X-Plane 11 Stearman Spirit-of-Artemis v1.0

Preview​X-Plane 11 Stearman Spirit-of-Artemis v1.0. This version of the Stearman originally started out as a "Spirit of Artemis-livery" repaint for Paolo Matricardi beautiful X-Plane 9 and 10 Stearman-Kaydet. However, during the process, Paolo made so many improvements to his model (e.g. a new 9 cylin...

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Stearman on runway.​X-Plane 11 Stearman Spirit-of-Artemis v1.0. This version of the Stearman originally started out as a "Spirit of Artemis-livery" repaint for Paolo Matricardi beautiful X-Plane 9 and 10 Stearman-Kaydet. However, during the process, Paolo made so many improvements to his model (e.g. a new 9 cylinder radial-engine), we decided to bring it to the community as a completely new aircraft.

It now includes bare-metal parts and a reflective mirror. In other words, it is now up to the graphical standards set by X-Plane 11.

It has been a great pleasure to work with Paolo Matricardi (creator of the model) and Antonio Fernandez Navarro (EC-KFJ livery, general support, advice, and testing).

By Leen de Jager.

Boeing/Stearman Model 75 Kaydet (US Navy N2S-3 and US Army PYT-17). Over 10,000 of this immortal trainer were built in many versions since 1934 and almost 2,000 of them are still flying. The US Navy adopted the Kaydet in 1935, the US Army in 1936.

This model has been totally rebuilt (3d, textures, and flying dynamics) since the original 2008-2012 releases and it is optimized for both X-Plane 10.42 and 9.70. It wants to represent Spirit of Artemis, the Stearman has flown by the British aviatrix Tracey Curtis-Taylor in her flight around the world: she started from Farnborough on October 1st, 2015 and, after having flown for almost 14,500 miles across 23 countries, reached Sydney on January 2016. Tracey's flight is in honor of Amy Johnson and her epic solo flight to Australia in 1930 which astounded the world.

Thanks to Antonio Fernadez Navarro for his suggestions and help but above all thanks to Leen de Jager (aka "Flybike") for his great work on the livery (texture files, normal files, and reworked paint kit).

