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X-Plane 11 Aeroworx Douglas C-47 Dakota Beta 2.5

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DC3 on ramp.X-Plane 11 Aeroworx Douglas C-47 Dakota Beta 2.5.  The Douglas C47 is a twin-engined low wing transport aircraft, powered by Twin Wasp R1830-90C engines. Between 1935 and 1947 Douglas built a total of 10,654 of the type and over 80 years later there are still almost 1,000 in flying condition.

This magnificent aircraft was originally designed by Manfred Jahn, Jan Visser, and Team and is being flown by hundreds of happy users.

DC3 Cockpit.At the end of July, Aeroworx obtained the permission to port this aircraft to X-Plane. As members of the South African Airways Museum Society, we have direct access to their C-47 and also a few other DC-3/C-47's.

Getting good photographs is no problem, the crews flying and maintaining these aircraft are also extremely helpful in providing us with documentation, advice, etc. This aircraft features a fully 3D vintage virtual cockpit, with dozens of mouse click-able animations.

The Sperry is the primary autopilot, but for the more "modern" guys, a G530 is available as a pop-up.

This is a public beta version, PLEASE read the "Release Notes" attached to the download.

By Aeroworx (Johan van Wyk and Fred Stegmann).


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The archive has 197 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
airfoils05.14.180 B
2206highRE.afl05.14.1824.97 kB
2206lowRE.afl05.14.1824.97 kB
2215highRE.afl05.14.1824.97 kB
2215lowRE.afl05.14.1824.97 kB
DC 0600.afl05.14.1824.94 kB
DC 0711.afl05.14.1824.94 kB
DC 1257.afl05.14.1824.94 kB
DC 1500.afl05.14.1824.94 kB
NACA 0013 (symmetrical)50.afl05.14.1824.26 kB
NACA 2206.afl05.14.1824.48 kB
NACA 2215.afl05.14.1824.48 kB
NACA2206.afl05.14.1825.21 kB
NACA2215.afl05.14.1825.20 kB
tip.afl05.14.1825.20 kB
trans12.afl05.14.1825.20 kB
zeroLDM12.afl05.14.1824.97 kB
zeroLDM15.afl05.14.1824.97 kB
awxc47ReleaseNotes2.5.pdf05.14.187.67 MB
awxdc3.acf05.14.182.50 MB
awxdc3_cockpit.obj05.14.1867.78 kB
awxdc3_icon11.png05.14.18117.24 kB
awxdc3_icon11_thumb.png05.14.188.54 kB
awxdc3_prefs.txt05.14.18211 B
awxdc3_prop_disc_3.png05.14.18174.56 kB
clist.txt05.14.184.86 kB
cockpit05.14.180 B
-panels-06.09.170 B
cockpit-3d05.14.180 B
-PANELS-05.14.180 B
Panel_General.png05.14.1830.12 kB
FILE_ID.DIZ05.14.181.12 kB
liveries05.14.180 B
DC3_Airways05.14.180 B
awxdc3_icon11.png05.14.18168.89 kB
awxdc3_icon11_thumb.png05.14.1811.45 kB
objects05.14.180 B
c47_1_T.png05.14.182.28 MB
c47_1_T_NML.png05.14.181.99 MB
C47_2_T.png05.14.182.22 MB
C47_2_T_NML.png05.14.181.13 MB
README.txt05.14.18157 B
DC3_Airways_BareMetal05.14.180 B
awxdc3_icon11.png05.14.18159.78 kB
awxdc3_icon11_thumb.png05.14.1811.08 kB
objects05.14.180 B
c47_1_T.png05.14.182.03 MB
C47_1_T_NML.png05.14.183.10 MB
C47_2_T.png05.14.181.79 MB
C47_2_T_NML.png05.14.183.07 MB
README.txt05.14.18157 B
EATS05.14.180 B
awxdc3_icon11.png05.14.18118.13 kB
awxdc3_icon11_thumb.png05.14.189.81 kB
objects05.14.180 B
C47_1_T.dds05.14.185.33 MB
C47_1_T_NML.png05.14.182.90 MB
C47_2_T.dds05.14.185.33 MB
C47_2_T_NML.png05.14.182.18 MB
objects05.14.180 B
C47_1_T.png05.14.183.97 MB
C47_1_T_NML.png05.14.181.09 MB
C47_2_T.png05.14.184.00 MB
C47_2_T_NML.png05.14.181.78 MB
C47_pilot.dds05.14.18128.12 kB
C47_pilot.png05.14.18173.76 kB
chrome.png05.14.18673.41 kB
CowlFlaps.obj05.14.18169.72 kB
dc3_cabin05.14.180 B
Baggage.obj05.14.185.29 kB
Baggage.png05.14.181.39 MB
Baggage_NML.png05.14.18670.86 kB
C47_1_T.png05.14.184.29 MB
cable.dds05.14.185.48 kB
Cable.obj05.14.18167.12 kB
curtains.dds05.14.1810.80 kB
gauges_2.dds05.14.182.67 MB
gauges_2_LIT.dds05.14.182.67 MB
gauges2.obj05.14.181.55 MB
gaugestest_01.dds05.14.182.67 MB
