X-Plane Ireland Complete Photoreal (Ortho) Scenery

PreviewA fully complete orthophoto scenery package (photoreal) covering the entire country of Ireland, Europe.  A first for Ireland in X-Plane and (from what we believe) the only release of an orthophoto scenery covering Ireland itself.  Developed by Verticalsim and released as complete freeware under...

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A fully complete orthophoto scenery package (photoreal) covering the entire country of Ireland, Europe.  A first for Ireland in X-Plane and (from what we believe) the only release of an orthophoto scenery covering Ireland itself.  Developed by Verticalsim and released as complete freeware under their VOrthos series, this scenery is free to download and use.

Image shows a light aircraft flying over Ireland after installing this scenery pack in the latest X-Plane 12.This scenery pack was tested and run in X-Plane 12.  The screenshots below and the video were also shot in the latest X-Plane 12 however this package is fully compatible (and was originally released for X-Plane 11).

All of the files are already in DDS format so there is no need for any conversion and lengthy compiling before taking to the skies.  While the file size is large, the improvements to ground terrain and scenery are worth it.

This pack is also compatible with an HD mesh scenery pack (and we recommend it).  You can grab that here (and it's best to install it before this scenery) - however, this is optional and you can run this Ireland coverage just fine with the default XP12/XP11 mesh that's included out of the box.

All of the imagery used in this add-on is based on real-world satellite data/images and is accurate and true to life.  Ground detailing is exceptional and by using this pack, you can see what Ireland really looks like.  The default X-Plane terrain is based on textures and tiles used worldwide and doesn't always reflect what the actual country looks like.  When using photoreal (or ortho) imagery, you get a true depiction of the country and the terrain below you.

Many ortho scenery packs look great from up high but lack when you fly low and slow.  We tested this pack with low-and-slow and you can see the imagery still looks crisp and accurate from the screenshots below.  It uses a higher-definition image source.

Some famous scenic areas include;

  • Cliffs of Moher
  • Rock of Cashel
  • Mourne Mountains
  • Sliabh Liag (Slieve League)
  • Adare
  • The Wild Atlantic Way
  • The Nine Glens of Antrim
  • Ireland’s Eye
  • Glendalough
  • Cobh
  • Connemara National Park
  • Glen of Aherlow Tipperary
  • Kilkee, County Clare

All of the areas listed above are included in this scenery pack in stunning HD detail.

Some great airports/airfields to start from (in the sim) in order to view this stunning scenery are;


These are major (international) airports that are suitable for larger jet aircraft.

  • Dublin Airport - Collinstown, Fingal (EIDW)
  • Cork Airport - Cork City (EICK)
  • Shannon Airport - Shannon, County Clare (EINN)
  • Ireland West Airport Knock - Charlestown, County Mayo (EIKN)

General/More Rural

Below are some more general aviation/rural airfields that possibly bring you closer to the famous scenic area listed above.

  • Abbeyfeale Aerodrome - Munster, County Limerick (EIRE)
  • Athboy Aerodrome - Leinster, County Meath (EIMH)
  • Belmullet Aerodrome - Connacht, County Mayo (EIBT)
  • Clonbullogue Aerodrome - Leinster, County Offaly (EICL)
  • Connemara Airport (Minna Airport) - Connacht, County Galway (EICA)
  • Coonagh Aerodrome - Munster, County Limerick (EICN)
  • Erinagh Aerodrome - Munster, County Tipperary (EIER)

All of the above airports are available to start from in X-Plane based on their ICAO code or airport name. 

About the Scenery

All of the scenery in this pack has been generated from accurate satellite imagery and has been post-processed to ensure atmospheric effects and distortions have been corrected as much as possible for the most realistic depiction in X-Plane.  The files have already been converted into a format X-Plane accepts and understands.

Both the video above and the screenshots below were captured, shot, and produced in the latest X-Plane 12.  However, this entire scenery pack is compatible with the previous X-Plane 11 version.

