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FSX PIA ATR 42-500

Complete with Base ModelJump to: Screenshots | Comments | File Details | Editorial

Pakistan International Airlines Aerospatiale ATR 42-500, AP-BHO wearing the new 2010 livery. BHO was one of the first in the seven strong PIA ATR fleet to wear new colors. This modern technology turboprop is used by PIA domestically and on some occasions to Middle Eastern destinations. The aircraft is configured in a comfortable two class seating arrangement and has enabled the airline to provide services to far flung destinations of the country. Includes fully functional and clickable virtual cockpit. ATR model, panel and original sound included. Complete pack, requires no external downloads. Specially tested for FSX. Base texture by Edward Cox, repaint by Ahmed Ahsen and Irfan Khan exclusively from Virtual PIA.

Screenshot of PIA ATR 42-500 in flight.

Screenshot of PIA ATR 42-500 in flight.

NEW ATR-42-500 Repaint By Ahmed Ahsen & Ed Cox

PIA Aerospatiale ATR 42-500
PIA 2010 Livery
Repaint by Ahmed Ahsen, with thanks to:
Edward Cox
Francisco Sanchez
Irfan Khan

Packed and uploaded by Irfan Khan.

Included New VC panel with fully working Gauges and Heading Knobs etc etc.....

FOR FS2004:
Unzip and extract to FS2004/Aircraft/ folder.

After unzinping you will find gauges folder inside copy paste it in main fs9 Gauges Folder c:\programefiles\Microsoftgames\Flightsimulator9\gauges.

There is also one folder with the name of effects copy paste it in main fs9 effects folder.

Original ATR-42 sound pack included.......

Open FS, look under Aerospatiale ATR and enjoy

Repaint by Ahmed Ahsen with the permission of Edward Cox.
Please dont re distribute or re use or modify without permission.

Andre Lederer
Michiel Wiegers
Hashim Jabbar Memon
Irfan Khan
Perry Green
Tariq Mohammed
Anil Jabbar
Fahad Aziz
Saad Asad Cheema
Abdul Haseeb Kamal
Kim Green
Abdullah Rahman
Sabbir Khan
Virtual PIA pilots and supporters


Screenshot of PIA ATR 42-500 cockpit.

Screenshot of PIA ATR 42-500 cockpit.



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The archive has 171 files and directories contained within it. View them...