gaugestest_01_LIT.dds05.14.182.67 MB
gaugestest_01_spec.dds05.14.182.67 MB
gaugestest01.obj05.14.181.88 MB
metal.obj05.14.181.78 MB
metal.png05.14.18425.18 kB
metal_LIT.dds05.14.18682.80 kB
metalspec.dds05.14.18682.80 kB
metalspec.png05.14.18340.71 kB
NewInnerCockpit.obj05.14.18141.12 kB
padding.dds05.14.18682.80 kB
padding.obj05.14.18147.96 kB
padding_spec.dds05.14.181.33 MB
padding_top.dds05.14.18682.80 kB
padding_top_spec.dds05.14.18682.80 kB
padding3.dds05.14.18682.80 kB
padding3.obj05.14.18255.14 kB
padding3_spec.dds05.14.181.33 MB
padding4.dds05.14.18682.80 kB
padding4.obj05.14.181.07 MB
padding4_spec.dds05.14.181.33 MB
paddingtop.obj05.14.18123.01 kB
panel_1a.dds05.14.182.67 MB
panel_1a_LIT.dds05.14.182.67 MB
panel_1a_spec.dds05.14.185.33 MB
panel_2a.dds05.14.182.67 MB
panel_2a_LIT.dds05.14.182.67 MB
panel_2a_spec.dds05.14.185.33 MB
panel_3.dds05.14.182.67 MB
panel_3_LIT.dds05.14.182.67 MB
panel_3_spec.dds05.14.182.67 MB
panel1a.obj05.14.181.63 MB
panel2a.obj05.14.18857.27 kB
panel3.obj05.14.181.83 MB
Radio.obj05.14.18434.05 kB
radio_gear.dds05.14.182.67 MB
RadioGear.obj05.14.18404.88 kB
radiosliders.png05.14.18684.55 kB
radioslidersspec.png05.14.18524.18 kB
vvc_1.dds05.14.182.67 MB
vvc_1_LIT.dds05.14.182.67 MB
vvc_1_spec.dds05.14.182.67 MB
vvc_10.dds05.14.18682.80 kB
vvc_10_spec.dds05.14.18682.80 kB
vvc_11.dds05.14.18682.80 kB
vvc_11_spec.dds05.14.18682.80 kB
vvc_2.dds05.14.182.67 MB
vvc_2_spec.dds05.14.182.67 MB
vvc_3.dds05.14.182.67 MB
vvc_3_spec.dds05.14.182.67 MB
vvc_4.dds05.14.182.67 MB
vvc_4_LIT.dds05.14.182.67 MB
vvc_4_spec.dds05.14.182.67 MB
vvc_5.dds05.14.182.67 MB
vvc_5_spec.dds05.14.182.67 MB
vvc_6.dds05.14.182.67 MB
vvc_6_LIT.dds05.14.182.67 MB
vvc_7.dds05.14.182.67 MB
vvc_7_spec.dds05.14.182.67 MB
vvc_8.dds05.14.182.67 MB
vvc_8_LIT.dds05.14.182.67 MB
vvc_8_spec.dds05.14.182.67 MB
vvc_9.dds05.14.182.67 MB
vvc_9_LIT.dds05.14.182.67 MB
vvc_9_spec.dds05.14.182.67 MB
vvc1.obj05.14.182.02 MB
vvc10.obj05.14.1814.49 kB
vvc11.obj05.14.1820.01 kB
vvc2.obj05.14.18956.67 kB
vvc3.obj05.14.18841.47 kB
vvc4.obj05.14.181.90 MB
vvc5.obj05.14.181.12 MB
vvc6.obj05.14.18600.83 kB
vvc7.obj05.14.18683.34 kB
vvc8.obj05.14.18883.45 kB
vvc9.obj05.14.18221.59 kB
garmin53005.14.180 B
garmin530_n1.dds05.14.18170.80 kB
garmin530_n1.obj05.14.18171.51 kB
garmin530_n1_LIT.dds05.14.18170.80 kB
garmin530_n1_NRM.png05.14.18420.64 kB
Glass.png05.14.182.83 kB
LandingGear.obj05.14.181.69 MB
LandingGearRight.obj05.14.181.69 MB
Pilots.obj05.14.18553.93 kB
Props.obj05.14.18986.35 kB
Windows.obj05.14.18101.17 kB
XExterior.obj05.14.185.31 MB
XTail.obj05.14.183.81 MB
sounds05.14.180 B
contact05.14.180 B
AWXDC3 Roll_ground.wav05.14.18495.16 kB
AWXDC3 roll_runway.wav05.14.18454.97 kB
ENGINE05.14.180 B
AWXDC3 engn1_INN.wav05.14.18108.37 kB
AWXDC3 engn1_OUT.wav05.14.18108.37 kB
AWXDC3 engn2_INN.wav05.14.18108.37 kB
AWXDC3 engn2_OUT.wav05.14.18108.37 kB
AWXDC3 prop1_INN.wav05.14.18204.03 kB
AWXDC3 prop1_OUT.wav05.14.18204.03 kB
AWXDC3 prop2_INN.wav05.14.18204.03 kB
AWXDC3 prop2_OUT.wav05.14.18204.03 kB
AWXDC3 star1.wav05.14.18141.37 kB
AWXDC3 star1_INN.wav05.14.18115.54 kB
AWXDC3 star1_OUT.wav05.14.18115.07 kB
AWXDC3 star2.wav05.14.18141.37 kB
AWXDC3 star2_INN.wav05.14.18115.54 kB
AWXDC3 star2_OUT.wav05.14.18115.07 kB
systems05.14.180 B
avionics.wav05.14.181.35 MB
AWXDC3 click.wav05.14.189.58 kB
AWXDC3 flap.wav05.14.181009.13 kB
AWXDC3 gear.wav05.14.18440.01 kB
weather05.14.180 B
AWXDC3 rain.WAV05.14.18160.29 kB
AWXDC3 wind.wav05.14.1831.29 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description.  For further installation help, please see our Knowledge Center for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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Edward McGahanFri, 14 Jun 2019 17:10:46 GMT

