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Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker Package for FSX

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This is a Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker package for FSX. Have you ever wanted to fly the SU-27, but couldn’t find one for FSX? Now you CAN find a Su-27.This SU-27 model can perform the "cobra", a manueuver that allows the pilot to take a snap missile shot at an enemy fighter above or behind him. Pressing the "I" key activates the weapons system.


This package includes a Su-27 with a 2D panel. Sorry, no VC. No Russian jet collection is complete without a Su-27. Please note: This file is for FSX ONLY. It will not work in FS2004. Su-27 Flanker uploaded by Braden Peters.


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The archive has 1482 files and directories contained within it. View them...

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Aircraft.cfg10.05.0814.71 kB
afx_FireBall1000ft.fx01.24.071.21 kB
afx_projectile.fx07.12.041.25 kB
afx_tracer.fx07.12.041.22 kB
fx_AB_20MM_cannonfire.fx04.30.074.03 kB
fx_F16ko_BURN_ONE.fx10.12.0318.64 kB
fx_F16ko_Contrail.fx10.13.032.45 kB
fx_F16ko_JetSmokeJ.fx01.21.0710.37 kB
fx_F16ko_TORCH_FLAME.fx10.12.0322.10 kB
fx_kvapor.fx06.26.033.63 kB
fx_sukhoiG.fx01.23.073.63 kB
fx_tchdwn.fx05.30.034.54 kB
fx_watercrash.fx11.18.0310.75 kB
file_ID.txt10.14.08953 B
alcaset.CAB04.11.08177.82 kB
160ArrowWingR.bmp06.18.043.35 kB
160ArrowWingR1.bmp06.20.042.65 kB
160Wing1_background.bmp01.09.0788.36 kB
160Wing_background.bmp01.01.0788.36 kB
1P2.bmp06.29.05340.90 kB
1P2.xml06.30.055.61 kB
1P2_1go_0.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
1P2_1go_1.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
1P2_2go_0.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
1P2_2go_1.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
1P2_bz_0.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
1P2_bz_1.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
1P2_imit_0.bmp06.29.058.94 kB
1P2_imit_1.bmp06.29.058.94 kB
1P2_kontr_0.bmp07.25.055.29 kB
1P2_kontr_1.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
1P2_no_0.bmp06.29.058.94 kB
1P2_no_1.bmp06.29.058.94 kB
1P2_rez_0.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
1P2_rez_1.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
1P2_sbros_0.bmp06.29.058.80 kB
1P2_sbros_1.bmp06.29.058.80 kB
1P4.bmp06.28.05454.43 kB
1P4.xml06.30.059.52 kB
1P4_lamp.bmp07.05.051.91 kB
4902.bmp07.04.05188.55 kB
4902.xml07.04.052.63 kB
4902_ind1_0.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
4902_ind1_1.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
4902_ind2_0.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
4902_ind2_1.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
4902_ind3_0.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
4902_ind3_1.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
4902_kl_0.bmp07.25.055.32 kB
4902_kl_1.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
4902_man_0.bmp07.25.055.30 kB
