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Preview Me 321 B-1 for v10.05rc1 and v9.7

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Me 321 B-1 for v10.05rc1 and v9.7

Screenshot of Me 321B-1 in flight.

Screenshot of Me 321B-1 in flight.

I have included v9.7 files in a folder named V9.7 CONVERSION. Replace the respective folders and files with the ones in the v9.7 folder.

Tibozeboss made a He 111Z Zwilling to go with this aircraft.

The Me 321 was the largest military glider ever built. Over 100 were built and was modified into the powered Me 323 Gigant. Both the 323 and 321 were big and could take many hits but were slow, making them easy prey for Allied fighters. None of the types lasted we think past April 1944.

The Me 321 B-1 was the second version of the Me 321 assault glider; A-1 was a single seat cockpit, B-1 was a two seat cockpit; designed specifically for Operation Sea Lion, the invasion of England. It could be towed by either 3 Bf-110s, 3 He-111s, or a modified He-111 called the He-111 Zwilling.

Besides the towplanes the aircraft would carry rocket pods to help generate air speed. A disaster did in fact happen when a rocket pod failed to ignite, causing a violent yaw taking out all the Bf-110 towcraft and all lives lost.
Overall the Me 321 probably could be considered a combat failure. As with other German aircraft such as the Ju-52, Ju-87, and the Me 323, it was too slow for combat conditions. It was great at heavy lifting, in fact the clam-shell door design is still used in modern cargo aircraft.

Speedbrakes open clam-shell doors.

Me 321B-1 in the air over water.

Me 321B-1 in the air over water.

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airfoils05.04.120 B
Me321.afl04.07.1225.21 kB
cockpit05.04.120 B
-PANELS-05.04.120 B
panel.png04.27.12345.08 kB
Me 321 B-1.acf05.03.121.45 MB
Me 321 B-1_cockpit.obj05.03.12365.60 kB
objects05.04.120 B
me321.obj04.30.122.98 MB
Me-321.png04.23.12663.90 kB
V9 CONVERSION 32105.04.120 B
airfoils05.04.120 B
me321.afl05.03.1225.23 kB
Me 321 B-1.acf05.03.122.46 MB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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Robert BackTue, 06 Aug 2013 20:17:13 GMT

Nice plane! Thanks And it have a 3D cockpit! :D

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