FSX Team GEX Enhanced Autogen World Scenery

PreviewTeam GEX Enhanced Autogen World. This package upgrades 522 world wide autogen building textures and changes the entire FSX world. The enhanced autogen has a much more robust and realistic look from the building surface details, the roof details including roof utilities and weather wear, and, it a...

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
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Team GEX Enhanced Autogen World. This package upgrades 522 world wide autogen building textures and changes the entire FSX world. The enhanced autogen has a much more robust and realistic look from the building surface details, the roof details including roof utilities and weather wear, and, it adds an awesome night lighting enhancement to autogen. This package does not require GEX or any other addon to use. This package can be used with FSX default or any addon which calls the default FSX autogen. The night lighting addition will add entire new level of realism to the FSX default night textures or GEX Enhanced USA/Canada and are a great match for the upcoming GEX Europe release. Please note these are only textures for auto-generated houses, buildings, offices, apartments, etc. and are not the major city skyscrapers and landmarks. There is absolutely no performance loss or performance gain when using these textures which are only for FSX. By Nick Needham and Anthony Vos of Ground Environment X. (See also FSXENAG2.ZIP).

Team GEX Enhanced Autogen World Scenery.

Team GEX Enhanced Autogen World Scenery.



These instructions contain everything you need to know in order to back up, install the enhanced autogen textures and revert back to the FSX defaults.


does not allow pulling files off the DVDs. MAKE SURE you follow the directions and BACK UP the ORIGINAL FSX files noted in case you wish to revert to the originals!


Inside this package you will find:

a. Backup = An empty folder provided for you to manually place the default files in for safe keeping.

b. Images = Some shots of the enhanced autogen in action.

c. Install Autogen Textures = Contains the files needed to upgrade the FSX autogen.

d. KNOWN ISSUES = A folder containing images and a description of issues.

e. FILE_ID.DIZ = A synopsis of the package.

f. README_NOW.TXT = This instruction file.

g. screenshot.jpg or screenshot.gif = Introduction Image.

BACK UP !!!!!!!!!!!

Browse to the main FSX install folder on your system. Many people install FSX to a location other than default. You will have to browse to that location to locate and backup the original files. The default path should be:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator X

In the main FSX directory, COPY and paste the following FOLDER into the provided BACKUP folder in this package:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator X\Texture <---------- COPY THIS FOLDER and PASTE IT in the provided BACKUP folder.


Inside this package, open the folder named:

Install Autogen Textures.

Inside that folder you will find the following directory:


Simply COPY and PASTE the entire TEXTURE folder into the main Flight Simulator X directory. Select YES to allow the process to complete and OVERWRITE the autogen textures in FSX.

Enjoy the new autogen!


Open the BACKUP folder where you placed the original files. (If you did not do that step, you can not restore the default FSX autogen).

Simply COPY and PASTE entire Texture folder into the main Flight Simulator X directory. Select YES to allow the process to complete and restore (overwrite) the enhanced autogen textures.


From Team GEX: Nick Needham and Anthony Vos

Team GEX Enhanced Autogen World Scenery.

Team GEX Enhanced Autogen World Scenery.

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4Screenshot 5Screenshot 6Screenshot 7Screenshot 8

