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FSX Airbus A320 with FD-FMC and VC

5 star rating.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars by 2 PRO members.

Complete with Base Model
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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
File size
363.88 MB
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Scanned 18 days ago (clean)
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FSX/P3D PROJECT AIRBUS A320 FD-FMC v1.0.  New FMC with true vertical navigation.

  • A complete aircraft pack, provided with an airport database with SID/STAR and Approaches.
  • Real Airbus navigation mode (managed, selected) in N1 mode (pitch controlled by the gauges).
  • Virtual cockpit with all switch working.  Please, read install and user manual.

Author: Francois Dore.


File contents icon

The archive has 1968 files and directories contained within it. View them...

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
FILE_ID.DIZ10.09.15389 B
Install Manual (ENG).PDF10.09.15107.56 kB
Manuel d’installation (FR).PDF10.09.15124.83 kB
Pack Airports list.PDF09.26.15367.78 kB
Project Airbus Readme.pdf07.06.1057.34 kB
Readme.txt10.09.154.75 kB
PA_A320FD-FMC_IAE_CFM.gif10.09.1510.43 kB
Thumbnail.png09.26.1538.18 kB
VC texture Upgrade.txt09.26.15849 B
Addon Scenery09.26.150 B
Scenery09.26.150 B
FreenavAIRAC_09262015.BGL09.26.15196.52 kB
BONUS09.26.150 B
Night_VC_ Texture_orange09.26.150 B
Airbus_A321_1_night_C.dds05.09.14682.80 kB
Airbus_A321_2_night_C.dds05.09.14682.80 kB
Airbus_A321_3_night_C.dds05.09.14682.80 kB
Airbus_A321_4_night_C.dds05.09.14682.80 kB
Night_VC_Texture_Blue09.26.150 B
Airbus_A321_1_night_C.dds11.19.124.00 MB
Airbus_A321_2_night_C.dds11.19.124.00 MB
Airbus_A321_3_night_C.dds11.19.124.00 MB
Airbus_A321_4_night_C.dds11.19.124.00 MB
VC texture Upgrade.txt09.26.15948 B
Effects09.26.150 B
fx_beacon3202pa.fx07.24.023.03 kB
fx_beacon320pa.fx07.24.023.01 kB
fx_beaconh.fx08.03.063.55 kB
fx_contrail_320.fx07.24.021.17 kB
fx_engFire.fx08.10.064.85 kB
fx_engstrt.fx05.12.065.14 kB
fx_landing.fx05.12.063.37 kB
fx_navgre320pa.fx07.24.024.56 kB
fx_navred320pa.fx07.24.024.56 kB
fx_navwhi320pa.fx07.24.023.03 kB
fx_navwhih.fx05.12.062.99 kB
fx_pa380logo.fx11.10.081.21 kB
fx_PAland.fx11.20.081.15 kB
fx_sparks.fx05.12.065.04 kB
fx_spray.fx05.12.064.97 kB
fx_strobe.fx08.03.064.75 kB
fx_strobe2320pa.fx07.24.022.44 kB
fx_strobe320pa.fx07.24.024.80 kB
fx_strobeh.fx08.03.064.75 kB
fx_T332logo.fx11.11.081.21 kB
fx_tchdrt.fx05.12.063.74 kB
fx_tchdwn.fx05.12.063.71 kB
fx_tchdwn320.fx07.24.024.54 kB
fx_tchdwn_m.fx04.06.053.53 kB
fx_vclight.fx08.10.061.26 kB
fx_vclighth.fx08.11.061.26 kB
FD_FMC09.26.150 B
CYLW09.26.150 B
BOLDI.csv01.08.15345 B
CYLW.txt01.10.151.68 kB