The scenery is a very large download and we also recommend a decent mesh add-on to complement the scenery. AlpilotX has released a UHD version that covers the areas required for Utah and you can find that here.


These photorealistic files have already been pre-built (or pre-compiled) into the DDS format ready for X-Plane. While they make the package larger and download times longer, we find users prefer this over having to convert the files themselves manually. The archive has been zipped using higher compression which slightly overcomes the larger uncompressed DDS format.

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4Screenshot 5Screenshot 6Screenshot 7Screenshot 8Screenshot 9Screenshot 10Screenshot 11Screenshot 12Screenshot 13Screenshot 14Screenshot 15Screenshot 16Screenshot 17Screenshot 18Screenshot 19Screenshot 20Screenshot 21Screenshot 22Screenshot 23Screenshot 24Screenshot 25Screenshot 26Screenshot 27Screenshot 28Screenshot 29Screenshot 30Screenshot 31Screenshot 32Screenshot 33Screenshot 34Screenshot 35
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About the Developer: Verticalsim

This mod was developed by Verticalsim.

Verticalsim, developers of flight sim add-ons and mods for the entire range of simulators including Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) 2020 release, X-Plane, and more mainly produce payware quality add-ons however they have released a selection of their creations as complete freeware - which makes them free to download and use.

They mainly focus on creating scenery add-ons and airports for various flight sim packages.

The selection of freeware releases available from this developer on Fly Away Simulation are completely free to download and use and the developer has announced they may be released online.


Donate to Developer.

Currently, the developer does not publish a public donation page. If this changes we will add it here.

Are you the developer and want to add a donation link? Please contact us here.

