FSX Project Opensky Boeing 747-400 Complete

PreviewProject Opensky B747-400 recovery package for Microsoft Flight Simulator X/Lockheed Martin Prepar3D.

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Complete with Base Model
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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
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Project Opensky B747-400 recovery package for Microsoft Flight Simulator X/Lockheed Martin Prepar3D.

POSKY 747 in flight.Includes all FSX base models plus liveries, paint kits, panels, etc.

Recovered from the "Wayback Machine" website.

I will not be adding FS2004 native model base packs to the file, due to the dwindling simmers currently using Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century Of Flight. However, I will consider doing a similar compilation based on this package.

I decided to save the FSX Base models, due to the fact that it's getting very difficult to access these files, as well as the annoying redirects. Therefore, to save everyone the hassle of dealing with this, I've decided to collect this all into one package, complete with liveries, FDE's, XML Files, Paint kits, panel files, and essential textures.

I will also be adding the replacement GateGourmet GSU Files, along with the Virtual Cockpit textures from the original (and disgustingly modeled) FSX 747-400.

No support is provided for these files.

How to use/install

  1. Install the FS2004's 747V4A Aircraft to FSX
  2. Copy model folder to the installed aircraft's folder (Will replace the Model.cfg and copies MDL file)
  3. At least update
    1. Panel/Posky744 folder's
    2. PkyLeftgearheight.xml
    3. PkyRightgearheight.xml
    4. PkyNosegearheight.xml

Original files by POSKY.

Repackaged from files sourced from Internet Archive by: Hiroshi Igami.