SID_data.csv01.08.152.65 kB
SID_index.csv01.08.15721 B
STAR_data.csv01.09.152.29 kB
STAR_index.csv01.08.15576 B
WTMAN.csv01.08.15807 B
CYQB09.26.150 B
CYQB.txt08.17.141.24 kB
IKDEB.csv07.06.14376 B
IMOVA.csv07.06.14411 B
KAVAT.csv07.06.14453 B
MAXOG.csv07.06.14382 B
SID_data.csv07.06.14469 B
SID_index.csv07.06.14301 B
STAR_data.csv07.06.144.63 kB
STAR_index.csv07.06.14709 B
CYQT09.26.150 B
CYQT.txt05.30.153.52 kB
EBKIL.csv05.25.15471 B
FESET.csv05.25.15538 B
GABUR.csv05.25.15471 B
KEBTU.csv05.25.15608 B
MOGOV.csv05.25.15395 B
QT.csv05.25.15691 B
STAR_data.csv05.29.151.17 kB
STAR_index.csv05.25.15411 B
SUTUK.csv05.25.15426 B
ZQT.csv05.25.15479 B
CYUL09.26.150 B
ALWAR.csv07.06.14415 B
CYUL.txt08.17.143.63 kB
FULFO.csv07.06.14434 B
GAUTI.csv07.06.14557 B
LONNA.csv07.06.14491 B
SID_data.csv07.06.141.13 kB
SID_index.csv07.06.14464 B
SLOKA.csv07.06.14490 B
STAR_data.csv07.06.1416.19 kB
STAR_index.csv07.06.141.54 kB
XULTA.csv07.06.14432 B
CYYJ09.26.150 B
AGBAR.csv09.05.15594 B
AP.csv09.05.151.62 kB
CYYJ.txt09.05.151.58 kB
IMPOR.csv09.05.15616 B
IRKON.csv09.05.15842 B
LAFFO.csv09.05.15511 B
OMINU.csv09.05.15687 B
SID_data.csv09.05.15885 B
SID_index.csv09.05.15414 B
STAR_data.csv09.05.151.45 kB
STAR_index.csv09.05.15445 B
CYYZ09.26.150 B
ALORU.csv07.06.141.00 kB
BEFNI.csv07.06.14365 B
CALVY.csv07.06.14515 B
CYYZ.txt08.04.144.32 kB
DAVNO.csv07.06.141.29 kB
DENKA.csv07.06.141.40 kB
DULPA.csv07.06.14392 B
DUNOP.csv07.06.141.50 kB
FAYOL.csv07.06.14391 B
FLINE.csv07.06.141.00 kB
GADOG.csv07.06.141.00 kB
IKBAT.csv07.06.141.47 kB
LEPUX.csv07.06.141.40 kB
LEVIG.csv07.06.141.29 kB
MASAR.csv07.06.141.50 kB
MERKI.csv07.06.141.00 kB
OKOKU.csv07.06.141.00 kB
OMTIP.csv07.06.141.00 kB
SID_Data.csv07.06.1415.16 kB
SID_Index.csv07.06.142.10 kB
STAR_data.csv07.06.1417.95 kB
STAR_index.csv07.06.142.25 kB
DTTA09.26.150 B
BADIL.csv07.06.142.18 kB
BELED.csv07.06.142.48 kB
CBN.csv07.06.142.36 kB
DIDON.csv07.06.142.90 kB
DTTA.txt07.06.142.44 kB
GAMRA.csv07.06.14332 B
GIBLI.csv07.06.142.61 kB
GOLLA.csv07.06.141.14 kB
ICANI.csv07.06.142.38 kB
KEMIR.csv07.06.142.42 kB
MARSA.csv07.06.143.25 kB
MEDAR.csv07.06.142.18 kB
NEBRO.csv07.06.142.48 kB
RATBA.csv07.06.142.48 kB
SID_data.csv07.06.1410.54 kB
SID_index.csv07.06.141.70 kB
STAR_data.csv07.06.143.64 kB
STAR_index.csv07.06.14710 B
TISRI.csv07.06.142.58 kB
ZAHRA.csv07.06.142.51 kB
EBAW09.26.150 B
ANT.csv06.12.151.09 kB
EBAW.txt06.17.151.65 kB
SID_DATA.csv06.17.151.61 kB
SID_INDEX.csv06.10.15455 B
STAR_DATA.csv06.10.151.41 kB
STAR_INDEX.csv06.10.15350 B
EBBR09.26.150 B
ANT.csv07.06.142.60 kB
EBBR.txt07.06.141.57 kB
FLO.csv07.06.142.71 kB
KERKY.csv07.06.142.63 kB
SID_data.csv07.06.148.87 kB
SID_index.csv07.06.141.55 kB
STAR_data.csv07.06.141.91 kB
STAR_index.csv07.06.14532 B
EBCI09.26.150 B
EBCI.txt07.01.152.25 kB