The archive fsx_enag.zip has 540 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
BACKUP12.15.080 B
README.txt12.15.08257 B
Images03.24.240 B
screen-1.jpeg03.24.244.44 MB
screen-2.jpeg03.24.244.78 MB
screen-3.jpeg03.24.246.06 MB
screen-4.jpeg03.24.246.73 MB
screen-5.jpeg03.24.247.73 MB
screen-6.jpeg03.24.248.06 MB
screen-7.jpeg03.24.247.66 MB
screen-8.jpeg03.24.24900.72 kB
Install Autogen Textures12.15.080 B
Texture12.16.080 B
AirportHangars_Large.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
AirportHangars_Large_lm.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
AirportHangars_Medium.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
AirportHangars_Medium_lm.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
AirportHangars_Small.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
AirportHangars_Small_lm.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLDA2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLDA2LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLDA3.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
BLDA3LM.bmp12.15.0842.74 kB
BLDB2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLDB2LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLDB3.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
BLDB3LM.bmp12.15.0842.74 kB
BLDC2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLDC2LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLDC3.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
BLDC3LM.bmp12.15.0842.74 kB
BLDD2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLDD2LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLDD3.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
BLDD3LM.bmp12.15.0842.74 kB
BLDE2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLDE2LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLDE3.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
BLDE3LM.bmp12.15.0842.74 kB
BLDF2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLDF2LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLDF3.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
BLDF3LM.bmp12.15.0842.74 kB
BLDG2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLDG2LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLDG3.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
BLDG3LM.bmp12.15.0842.74 kB
BLDH2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLDH2LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLDH3.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
BLDH3LM.bmp12.15.0842.74 kB
BLDI2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLDI2LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLDI3.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
BLDI3LM.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
BLDJ2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLDJ2LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLDJ3.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
BLDJ3LM.bmp12.15.0842.74 kB
BLDK2LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLDK3.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
BLDK3LM.bmp12.15.0842.74 kB
BLDL2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLDL2LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLDL3.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
BLDL3LM.bmp12.15.0842.74 kB
BLDM2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLDM2LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLDM3.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
BLDM3LM.bmp12.15.0842.74 kB
BLDN2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLDN2LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLDN3.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
BLDN3LM.bmp12.15.0842.74 kB
BLDO2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLDO2LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLDO3.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
BLDO3LM.bmp12.15.0842.74 kB
BLDP2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLDP2LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLDP3.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
BLDP3LM.bmp12.15.0842.74 kB
BLDQ2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLDQ2LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLDQ3.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
BLDQ3LM.bmp12.15.0842.74 kB
BLDR2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLDR2LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLDR3.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
BLDR3LM.bmp12.15.0842.74 kB
BLDRoofB.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLDS2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLDS2LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLDS3.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
BLDS3LM.bmp12.15.0842.74 kB
BLDT2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLDT2LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLDT3.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
BLDT3LM.bmp12.15.0842.74 kB
BLDU2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLDU2LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLDU3.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
BLDU3LM.bmp12.15.0842.74 kB
BLDV2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLDV2LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLDV3.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
BLDV3LM.bmp12.15.0842.74 kB
BLDW2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLDW2LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLDW3.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
BLDW3LM.bmp12.15.0842.74 kB
BLDX2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLDX2LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLDX3.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
BLDX3LM.bmp12.15.0842.74 kB
BLDY2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLDY2LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLDY3.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
BLDY3LM.bmp12.15.0842.74 kB
BLDZ2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLDZ2LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLDZ3.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
BLDZ3LM.bmp12.15.0842.74 kB
BLD_2storyArch_elizabethan_2a.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_2storyArch_elizabethan_2b.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_2storyArch_elizabethan_2c.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_2storyArch_elizabethan_2d.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_2storyArch_elizabethan_2e.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_Africa_Central_1.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Africa_Central_1_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Africa_Central_2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Africa_Central_2_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Africa_South_1.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Africa_South_1_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Africa_South_2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Africa_South_2_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Arctic_1.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Arctic_1_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Arctic_2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Arctic_2_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Asia_Central_1.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Asia_Central_1_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Asia_Central_2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Asia_Central_2_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Asia_Cold-Dry_1_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Asia_Cold-Dry_2_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Asia_ColdDry_1.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Asia_ColdDry_2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Asia_Indian_1.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Asia_Indian_1_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Asia_Indian_2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Asia_Indian_2_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Asia_Industrial_1.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Asia_Industrial_1_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Asia_Industrial_2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Asia_Industrial_2_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Australia_1.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Australia_1_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Australia_2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Australia_2_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Australia_Red_1.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Australia_Red_1_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Australia_Red_2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Australia_Red_2_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_ConcreteBlue_ConcreteBrown.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_ConcreteChipped_ConcreteTan.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_ConcreteGreen_ConcreteMauve.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_ConcreteTan_ConcreteGreen.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_Concrete_Concrete_1.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_Concrete_Concrete_2.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_Concrete_Concrete_3.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_Concrete_Concrete_4.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_Concrete_Concrete_5.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_Eurasia_1.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Eurasia_1_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Eurasia_2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Eurasia_2_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Europe_Central_1.