4902_man_1.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
4902_mod11_0.bmp07.25.055.27 kB
4902_mod11_1.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
4902_mod12_0.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
4902_mod12_1.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
4902_mod21_0.bmp07.25.055.27 kB
4902_mod21_1.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
4902_mod22_0.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
4902_mod22_1.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
4902_pom1_0.bmp07.25.055.28 kB
4902_pom1_1.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
4902_pom2_0.bmp07.25.055.30 kB
4902_pom2_1.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
4902_sel_0.bmp07.25.055.31 kB
4902_sel_1.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
4902_stab_0.bmp07.25.055.31 kB
4902_stab_1.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
4902_w_0.bmp07.25.055.30 kB
4902_w_1.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
A034.bmp01.01.0738.95 kB
A034.xml01.08.073.54 kB
A034a.bmp01.08.0738.95 kB
A034_arrow.bmp07.20.052.45 kB
A034_flag.bmp10.18.064.06 kB
A034_indeks.bmp07.20.051.36 kB
A034_lamp.bmp12.31.061.79 kB
A034_resh.bmp10.18.063.46 kB
A312.bmp07.08.0580.15 kB
A312.xml08.14.051012 B
A317.bmp07.11.05108.96 kB
A317.xml07.09.051.40 kB
A318.bmp07.11.05164.13 kB
A318.xml07.11.05420 B
A723.bmp07.08.05234.45 kB
A723.xml07.09.051.20 kB
AB1a_on.bmp12.31.062.46 kB
AB1_on.bmp01.07.072.54 kB
AB2a_on.bmp12.31.062.46 kB
AB2_on.bmp01.07.072.54 kB
AB3a_on.bmp12.31.062.46 kB
AB3_on.bmp01.07.072.54 kB
AB4a_on.bmp12.31.062.46 kB
AB4_on.bmp01.07.072.54 kB
ABLamps_1-2.bmp12.31.063.72 kB
ABLamps_3-4.bmp12.31.068.07 kB
AB_PANEL.xml04.24.05417 B
AB_Tu160_off.bmp11.30.031.80 kB
AB_Tu160_on.bmp11.30.031.80 kB
AfterburnerLamps.xml12.26.061.23 kB
AfterburnerLamps_bg.bmp12.31.065.99 kB
AfterburnerL_1-2.xml12.31.06726 B
AfterburnerL_3-4.xml12.31.06726 B
AGR.bmp07.27.0593.69 kB
AGR1.bmp01.09.0793.69 kB
AGR_72.XML01.09.071.83 kB
AGR_airplane.bmp07.27.056.98 kB
AGR_Alpha.bmp07.27.0593.71 kB
AGR_Mask.bmp07.28.0592.94 kB
AGR_pitch.bmp12.31.06166.18 kB
AGR_pointer.bmp07.27.055.04 kB
AP Icon.xml06.08.06230 B
AP Switch.xml06.08.06705 B
APm_off.bmp04.11.052.40 kB
APm_on.bmp04.11.052.40 kB
AP_Apr_Off.bmp03.22.055.05 kB
AP_Apr_On.bmp03.22.055.05 kB
AP_AT_Down.bmp03.22.054.99 kB
AP_AT_Up.bmp03.22.054.99 kB
AP_BC_Off.bmp12.29.064.54 kB
AP_BC_On.bmp12.29.064.52 kB
AP_Cmd_Off.bmp01.01.079.94 kB
AP_Cmd_On.bmp01.01.079.96 kB
AP_GPS.bmp01.13.073.44 kB
AP_HdgKnob_Auto.bmp03.22.0522.84 kB
AP_Hdg_Off.bmp03.22.055.05 kB
AP_Hdg_On.bmp03.22.055.05 kB
AP_Hld_Off.bmp03.22.055.05 kB
AP_Hld_On.bmp03.22.055.05 kB
AP_Icon.bmp11.11.041.37 kB
AP_Nav_Off.bmp03.22.055.05 kB
AP_Nav_On.bmp03.22.055.05 kB
AP_Rolling_Numbers.bmp06.12.032.19 kB
AP_Rolling_Numbers_MachDecimal.bmp06.12.032.19 kB
AP_Rolling_Numbers_Mask_3Hole.bmp06.12.032.24 kB
AP_Rolling_Numbers_Mask_5Hole.bmp06.12.032.63 kB
AP_Sel_Off.bmp03.22.055.05 kB
AP_Sel_On.bmp03.22.055.05 kB
AP_Spd_Off.bmp03.22.055.05 kB
AP_Spd_On.bmp03.22.055.05 kB
