FSX ATR 42-500 With Fixed And Enhanced VC

PreviewThis is an FSX Acceleration update for the VC panel of the original twin-engine turboprop ATR 42-500, which displays a major graphic issue in the left VC section when the lights are on and is, as for this otherwise beautiful model, quite aggravating for VC lovers. Moreover, the VC now includes al...

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This is an FSX Acceleration update for the VC panel of the original twin-engine turboprop ATR 42-500, which displays a major graphic issue in the left VC section when the lights are on and is, as for this otherwise beautiful model, quite aggravating for VC lovers. Moreover, the VC now includes all the gauges the 2D panel has (turn coordinator, all the switches as well as two static gauges on the center console added). The reason for my uploading this package is the fact that even the more or less FSX compatible versions of this model display that graphic VC issue.

3D VCImportant:

After loading the aircraft at daytime, the graphic issue is still slightly noticeable in the upper left corner of the VC, which I wasn't able to fix, so just switch off all the lights and it will disappear. Flying at night though, it is not noticeable at all.


  1. Copy and paste the ATR 42-500 folder into your main FSX airplanes directory.
  2. Copy the gauges in the gauges folder into your main FSX gauges directory and the smoke effect into your main effects directory (no need to overwrite).
  3. That's it, enjoy your flight.

Images & Screenshots

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The archive fsx_atr42_500_with_fixed_vc.zip has 203 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
FSX_ATR42_500_with_fixed_VC05.08.150 B
Also Available.txt03.09.104.56 kB
ATR 42 Normal Checklist.txt07.19.028.73 kB
ATR 42-50005.08.150 B
Aircraft.cfg05.08.1512.54 kB
atr42-500.air08.02.0915.32 kB
atr42_500.air07.30.0215.32 kB
Docs05.08.150 B
ATR 42.htm03.27.0328.90 kB
ATR 421.gif07.16.025.12 kB
ATR 422.gif07.16.0211.31 kB
Image16.gif05.07.024.77 kB
Image17.gif05.07.026.54 kB
Image18.gif05.07.026.50 kB
Image19.gif05.07.022.03 kB
Image2.jpg03.11.039.49 kB
Image20.gif05.07.024.59 kB
Image21.gif05.07.025.24 kB
Image22.gif05.07.023.14 kB
Image23.gif05.07.023.48 kB
Image24.gif05.07.022.74 kB
Image25.gif05.07.023.21 kB
Image26.gif05.07.023.07 kB
Image27.gif05.07.024.35 kB
Image28.gif03.11.0315.96 kB
Image29.jpg05.07.024.66 kB
Image30.jpg05.07.021.37 kB
Image31.jpg05.07.026.57 kB
Image32.jpg05.07.022.72 kB
Image33.jpg05.07.02710 B
Image34.jpg05.07.022.14 kB
Image35.jpg05.07.022.37 kB
Image36.jpg05.07.022.08 kB
Image37.jpg05.07.022.31 kB
overhead.jpg02.26.03185.77 kB
Thumbs.db05.10.05104.00 kB
model05.08.150 B
atr42500.mdl08.04.02865.19 kB