GSY.csv06.20.151.79 kB
SID_DATA.csv06.13.154.51 kB
SID_INDEX.csv06.13.15780 B
STAR_DATA.csv06.30.151.81 kB
STAR_INDEX.csv06.13.15398 B
EBLG Read install file09.26.150 B
AFCAD09.26.150 B
EBLG_ILS05R.bgl07.11.1518.04 kB
EBLG.txt07.03.151.85 kB
Install.txt07.19.15497 B
LGE.csv07.11.151.82 kB
SID_DATA.csv07.02.153.14 kB
SID_INDEX.csv06.16.15586 B
STAR_DATA.csv06.26.151.32 kB
STAR_INDEX.csv07.02.15310 B
EBOS Read install file09.26.150 B
AFCAD09.26.150 B
EBOS_ILS_08.bgl07.09.1516.00 kB
EBOS.txt07.10.151.51 kB
Install.txt07.19.15497 B
ONO.csv07.11.152.19 kB
SID_DATA.csv07.10.151.61 kB
SID_INDEX.csv07.08.15463 B
STAR_DATA.csv07.10.15996 B
STAR_INDEX.csv07.08.15327 B
EDDB09.26.150 B
ATGUP.csv07.06.14983 B
DB452.csv07.06.14583 B
DB552.csv07.06.14583 B
EDDB.txt07.06.141.52 kB
FWE.csv07.06.14864 B
KLF.csv07.06.141.95 kB
LANUM.csv07.06.141.14 kB
SID_data.csv07.06.141.60 kB
SID_index.csv07.06.14429 B
STAR_data.csv07.06.145.19 kB
STAR_index.csv07.06.14895 B
TERDA.csv07.06.141.05 kB
EDDB- Freeware version Gernot Zander 201109.26.150 B
ATGUP.csv07.06.141.44 kB
DB452.csv07.06.14658 B
DB552.csv07.06.14658 B
EDDB.txt07.06.141.78 kB
FWE.csv07.06.141.27 kB
KLF.csv07.06.143.00 kB
LANUM.csv07.06.141.70 kB
SID_data.csv07.06.141.67 kB
SID_index.csv07.06.14503 B
STAR_data.csv07.06.145.34 kB
STAR_index.csv07.06.14971 B
TERDA.csv07.06.141.57 kB
EDDF09.26.150 B
CHA.csv07.06.141.74 kB
DF403.csv07.06.142.05 kB
DF439.csv07.06.141.80 kB
DF601.csv07.06.142.05 kB
DF621.csv07.06.14835 B
DF631.csv07.06.142.04 kB
DF632.csv07.06.142.04 kB
DF651.csv07.06.14835 B
EDDF.txt07.06.142.17 kB
IBLUS.csv07.06.14585 B
KUGUK.csv07.06.14593 B
MTR.csv07.06.141.73 kB
ORVIV.csv07.06.14591 B
Readme.txt07.06.141.05 kB
RID.csv07.06.142.06 kB
SID_data.csv07.06.1413.65 kB
SID_index.csv07.06.142.01 kB
STAR_data.csv07.06.1410.10 kB
STAR_index.csv07.06.141.42 kB
TAU.csv07.06.141.77 kB
ULNOK.csv07.06.14585 B
EDDF Aerosoft Mega airport 1.0509.26.150 B
CHA.csv07.06.142.01 kB
DF403.csv07.06.142.14 kB
DF439.csv07.06.141.89 kB
DF601.csv07.06.142.14 kB
DF621.csv07.06.14932 B
DF631.csv07.06.142.14 kB
DF632.csv07.06.142.14 kB
DF651.csv07.06.14932 B
EDDF.txt04.06.152.01 kB
IBLUS.csv07.06.14682 B
KUGUK.csv07.06.14690 B
MTR.csv07.06.142.01 kB
ORVIV.csv07.06.14688 B
RID.csv07.06.142.06 kB
SID_data.csv07.06.1413.75 kB
SID_index.csv07.06.142.11 kB
STAR_data.csv07.06.1410.27 kB
STAR_index.csv07.06.141.58 kB
TAU.csv07.06.142.05 kB
ULNOK.csv07.06.14682 B
EDDH09.26.150 B
ANEXI.csv07.06.14667 B
DEVOD.csv07.06.14709 B
EDDH.txt07.06.141.86 kB
LBE.csv07.06.142.25 kB
PISAS.csv07.06.14711 B
SID_data.csv07.06.144.86 kB
SID_index.csv07.06.14797 B
SOSAX.csv07.06.14481 B
STAR_data.csv07.06.1412.91 kB
STAR_index.csv07.06.141.45 kB
EDDM09.26.150 B
DM431.csv07.06.14851 B
DM438.csv07.05.14940 B
DM441.csv07.05.14822 B