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
VPIA ATR 42-500 New Livery11.19.110 B
Aircraft.cfg11.19.1110.86 kB
Also Available.txt03.09.104.56 kB
atr42_500.air07.29.0215.32 kB
Checklist.txt07.19.028.73 kB
Docs11.19.110 B
ATR 42.htm03.27.0328.90 kB
ATR 421.gif07.16.025.12 kB
ATR 422.gif07.16.0211.31 kB
Image16.gif05.07.024.77 kB
Image17.gif05.07.026.54 kB
Image18.gif05.07.026.50 kB
Image19.gif05.07.022.03 kB
Image2.jpg03.11.039.49 kB
Image20.gif05.07.024.59 kB
Image21.gif05.07.025.24 kB
Image22.gif05.07.023.14 kB
Image23.gif05.07.023.48 kB
Image24.gif05.07.022.74 kB
Image25.gif05.07.023.21 kB
Image26.gif05.07.023.07 kB
Image27.gif05.07.024.35 kB
Image28.gif03.11.0315.96 kB
Image29.jpg05.07.024.66 kB
Image30.jpg05.07.021.37 kB
Image31.jpg05.07.026.57 kB
Image32.jpg05.07.022.72 kB
Image33.jpg05.07.02710 B
Image34.jpg05.07.022.14 kB
Image35.jpg05.07.022.37 kB
Image36.jpg05.07.022.08 kB
Image37.jpg05.07.022.31 kB
overhead.jpg02.26.03185.77 kB
Thumbs.db05.10.05104.00 kB
effects11.19.110 B
fx_ATR42_Exhaust.fx09.05.041.47 kB
fsx 2011-11-18 23-57-26-40.png11.18.11769.36 kB
fsx 2011-11-18 23-57-31-34.png11.18.11780.41 kB
fsx 2011-11-18 23-57-40-90.png11.18.11776.69 kB
fsx 2011-11-18 23-57-53-23.png11.18.11824.01 kB
fsx 2011-11-18 23-58-21-47.png11.18.111.35 MB
fsx 2011-11-18 23-58-30-63.png11.18.111.06 MB
fsx 2011-11-18 23-58-37-81.png11.18.111.27 MB
fsx 2011-11-19 00-00-25-10.png11.19.111.23 MB
fsx 2011-11-19 00-00-36-90.png11.19.111.17 MB
fsx 2011-11-19 00-00-40-64.png11.19.111.14 MB
fsx 2011-11-19 00-01-22-34.png11.19.111.18 MB
fsx 2011-11-19 00-03-21-03.png11.19.11972.99 kB
fsx 2011-11-19 00-03-43-81.png11.19.11756.75 kB
fsx 2011-11-19 00-04-50-04.png11.19.11901.43 kB
fsx 2011-11-19 00-05-00-67.png11.19.11798.22 kB
fsx 2011-11-19 00-05-09-39.png11.19.11883.03 kB
model11.19.110 B
atr42500.mdl08.04.02865.19 kB
Model.cfg07.10.0227 B
Original Read Me.txt03.09.102.36 kB
Origional readme.txt02.23.078.75 kB
Panel.fsx11.19.110 B
ATRgps.cab08.25.06193.21 kB
atrpanel.cab08.25.064.01 kB
AUTO-OVH.gau10.14.9844.00 kB
back ups11.19.110 B
panel_backup001.cfg10.15.0711.74 kB
panel_backup002.cfg12.02.0712.02 kB
panel_backup003.cfg12.02.0712.02 kB
panel_backup004.cfg12.02.0711.73 kB
panel_backup005.cfg12.02.0711.74 kB
panel_backup006.cfg12.02.0711.76 kB
panel_backup007.cfg12.02.0711.97 kB
panel_backup008.cfg12.02.0712.05 kB
panel_backup009.cfg12.03.0712.10 kB
panel_backup010.cfg12.04.0712.10 kB
compass_dvc.bmp01.07.056.36 kB
cpt.icons.cab10.15.0711.08 kB
FD_LEFTyoke.cab08.25.0639.56 kB
FSC.ATR.ap.gau12.31.04520.00 kB
FSC.ATR.fl.cab10.14.07418.93 kB
FSC.ATR.gau12.15.023.05 MB
FSC.ATR.ovhd.cab02.23.03318.04 kB
FSC.ATR.radios.cab02.17.0321.86 kB
FSC.ATR72500.gau03.09.032.63 MB
FSNAV.EHSI.gau11.30.01331.50 kB
FSNAV.EHSI_0001.GAU08.22.06331.50 kB
main.bmp02.03.03769.05 kB
N262_Instr.gau07.25.047.77 MB
overhead.bmp08.21.06769.05 kB
panel.cfg12.04.0712.63 kB
panel_backup001.cfg12.04.0712.06 kB
panel_backup002.cfg12.04.0712.69 kB
pedestal_panel_DVC.bmp02.07.07133.80 kB
Radar.bmp06.16.0684.41 kB
throttle.bmp02.21.03402.01 kB
Thumbs.db08.26.0685.50 kB
Yoke.bmp08.23.0638.60 kB
Read Me.txt11.18.111.68 kB
Sound11.19.110 B
732BELLY.wav07.11.01813.11 kB
732WINGSCRAPE.wav07.11.01239.18 kB
afgys-flap.wav03.16.02173.67 kB
afgys-idle.wav03.14.02784.04 kB
afgys-shut.wav04.24.02930.67 kB
afgys-start1.wav04.24.02866.04 kB
afgys-start2.wav04.24.023.78 MB
afgys-taxi.wav12.01.00704.05 kB
afgys-xclimb.wav09.01.00286.05 kB
afgys-xidle.wav09.01.00500.05 kB
afgys-xshut.wav03.17.022.04 MB
afgys-xstart1.wav04.24.02864.04 kB
afgys-xstart2.wav04.24.023.67 MB
afgys-xtaxi.wav12.05.001.50 MB
avionics.wav07.18.04896.69 kB
baapdis.wav09.02.9953.04 kB
BAOVER.WAV03.25.0286.16 kB
BMFLAPS.wav03.16.02173.67 kB
bmgeardn.wav03.20.00132.33 kB
bmgearup.wav03.20.00132.33 kB
bnroll.wav09.02.99370.11 kB
bnroll2.wav04.18.01389.67 kB
can2t.wav02.17.99107.20 kB
cbn2t.wav02.17.99107.20 kB
f501.wav10.12.021.17 MB
f502.WAV03.05.99303.44 kB
f504.WAV03.05.99303.44 kB
f50apdis.wav06.01.0340.09 kB
f50flaps.wav08.02.0267.34 kB
f50gear.wav06.01.03583.40 kB
f50gwarn.wav06.01.03239.60 kB
f50roll.wav07.30.0271.44 kB
f50shutdn.wav05.31.034.90 MB
f50stall.wav06.01.0386.70 kB
f50start.wav05.31.032.84 MB
gearwarning.wav02.03.02110.96 kB
kastall.wav04.18.0123.29 kB
prop1.wav04.18.01450.04 kB
prop2.wav06.05.05592.05 kB
sound.cfg06.06.056.28 kB
touchc.wav01.06.99286.01 kB
touchl.wav08.01.0141.18 kB
touchr.wav08.01.0141.18 kB
wind.wav09.28.99181.04 kB
xcan2t.wav02.17.99107.20 kB
xcbn2t.wav02.17.99107.20 kB
texture.PIA11.19.110 B
ala_l.bmp07.16.022.08 kB
ala_t.bmp10.23.111.00 MB
cabina2_t.bmp05.20.02512.08 kB
cabina_l.bmp08.05.022.08 kB
cabina_t.bmp05.28.022.00 MB
cargodoor.bmp11.30.0785.43 kB
ceiling.bmp05.22.02128.08 kB
floor.bmp05.17.02512.08 kB
fuselaje2_l.bmp07.16.022.08 kB
fuselaje2_t.bmp10.23.1164.07 kB
fuselaje_l.bmp07.28.061.00 MB
fuselaje_p.bmp06.01.021.00 MB
fuselaje_t.bmp10.23.111.00 MB
morro_l.bmp12.04.075.33 MB
morro_t.bmp10.14.111.00 MB
morro_tolder.bmp10.02.104.00 MB
overlay.bmp11.29.073.00 MB
passdoor.bmp05.21.02128.08 kB
prop.bmp05.09.0285.43 kB
prop6.bmp07.19.02170.75 kB
thumbnail.jpg11.19.11177.77 kB
Thumbs.db11.19.0642.50 kB
window_t.bmp05.21.028.08 kB
thumbnail.png11.19.11835.45 kB
Thumbs.db04.14.0658.50 kB
WARNING - COPYRIGHTS.txt11.18.11980 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