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Europe_Central_1_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Europe_Central_2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Europe_Central_2_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Europe_Mediterranean_East_1.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Europe_Mediterranean_East_1_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Europe_Mediterranean_East_2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Europe_Mediterranean_East_2_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Europe_Mediterranean_West_1.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Europe_Mediterranean_West_1_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Europe_Mediterranean_West_2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Europe_Mediterranean_West_2_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Europe_NorthCentral_1.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Europe_NorthCentral_1_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Europe_NorthCentral_2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Europe_NorthCentral_2_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Europe_North_1.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Europe_North_2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Europe_Northwest_1.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Europe_Northwest_2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Europe_West_1.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Europe_West_1_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Europe_West_2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Europe_West_2_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_FacadeSquare.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_FormaIntense_FormalIntense_5a.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_FormaIntense_FormalIntense_5b.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_FormaIntense_FormalIntense_5c.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_FormaIntense_FormalIntense_5d.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_FormaIntense_FormalIntense_5e.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_FormaMuted_FormalMuted_1.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_FormaMuted_FormalMuted_2.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_FormaMuted_FormalMuted_3.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_FormaMuted_FormalMuted_4.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_Middle_East_1.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Middle_East_1_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Middle_East_2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Middle_East_2_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_ModIndustrial_ModIndustrial_1.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_ModIndustrial_ModIndustrial_2.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_ModIndustrial_ModIndustrial_3.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_ModIndustrial_ModIndustrial_4.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_ModIndustrial_ModIndustrial_5.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_ModStone_ModClapboard_4c.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_ModStone_ModStone_4d.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_ModStone_ModStucco_4a.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_ModStone_ModStucco_4b.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_ModStone_ModStucco_4e.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_North_America_North_1.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_North_America_North_1_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_North_America_North_2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_North_America_North_2_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_North_America_South_1.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_North_America_South_1_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_North_America_South_2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_North_America_South_2_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_North_America_Southwest_1.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_North_America_Southwest_1_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_North_America_Southwest_2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_North_America_Southwest_2_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Roof_Side_L01.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLD_Roof_Top_L01.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLD_South_America_East_1.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_South_America_East_1_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_South_America_East_2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_South_America_East_2_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_South_America_West_1.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_South_America_West_1_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_South_America_West_2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_South_America_West_2_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Stucco50s_Stucco50s_3a.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_Stucco50s_Stucco50s_3b.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_Stucco50s_Stucco50s_3c.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_Stucco50s_Stucco50s_3d.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_Tropical_Pacific_1.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Tropical_Pacific_1_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Tropical_Pacific_2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Tropical_Pacific_2_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Tropics_American_1.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Tropics_American_1_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Tropics_American_2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Tropics_American_2_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Tropics_Asian_1.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Tropics_Asian_1_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Tropics_Asian_2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_Tropics_Asian_2_LM.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
BLD_arched_ornate_1a.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_arched_ornate_1b.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_arched_ornate_1c.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_arched_shutters_2a.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_arched_shutters_2b.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_arched_shutters_2c.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_arched_shutters_2d.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_colonial_1_blue_blue.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_colonial_1_blue_green.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_colonial_1_green_pink.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_colonial_1_grey_grey.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_colonial_1_grey_white.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_colonial_1_pink_adobe.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_colonial_1_yellow_peach.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_roof_side_K01.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLD_roof_side_K01_LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLD_roof_side_K02.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLD_roof_side_K02_LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLD_roof_side_L01_LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLD_roof_side_L02.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLD_roof_side_L02_LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLD_roof_side_O01.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLD_roof_side_O01_LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLD_roof_side_O02.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLD_roof_side_O02_LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLD_roof_top_K01.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLD_roof_top_K01_LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLD_roof_top_K02.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLD_roof_top_K02_LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLD_roof_top_L01_LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLD_roof_top_L02.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLD_roof_top_L02_LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLD_roof_top_O01.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLD_roof_top_O01_LM.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLD_roof_top_O02.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLD_roof_top_O02_lm.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
BLD_stucco_stone_1a.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_stucco_stone_1b.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_stucco_stone_1c.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLD_stucco_stone_1d.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
BLDk2.dds12.14.08682.80 kB
CorrugatedRoof.dds12.14.0810.80 kB
DarkGravelRoof.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
GenericAirportBuildings1.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
LargeAirport.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
LargeAirport_lm.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
LightGravelRoof.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
MediumAirport.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
MediumAirport_lm.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
RoofTopChotchkes.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
