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PreviewThe Bleriot XI is a French aircraft of the pioneer era of aviation. The first example was used by Louis Bleriot to make the first flight across the English Channel in a heavier-than-air aircraft, on 25 July 1909. It was produced in both single- and two-seat versions, powered by several different ...

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The Bleriot XI is a French aircraft of the pioneer era of aviation. The first example was used by Louis Bleriot to make the first flight across the English Channel in a heavier-than-air aircraft, on 25 July 1909. It was produced in both single- and two-seat versions, powered by several different engines, and was widely used for competition and training purposes.

Bleriot XI in X-Plane 11.Military versions were bought by many countries, continuing in service until after the outbreak of World War I in 1914. Two restored examples, one in the United Kingdom and one in the United States - of original Bleriot XI aircraft are thought to be the two oldest flyable aircraft in the world.

Many thanks to Beber for the use of his pilot.

Pilot Notes:

The Bleriot series of monoplanes evolved quite a bit through their lifetime. This particular example is based on the one at Brooklands, but I have fitted it with a 7 cyl rotary Monosoupape.

It easy to fly, start the engine and lift off about 43kts. It will very gently stall at about 39kts with a max speed of 81kts.

There are no brakes or instruments, it didn’t have any (apart from a fuel cock and a magneto switch). I benefit from Bebers WW1 pilot.

Most of what you see was built in ViaCAD and passed through Sketchup for texturing and export to OBJ8 format. The wing, wheels, and prop plus fuel tank and seat are standard Planemaker (other important bits are invisible). About 4 days effort in all.

Developer: Ray Hill.

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Bleriot XI04.23.190 B
airfoils04.22.190 B
Bleriotwing.afl04.20.1924.46 kB
Flat Plate (very thin).afl04.07.1924.46 kB
Bleriot.acf04.22.19886.01 kB
Bleriot.acf~04.22.19884.83 kB
Bleriot_2.png04.22.191.12 MB
Bleriot_icon11.png04.22.1995.54 kB
Bleriot_icon11_thumb.png04.22.1911.07 kB
Bleriot_paint.paint04.22.197.42 MB
Bleriot_paint.png04.22.1978.81 kB
Bleriot_paint2.png04.17.191.19 kB
Bleriot_prefs.txt04.22.19387 B
FILE_ID.DIZ04.23.19829 B
Gnome Monosoupape copy.obj04.17.1938.98 MB
image1.jpg04.23.19380.76 kB
image2.jpg04.23.19506.44 kB
IMG_2612.JPG04.20.191.20 MB
objects04.22.190 B
Black.png04.08.196.55 kB
Bleriot_paint.png04.22.1978.81 kB
buff.png04.08.196.55 kB
buffwriting.paint04.22.191.02 MB
buffwriting.png04.22.1934.59 kB
dirtyengine.paint04.21.1917.65 kB
dirtyengine.png04.21.1973.65 kB
elerudder.png04.22.19318.00 kB
elevator.obj04.22.1980.34 kB
elevator.skp04.22.19414.14 kB
elevator.vcp04.22.1922.00 kB
enginetext.png04.16.19249.78 kB
fcoverpt.obj04.22.195.79 kB
fcoverpt.skp04.22.1930.45 kB
fcoverpt.vcp04.22.199.40 kB
fcoverstb.obj04.22.196.60 kB
fcoverstb.skp04.22.1928.54 kB
fcoverstb.vcp04.22.1910.72 kB
fuse.obj04.21.19669.53 kB
fuse.skp04.21.191.13 MB
fuse.vcp04.22.1931.47 MB
fusecover.obj04.20.1918.44 kB
fusecover.skp04.20.1953.03 kB
fusecover.vcp04.22.1973.90 kB
fusecover~.skp04.20.1932.21 kB
fusewires.obj04.21.191.79 MB
fusewires.skp04.21.192.59 MB
fusewires.vcp04.21.191.20 MB
fusewires~.skp04.21.192.58 MB
fuse~.skp04.21.193.35 MB
Gnome Monosoupape.obj04.21.1919.76 MB
Gnome Monosoupape.skp04.21.1940.93 MB
Gnome Monosoupape.vcp04.17.1935.53 MB
Gnome Monosoupape~.skp04.21.1941.10 MB
rcoverpt.obj04.22.192.92 kB
rcoverpt.skp04.22.1933.60 kB
rcoverpt.vcp04.22.1910.75 kB
rcoverstb.obj04.22.192.99 kB
rcoverstb.skp04.22.1934.15 kB
rcoverstb.vcp04.22.1919.30 kB
rudder.obj04.22.19143.03 kB
rudder.png04.22.19318.00 kB
rudder.skp04.22.19225.13 kB
rudder.vcp04.22.1957.35 kB
rudder~.skp04.22.19225.48 kB
sidepanel.paint04.22.191.27 MB
sidepanel.png04.22.1910.75 kB
sidepanelrear.paint04.22.199.70 kB
sidepanelrear.png04.22.1914.90 kB
silver.png04.05.196.55 kB
spruce.png04.08.196.55 kB
stick.obj04.22.19168.09 kB
stick.skp04.22.19299.44 kB
stick.vcp04.22.1913.79 kB
tailplane.obj04.22.1931.53 kB
tailplane.skp04.22.19363.42 kB
tailplane.vcp04.22.1941.74 kB
template.vcp04.20.1923.02 MB
ucframe.obj04.22.191.57 MB
ucframe.skp04.22.192.12 MB
ucframe.vcp04.22.191011.44 kB
ucframe~.skp04.22.192.11 MB
ucgrey.png04.18.196.55 kB
varnishedwood.png04.07.19374.43 kB
wingwires.obj04.22.19525.33 kB
wingwires.skp04.22.19635.28 kB
wingwires.vcp04.22.1957.66 kB
ww1_pilot.obj04.09.19406.72 kB
ww1_pilot.png10.22.07310.61 kB
pilotsnotes.txt04.22.19750 B
wirewheel.paint04.21.1992.57 kB
wirewheel.png04.21.1944.46 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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