DM448.csv07.05.14940 B
DM831.csv07.06.14816 B
DM838.csv07.05.14816 B
DM841.csv07.05.14717 B
DM848.csv07.05.14816 B
EDDM.txt07.06.141.72 kB
MIQ.csv07.06.142.53 kB
MUN.csv07.05.142.39 kB
SID_data.csv07.06.148.47 kB
SID_index.csv07.05.141.33 kB
STAR_data.csv07.06.1410.44 kB
STAR_index.csv07.06.141.36 kB
EDDW09.26.150 B
BMN.csv09.26.152.79 kB
DW421.csv09.26.15378 B
DW455.csv09.26.15311 B
DW521.csv09.26.15373 B
EDDW.txt09.26.1510.60 kB
SID_Data.csv09.26.155.29 kB
SID_Index.csv09.26.15798 B
STAR_Data.csv09.26.154.33 kB
STAR_Index.csv09.26.15533 B
EFHK09.26.150 B
ARVUX.csv07.24.14623 B
EFHK.txt07.30.141.50 kB
ELKUN.csv07.24.14636 B
GEDLO.csv07.24.14547 B
OBONU.csv07.24.14479 B
PODOM.csv07.24.14782 B
SID_data.csv07.24.141.77 kB
SID_index.csv07.24.14536 B
STAR_data.csv07.24.148.05 kB
STAR_index.csv07.24.141.04 kB
TEDMU.csv07.24.14649 B
EGCC09.26.150 B
DALEY.csv05.28.156.53 kB
DAYNE.csv05.28.156.89 kB
EGCC.txt09.26.154.30 kB
MIRSI.csv05.29.156.91 kB
ROSUN.csv05.28.156.53 kB
SID_Data.csv05.10.155.58 kB
SID_Index.csv05.27.15637 B
STAR_Data.csv05.15.155.15 kB
STAR_Index.csv05.27.15700 B
EGJB09.26.150 B
EGJB.txt09.26.153.43 kB
GUR.csv09.26.152.55 kB
JB2AP.csv09.26.15313 B
REMAP.csv09.26.15313 B
SID_data.csv09.26.152.70 kB
SID_index.csv09.26.15411 B
STAR_data.csv09.26.152.46 kB
STAR_index.csv09.26.15588 B
EGJJ09.26.150 B
EGJJ.txt09.26.154.22 kB
GIPTA.csv07.19.14319 B
JSY.csv07.19.14983 B
JW.csv07.19.14804 B
NENRI.csv07.19.14349 B
SID_data.csv07.19.142.48 kB
SID_index.csv07.19.14568 B
STAR_data.csv07.19.144.27 kB
STAR_index.csv07.19.14864 B
EGLL09.26.150 B
BIG.csv07.12.145.17 kB
BNN.csv07.11.144.93 kB
EGLL.txt07.14.141.66 kB
LAM.csv07.11.144.94 kB
OCK.csv07.12.144.28 kB
SID_data.csv07.11.144.38 kB
SID_index.csv07.11.14855 B
STAR_data.csv07.11.143.50 kB
STAR_index.csv07.11.14683 B
EHAM09.26.150 B
ARTIP.csv07.06.143.42 kB
EHAM.txt07.06.143.06 kB
RIVER.csv07.06.143.47 kB
SID_data.csv07.06.1410.26 kB
SID_index.csv07.06.141.49 kB
STAR_data.csv07.06.142.87 kB
STAR_index.csv07.06.14691 B
SUGOL.csv07.06.143.40 kB
EIDW09.26.150 B
EIDW.txt07.30.141.96 kB
KERAV.csv07.26.141.52 kB
LAPMO.csv07.26.14585 B
NASRI.csv07.26.14768 B
SID_data.csv07.26.144.34 kB
SID_index.csv07.26.14845 B
SORIN.csv07.26.141005 B
STAR_data.csv07.26.1410.75 kB
STAR_index.csv07.26.141.35 kB
ULTAG.csv07.26.141.24 kB
EKCH Read Install File09.26.150 B
EKCH09.26.150 B
CH44E.csv03.23.15332 B
CH88C.csv03.23.15332 B
EKCH.txt03.27.154.86 kB
KAS.csv03.27.152.38 kB
SID_data.csv03.19.159.69 kB
SID_index.csv03.18.151.23 kB
STAR_data.csv03.27.158.63 kB
STAR_index.csv03.27.151.18 kB
EKCH (KAS)09.26.150 B
CH44E.csv03.23.15332 B
CH88C.csv03.23.15332 B
EKCH.txt03.27.154.86 kB
KAS.csv03.27.152.38 kB
SID_data.csv03.19.159.69 kB
SID_index.csv03.18.151.23 kB
STAR_data.csv03.27.1511.95 kB
STAR_index.csv03.27.151.16 kB