Atr42500.OUT11.20.1327.66 kB
Model.cfg07.10.0227 B
model.105.08.150 B
atr42500.mdl08.04.02865.19 kB
Model.cfg07.10.0227 B
Panel.fsx05.08.150 B
atrpanel.cab08.25.064.01 kB
AUTO-OVH.gau10.14.9844.00 kB
compass_dvc.bmp01.07.056.36 kB
main.bmp02.03.03769.05 kB
overhead.bmp08.21.06769.05 kB
panel.cfg05.08.1515.43 kB
pedestal_panel_DVC.bmp02.07.07133.80 kB
Radar.bmp06.17.0684.41 kB
throttle.bmp02.21.03402.01 kB
Thumbs.db08.26.0685.50 kB
vc.bmp04.27.15769.05 kB
vc1.bmp04.27.15769.05 kB
Yoke.bmp08.24.0638.60 kB
Sound05.08.150 B
732BELLY.wav07.11.01813.11 kB
732WINGSCRAPE.wav07.11.01239.18 kB
afgys-flap.wav03.16.02173.67 kB
afgys-idle.wav03.14.02784.04 kB
afgys-shut.wav04.24.02930.67 kB
afgys-start1.wav04.24.02866.04 kB
afgys-start2.wav04.24.023.78 MB
afgys-taxi.wav12.01.00704.05 kB
afgys-xclimb.wav09.01.00286.05 kB
afgys-xidle.wav09.01.00500.05 kB
afgys-xshut.wav03.17.022.04 MB
afgys-xstart1.wav04.24.02864.04 kB
afgys-xstart2.wav04.24.023.67 MB
afgys-xtaxi.wav12.05.001.50 MB
avionics.wav07.18.04896.69 kB
baapdis.wav09.02.9953.04 kB
BAOVER.WAV03.25.0286.16 kB
BMFLAPS.wav03.16.02173.67 kB
bmgeardn.wav03.20.00132.33 kB
bmgearup.wav03.20.00132.33 kB
bnroll.wav09.02.99370.11 kB
bnroll2.wav04.18.01389.67 kB
can2t.wav02.17.99107.20 kB
cbn2t.wav02.17.99107.20 kB
f501.wav10.12.021.17 MB
f502.WAV03.05.99303.44 kB
f504.WAV03.05.99303.44 kB
f50apdis.wav06.01.0340.09 kB
f50flaps.wav08.02.0267.34 kB
f50gear.wav06.01.03583.40 kB
f50gwarn.wav06.01.03239.60 kB
f50roll.wav07.30.0271.44 kB
f50shutdn.wav05.31.034.90 MB
f50stall.wav06.01.0386.70 kB
f50start.wav05.31.032.84 MB
gearwarning.wav02.03.02110.96 kB
kastall.wav04.18.0123.29 kB
prop1.wav04.18.01450.04 kB
prop2.wav06.05.05592.05 kB
sound.cfg06.06.056.28 kB
touchc.wav01.06.99286.01 kB
touchl.wav08.01.0141.18 kB
touchr.wav08.01.0141.18 kB
wind.wav09.28.99181.04 kB
xcan2t.wav02.17.99107.20 kB
xcbn2t.wav02.17.99107.20 kB
texture05.08.150 B
ala_l.bmp07.16.022.08 kB
cabina2_t.bmp05.20.02512.08 kB
cabina_l.bmp08.05.022.08 kB
cabina_t.bmp05.08.154.00 MB
cargodoor.bmp11.30.0785.43 kB
ceiling.bmp05.23.02128.08 kB
floor.bmp05.17.02512.08 kB
fuselaje2_l.bmp07.16.022.08 kB
fuselaje2_t.bmp05.25.02170.75 kB
fuselaje_l.bmp11.19.131.00 MB
morro_l.bmp12.04.075.33 MB
overlay.bmp11.29.073.00 MB
passdoor.bmp05.21.02128.08 kB
prop.bmp05.10.0285.43 kB
prop6.bmp07.19.02170.75 kB
window_t.bmp05.21.028.08 kB
texture.AF05.08.150 B
ala_t.bmp05.27.021.00 MB
fuselaje_t.bmp11.20.131.00 MB
morro_t.bmp11.20.131.00 MB
texture.cfg01.12.12137 B
thumbnail.jpg04.27.1514.43 kB
Thumbs.db11.19.0642.50 kB
texture.DAL05.08.150 B
ala_t.bmp05.27.021.00 MB
fuselaje_t.bmp12.04.075.33 MB
morro_t.bmp12.04.075.33 MB
texture.cfg01.12.12137 B
thumbnail.jpg04.27.1513.06 kB
Thumbs.db11.19.0642.50 kB