AP_SW_OFF.BMP11.11.041.21 kB
AP_SW_ON.BMP01.02.04976 B
AP_VS_Off.bmp03.22.054.93 kB
AP_VS_On.bmp03.22.054.93 kB
AP_WL_Off.bmp12.31.064.41 kB
AP_WL_On.bmp12.31.064.26 kB
Autopilot Altitude Hold Switch.xml12.30.06784 B
Autopilot Altitude Window.xml12.30.063.55 kB
Autopilot Approach Switch.xml01.01.07767 B
Autopilot Backcourse Switch.xml12.29.06679 B
Autopilot BC Switch.xml12.30.06706 B
Autopilot Hdg Switch.xml01.01.07770 B
Autopilot Heading Selector.xml04.23.05616 B
Autopilot Heading Window.xml04.21.052.18 kB
Autopilot IAS-Mach Switch.xml12.30.06803 B
Autopilot IAS-Mach Window.xml04.21.052.74 kB
Autopilot Master Switch.xml06.30.05739 B
Autopilot Nav Switch.xml12.30.06750 B
Autopilot Speed Switch.xml12.30.06807 B
Autopilot VS Selector.xml04.21.051.19 kB
Autopilot VS Switch.xml12.30.06872 B
Autopilot VS Window.xml12.31.063.26 kB
Autopilot Wing Leveler.xml12.31.06759 B
Autopilot_Sel.xml12.31.06562 B
Autothrottle Switch.xml12.30.06668 B
Avt_button_0.bmp03.22.055.05 kB
Avt_button_1.bmp03.22.055.05 kB
A_312.bmp08.03.0575.31 kB
A_312.XML08.03.051.10 kB
BKO_Nav.bmp08.30.05302.18 kB
BKO_Nav.xml12.26.06120 B
BKO_Pil.bmp01.07.0757.54 kB
BKO_Pil.xml12.30.06276 B
BKO_Pil1.bmp12.30.0657.54 kB
burner_logo.xml12.26.06477 B
Clock.xml01.14.074.49 kB
Clock1_BG.bmp01.09.0748.40 kB
Clock_1.BMP06.17.04776 B
Clock_2.BMP06.17.04784 B
Clock_3.BMP06.17.04784 B
Clock_BG.bmp12.31.0648.40 kB
Clock_H.BMP06.17.041.97 kB
Clock_M.BMP06.17.041.85 kB
Clock_MH.BMP06.17.04792 B
Clock_MMS.BMP06.17.04704 B
Clock_S.BMP06.17.042.04 kB
DA.bmp01.02.0791.05 kB
DA1.bmp01.09.0791.05 kB
DA_200.xml01.09.073.17 kB
DA_ball.bmp07.23.05906 B
DA_eup.bmp07.24.0530.83 kB
DA_needle.bmp07.23.054.66 kB
DME.bmp01.02.0740.30 kB
DME.xml01.02.07911 B
DME_Off.bmp04.11.053.93 kB
DME_On.bmp04.11.053.93 kB
El_A.bmp12.31.0632.34 kB
El_A.xml08.24.05460 B
El_Avar.bmp12.31.0632.34 kB
El_Avar.xml08.24.05466 B
El_Hz.bmp12.31.0632.34 kB
El_Hz.xml08.24.05465 B
El_needle.bmp08.24.051.27 kB
El_T.bmp12.31.0620.19 kB
El_T.xml08.24.05950 B
El_V.bmp12.31.0632.34 kB
El_V.xml08.24.05464 B
El_Vvar.bmp12.31.0632.34 kB
El_Vvar.xml08.24.05471 B
Engine_Gauges_Needle.bmp09.19.011.23 kB
ENGTEMP.xml04.30.054.14 kB
ENGTEMP_backgrnd.bmp05.11.0510.35 kB
ENGTEMP_BAR.bmp02.23.0519.84 kB
ENGTEMP_card.bmp01.17.059.50 kB
ENGTEMP_LED.bmp01.09.05292 B
ENGTEMP_mask.bmp01.09.05592 B
EPR_dummy.bmp12.25.067.57 kB
EPR_dummy.xml12.25.06125 B
Exit.bmp12.20.0611.20 kB
FANRPM.xml11.23.065.12 kB
FANRPM_backgrnd.bmp12.31.0610.35 kB
FANRPM_BAR.bmp11.23.0619.87 kB
FANRPM_card.bmp11.23.0627.93 kB
FANRPM_LED.bmp01.09.05292 B
FANRPM_mask.bmp01.09.05592 B
FF_Background.bmp12.31.067.78 kB
Flaps.bmp12.30.0650.90 kB
Flaps.xml01.09.072.68 kB
Flaps1.bmp01.09.0750.90 kB
Flaps_1L.bmp08.18.051.04 kB
Flaps_1R.bmp08.18.051.04 kB
Flaps_2L.bmp08.18.05398 B
Flaps_2R.bmp08.18.05398 B
Flaps_needle.bmp08.16.05702 B
Flight Director Switch.xml01.15.07672 B
Fuel.bmp12.31.0653.16 kB
Fuel.xml12.26.06760 B
FuelFlow_eng1.xml01.16.07939 B
FuelFlow_eng2.xml01.16.07932 B
FuelFlow_eng3.xml01.16.07932 B
FuelFlow_eng4.xml01.16.07932 B