Install note.txt04.04.152.11 kB
ELLX09.26.150 B
DIK.csv01.12.154.71 kB
DIK2A.csv01.12.153.43 kB
ELLX.txt09.26.156.91 kB
MOSET.csv01.11.152.04 kB
SID_data.csv01.08.153.49 kB
SID_index.csv01.08.15471 B
STAR_data.csv01.13.153.21 kB
STAR_index.csv01.13.15661 B
WLU.csv01.13.152.38 kB
WLU4A.csv01.13.152.71 kB
ENBR09.26.150 B
ENBR.txt09.02.152.04 kB
GILVA.csv08.31.15780 B
GODID.csv08.31.15780 B
NEPAM.csv08.31.15780 B
RIVIP.csv08.31.15780 B
SID_DATA.csv08.29.151.95 kB
SID_INDEX.csv08.28.15454 B
STAR_DATA.csv09.04.154.55 kB
STAR_INDEX.csv09.02.15530 B
ENGM09.26.150 B
BAVAD.csv01.07.151.05 kB
ENGM.txt01.10.156.65 kB
INSUV.csv01.07.151.03 kB
SID_data.csv11.15.144.30 kB
SID_index.csv11.15.14749 B
STAR_data.csv11.16.146.01 kB
STAR_index.csv11.15.14640 B
TITLA.csv01.07.151.05 kB
VALPU.csv01.07.151.03 kB
ENTO09.26.150 B
ASLAK.csv03.01.15524 B
ENOVA.csv03.01.15461 B
ENTO.txt03.21.151.11 kB
SID_data.csv03.04.151.58 kB
SID_index.csv03.04.15449 B
STAR_data.csv03.04.152.22 kB
STAR_index.csv03.04.15458 B
ENVA09.26.150 B
AKIRI.csv03.18.15615 B
ENVA.txt03.21.151.52 kB
GIRDI.csv03.18.15615 B
OKELO.csv03.18.15811 B
SID_data.csv03.18.151.69 kB
SID_index.csv03.18.15460 B
STAR_data.csv03.18.153.14 kB
STAR_index.csv03.18.15620 B
VEDOL.csv03.18.15811 B
EPWA09.26.150 B
BRONI.csv04.14.151.53 kB
DOBRZ.csv04.15.15915 B
EPWA.txt04.12.157.85 kB
KIKOL.csv04.15.15825 B
LEONC.csv04.15.151.53 kB
LUCZN.csv04.14.15899 B
PLECE.csv04.15.151.51 kB
SID_data.csv03.31.155.43 kB
SID_index.csv03.31.15614 B
SKURC.csv04.14.151.39 kB
STAR_data.csv04.12.1511.91 kB
STAR_index.csv04.12.15927 B
SZCZY.csv04.14.15684 B
ESSA09.26.150 B
BALVI.csv08.28.14514 B
ERK.csv08.28.142.79 kB
ESSA.txt08.30.141.35 kB
LNA.csv08.28.141.79 kB
SA473.csv08.28.14501 B
SA486.csv08.28.14493 B
SA801.csv08.28.14501 B
SID_data.csv08.28.148.28 kB
SID_index.csv08.28.141.22 kB
STAR_data.csv08.28.144.05 kB
STAR_index.csv08.28.14688 B
TEB.csv08.28.142.79 kB
EYVI09.26.150 B
APSOL.csv08.03.141.41 kB
BILDI.csv08.03.141.59 kB
EYVI.txt08.07.141.54 kB
GEKBI.csv08.03.141.50 kB
KOTOV.csv08.03.141.70 kB
NILNA.csv08.03.141.41 kB
RAMUB.csv08.03.141.50 kB
SID_data.csv08.03.143.49 kB
SID_index.csv08.03.14797 B
STAR_data.csv08.03.143.62 kB
STAR_index.csv08.03.14760 B
FD-FMC database.kmz09.26.1515.94 kB
FMC_Path.ini05.30.1584 B
GCRR09.26.150 B
GCRR.txt07.06.142.09 kB
KLATO.csv07.06.14330 B
LTE.csv07.06.14458 B
LTE1.csv07.06.14827 B
LZR.csv07.06.141.16 kB
SHI03.csv07.06.14642 B
SHT03.csv07.06.14361 B
SID_data.csv07.06.142.79 kB
SID_index.csv07.06.14395 B
STAR_data.csv07.06.14931 B
STAR_index.csv07.06.14363 B
GMAD09.26.150 B
ADM.csv07.19.152.06 kB
CF28.csv07.18.15331 B
GMAD.txt07.07.15983 B
SID_data.csv07.09.154.34 kB
SID_index.csv07.09.15506 B
STAR_data.csv07.18.158.85 kB
STAR_index.csv07.18.15865 B
GMME09.26.150 B