ShingleRoof.dds12.14.0810.80 kB
SmallAirport.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
SmallAirport_lm.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
air_tb1_2.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
air_tb1_2_lm.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
air_tb3_4.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
air_tb3_4_lm.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
air_tb5_6.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
air_tb5_6_lm.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
air_tb7_8.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
air_tb7_8_lm.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
air_tb9_10.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
air_tb9_10_LM.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
ap_tb1_2.bmp12.14.0810.74 kB
ap_tb1_2_lm.bmp12.14.0810.74 kB
ap_tb3_4.bmp12.14.0810.74 kB
ap_tb3_4_lm.bmp12.14.0810.74 kB
ap_tb5_6.bmp12.14.0810.74 kB
ap_tb5_6_lm.bmp12.14.0810.74 kB
ap_w1.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
ap_w1_lm.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
ap_w2.bmp12.14.08754 B
ap_w2_lm.bmp12.14.08754 B
ap_w3.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
ap_w3_lm.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
ap_w4.bmp12.14.08754 B
ap_w4_lm.bmp12.14.08754 B
ap_w5.bmp12.14.08754 B
ap_w5_lm.bmp12.14.08754 B
ap_w6.bmp12.14.08754 B
ap_w6_lm.bmp12.14.08754 B
ap_w7.bmp12.14.08754 B
ap_w7_lm.bmp12.14.08754 B
aptsign.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
ba_tb1_2.bmp12.14.0810.74 kB
ba_tb1_2_lm.bmp12.14.0810.74 kB
ba_tb3_4.bmp12.14.0810.74 kB
ba_tb3_4_lm.bmp12.14.0810.74 kB
ba_w1.bmp12.14.08754 B
ba_w1_lm.bmp12.14.08754 B
ba_w2.bmp12.14.08754 B
ba_w2_lm.bmp12.14.08754 B
ba_w3.bmp12.14.08754 B
ba_w3_lm.bmp12.14.08754 B
ba_w4.bmp12.14.08754 B
ba_w4_lm.bmp12.14.08754 B
ba_w5.bmp12.14.08754 B
ba_w5_lm.bmp12.14.08754 B
blueroof.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
blueroof2.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
blueroof2_lm.dds12.14.0810.80 kB
blueroof3.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
blueroof3_lm.dds12.14.0810.80 kB
blueroof_lm.dds12.14.0810.80 kB
br_apt1_2.bmp12.14.0810.74 kB
br_apt1_2_lm.bmp12.14.0810.74 kB
br_apt1w.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
br_apt1w_lm.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
br_apt2w.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
br_apt2w_lm.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
br_apt3_4.bmp12.14.0810.74 kB
br_apt3_4_lm.bmp12.14.0810.74 kB
br_apt3w.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
br_apt3w_lm.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
br_apt4w.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
br_apt4w_lm.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
br_apt5_6.bmp12.14.0810.74 kB
br_apt5_6_lm.bmp12.14.0810.74 kB
br_apt5w.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
br_apt5w_lm.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
br_apt6w.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
br_apt6w_lm.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
dkgrayroof.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
dkgrayroof3.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
dkgrayroof3_lm.dds12.14.0810.80 kB
dkgrayroof_lm.dds12.14.0810.80 kB
drkgrayroof.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
flatroof_1.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
flatroof_1_lm.dds12.14.0810.80 kB
flatroof_2.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
flatroof_2_lm.dds12.14.0810.80 kB
flatroof_3.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
flatroof_3_lm.dds12.14.0810.80 kB
flatroof_4.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
flatroof_4_lm.dds12.14.0810.80 kB
flatroof_5.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
flatroof_5_lm.dds12.14.0810.80 kB
flatroof_6.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
flatroof_6_lm.dds12.14.0810.80 kB
flatroof_7.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
flatroof_7_lm.dds12.14.0810.80 kB
flatroof_8.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
flatroof_8_lm.dds12.14.0810.80 kB
fr_apt1_2.bmp12.14.0810.74 kB
fr_apt1_2_lm.bmp12.14.0810.74 kB
fr_apt1w.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
fr_apt1w_lm.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
fr_apt2w.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
fr_apt2w_lm.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
fr_apt3_4.bmp12.14.0810.74 kB
fr_apt3_4_lm.bmp12.14.0810.74 kB
fr_apt3w.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
fr_apt3w_lm.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
fr_apt4w.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
fr_apt4w_lm.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
genericairportbuildings1_lm.bmp12.14.08170.74 kB
gr_apt1_2.bmp12.14.0810.74 kB
gr_apt1_2_lm.bmp12.14.0810.74 kB
gr_apt1w.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
gr_apt1w_lm.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
gr_apt2w.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
gr_apt2w_lm.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
gr_apt3_4.bmp12.14.0810.74 kB
gr_apt3_4_lm.bmp12.14.0810.74 kB
gr_apt3w.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
gr_apt3w_lm.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
gr_apt4w.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
gr_apt4w_lm.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
gr_apt5_6.bmp12.14.0810.74 kB
gr_apt5_6_lm.bmp12.14.0810.74 kB
gr_apt5w.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
gr_apt5w_lm.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
gr_apt6w.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
gr_apt6w_lm.bmp12.14.082.74 kB
ltgrayroof.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
ltgrayroof2.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
ltgrayroof2_lm.dds12.14.0810.80 kB
ltgrayroof_lm.dds12.14.0810.80 kB
mdgrayroof.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
mdgrayroof_lm.dds12.14.0810.80 kB
roof1.dds12.14.08824 B
roof1_lm.dds12.14.08824 B
roof2.dds12.14.08824 B
roof2_lm.dds12.14.08824 B
roof3.dds12.14.08824 B
roof3_lm.dds12.14.08824 B
roof4.dds12.14.08824 B
roof4_lm.dds12.14.08824 B
roof5.dds12.14.08824 B
roof5_lm.dds12.14.08824 B
roof_Africa_Central.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
roof_Africa_Central_LM.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
roof_Africa_South.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
roof_Africa_South_LM.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
roof_Asia_Central.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
roof_Asia_Central_LM.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
roof_Asia_Cold_Dry.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
roof_Asia_Cold_Dry_LM.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
roof_Asia_Indian.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
roof_Asia_Indian_LM.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
roof_Asia_Industrial.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
roof_Asia_Industrial_LM.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
roof_Australia.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
roof_Australia_LM.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
roof_Australia_North.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
roof_Australia_North_LM.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
roof_Australia_Red.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
roof_Australia_Red_LM.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
roof_Eurasia.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
roof_Eurasia_LM.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
roof_Europe_Central.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
roof_Europe_Central_LM.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
roof_Europe_Mediterranean_East.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
roof_Europe_Mediterranean_East_LM.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
roof_Europe_Mediterranean_West.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
roof_Europe_Mediterranean_West_LM.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
roof_Europe_NorthCentral.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
roof_Europe_NorthCentral_LM.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
roof_Europe_West.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
roof_Europe_West_LM.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
roof_Middle_East.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
roof_Middle_East_LM.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
roof_North_America_North.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
roof_North_America_North_LM.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
roof_North_America_South.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
roof_North_America_South_LM.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
roof_North_America_Southwest.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
roof_North_America_Southwest_LM.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
roof_Oceania_South.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
roof_Oceania_South_LM.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
roof_South_America_East.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
roof_South_America_East_LM.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
roof_South_America_West.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
roof_South_America_West_LM.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
roof_Tropical_Pacific.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
roof_Tropical_Pacific_LM.dds12.14.0842.80 kB
roof_Tropics_American.dds12.14.08170.80 kB
roof_Tropics_American_LM.dds12.14.0842.80 kB