Fuel_arrow.bmp09.22.053.10 kB
Gear.XML12.30.064.28 kB
GearOff.bmp04.17.052.34 kB
GearOn.bmp04.17.052.34 kB
Gear_Background.bmp04.22.0528.26 kB
Glis_button_0.bmp03.22.054.99 kB
Glis_button_1.bmp03.22.054.99 kB
GPSNav_GPS.bmp03.31.057.62 kB
GPSNav_Nav.bmp03.31.057.62 kB
Green.bmp04.17.05786 B
Icon_Overhead.bmp06.12.03888 B
IKU-1A.XML08.27.022.04 kB
Indicator.bmp12.16.04430.76 kB
Indicator.xml01.09.073.31 kB
Indicator1.bmp01.09.07430.48 kB
Indicator_Nav1.xml08.24.053.26 kB
Indicator_Nav2.xml08.28.051.31 kB
INO.bmp07.05.05536.63 kB
INO.xml08.24.0516.05 kB
INO_kurs.bmp08.09.0516.74 kB
INO_mask.bmp07.17.05536.34 kB
INO_rose.bmp08.07.05383.63 kB
ISP_background.bmp01.02.07121.37 kB
ISP_background1.bmp01.08.07121.37 kB
ISP_index.bmp08.02.042.08 kB
ISP_index_max.bmp08.02.042.65 kB
ISP_indicator.xml01.08.075.03 kB
ISP_mask.bmp01.01.07121.37 kB
ISP_max.bmp01.01.07102.62 kB
ISP_needle.bmp01.01.074.13 kB
ITnC.bmp12.20.0444.32 kB
ITnC.xml01.05.05516 B
IVP.xml01.09.071.80 kB
IVP1_limb.bmp01.09.0777.89 kB
IVP_arrow.bmp12.14.042.32 kB
IVP_attack.bmp12.14.042.64 kB
IVP_limb.bmp01.01.0777.89 kB
IVP_Ny.bmp12.14.041.43 kB
Lamp01.bmp03.22.052.17 kB
Lights_LDG_Off.bmp01.01.0711.19 kB
Lights_LDG_On.bmp01.01.074.83 kB
Lights_NAV_Off.bmp01.01.074.83 kB
Lights_NAV_On.bmp01.01.074.83 kB
Lights_PNL_Off.bmp01.01.074.83 kB
Lights_PNL_On.bmp01.01.074.83 kB
marker.bmp12.31.0612.04 kB
Markers.xml03.31.051.06 kB
marker_i.bmp12.30.064.66 kB
marker_m.bmp12.31.064.63 kB
marker_o.bmp12.31.064.66 kB
Middle.bmp06.23.057.47 kB
MK.bmp04.02.054.83 kB
Monitor.bmp07.14.05272.34 kB
Monitor.XML08.18.053.99 kB
Monitor_img.bmp12.20.06151.95 kB
Monitor_mask.bmp08.09.05272.34 kB
Monitor_Sight.bmp08.09.05271.35 kB
Nav-GPS Switch.xml12.31.06626 B
NavigatorA.bmp01.01.074.83 kB
NavigatorB.bmp01.01.074.83 kB
NavigatorC.bmp01.01.074.83 kB
NavigatorD.bmp01.01.074.83 kB
NAV_A_Close.xml12.20.06356 B
NAV_B_Close.xml12.20.06269 B
NAV_C_Close.xml12.20.06269 B
NAV_D_Close.xml12.20.06269 B
nav_mark_b.bmp04.20.052.54 kB
nav_mark_d.bmp04.20.052.54 kB
oat.xml01.15.07921 B
oat_background.bmp01.15.0753.16 kB
oat_needle.bmp07.10.051.03 kB
Off.bmp06.23.057.47 kB
OH_Avionics.xml01.02.07533 B
OH_Battery.xml01.02.07533 B
OH_bat_off.bmp01.02.074.33 kB
OH_bat_on.bmp01.02.074.33 kB
OH_BB_doors.xml01.02.07711 B
OH_DeIce_e.xml01.15.07675 B
OH_DeIce_e1.xml01.15.07536 B
OH_DeIce_e2.xml01.15.07536 B
OH_DeIce_e3.xml01.15.07536 B
OH_DeIce_e4.xml01.15.07536 B
OH_DeIce_w.xml01.15.07542 B
OH_drogue.xml01.15.07321 B
OH_Lpitot_on.bmp01.07.073.51 kB
OH_Lyaw_on.bmp01.07.073.51 kB
OH_PitotHeat.xml01.02.07581 B
OH_Pitotlight.xml01.07.07288 B
OH_Probe_bck.bmp01.02.077.22 kB
OH_Probe_Extend.xml01.02.07679 B
OH_Probe_swoff.bmp01.02.072.28 kB
OH_Probe_swon.bmp01.02.072.28 kB
OH_Refuel.bmp01.02.074.45 kB
OH_Switch_off.bmp01.02.071.22 kB
OH_Switch_on.bmp01.02.071.24 kB
OH_YAW.xml01.02.07533 B
OH_yawlight.xml01.07.07357 B
OH_yaw_off.bmp01.02.074.33 kB
OH_yaw_on.bmp01.02.074.33 kB
OIL.xml12.29.066.49 kB
OilPress_dummy.bmp12.31.064.12 kB
OilPress_dummy.xml12.25.06130 B
OIL_backgrnd.bmp12.31.0610.35 kB
OIL_BAR.bmp02.23.054.78 kB
