MB
woa_safiairways_v1.zip04.10.171.88 MB
woa_sansaregional_v1.zip04.10.17272.92 kB
woa_sas_v2.zip04.10.1712.68 MB
woa_seaportairlines_v1.zip04.10.17288.15 kB
woa_shenzendonghaiairlines_v1.zip04.10.17737.56 kB
woa_silkair_v3.zip04.10.171.99 MB
woa_singaporeairlinescargo_v2.zip04.10.171.77 MB
woa_skyleasecargo_v1.zip04.10.171.17 MB
woa_skywork_v1.zip04.10.172.18 MB
woa_solaseedair_v1.zip04.10.172.31 MB
woa_starflyer_v2.zip04.10.171.15 MB
woa_sunexpress_v4.zip04.10.172.15 MB
woa_surinamairways_v5.zip04.10.171.65 MB
woa_tasmancargoairlines_v1.zip04.10.17605.30 kB
woa_thaiairwayscargo_v1.zip04.10.17905.85 kB
woa_tibetairlines_v1.zip04.10.171003.24 kB
woa_tuifly_v4.zip04.10.174.13 MB
woa_tupolevdesignbureau_v1.zip04.10.17400.49 kB
woa_turkish_airlines_v3.zip04.10.1710.65 MB
woa_turkmenistanairlines_v1.zip04.10.178.70 MB
woa_ukraineinternationalairlines_v2.zip04.10.172.89 MB
woa_usairwaysexpress_v2.zip04.10.176.58 MB
woa_vietjetair_v1.zip04.10.17993.74 kB
woa_virginamerica_v3.zip04.10.175.92 MB
woa_vlmairlines_v2.zip04.10.17792.88 kB
woa_vuelingairlines_v6.zip04.10.171.03 MB
woa_westairindustries_v1.zip04.10.17211.92 kB
woa_wigginsairways_v1.zip04.10.17212.63 kB
woa_wizzair_v6.zip04.10.171.09 MB
woa_wizzairukraine_v1.zip04.10.17953.49 kB
woa_xstratanickel_v1.zip04.10.17345.42 kB
woaaarv1.zip04.10.179.25 MB
woaabvv1.zip04.10.17330.86 kB
woaacav3.zip04.10.1718.92 MB
woaadhv2.zip04.10.174.52 MB
woaadov1.zip04.10.172.81 MB
woaaeav1.zip04.10.174.93 MB
woaaflv2.zip04.10.177.37 MB
woaafrv5.zip04.10.1713.70 MB
woaaijv1.zip04.10.171.06 MB
woaaiqv1.zip04.10.173.95 MB
woaaizv1.zip04.10.171.23 MB
woaajav1.zip04.10.172.70 MB
woaajmv1.zip04.10.172.59 MB
woaalkv1.zip04.10.171.99 MB
woaamuc1.zip04.10.173.86 MB
woaamuv1.zip04.10.174.96 MB
woaamvv1.zip04.10.171.11 MB
woaamxv1.zip04.10.177.13 MB
woaanav1.zip04.10.1711.37 MB
woaangv1.zip04.10.172.57 MB
woaanov1.zip04.10.171.79 MB
woaansv1.zip04.10.17714.77 kB
woaanxv1.zip04.10.171.02 MB
woaanzx1.zip04.10.171.38 MB
woaargv1.zip04.10.175.36 MB
woaarrv1.zip04.10.17919.33 kB
woaasav2.zip04.10.177.08 MB
woaaskv1.zip04.10.17463.99 kB
woaatcv1.zip04.10.171.57 MB
woaauav1.zip04.10.177.36 MB
woaavav1.zip04.10.174.99 MB
woaawqv1.zip04.10.17767.25 kB
woaaxmv1.zip04.10.174.16 MB
woaazav4.zip04.10.176.14 MB
woaaziv1.zip04.10.17488.34 kB
woaazzv1.zip04.10.17694.23 kB
woabawv5.zip04.10.1711.62 MB
woabbdv1.zip04.10.17343.51 kB
woabcsv1.zip04.10.172.67 MB
woabcyv1.zip04.10.171.40 MB
woaberv2.zip04.10.1717.74 MB
woabgav1.zip04.10.17604.55 kB
woabghv1.zip04.10.171012.26 kB