I tried several times to install in x plane 11.30 tried putting it in aircraft, extra aircraft, Laminar research. No joy... any assistance would be most welcome. Regards Ed.

Sun, 09 Jun 2019 04:45:19 GMT

One of the finest "Free Aircraft I have in the stables of my X-P11 and P3D.  I liken it to A2A and Majestic Q400 for fun and immersion.

Wed, 01 May 2019 21:23:53 GMT

They could charge for this thing. For freeware, the detail is ridiculously good. My new favorite

Edwin HolmesWed, 09 Jan 2019 08:52:42 GMT

When i use the autopilot, the rudder doesn’t work. Ailerons and elevator work fine in autopilot mode. Which means when i wish to turn the aircraft just a few degrees i have to use the Aileron knob instead of the rudder. Or setting the course to the magnetic heading i want, the aircraft does not respond when the autopilot is switched on. Am I missing something ?

arnault Mon, 20 Aug 2018 15:38:22 GMT

just transfer the files into the aircraft section of X plane , theres barely any planes that use a install or exe program to be installed , you just transfer the dowloaded files

Richard StarkWed, 01 Aug 2018 17:09:08 GMT

After downloading X-Plane 11 Aeroworx Douglas C-47 Beta 2.5 , I could find no install or exe. file that would allow me to install it in my X-Plane 11 program.

Anyone have any ideas ???


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