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description.  For further installation help, please see our Knowledge Center for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


Leave a Response
Oscar JonesWed, 19 Sep 2018 15:57:55 GMT


Sorry to bother you but when I load the airplane, all the displays are just grey. Its not like its off, its like their not loading properly.

Thanks, Oscar

marshallMon, 10 Sep 2018 13:05:20 GMT

g'day mate, the fmc scratchpad dosent work. I click the numbers and nothin happens. please help.


Pro Memberjpop8807Thu, 23 Aug 2018 03:42:39 GMT

Nevermind unlike Michael Dumasskiss I went back and read the manuals to use the knows right click which pulls them out then roll the mouse wheel up or down. This is a perfect plane, I haven't found anything I can think of that I dislike. There is so much detail. Keep up the good work.

Pro Memberjpop8807Thu, 23 Aug 2018 03:36:04 GMT

Maybe I'm missing something everything looks great and flys great the only issue I have is that I can't adjust any of the autopilot settings. I'm going to look back over the read me incase I missed something.

Rhys SmithSat, 09 Jun 2018 18:13:21 GMT

I would love to say, I was gobsmacked of how amazing this aircraft is after I loaded in after installing. The sound, the physics, everything! This aircraft is just amazing, I don't know what to say. other than, I highly recommend this.

Ken WrightTue, 08 May 2018 21:32:50 GMT

works great but I would like the fmc screen to be a bit smaller , can this be done?

Michael DumaschefskiTue, 20 Mar 2018 15:26:55 GMT

I completed the complex installation completely. But with the machine one can not adjust also SPD, HDG, CRS and ALT. You can not fly the plane. Unfortunately I did not see the screenshots in time. You can recognize that as well. If basics do not work, the whole plane is not good !!! Maybe I'll get an answer, it's the second time I have to complain.

WILLIEThu, 25 Jan 2018 22:57:24 GMT

What programs do I need to have the A320 program? I need this ASAP 8325153522

Pro MemberChuckPCpilotMon, 22 Jan 2018 01:41:13 GMT

I could not get the gauges to appear. They're blank.

Pro Membercadavis7261ytFri, 15 Sep 2017 04:11:34 GMT

The A320FD-FMC.CAB file appears to be missing under the Gauges folder of the .zip file.

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