woabhsv1.zip04.10.171.19 MB
woablfv1.zip04.10.172.63 MB
woablxv1.zip04.10.172.35 MB
woabonv1.zip04.10.17647.24 kB
woaboxv1.zip04.10.17649.59 kB
woabpav1.zip04.10.172.71 MB
woabpsv1.zip04.10.17362.98 kB
woabskv1.zip04.10.171.75 MB
woabslv1.zip04.10.17465.39 kB
woabtiv1.zip04.10.173.73 MB
woabucv1.zip04.10.171.65 MB
woabwav1.zip04.10.172.38 MB
woacaiv1.zip04.10.17865.09 kB
woacalv4.zip04.10.175.18 MB
woacavv1.zip04.10.171.52 MB
woacawv1.zip04.10.172.02 MB
woacayv2_1.zip04.10.171.04 MB
woacciv1.zip04.10.171.09 MB
woacelv1.zip04.10.17496.74 kB
woacfgv2.zip04.10.171.20 MB
woacgfv1.zip04.10.17675.19 kB
woacgkv1.zip04.10.17472.62 kB
woachhv1.zip04.10.1710.61 MB
woacibv2.zip04.10.171.05 MB
woacjav4.zip04.10.17929.78 kB
woacksv1.zip04.10.173.20 MB
woaclxv2.zip04.10.172.04 MB
woacmpv3.zip04.10.172.81 MB
woacnbv1.zip04.10.17352.86 kB
woacnov1.zip04.10.1711.60 MB
woacpac1.zip04.10.179.12 MB
woacpav3.zip04.10.176.58 MB
woacqhv1.zip04.10.171.00 MB
woacrkv1.zip04.10.17814.86 kB
woacrnv1.zip04.10.17648.18 kB
woacsav2.zip04.10.179.28 MB
woacsnv1.zip04.10.1721.91 MB
woacszv2.zip04.10.177.87 MB
woactgv1.zip04.10.17260.79 kB
woacumv1.zip04.10.17391.29 kB
woacvav1.zip04.10.17209.83 kB
woacxav2.zip04.10.174.50 MB
woacypv1.zip04.10.176.14 MB
woadaev1.zip04.10.17753.10 kB
woadatv2.zip04.10.178.92 MB
woadcpv1.zip04.10.17855.31 kB
woadhkv1.zip04.10.171.16 MB
woadkhv1.zip04.10.172.18 MB
woadlhv6.zip04.10.1717.73 MB
woadr_v1.zip04.10.17330.42 kB
woadrkv2.zip04.10.171005.88 kB
woadsmv2.zip04.10.171.56 MB
woadthv1.zip04.10.17822.51 kB
woadtrv1.zip04.10.17583.69 kB
woadwtv2.zip04.10.17995.97 kB
woaed_v2.zip04.10.173.09 MB
woaedwv4.zip04.10.172.47 MB
woaeguv1.zip04.10.17695.00 kB
woaellv2.zip04.10.172.33 MB
woaelyv1.zip04.10.175.32 MB
woaenjv1.zip04.10.17716.71 kB
woaesfv1.zip04.10.17683.45 kB
woaesrv1.zip04.10.17702.48 kB
woaetdc2.zip04.10.17785.59 kB
woaetdv3.zip04.10.179.44 MB
woaethv2.zip04.10.173.96 MB
woaetrv1.zip04.10.17425.56 kB
woaevav2.zip04.10.176.78 MB
woaewzv1.zip04.10.17467.74 kB
woaexnv1.zip04.10.17362.92 kB
woaezav1.zip04.10.17337.76 kB
woaezev2.zip04.10.171.40 MB
woaezrv1.zip04.10.17162.81 kB
woafahv1.zip04.10.171.56 MB
woafatv1.zip04.10.17527.81 kB
woafftv1.zip04.10.1713.66 MB
woaffvv1.zip04.10.17620.32 kB
woafgpv1.zip04.10.17750.01 kB
woafhyv1.zip04.10.172.63 MB
woafjiv1.zip04.10.172.52 MB
woafliv1.zip04.10.171010.24 kB
woagaov1.zip04.10.171.12 MB
woagapv2.zip04.10.17547.65 kB
woagesv1.zip04.10.171.48 MB
woagfav1.zip04.10.177.91 MB
woagfgv2.zip04.10.17379.50 kB
woaglgv1.zip04.10.171.01 MB