Images & Screenshots

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The archive posky_747_fsx_p3d_base_models.zip has 110 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Posky 747 FSX Base Models05.23.190 B
-40005.23.190 B
Base Models05.23.190 B
COMMON VC Textures05.23.190 B
B747_400_1_C.dds09.04.06682.79 kB
B747_400_2_C.dds09.04.06682.79 kB
B747_400_3_C.dds09.04.06682.79 kB
B747_400_4_C.dds09.04.06682.79 kB
B747_400_5_C.dds09.04.06170.79 kB
B747_400_6_C.dds09.04.06170.79 kB
B747_400_7_C.dds09.04.06170.79 kB
B747_400_interior.dds09.04.06170.79 kB
B747_400_reflection.dds09.04.06170.79 kB
Fresnel_Ramp.dds09.04.06640 B
fresnel_ramp_1.dds09.04.06640 B
COMMON GateGourmet GSU Textures (Passenger Only)05.23.190 B
Os_ct2_l.bmp03.25.071.07 kB
Os_ct2_t.bmp03.21.111.00 MB
Os_ct3_l.bmp03.25.071.07 kB
Os_ct3_t.bmp03.21.111.00 MB
Os_ct_l.bmp03.25.071.07 kB
Os_ct_t.bmp03.21.111.00 MB
Os_st2_l.bmp03.30.07256.07 kB
Os_st2_t.bmp03.21.111.00 MB
Os_st_l.bmp03.25.071.07 kB
Os_st_t.bmp03.21.111.00 MB
Os_wt500e_l.bmp03.21.111.00 MB
Os_wt500e_t.bmp03.21.111.00 MB
Converted Freighter05.23.190 B
FSX - 747-400BCF CF6-80 (OSX744BCFV4_CF6-80).ZIP05.23.19988.97 kB
FSX - 747-400BCF PW4000 (OSX744BCFV4_PW4000).ZIP05.23.19981.96 kB
FSX - 747-400BCF RB211-524G (OSX744BCFV4_RB211-524G).ZIP05.23.19997.70 kB
Domestic05.23.190 B
FSX - 747-400D CF6-80 (OSX744DV4_CF6-80).ZIP05.23.19961.33 kB
Freighter05.23.190 B
FSX - 747-400F CF6-80 (OSX744FV4_CF6-80).ZIP05.23.191007.32 kB
FSX - 747-400F PW4000 (OSX744FV4_PW4000).ZIP05.23.191000.59 kB
FSX - 747-400F RB211-524G (OSX744FV4_RB211-524G).ZIP05.23.191015.83 kB
Large Cargo Freighter05.23.190 B
FSX - 747-400LCF PW4000 (OSX744LCFV4_PW4000) Cockpit Window Fixed.ZIP05.23.19917.88 kB
Mixed05.23.190 B
FSX - 747-400M CF6-80 (OSX744MV4_CF6-80).ZIP05.23.191006.13 kB
FSX - 747-400M PW4000 (OSX744MV4_PW4000).ZIP05.23.19999.29 kB
FSX - 747-400M RB211-524G (OSX744MV4_RB211-524G).ZIP05.23.191014.89 kB
Passenger05.23.190 B
FSX - 747-400 CF6-80 (OSX744V4_CF6-80).ZIP05.23.19974.73 kB
FSX - 747-400 PW4000 (OSX744V4_PW4000).ZIP05.23.19968.93 kB
FSX - 747-400 RB211-524G (OSX744V4_RB211-524G).ZIP05.23.19982.94 kB
FDE Packages05.23.190 B
Version 9.7, Revision D (FS9-FSX).zip05.23.196.87 MB
Version 9.7, Revision D [Supplement-Upgrade].zip05.23.195.76 kB
GSU Texture Set05.23.190 B
GSU_TEXTURESET Rev A ... Just incase doesn't have.ZIP05.23.19501.11 kB
Liveries05.23.190 B
Aerolineas Argentinas.zip05.23.1913.44 MB
Air China.zip05.23.1910.58 MB
Air France.zip05.23.1914.02 MB
Air Namibia V5-NMA.zip05.23.1913.51 MB
Air New Zealand.zip05.23.1919.48 MB
All Nippon Airways - New Color.zip05.23.1911.72 MB
Boeing Bare Metal Rollout Livery.zip05.23.1911.59 MB
Boeing Dreamliner (F).zip05.23.1911.61 MB
Boeing Dreamliner.zip05.23.1911.38 MB
British Airways Landor - Utopia Interim.zip05.23.1911.19 MB
British Airways Landor.zip05.23.1911.33 MB
Cathay Pacific Bare Metal Convert (BCF).zip05.23.1917.32 MB
China Airlines Dreamliner.zip05.23.1913.80 MB
Corsairfly.zip05.23.1910.66 MB
Dream Lifter.zip05.23.198.82 MB
El Al Israel Airlines.zip05.23.1910.67 MB
Emirates Sky Cargo.zip05.23.1914.86 MB
EVA Air 747-400 Mix.zip05.23.1911.81 MB
Guggenheim Aviation Partners (F).zip05.23.1910.88 MB
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.zip05.23.1914.08 MB
Lufthansa.zip05.23.1912.50 MB
Martinair Cargo BCF.zip05.23.191.79 MB
Oman- Royal flight.zip05.23.1912.50 MB
Saudi Arabian.zip05.23.1910.51 MB
Thai Airways International - Purple Stripes.zip05.23.1911.92 MB
Thai Airways OC.zip05.23.1913.88 MB
Thai Airways.zip05.23.1913.72 MB
United Airlines NC Photoreal.zip05.23.1911.59 MB
United Airlines NOC.zip05.23.1911.90 MB
United Parcel Service 747-45EM BCF.zip05.23.1913.78 MB
Paintkit05.23.190 B
B747-400 V4 Paint Kit Basic Pack.zip05.23.1918.07 MB
B747-400 V4 Paint Kit Optional Pack for Freighters.zip05.23.199.57 MB
Paint kit for LCF.zip05.23.195.09 MB
Panel Packages05.23.190 B
747V4A Posky AutoBrake Panel v1.3.zip05.23.1929.20 kB
747V4A Utility Panel V1.1 Added LE Option.ZIP05.23.1912.10 kB
XML Gauges05.23.190 B
XML Gauge) 747V4ASP3A Towing car turn when Auto Rudder is On.zip05.23.19869 B
XML Guage) 747F Nose logo Show-Hide control.ZIP05.23.1915.55 kB
XML Guage) 747V4ASP3A (Option Antenna Show-Hide).ZIP05.23.1963.71 kB
Adam Hamada Wingflex05.24.190 B
Installation.txt05.24.19844 B
Pky4WINGFLEX.xml05.24.195.13 kB
Prepar3D Previews05.23.190 B
2019-5-18_17-3-13-350.png05.18.19376.87 kB
2019-5-18_19-18-22-132.png05.18.19931.94 kB
2019-5-18_19-33-32-85.png05.18.19645.59 kB
2019-5-18_19-33-43-445.png05.18.19560.59 kB
2019-5-8_19-56-36-398.png05.08.191.77 MB
2019-5-8_20-5-15-118.png05.08.191.71 MB
2019-5-8_20-8-52-305.png05.08.191.46 MB
Preview.png05.08.191.46 MB
Readme.txt05.24.191.93 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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Charles BayerWed, 21 Feb 2024 11:43:39 GMT

One day, all the other variants will get a FSX conversion.

Varun GuptaSun, 28 Jun 2020 08:09:49 GMT

I have no idea how to install this. The instructions don't seem to be clear. I managed to install the liveries but have no idea about the rest. Could someone please explain? Thanks.

Duc NgoTue, 12 Nov 2019 10:37:49 GMT

Does it have Virtual Cockpit, if it does, does it looks like the VC of the old Boeing 747 in FSX?

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