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PreviewA stunning replacement scenery mod for Stockholm, Sweden overriding the default Microsoft offering in the sim.  With great feedback from users so far, this replacement is touted as "much better" than the default scenery offers.  Developed by the well-known Thalixte.  Compatible with all versio...

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A stunning replacement scenery mod for Stockholm, Sweden overriding the default Microsoft offering in the sim.  With great feedback from users so far, this replacement is touted as "much better" than the default scenery offers.  Developed by the well-known Thalixte.  Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) 2020 release.

A DC-3 flying over Stockholm city in Microsoft Flight Simulator after installing the scenery mod.This pack for MSFS is the second version released by the developer for Stockholm, with a new title of "Enhanced". 

Essentially, this new version brings the following new features to the scenery pack;

  • A much better blending between the replaced scenery and the default Microsoft/Asobo ground textures at the edges of the scenery area covered (around Stockholm).
  • Extra and more dense auto-gen trees and vegetation in the scenery using accurate height maps all based on a 5m precision.
  • Better coloring of the ground textures (colorimetry) which was helped by an external developer (OJO).
  • The tiles have been "laser cut" to remove areas such as woods, forests, and some water.

The entire area and city of Stockholm have been recreated in this pack using external sources and will replace the default Microsoft scenery.  It has received good feedback from users on other flight sim websites so we thought you at Fly Away Simulation would enjoy this pack.

The scenery has been created using a method called photogrammetry which essentially covers both the ground textures and 3D object modeling along with textures of those too.  Buildings are included as well as high-resolution photorealistic terrain based on the latest satellite data.

Complete Pack

The freeware release available from Fly Away Simulation includes all packs needed to experience the whole scenery area of Stockholm, Sweden as envisioned by the developer.  Some other sites that list this file release it in parts.  The one you download from here will include all parts (1-2) and is a complete, single download pack with no need to source or search for additional files or releases.  It's a complete package with a single download.  The developer originally released this scenery in 2 parts - they are all included.

This is a very large download and while it's easy to download (all in one pack), we recommend a download manager should your connection get interrupted.

Finding the scenery

If using simply GPS, the coordinates for the center of Stockholm are: 59.3293° N, 18.0686° E

Best Airports to Fly From/To

If you're wanting to start/stop flights at airports in and around the scenery coverage area, the best places to take off from and land at are;

Airports including smaller airfields are:

  • Arlanda airport (ARN) - Sigtuna Municipality (ESSA)
  • Bromma airport (BMA) - Bromma (ESSB)
  • Skavsta airport (NYO) - Nyköping Municipality (ESKN)
  • Vasteras airport (VST) - Västerås (ESOW)


Installation is easy.  Simply extract the downloaded archive and move both of the folders (2 of them) inside the Scenery folder (thalixte-stockholm1 and thalixte-stockholm2) into your Microsoft Flight Simulator community folder.  It's important to note that both folders need to be present in order for this scenery to work.

If you have a previous version of this scenery, it's important to remove it first by deleting it from your MSFS community folder.

Images & Screenshots

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About the Developer: Thalixte

This mod was developed by Thalixte.

Thalixte is a developer that has focused on creating photogrammetry and scenery packs for the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) 2020 release.  All of this developer's releases have received fantastic feedback from many users on various flight sim websites including Fly Away Simulation.

Based in France, the developer tends to focus on creation of European packs however some "further afield" packs have also been created.


Donate to Developer.

The developer of this mod/add-on (Thalixte) has worked hard in order to produce this freeware creation. If you enjoy and make use of this release, why not donate to the developer to help support their projects?

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Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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Peter LambertSun, 15 Jan 2023 22:38:28 GMT

Wow, what an increase of detail both inside and around the Stockholm region. Stunning pack. While the usual photogrammetry perks are included (jaggedy buildings) I must confirm it's MUCH better than the default scenery!

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