Complementing Files & Dependencies

This add-on mentions the following files below in its description. It may be dependent on these files in order to function properly. It's possible that this is a repaint and the dependency below is the base package.

You may also need to download the following files:


As we all know, getting a good AI package is vital for adding that all-important immersion into our simulation experience. With this package, you get a fantastic set of AI groupings that work just fine. They also work extremely well with both FSX and FS2004, which makes a nice touch. Overall, they help to add some proper real-life companions that fly surprisingly well.

Preview screenshot

A More Inclusive Simulation

By adding that much-needed reality to proceedings with the help of this AI package, it makes a huge difference. Things start to feel a lot more immersive, and you can see a huge range of AI packages – 400+! – being utilized. This is great for seeing everything that you expect floating around in the skies with you, including:

  • Proper commercial aircraft, carrying authentic badges and looks.
  • Military aircraft that maintain strict, disciplined style.
  • General aviation to add that civilian zest to things.
  • Old-school airlines that no longer take to the skies.

This is a really nice addition, in truth. Add in the fact that it’s all so easy to install, it really does become a no-brainer. If you feel like that you could use a bit of extra intellect around you in the skies, this is definitely one worth grabbing.

It adds a touch of intuition that can otherwise feel sorely lacking.

With more than 120 of the airlines include being goners, too, it’s a nice touch for a bit of nostalgia. If you already have the World of AI Installer setup, this is a marvelous time saver to make the whole installation process far simpler.

Definitely worth your time when you need something a little more engaging. Whether it’s the cargo airlines such as Air France and even Singapore Airlines, or the King Air F90, everything feels alive with this.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at

Installation icon.

Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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OmarThePilotTue, 11 Apr 2023 21:53:03 GMT

very nice and a very good addon really recommended.

TheoMon, 05 Dec 2022 17:10:22 GMT

Love this package...

Works with ORBX and brings life to your airport and sky.

Found the installation ridiculously easy.

Highly recommend this package and to top it all off it's free.

khatTue, 29 Mar 2022 16:04:41 GMT

Okay so, I have installed the whole package without coming through any difficulties. First off, it's totally worth the wait for the download. It is highly satisfying to actually have real airlines as AI traffic. I was hesitant before downloading it as it wasn't too appealing but trust me, it is really good. Well, as I have experienced this product, I think I should answer some FAQs.

  1. Do you need a separate installer for this? How do I install it? A. Yes, you do need a separate installer and once you have the installer, you just have to open this downloaded file from here and select all the zip folders for the installation, that's it.
  2. Is there a problem with the first startup of FSX after the installation? A? I haven't faced any such problems on my first install and no pop-up boxes appeared whatsoever, it worked perfectly fine.
  3. I already have installed some packages, can I install this one without deleting the older packages? A. Yes, you can install this package even if you have installed many other packages before, in the same way, it will just overwrite them.
  4. Does the ATC call out the AI traffic? A. Yes, the ATC calls out AI traffic by airline name and they do fly like default AI aircraft.
  5. Is it safe? A. From my experience, I do have a strong antivirus and it had no objections with any part of the installation whatsoever.
  6. Does it affect FPS? A. I wouldn't say so... If at all any reductions were noticed, it was only about 1-2 reduced FPS.

My only concern: The liveries are kind of outdated and some airlines don't have the newer and cooler liveries... But that is only a minor thing.

ethan Tue, 28 Sep 2021 08:01:22 GMT

I am downloading it right now, will the WOAI installer install everything? Or should I do something?

earl adamsonThu, 24 Jun 2021 21:06:56 GMT

I love this addon, however, as soon as I installed it, all the general aviation traffic disappeared. do you possibly have a fix for this?

Matthew KempSat, 27 Mar 2021 22:56:48 GMT

What date was this uploaded? Does it include the latest WOAI packages?

JhonPradaFri, 25 Sep 2020 18:16:41 GMT

Hello... how is this package installed traffic? Thanks.

Grumman_GooseWed, 10 Jun 2020 20:00:38 GMT

Oh my gosh thank you so much for this!

Emmanuel PadillaWed, 03 Jun 2020 08:54:50 GMT

Is there a way to install them all at once instead one by one?

matt3509Wed, 08 Jan 2020 16:50:53 GMT

airtourspilot, sadly no there isn't but what I do is re-install the files and it turns out all fine.

SteveTue, 17 Sep 2019 16:23:39 GMT

Do American and United all have the new liveries? Saw the same question in the comments but no answer seen. Thanks.

MandlaMon, 16 Sep 2019 20:07:19 GMT

Please advise which FSX subfolder must I use?

MANBAT4Sun, 15 Sep 2019 00:53:43 GMT

Somebody can help me to install this because no have instruction to install.

airtourspilotFri, 26 Apr 2019 17:37:16 GMT

Error after install : Starting up FSX

There are multiple objects with the same title name. They must have unique names.

Please is there a fix?


Ron PowersSun, 27 Jan 2019 19:17:49 GMT

I already have many world of AI installed but none recently.Can I just install this package without deleting old ones?Thank you,Ron

BahadirSun, 19 Nov 2017 20:50:35 GMT

can one also download the current repaints of 2017 individually from another page?

BahadirSun, 05 Nov 2017 12:38:24 GMT

Hello its the repaints up to date from this year 2017 ?

James SmithWed, 14 Jun 2017 20:11:58 GMT

Yes, they are real-life flight routes so depending on the location of the airport would alter the aircraft/airlines displayed.

LoganWed, 14 Jun 2017 19:57:12 GMT

Do the aircraft differ at the airport or does it just pick out what it wants

JohnFri, 09 Jun 2017 00:32:50 GMT

Does the Air Traffic control (ATC) say the airliner's name or What?

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