texture.lufthansa05.08.150 B
ala_t.bmp05.27.021.00 MB
fuselaje_p.bmp06.01.021.00 MB
fuselaje_t.bmp11.19.131.00 MB
morro_t.bmp11.19.131.00 MB
texture.cfg01.12.12137 B
thumbnail.jpg11.21.1315.69 kB
Thumbs.db11.19.0642.50 kB
texture.PIA205.08.150 B
ala_t.bmp10.23.111.00 MB
fuselaje2_t.bmp10.23.1164.07 kB
fuselaje_t.bmp10.23.111.00 MB
morro_t.bmp10.14.111.00 MB
morro_tolder.bmp10.02.104.00 MB
texture.cfg01.12.12137 B
thumbnail.jpg05.08.1520.94 kB
texture.TWE05.08.150 B
ala_t.bmp01.25.041.00 MB
fuselaje2_t.bmp07.16.02170.75 kB
fuselaje_t.bmp01.28.041.00 MB
morro_t.bmp01.28.041.00 MB
texture.cfg01.12.12137 B
thumbnail.jpg08.04.098.67 kB
Thumbs.db04.14.0658.50 kB
ATR Panel Operating Manual.doc08.04.096.97 MB
Checklist.txt07.19.028.73 kB
fx_ATR42_Exhaust.fx02.18.121.47 kB
gauges05.08.150 B
ATRgps.cab02.18.12193.21 kB
cpt.icons.cab06.11.1234.88 kB
FD_LEFTyoke.cab02.18.1239.56 kB
FSC.ATR.fl.cab10.14.07418.93 kB
FSC.ATR.ovhd.cab02.23.03318.04 kB
FSC.ATR.radios.cab02.17.0321.86 kB
N262_Instr.gau02.18.127.77 MB
Original Read Me.txt05.08.152.36 kB
Readme.txt05.09.152.14 kB
screenshots05.08.150 B
2D.jpg04.27.15397.58 kB
VC default.jpg05.07.15303.27 kB
VC issue with lights on.jpg05.08.15350.69 kB
thumbnail.jpg05.08.15158.55 kB
thumbnail_vc.jpg05.08.15339.29 kB
WARNING - COPYRIGHTS.txt11.18.11980 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
Screenshots07.26.190 B
screen-1.jpg07.24.19176.36 kB
screen-10.jpg07.24.19167.13 kB
screen-11.jpg07.24.19140.70 kB
screen-12.jpg07.24.19160.47 kB
screen-13.jpg07.24.19227.59 kB
screen-14.jpg07.24.19147.12 kB
screen-15.jpg07.24.19124.86 kB
screen-16.jpg07.24.1990.46 kB
screen-17.jpg07.24.19124.28 kB
screen-18.jpg07.24.1991.79 kB
screen-19.jpg07.24.19151.55 kB
screen-2.jpg07.24.1991.02 kB
screen-20.jpg07.24.1988.00 kB
screen-3.jpg07.24.19120.55 kB
screen-4.jpg07.24.1994.10 kB
screen-5.jpg07.24.19101.71 kB
screen-6.jpg07.24.19230.97 kB
screen-7.jpg07.24.19166.33 kB
screen-8.jpg07.24.19157.08 kB
screen-9.jpg07.24.19186.25 kB
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RedBaron007Thu, 04 Nov 2021 12:50:06 GMT

Very sensitive controls.

stephenThu, 01 Oct 2020 23:21:44 GMT

God, my laptop is so slow an I picked a low MB simulated? love a by.

Glendon David BakerThu, 16 Jul 2020 05:14:27 GMT

Just wanted to say thank you for the time spent on making my FSX Simulator even more exciting and challenging.

Ton ConijnFri, 09 Aug 2019 15:25:24 GMT

Is there a possibility to search by name?

I am looking for casa 95, but I cannot find it.

Ton Conijn

jpop8807Thu, 23 Aug 2018 01:19:53 GMT

Great panel thanks for the fix.

Glenn TaylorSat, 07 Oct 2017 02:13:12 GMT

Great panel but the heading can only be changed in 10 degree increments.

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