The archive x-plane-12-ortho-ireland.zip has 8709 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url08.22.1952 B
Screenshots12.07.220 B
screen-1.jpg12.07.223.97 MB
screen-10.jpg12.07.227.15 MB
screen-11.jpg12.07.228.12 MB
screen-12.jpg12.07.224.36 MB
screen-13.jpg12.07.224.69 MB
screen-14.jpg12.07.222.68 MB
screen-15.jpg12.07.225.50 MB
screen-16.jpg12.07.225.06 MB
screen-17.jpg12.07.226.20 MB
screen-18.jpg12.07.223.39 MB
screen-19.jpg12.07.225.13 MB
screen-2.jpg12.07.224.82 MB
screen-20.jpg12.07.226.20 MB
screen-21.jpg12.07.225.97 MB
screen-22.jpg12.07.224.60 MB
screen-23.jpg12.07.226.18 MB
screen-24.jpg12.07.226.04 MB
screen-25.jpg12.07.226.32 MB
screen-26.jpg12.07.223.02 MB
screen-27.jpg12.07.226.02 MB
screen-28.jpg12.07.225.51 MB
screen-29.jpg12.07.225.72 MB
screen-3.jpg12.07.223.95 MB
screen-30.jpg12.07.223.22 MB
screen-31.jpg12.07.222.46 MB
screen-32.jpg12.07.223.39 MB
screen-33.jpg12.07.222.65 MB
screen-34.jpg12.07.225.55 MB
screen-35.jpg12.07.225.76 MB
screen-4.jpg12.07.224.69 MB
screen-5.jpg12.07.226.59 MB
screen-6.jpg12.07.225.82 MB
screen-7.jpg12.07.226.62 MB
screen-8.jpg12.07.224.86 MB
screen-9.jpg12.07.226.30 MB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.02.201.20 kB
yOrtho4XP_Overlays03.21.190 B
Earth nav data07.05.200 B
+50-01007.05.200 B
+51-008.dsf07.05.2082.15 kB
+51-009.dsf07.05.201.47 MB
+51-010.dsf07.05.20950.92 kB
+52-007.dsf07.05.201.67 MB
+52-008.dsf07.05.201.90 MB
+52-009.dsf07.05.202.05 MB
+52-010.dsf07.05.201.28 MB
+53-007.dsf07.05.204.56 MB
+53-008.dsf07.05.201.88 MB
+53-009.dsf07.05.201.64 MB
+53-010.dsf07.05.201.14 MB
+54-006.dsf07.05.201.86 MB
+54-007.dsf07.05.202.81 MB
+54-008.dsf07.05.201.90 MB
+54-009.dsf07.05.201.03 MB
+54-010.dsf07.05.20329.14 kB
+55-006.dsf07.05.20351.51 kB
+55-007.dsf07.05.20537.01 kB
+55-008.dsf07.05.20580.59 kB
+55-009.dsf07.05.2090.01 kB
+50-02007.05.200 B
+51-011.dsf07.05.20130.25 kB
+52-011.dsf07.05.20112.62 kB
+53-011.dsf07.05.2061.66 kB
+54-011.dsf07.05.2016.12 kB
zVCountries_Ireland11.29.220 B
Earth nav data07.03.200 B
+50-01007.03.200 B
+51-008.dsf07.03.201.30 MB
+51-008.dsf.bak07.02.201.30 MB
+51-009.dsf07.03.209.38 MB
+51-009.dsf.bak07.02.209.38 MB
+51-010.dsf07.03.2013.00 MB
+51-010.dsf.bak07.02.2013.00 MB
+52-007.dsf07.03.2011.04 MB
+52-007.dsf.bak07.02.2011.04 MB
+52-008.dsf07.03.2012.07 MB
+52-008.dsf.bak07.02.2012.07 MB
+52-009.dsf07.03.2012.02 MB
+52-009.dsf.bak07.02.2012.02 MB
+52-010.dsf07.03.2010.63 MB
+52-010.dsf.bak07.02.2010.63 MB
+53-007.dsf07.03.2015.31 MB
+53-007.dsf.bak07.02.2015.31 MB
+53-008.dsf07.03.2013.25 MB
+53-008.dsf.bak07.02.2013.25 MB
+53-009.dsf07.03.2013.14 MB
+53-009.dsf.bak07.02.2013.14 MB
+53-010.dsf07.03.2032.63 MB
+53-010.dsf.bak07.02.2032.63 MB
+54-006.dsf07.03.209.88 MB
+54-006.dsf.bak07.02.209.88 MB
+54-007.dsf07.03.2015.44 MB
+54-007.dsf.bak07.02.2015.44 MB
+54-008.dsf07.03.2017.29 MB
+54-008.dsf.bak07.02.2017.29 MB
+54-009.dsf07.03.2020.08 MB
+54-009.dsf.bak07.02.2020.08 MB
+54-010.dsf07.03.207.72 MB
+54-010.dsf.bak07.02.207.72 MB
+55-006.dsf07.03.2010.85 MB
+55-006.dsf.bak07.02.2010.85 MB
+55-007.dsf07.03.208.53 MB
+55-007.dsf.bak07.02.208.53 MB
+55-008.dsf07.03.208.40 MB
+55-008.dsf.bak07.02.208.40 MB
+55-009.dsf07.03.202.94 MB
+55-009.dsf.bak07.02.202.94 MB
+50-02007.03.200 B
+52-011.dsf07.03.203.05 MB
+52-011.dsf.bak07.02.203.05 MB
+53-011.dsf07.03.205.40 MB
+53-011.dsf.bak07.02.205.40 MB
+54-011.dsf07.03.201.24 MB
+54-011.dsf.bak07.02.201.24 MB
terrain07.03.200 B
169696_252928_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169696_252944_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169696_252960_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169696_252976_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169696_252992_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169696_252992_BI19_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20127 B
169696_253008_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169696_253008_BI19_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20127 B
169696_253024_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169696_253040_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169696_253056_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169696_253072_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169712_252928_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169712_252944_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169712_252960_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169712_252976_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169712_252992_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169712_253008_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169712_253024_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169712_253040_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169712_253056_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169712_253072_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169728_252928_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169728_252944_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169728_252960_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169728_252976_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169728_252992_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169728_253008_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169728_253024_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169728_253040_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169728_253056_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169728_253072_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169744_252928_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169744_252944_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169744_252960_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169744_252976_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169744_252992_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169744_253008_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169744_253024_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169744_253040_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169744_253056_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169744_253072_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169760_252928_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169760_252944_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169760_252960_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169760_252976_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169760_252992_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169760_253008_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169760_253024_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169760_253040_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169760_253056_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169760_253072_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169776_252928_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169776_252944_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169776_252960_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169776_252976_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169776_252992_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169776_253008_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169776_253024_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169776_253040_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169776_253056_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
169776_253072_BI19.ter07.03.20121 B
20400_31616_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20400_31616_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20400_31632_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20400_31632_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20400_31664_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20400_31664_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20400_31680_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20400_31680_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20400_31696_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20400_31696_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20400_31728_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20400_31728_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20400_31744_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20400_31744_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20400_31760_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20400_31760_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20400_31776_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20400_31776_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20400_31792_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20400_31792_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20400_31808_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20400_31808_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20400_31824_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20400_31824_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20400_31840_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20400_31840_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20400_31856_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20416_31632_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20416_31632_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20416_31648_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20416_31648_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20416_31664_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20416_31664_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20416_31680_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20416_31680_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20416_31696_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20416_31696_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20416_31712_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20416_31712_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20416_31728_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20416_31728_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20416_31744_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20416_31744_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20416_31760_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20416_31760_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20416_31776_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20416_31776_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20416_31792_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20416_31792_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20416_31808_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20416_31808_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20416_31824_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20416_31824_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20416_31840_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20416_31840_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20416_31856_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20432_31600_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20432_31600_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20432_31616_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20432_31616_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20432_31632_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20432_31632_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20432_31648_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20432_31648_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20432_31664_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20432_31664_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20432_31680_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20432_31680_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20432_31696_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20432_31696_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20432_31712_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20432_31712_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20432_31728_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20432_31728_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20432_31744_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20432_31744_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20432_31760_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20432_31760_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20432_31776_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20432_31776_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20432_31792_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20432_31792_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20432_31808_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20432_31808_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20432_31824_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20432_31824_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20432_31840_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20432_31840_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20432_31856_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20432_31856_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20448_31584_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20448_31584_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20448_31600_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20448_31600_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20448_31616_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20448_31616_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20448_31632_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20448_31632_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20448_31648_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20448_31648_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20448_31664_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20448_31664_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20448_31680_