OIL_card.bmp01.17.059.50 kB
OIL_LED.bmp01.09.05292 B
OIL_mask.bmp01.09.05312 B
On.bmp06.23.057.47 kB
Overhead Icon.xml06.12.03252 B
PISH.bmp07.04.05111.89 kB
PISH.xml07.04.053.02 kB
PISH_b_0.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
PISH_b_1.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
PISH_etk_0.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
PISH_etk_1.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
PISH_ik_0.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
PISH_ik_1.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
PISH_isrez_0.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
PISH_isrez_1.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
PISH_kurs_0.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
PISH_kurs_1.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
PISH_mk_0.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
PISH_mk_1.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
PISH_rez_0.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
PISH_rez_1.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
PISH_sp_0.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
PISH_sp_1.bmp07.04.056.04 kB
PKP.bmp01.01.07317.49 kB
PKP1.bmp01.08.07317.49 kB
PKP_72.xml01.08.076.07 kB
PKP_ball.bmp07.29.051006 B
PKP_flag_AG.bmp07.29.051.96 kB
PKP_flag_K.bmp07.29.052.58 kB
PKP_flag_RV.bmp07.29.051.97 kB
PKP_flag_T.bmp07.29.052.58 kB
PKP_H_index.bmp07.29.05526 B
PKP_index.bmp07.29.05942 B
PKP_ladder.bmp12.02.05191.44 kB
PKP_loc.bmp07.12.021.21 kB
PKP_mask.bmp07.29.05106.73 kB
PKP_pitch.bmp07.29.05994 B
PKP_pointer.bmp07.29.05738 B
PKP_roll.bmp07.29.05998 B
PKP_siluet.bmp07.29.053.95 kB
PKP_siluet1.bmp07.29.051.86 kB
PKP_V_index.bmp07.29.051.57 kB
PNP.bmp12.30.06107.72 kB
PNP1.bmp01.08.07107.72 kB
PNP_72.XML01.13.076.96 kB
PNP_arrow.bmp09.18.021.33 kB
PNP_bl.bmp08.01.05894 B
PNP_flag_G.bmp08.01.054.62 kB
PNP_flag_K.bmp08.01.054.62 kB
PNP_flag_KS.bmp08.01.053.44 kB
PNP_glide_slope.bmp08.01.05774 B
PNP_index.bmp08.01.053.50 kB
PNP_inside.bmp08.01.0516.68 kB
PNP_inside1.bmp08.01.0514.43 kB
PNP_inside2.bmp08.01.0512.50 kB
PNP_mask.bmp08.01.05106.73 kB
PNP_needle.bmp08.01.05918 B
PNP_outside.bmp12.30.0645.98 kB
PNP_ring.bmp08.01.05157.74 kB
PNP_siluet.bmp08.01.056.24 kB
PNP_to_pointer.bmp08.04.021.18 kB
PPI.bmp06.23.05278.48 kB
PPI.xml08.13.0513.00 kB
ProgPdod_button_0.bmp03.22.055.05 kB
ProgPdod_button_1.bmp03.22.055.05 kB
PS.bmp06.24.05246.49 kB
PS.xml08.05.059.27 kB
PS_contr_0.bmp07.25.054.31 kB
PS_contr_1.bmp06.24.055.05 kB
PS_direct_0.bmp06.24.055.05 kB
PS_direct_1.bmp06.24.055.05 kB
PS_diving_0.bmp06.24.055.05 kB
PS_diving_1.bmp06.24.055.05 kB
PS_enter_0.bmp08.05.054.29 kB
PS_enter_1.bmp06.25.055.05 kB
PS_exhib_0.bmp06.24.055.05 kB
PS_exhib_1.bmp06.24.055.05 kB
PS_horizon_0.bmp06.24.055.05 kB
PS_horizon_1.bmp06.24.055.05 kB
PS_left_0.bmp06.24.055.05 kB
PS_left_1.bmp06.24.055.05 kB
PS_man_0.bmp06.24.055.05 kB
PS_man_1.bmp06.24.055.05 kB
PS_n_turn_0.bmp06.24.055.05 kB
PS_n_turn_1.bmp06.24.055.05 kB
PS_rep_appr_0.bmp06.24.055.05 kB
PS_rep_appr_1.bmp06.24.055.05 kB
