FSX Tupolev Tu-95MS Bear

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TUPOLEV TU-95MS “Bear" FSX /Acceleration / XP /Tested VC / Droppable & Exploding Missile Legendary Russian nuclear bomber, one of symbols of Cold war. The example of air longevity - created in 1954 many times was modified and now stands on arms in Russia. Tu-95MS - carrier winged missiles X-55. G-max model with full animation. . Two new effects - smoke and drop missiles X-55. Panel.The in-depth manual Autor - V.Zhyhulskiy. Updated by The Nor-Cal Prop Club.
Tupolev Tu-95MS bomb drop in FSX

Tupolev Tu-95MS on runway in FSX

Tupolev Tu-95MS in FSX

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bomb drop.JPG10.19.0873.30 kB
copy contents to airplanes10.19.080 B
Tu95MS10.19.080 B
aircraft.cfg10.19.0812.25 kB
model10.19.080 B
model.cfg08.26.0629 B
sources10.19.080 B
TU95MSzh.zip09.17.061.32 MB
Tu95MSzh.mdl09.17.063.31 MB
panel10.19.080 B
95.cab09.23.06148.36 kB
ov-10a.cab11.08.071.15 MB
Panel.cfg10.19.087.19 kB
pc-7.cab10.21.071.00 MB
TrafficRadar.gau04.25.04408.06 kB
Tu95main.bmp09.23.062.25 MB
sound10.19.080 B
c4wind4.wav07.13.06274.56 kB
ka_door_close.wav05.12.06923.11 kB
ka_door_open.wav05.12.06945.71 kB
kagear.wav05.12.0688.25 kB
kan11.wav05.12.0660.29 kB
kan12.wav05.12.0660.79 kB
kan13.wav05.12.0658.29 kB
kan14.wav05.12.0655.75 kB
kan1shut.wav05.12.06213.75 kB
kan1strt.wav05.12.06153.81 kB
kan21.wav05.12.0649.25 kB
kan22.wav05.12.0646.25 kB
kan23.wav05.12.0648.25 kB
kan24.wav05.12.0658.79 kB
kan2shut.wav05.12.0618.75 kB
kan2strt.wav05.12.0638.25 kB
kap1a.wav05.12.0660.75 kB
kap1b.wav05.12.0662.75 kB
kap1c.wav05.12.0634.75 kB
kap1d.wav05.12.0634.75 kB
kap2a.wav05.12.0668.25 kB
kap2b.wav05.12.0673.25 kB
kapr.wav05.12.0637.31 kB
kastall.wav05.12.0623.29 kB
kbn11.wav05.12.0661.29 kB
kbn12.wav05.12.0661.79 kB
kbn13.wav05.12.0657.29 kB
kbn14.wav05.12.0648.75 kB
kbn1shut.wav05.12.06207.75 kB
kbn1strt.wav05.12.06158.31 kB
kbn21.wav05.12.0636.79 kB
kbn22.wav05.12.0633.25 kB
kbn23.wav05.12.0664.75 kB
kbn24.wav05.12.0654.29 kB
kbn2shut.wav05.12.0614.29 kB
kbn2strt.wav05.12.0629.25 kB
kbp1a.wav05.12.0665.25 kB
kbp1b.wav05.12.0660.75 kB
kbp1c.wav05.12.0632.75 kB
kbp1d.wav05.12.0632.75 kB
kbp2a.wav05.12.0665.25 kB
kbp2b.wav05.12.0673.75 kB
kbpr.wav05.12.0624.31 kB
kingair_gyro.wav05.12.064.53 MB
kmflap.wav05.12.0659.31 kB
kmgeardn.wav05.12.06101.25 kB
kmgearup.wav05.12.06119.25 kB
SOUND.CFG07.13.0626.06 kB
wind_general.wav07.13.06269.64 kB
xkan11.wav05.12.0660.29 kB
xkan12.wav05.12.0660.79 kB
xkan13.wav05.12.0658.29 kB
xkan14.wav05.12.0655.75 kB
xkan1shut.wav05.12.06207.75 kB
xkan1strt.wav05.12.06152.81 kB
xkan21.wav05.12.0650.25 kB
xkan22.wav05.12.0646.25 kB
xkan23.wav05.12.0648.25 kB
xkan24.wav05.12.0658.29 kB
xkan2shut.wav05.12.0623.75 kB
xkan2strt.wav05.12.0643.25 kB
xkap1a.wav05.12.0660.75 kB
xkap1b.wav05.12.0662.75 kB
xkap1c.wav05.12.0634.75 kB
xkap1d.wav05.12.0634.75 kB
xkap2a.wav05.12.0668.25 kB
xkap2b.wav05.12.0673.25 kB
xkapr.wav05.12.0637.31 kB
xkbn11.wav05.12.0661.29 kB
xkbn12.wav05.12.0661.79 kB
xkbn13.wav05.12.0657.29 kB
xkbn14.wav05.12.0657.25 kB
xkbn1shut.wav05.12.06189.75 kB
xkbn1strt.wav05.12.06160.31 kB
xkbn21.wav05.12.0636.79 kB
xkbn22.wav05.12.0633.25 kB
xkbn23.wav05.12.0664.75 kB
xkbn24.wav05.12.0655.29 kB
xkbn2shut.wav05.12.0610.79 kB
xkbn2strt.wav05.12.0623.25 kB
xkbp1a.wav05.12.0665.25 kB
xkbp1b.wav05.12.0660.75 kB
xkbp1c.wav05.12.0632.75 kB
xkbp1d.wav05.12.0632.75 kB
xkbp2a.wav05.12.0665.25 kB
xkbp2b.wav05.12.0673.75 kB
xkbpr.wav05.12.0635.81 kB
texture.ua10.19.080 B
thumbnail.JPG10.19.08125.15 kB
Tu95_01.bmp09.23.061.00 MB
Tu95_02.bmp09.23.06257.05 kB
Tu95_gray.bmp09.10.0664.06 kB
Tu95_INT.bmp09.16.06257.05 kB
Tu95_INT1.bmp09.15.061.00 MB
Tu95_INT2.bmp09.23.061.00 MB
Tu95_INT3.bmp09.16.06257.05 kB
Tu95_INT4.bmp09.16.061.00 MB
TU95_vc.bmp09.10.061.00 MB
Tu95_wing.bmp09.23.061.00 MB
Tu95pro.bmp02.16.071.00 MB
texture10.19.080 B
thumbnail.JPG10.19.08131.33 kB
Tu95_01.bmp09.23.061.00 MB
Tu95_02.bmp09.23.06257.05 kB
Tu95_gray.bmp09.10.0664.06 kB
Tu95_INT.bmp09.16.06257.05 kB
Tu95_INT1.bmp09.15.061.00 MB
Tu95_INT2.bmp09.23.061.00 MB
Tu95_INT3.bmp09.16.06257.05 kB
Tu95_INT4.bmp09.16.061.00 MB
TU95_vc.bmp09.10.061.00 MB
Tu95_wing.bmp09.17.061.00 MB
Tu95pro.bmp02.16.071.00 MB
Tu95MS.air09.17.068.66 kB
copy contents to effects textures10.19.080 B
fx_95missile.bmp09.23.0616.07 kB
copy contents to effects10.19.080 B
fx_95missile.fx09.23.064.41 kB
fx_95smok.fx09.23.062.32 kB
fx_ncpc_smoke.fx10.09.061.89 kB
TrafficRadar.gau04.25.04408.06 kB
file info.txt10.19.08477 B
nor cal info.txt07.02.08117 B
nor-cal.JPG07.20.086.02 kB
Russian tu 95.JPG10.19.08131.28 kB
tu 95.JPG10.19.08125.12 kB
TU95MS.doc09.24.06389.50 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