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20448_31680_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20448_31728_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20448_31728_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20448_31744_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20448_31744_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20448_31760_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20448_31760_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20448_31776_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20448_31776_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20448_31792_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20448_31792_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20448_31808_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20448_31808_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20448_31824_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20448_31824_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20448_31840_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20448_31840_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20448_31856_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20448_31856_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20464_31584_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20464_31584_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20464_31600_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20464_31600_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20464_31616_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20464_31616_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20464_31632_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20464_31632_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20464_31648_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20464_31648_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20464_31664_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20464_31664_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20464_31680_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20464_31680_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20464_31728_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20464_31728_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20464_31744_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20464_31744_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20464_31760_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20464_31760_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20464_31776_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20464_31776_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20464_31792_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20464_31792_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20464_31808_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20464_31808_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20464_31824_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20464_31824_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20464_31840_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20464_31840_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20464_31856_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20464_31856_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20480_31568_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20480_31584_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20480_31584_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20480_31600_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20480_31600_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20480_31616_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20480_31616_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20480_31632_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20480_31632_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20480_31648_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20480_31648_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20480_31664_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20480_31664_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20480_31712_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20480_31712_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20480_31744_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20480_31744_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20480_31760_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20480_31760_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20480_31776_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20480_31776_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20480_31792_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20480_31792_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20480_31824_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20480_31824_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20480_31840_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20480_31840_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20480_31856_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20480_31856_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20496_31568_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20496_31568_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20496_31584_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20496_31584_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20496_31600_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20496_31600_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20496_31616_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20496_31616_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20496_31632_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20496_31632_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20496_31648_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20496_31648_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20496_31664_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20496_31664_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20496_31712_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20496_31712_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20496_31728_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20496_31728_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20496_31744_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20496_31744_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20496_31760_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20496_31760_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20496_31776_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20496_31776_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20496_31792_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20496_31792_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20496_31808_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20496_31808_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20496_31824_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20496_31824_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20496_31840_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20496_31840_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20496_31856_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20496_31856_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20512_31568_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20512_31568_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20512_31584_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20512_31584_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20512_31616_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20512_31616_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20512_31632_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20512_31632_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20512_31648_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20512_31648_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20512_31664_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20512_31664_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20512_31712_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20512_31712_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20512_31728_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20512_31728_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20512_31744_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20512_31744_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20512_31760_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20512_31760_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20512_31776_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20512_31776_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20512_31792_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20512_31792_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20512_31808_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20512_31808_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20512_31824_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20512_31824_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20528_31600_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20528_31600_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20528_31616_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20528_31616_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20528_31632_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20528_31632_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20528_31648_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20528_31648_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20528_31712_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20528_31712_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20528_31728_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20528_31728_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20528_31744_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20528_31744_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20528_31760_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20528_31760_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20528_31776_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20528_31776_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20528_31792_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20528_31792_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20528_31808_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20528_31808_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20528_31824_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20528_31824_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20544_31712_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20544_31712_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20544_31728_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20544_31728_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20544_31744_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20544_31744_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20544_31760_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20544_31760_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20544_31776_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20544_31792_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20544_31792_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20544_31808_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20544_31824_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20544_31824_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20544_31840_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20544_31840_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20560_31712_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20560_31712_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20560_31728_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20560_31728_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20560_31744_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20560_31744_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20560_31760_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20560_31760_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20560_31792_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20560_31792_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20560_31808_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20560_31808_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20560_31824_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20560_31824_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20560_31840_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20560_31840_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20576_31440_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20576_31440_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20576_31712_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20576_31712_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20576_31728_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20576_31728_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20576_31744_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20576_31744_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20576_31760_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20576_31760_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20576_31792_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20576_31792_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20576_31808_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20576_31808_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20576_31824_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20576_31824_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20576_31840_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20576_31840_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20592_31408_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B
20592_31408_BI16_sea_overlay.ter07.03.20126 B
20592_31424_BI16.ter07.03.20120 B