PS_right_0.bmp06.24.055.05 kB
PS_right_1.bmp06.24.055.05 kB
PS_set_0.bmp06.24.055.05 kB
PS_set_1.bmp06.24.055.05 kB
PS_switch.bmp06.24.057.29 kB
PS_time_0.bmp06.24.055.05 kB
PS_time_1.bmp06.24.055.05 kB
PS_turn_0.bmp06.24.055.05 kB
PS_turn_1.bmp06.24.055.05 kB
PS_zm_0.bmp06.24.055.05 kB
PS_zm_1.bmp06.24.055.05 kB
PU008.bmp06.30.05244.71 kB
PU008.xml06.30.05654 B
PU008_off.bmp06.30.0530.84 kB
PU008_on.bmp06.30.0530.84 kB
PU318.bmp07.06.0579.67 kB
PU318.xml07.08.051.26 kB
PUA.bmp06.29.05210.04 kB
PUA.xml06.30.058.37 kB
PUA_ak_0.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PUA_ak_1.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PUA_asynch_0.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PUA_asynch_1.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PUA_center_0.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PUA_center_1.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PUA_izl_0.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PUA_izl_1.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PUA_kab_0.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PUA_kab_1.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PUA_koll_0.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PUA_koll_1.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PUA_korr_0.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PUA_korr_1.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PUA_lt_0.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PUA_lt_1.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PUA_m_0.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PUA_m_1.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PUA_nk_0.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PUA_nk_1.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PUA_nsynch_0.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PUA_nsynch_1.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PUA_opt_0.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PUA_opt_1.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PUA_record_0.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PUA_record_1.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PUA_scan_0.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PUA_scan_1.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PUA_sp_0.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PUA_sp_1.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PUA_test_0.bmp07.25.055.25 kB
PUA_test_1.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PUA_video_0.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PUA_video_1.bmp06.29.056.04 kB
PVV.bmp06.27.05383.26 kB
PVV.xml12.26.067.23 kB
PVV_1.bmp06.27.05104.75 kB
PVV_2.bmp06.27.05104.75 kB
PVV_3.bmp06.27.05104.75 kB
PVV_air_0.bmp06.27.056.54 kB
PVV_air_1.bmp06.27.056.54 kB
PVV_bz.bmp06.27.05104.75 kB
PVV_bz_0.bmp06.27.056.54 kB
PVV_bz_1.bmp06.27.056.52 kB
PVV_ik_0.bmp06.27.056.54 kB
PVV_ik_1.bmp06.27.056.54 kB
PVV_input_0.bmp07.25.055.71 kB
PVV_input_1.bmp06.27.056.54 kB
PVV_izb_0.bmp06.27.056.54 kB
PVV_izb_1.bmp06.27.056.54 kB