This file has an overall rating of 3.7 out of 5 with a total of 3 votes

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
File size
51.84 MB
Virus Scan
Scanned within the last 30 days with ClamAV and found to be free of all known virus.
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When downloading any aviation package these days I always like to take my time and make sure that whatever I’m about to take part in flying is based on the real thing. This package of the ATR-42-500 is something well worth keeping in mind. Designed by Ahmed Ahsen and Ed Cox, both have put a huge amount of work into making sure that this feels as close to the real thing as it possibly can.

How Does it Look?

The looks is one of the most desirable factors of the aircraft, coming to life in a really impressive fashion and bringing together a fine collection of additions and changes. With no need to install anything else to make it work, this flies like a dream and gives you something that looks special, too!

It comes with awesome virtual cockpit panels as well as gauges and knobs that look wonderful, capturing the real style of the aircraft perfectly well. Indeed, the whole package – inside and out – manages to capture the scale of the real thing in the most detailed fashion it can. The repaint work by Ahmed is excellent, too, capturing the real texture details of the original model by Ed and making it all work together as one.

Given that the aircraft comes with a full workable cockpit as well as an ATR model, you can be sure that you are getting a model that looks excellent and lies out nothing to bring it all together in the best fashion it can.

How Does it Fly?

Really, the flight performance is excellent. The aircraft itself is one that I know quite well so I was very interested to hop into the cockpit and fly off, trying it out in various ways. I went out of my way to make sure the aircraft was being challenged by really pushing it to the boundaries of its performance, but I never once felt like I was flying something unrealistic. It has its limitations but it also is capable of hitting the right levels of performance of the original aircraft.

Another major factor of this aircraft comes from the fact that you have all of that control in the cockpit. The whole thing comes together when you start flying around with the aircraft and you notice that you can get just about any feature that you need in the cockpit, even if you are in a bit of trouble when flying!

My Verdict

The lads have done a wonderful job of making this the part and ensuring it flies in the perfect way. It’s comfortable to use and easy to install – just unzip the files into your Aircraft folder and your Gauges folder for your flight simulator. It’s easy to start working with and even more simplistic to learn.

This is a user-friendly aircraft that makes sense for both veterans and newbies to mess around in, with a very effective design style that catches the eye in true style. 

Adam McEnroe

About Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files.

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