Complementing Files & Dependencies

This add-on mentions the following files below in its description. It may be dependent on these files in order to function properly. It's possible that this is a repaint and the dependency below is the base package.

You may also need to download the following files:


Sometimes, it can feel like the whole work is a tad lacking when you play FSX. It may be through years of getting used to seeing the quality work that we all are lucky to have produced for us by the developers out there, but I have always found that FSX is quite limited in world scenery quality. Thankfully, with mods like this, you can change the entire route and style of autogen to make it work better than ever!

Preview screenshot

In this package, you get around 522 new changes and upgrades for the textures and autogen buildings meaning that the world in general is soon going to look a fair bit more detailed than before. The enhanced and improved quality of the autogen does a good lot for making the world look more refined and I more or less instantly noticed a big improvement in the way that everything seems to look.

Exceptional Attention to Detail

From the building detailed on the surface to roof details and even weather wear & tear on buildings, you can see that the whole place is going to look different. The thing that made me most impressed, though, was the addition of the lighting enhancement – it makes a pretty massive difference to the overall quality of the world and, for me, this was a pretty big thing that more or less altered the entire view I had of the autogen quality.

Additionally, new default night textures are include that have been upped and improved but this also works alongside popular mods and add-ons such as GEX Enhanced. They make a good match for one another, in fact, but you can find that one or the other can still do a lot of changing and improving for the simulation in front of you.

However, these are just for auto-generated stuff so you won’t see big landmarks being changed across the world. You’ll find plenty of other mods that do this kind of stuff, but this mod concentrates on changing and improving autogen textures, new images and various other features to help you improve the way that the world around you looks.

If you are sick of typically limited graphical improvements within FSX then this texture mod should help you defeat that notion once and for all. It will give you an easy to install and effective texture change that revamps the autogen world with absolute ease, making it look far more modern,

I won’t be using FSX without it in the future – what about you?

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

Installation icon.

Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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Inna LjashenkoFri, 26 Aug 2022 13:57:16 GMT

Is there an EU? I would love to see the whole of Ireland.

ThalinorThu, 24 Mar 2022 08:45:48 GMT

Thank you to the GEX team for giving something back to the fs community. Looks great!

John VermontFri, 13 Mar 2020 15:26:05 GMT

Is there a Europe scenery for this?

Thomas Mon, 30 Dec 2019 17:53:13 GMT

Does this also work in Europe? I am trying to use it in Milano, Italy, but I am not seeing any difference whatsoever, even if I am using a freeware Italy landclass addon. The screenshots, however, are absolutely great looking. Good job!

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