Breaking boundaries and soaring through uncharted territories, Verticalsim has once again demonstrated its commitment to enhancing the flight sim experience with their first comprehensive orthophoto scenery package for Ireland in X-Plane. Its unparalleled realism and unprecedented detail immerse pilots in an engaging world that significantly amplifies the simulation experience.

Preview screenshot

The Orthophoto (photoreal) approach to scenery generation transforms standard ground textures into high-resolution, satellite-based images, thereby crafting a more lifelike and authentic flight environment. These are not mere generic, tile-based textures used universally; instead, they're a true representation of the Irish landscape, where every nuance of the terrain is meticulously captured.

Experience Ireland in its Full Majesty

"The beauty of Ireland, truly encapsulated in this scenic masterpiece, makes the Emerald Isle shine with an unmatched realism."

From the captivating Cliffs of Moher to the enchanting Wild Atlantic Way, this package brings the renowned scenic landmarks of Ireland to your flight simulator, ensuring an immersive and picturesque flying experience. With this scenery pack, the inviting landscapes of Glendalough and the raw, untamed beauty of Connemara National Park are yours to explore from the comfort of your cockpit.

Scenic Takeoffs and Landings

Aerial exploration begins at one's choice of airfields. The package supports major international airports like Dublin Airport (EIDW) and Cork Airport (EICK), offering a wide selection of take-off points. Pilots eager to embark on a more rustic journey may prefer to lift off from general aviation airfields such as Abbeyfeale Aerodrome (EIRE) or Clonbullogue Aerodrome (EICL).

Quality and Compatibility

Each scenery file in this package is supplied in the DDS format, negating the need for laborious conversions or compilations before use. Whether you're a seasoned pilot on X-Plane 11 or recently transitioned to X-Plane 12, you'll appreciate the cross-compatibility offered.