This take on the FSX Tupolev TU-95MS “Bear” was one of the first mods that I picked up after I heard that it had been released. As part of the old school Russian aviation history, I wanted to pick this up for a little homage to a part of military aviation that I actually have a bit of passion for!

The Design

The first thing that got me was how well designed the Nor-Cal Prop Club were able to get this to look. This is a great take on an FSX Tupolev TU-95MS “Bear”, offering a fresh and interesting way to see this legendary nuclear bomber come to life. It comes with many of the effective additions and designs that you need to see as well as making sure that each part of the aircraft accurately lines up with the historical context.

With flight design just right, the cockpit and our overall flight will carry a genuinely authentic look and feel to them. The aircraft looks just as good on the inside as it does on the outside, too, with many of the right additions introduced via GMax manipulation.

Add in the awesome little animations and this looks about as realistic as it’s going to!

The Performance

This flies just as well as I had hoped it would, as well. Not only does this really hit the top speeds with relative ease but it comes with a fully working VC as well as missile firepower that you can use. This makes it much easier for you to get to grips with the way that the aircraft flies, helping you fly with extra confidence and care.

The performance, though, is improved further by the accurate flight dynamics. Using the official details this makes use of the right dynamics to make sure you are flying this aircraft just the way that the real pilots would have been in the past.

The performance is never affected by the new features, either. With two new effects being introduced you can get an in-depth take on the aircraft. Not sure what to do any point? Then check out the manual. It gave me plenty of tips and pointers as the actual operation of this aircraft was a little tough to get used to at first.

However, before long I was flying around like a pro dropping bombs wherever I felt necessary! It was really easy to master after a brief read-up, and made it great fun. Despite being over 50 years old this still flies with devilish authority and power, giving you a real appreciation of what it must have felt like to be so superior up in the skies – an absolute must have mod, for me!

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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Ahmed AhzaamWed, 09 Apr 2014 15:01:48 GMT

How To Drop Nuclear Bomb?

DieselrotorTue, 17 May 2011 18:06:22 GMT
I just downloaded. I had no problem downloading or installing what so ever. This is a fantastic ship. The VC is very very good for a freeware. In fsx there is one gauge that does not load due to being 98 or older.(only issue). The model is impressive, flys like a dream, The landing gear are phenominal looking and opperate so beautifully. The ladder and engine cowls work with Tail hook. I recomend this very highly.
phantomfire1Wed, 29 Dec 2010 16:57:05 GMT
I am still having trouble downloading this one. I have downloaded several planes from this site, but only two agiving me troulbe. i will try to uninstall and reinstall. I am looking forward to the contra rotatinf turbo's. i hope I get it loaded soon. Then I will come back for a review.
niall45Sat, 04 Sep 2010 18:55:14 GMT
the plane itself is quight good and the bomb drop is cool
patriekWed, 10 Mar 2010 16:36:17 GMT
guges not filled in. No autopilot

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