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The archive stearman_spirit-of-artemis_xp11_v1_0.zip has 181 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Stearman_Spirit-of-Artemis_XP11_V1.006.14.180 B
3.jpg06.14.18299.44 kB
airfoils07.09.170 B
NACA 0006 (symmetrical).afl09.30.1524.48 kB
NACA 0009 (symmetrical).afl09.30.1524.48 kB
NACA 0012 (symmetrical).afl09.30.1524.48 kB
NACA 2412 (popular).afl09.30.1524.48 kB
cockpit07.09.170 B
-PANELS-07.09.170 B
Panel.png01.25.16369.25 kB
annunciators07.09.170 B
ann_fuel_quantity-1.png01.20.12742 B
ann_fuel_quantity.png01.20.12493 B
ann_generator-1.png01.20.121.38 kB
ann_generator.png01.20.122.74 kB
ann_oil_press-1.png01.20.121.69 kB
ann_oil_press.png01.20.122.74 kB
ann_oil_temp-1.png01.20.121.69 kB
ann_oil_temp.png01.20.122.74 kB
buttons07.09.170 B
but_avionics-1.png01.20.125.34 kB
but_avionics.png01.20.122.81 kB
but_battery-1.png01.20.125.35 kB
but_battery.png01.20.122.78 kB
but_brakes-1.png01.20.121.69 kB
but_brakes.png01.20.122.74 kB
lights07.09.170 B
but_nav_light-1.png01.20.125.34 kB
but_nav_light.png01.20.122.82 kB
starter07.09.170 B
but_starter_GA-1.png01.20.123.50 kB
but_starter_GA.png01.20.122.83 kB
clocks07.09.170 B
clock_GA-2.png04.03.053.08 kB
clock_GA.png01.20.129.59 kB
compass07.09.170 B
compass_BC-1.png01.20.121.21 kB
compass_BC-3.png01.25.162.64 kB
compass_BC.png06.10.17169 B
Thumbs.db06.24.177.50 kB
engine07.09.170 B
engine round07.09.170 B
engine_CHT-2.png01.20.12233 B
engine_CHT-4.png01.20.12178 B
engine_CHT.png01.20.12263 B
engine_CHT.txt12.14.05266 B
engine_OILP-2.png01.20.12290 B
engine_OILP-4.png01.20.12528 B
engine_OILP.png01.20.12263 B
engine_OILP.txt12.14.05266 B
engine_RPM_engine-2.png01.20.12397 B
engine_RPM_engine-4.png01.20.12178 B
engine_RPM_engine.png01.20.1213.90 kB
engine_RPM_engine.txt12.12.05266 B
engine supplement07.09.170 B
sqr_EGT-2.png01.20.12255 B
sqr_EGT-3.png01.20.12159 B
sqr_EGT.png01.20.12173 B
sqr_EGT.txt12.12.0578 B
fuel07.09.170 B
fuel_round_twin_GA-2.png01.20.12235 B
fuel_round_twin_GA-3.png01.20.12170 B
fuel_round_twin_GA.png01.20.12240 B
fuel_round_twin_GA.txt12.14.0572 B
handles07.09.170 B
han_cheat_linear-1.png01.20.12172 B
han_cheat_linear.png01.20.12145 B
han_cheat_linear.txt08.09.0764 B
han_mixture_linear-1.png01.20.12172 B
han_mixture_linear.png01.20.12145 B
han_mixture_linear.txt08.09.0764 B
han_thro_linear-1.png01.20.12208 B
han_thro_linear.png01.20.12151 B
han_thro_linear.txt08.09.0764 B
standard six07.09.170 B
airspeed07.09.170 B
ASI_preset_GA_200-2.png01.20.121.07 kB
ASI_preset_GA_200.png01.20.1216.66 kB
altimeters07.09.170 B
alt_GA-1.png01.20.12216 B
alt_GA-2.png01.20.122.68 kB
alt_GA-3.png01.20.12147 B
alt_GA.png01.20.1222.03 kB
alt_GA.txt11.11.05136 B
turn slip07.09.170 B
needle-2.png01.20.12938 B
needle.png01.20.1217.49 kB
needle.txt12.12.05307 B
vertical speed07.09.170 B
VVI_2000_GA-2.png01.20.12889 B
VVI_2000_GA.png01.20.1218.14 kB
fov.ini01.21.1225 B
image1.jpg06.14.18265.24 kB
image2.jpg06.14.18261.50 kB
IMPORTANT-README.pdf01.26.1637.46 kB
liveries07.09.170 B
LDJ_VH-JQY(Sylvester&Tweety)07.09.170 B
objects07.09.170 B
ALA.png07.09.17330.47 kB
ala_NML.png06.22.17245.90 kB
carrello.png06.28.17207.70 kB
carrello_NML.png06.23.17101.54 kB
dentro.png02.06.1681.80 kB
FUSO.png06.22.17512.43 kB
FUSO_nml.png06.24.17463.52 kB
pilotamilitare.png02.05.16129.72 kB
Thumbs.db06.24.1797.00 kB
timone.png06.22.1746.21 kB
timone_NML.png06.22.1744.49 kB
Stearman_icon11.png06.28.17275.42 kB
Stearman_icon11_thumb.png06.28.1724.23 kB
Stearman-Spain-by AFNavarro07.09.170 B
objects07.11.170 B
ALA.png07.11.17385.29 kB
ala_NML.png06.24.17246.27 kB
carrello.png06.28.17193.73 kB
carrello_NML.png06.23.17102.33 kB
FUSO.png06.22.17382.57 kB
FUSO_nml.png06.24.17465.65 kB
pilotamilitare.png10.21.16149.25 kB
Thumbs.db06.27.1770.00 kB
timone.png06.22.1740.61 kB
timone_NML.png06.22.1744.49 kB
Stearman_icon11.png06.28.17260.80 kB
Stearman_icon11_thumb.png06.28.1724.18 kB
Stearman_prop_disc_2.png10.19.1668.95 kB
objects07.09.170 B
9c.png06.22.17138.44 kB
9c_nml.png06.22.176.55 kB
ala.obj06.29.17951.83 kB
ALA.png06.24.17743.11 kB
ala_NML.png06.24.17246.27 kB
antenna.obj01.27.1628.91 kB
antenna.png01.27.167.08 kB
carrello.obj06.28.17373.66 kB
carrello.png06.22.17678.64 kB
carrello_NML.png06.28.17114.43 kB
dentro.obj01.30.12921.30 kB
dentro.png06.29.1782.03 kB
elica.obj06.22.17393.33 kB
fuso.obj06.29.17951.63 kB
FUSO.png06.24.17919.68 kB
FUSO_nml.png06.24.17465.65 kB
motore.obj06.22.176.61 MB
pilota.obj03.07.081.63 MB
pilotamilitare.png01.14.16129.91 kB
ruotino.obj06.22.1787.17 kB
tailwheel.png06.22.1712.37 kB
tailwheel_NML.png06.22.1716.34 kB
Thumbs.db06.29.17204.00 kB
timone.obj06.22.17138.33 kB
timone.png06.22.1784.46 kB
timone_NML.png06.22.1744.49 kB
sounds07.09.170 B
contact07.09.170 B
Stearman boom.WAV05.13.9739.79 kB
Stearman lrun.WAV05.13.975.30 kB
engine07.09.170 B
Stearman engn1.wav01.18.03522.88 kB
Stearman engn2.wav06.13.00579.52 kB
Stearman eng_STRT.wav07.25.0286.31 kB
Stearman star1.WAV07.25.0286.31 kB
Stearman.acf07.09.171.62 MB
Stearman.acf~ MB
Stearman_cockpit.obj01.25.16522.85 kB
Stearman_cockpit.png06.29.1746.70 kB
Stearman_icon.png01.27.16130.54 kB
Stearman_icon11.png06.28.17260.01 kB
Stearman_icon11_thumb.png06.28.1723.67 kB
Stearman_prefs.txt06.29.17211 B
Stearman_prop_disc_2.png06.10.1758.78 kB
Thumbs.db06.29.1763.00 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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