Pairing with HD Mesh Scenery

Verticalsim's Ireland package demonstrates impressive compatibility with HD mesh scenery packs, providing an even more vivid and dynamic visual experience. Although this is optional, it's highly recommended to ensure the terrain contours match the photoreal imagery as closely as possible.

Fly Low and Slow with Confidence

With superior resolution and ground detail, this add-on does not falter when you're flying low and slow. The visual quality remains crisp and accurate, providing a realistic depiction of Ireland from every altitude.

Take Note

Given the high-resolution imagery, the scenery package is substantial in size, implying longer download times. However, the resultant visual splendor makes it well worth the wait. Also, the high compression zip file mitigates some of the download challenges associated with the larger DDS format.

In conclusion, the Ireland package from Verticalsim's VOrthos series is a monumental leap in flight simulator scenery development. The unparalleled realism, comprehensive coverage, and seamless compatibility with the X-Plane platform make this free-to-download and use add-on a must-have for all flight sim enthusiasts.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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CarusoThu, 21 Sep 2023 06:56:45 GMT

Nice scenery. Thanks to the developers. They have put a lot of effort into it. Just a shame they didn't use decals when generating the tiles. This way, when near to the ground, the textures are completely blurred, which kills the immersion and makes it very difficult, to judge how low one flies e.g. when landing with a helicopter or bushplane. Decals would add gritty texturing to the photo textures on the ground.

xbardWed, 06 Sep 2023 12:35:10 GMT

Thank you! Would love to see a UHD version! Thank you again!

layerachimMon, 24 Apr 2023 06:10:26 GMT

Great scenery, only the Cliffs of Moher look a little bit unreal from the seaside.

BriwarTue, 28 Mar 2023 06:50:49 GMT

I take my hat off to the devs who have produced such amazing scenery. Their rendition of Ireland is definitely worthy of any payware. The best compliment that I can pay them is to say that it is up there with the Orbx True Earth payware sceneries for x-plane.

Thank you to these devs for all of their hard work, and for giving us such an amazingly brilliant product. It is now my favorite scenery and works extremely well in both X-plane 11 and X-plane 12. I have now installed it in the new X-plane 12. On my modest computer with an Intel i7 at 3.6ghz, 32gbs of ddr4 memory, Gigabyte RTX 3070 OC version, the scenery is installed on a Western Digital Blue 1 TB PCI ultra-fast SSD HD. I find that I am getting 35–39 fps over Dublin, and 55–60 fps over rural areas on high settings within X-plane 12!!

Please keep up the very good work and thank you.

NoelokMon, 09 Jan 2023 16:33:36 GMT

There is no README file within x-plane-12-ortho-ireland.zip. Did anyone get clear instructions as to how to install the unzipped folder contents? There are three folders: Screenshots, yOrtho4XP_Overlays, and zVCountries_Ireland Do I simply copy those folders into the Custom Scenery folder of my Xplane installation?

Peter LambertSat, 24 Dec 2022 22:18:52 GMT

Well, I've not played with X-Plane much recently because I downloaded MSFS (2020) release. However, I downloaded X-Plane 12 the other week because it was freshly released, and WOW!

While X-Plane 12 brings much more to the table, this scenery pack of my homeland of Ireland really looks amazing in the latest XP12 release.

It's a shame X-Plane didn't shift the ground scenery to satellite/photorealistic the same as Microsoft did - but perhaps they have their reasons for this.

This scenery looks amazing in and around the entire country of Ireland and it's worth the download for sure (even if it it a large download).

What a great scenery pack!

paddy140Sun, 18 Dec 2022 22:54:35 GMT


Could anyone help? I get this error in X-Plane 12

Error, could not locate image file for terrain Custom Scenery/zV/Countries Ireland/terrain/21632 31328 BI16 sea_overlay ter Custor Scenery/2VCountries._Ireland/terrain/ /textures/21632.31328_B116.dds

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