This file has an overall rating of 3.8 out of 5 with a total of 5 votes and 8 review comments.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
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60.34 MB
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I’ve had lots of fun in recent times flying around in military aircraft, so long as I can look at them purely from a technological point of view. The minute I think of the horrible jobs they are used for, the quicker I want to turn them off.  However, with the brilliant Sukhou SU-27 flanker package for FSX, you can enjoy something which is deeply integrated and engaging beyond the usual standards for aircraft.

This SU-27 mod is something that must love to fly around with and enjoy using, simply for its incredible array of power. It’s unlike any civilian aircraft you will ever fly – to me, it feels like something from another world! It’s threatening and powerful, even to the pilot. However, this didn’t put me off too much – it was a hugely thrilling flight, something that really ticked all of the boxes for me.

As far as the way that it flies and the command that it brings to the table, I was thoroughly impressed by the performance levels it creates. This aircraft comes with all of the different features you need to fly at military speeds without really being worried about the speeds you are doing; this bad-boy can handle anything you throw at it.

It’s a model that is also capable of performing a unique move known as the Cobra; this is where you snap a missile shot at an enemy who is above or behind you. All you do is hit the I key and you bring up an armada of earth-shattering firepower!

Although not a huge fan of using the weapons, I was massively impressed by the way that it performs. Even without the virtual cockpit that is a hallmark of many mods, this provides you with plenty of SU-27 2D panels to work from and enjoy. This is the ultimate aircraft to add to your collection if you aren’t too fussed on fluff or extras; it gets the job done, and usually does it whilst causing a bit of a stir along the way!

I was massively impressed by the work done here and would quite happily recommend using this mod to anyone who loves Russian aircraft. If you have never flown one for any great length of time in a simulator then I would recommend taking this out for a spin! It’s got that brutal power that can be quite overwhelming, but it’s an insanely fun aircraft to fly around in. 

Adam McEnroe

About Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files.

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description.  For further installation help, please see our Knowledge Center for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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Pro MemberRaySun, 09 Jul 2017 03:00:19 GMT

Install was straight-forward. Would have liked AB but no go. Responsive and fast.

Victor LobSat, 18 Feb 2017 20:58:20 GMT

I followed instructions copying files to appropriate folders and upon running FSX I only get a 2D panel. There is no 3D panel for the Flanker. And in the 2D panel there is only a forward view. What have I left out?

MesoTue, 07 Jul 2015 20:05:35 GMT

Do the weapons really work?

Me soTue, 07 Jul 2015 20:02:53 GMT

Nice fighter jet, looks cool man

pinpunThu, 15 Jan 2015 18:40:30 GMT

The best fighter in the world and no VC? this is a joke!

Pro MemberdanofsxThu, 06 Jan 2011 00:57:54 GMT
Awesome speed, good turning and fun to land. I like how it comes with 2 different models. I rate this modes 8/10.
Pro Memberacastillo308Wed, 07 Jul 2010 21:50:12 GMT
no vc or afterburner. sub par.
Pro MembercobrapepeWed, 16 Jun 2010 23:40:26 GMT
The model is absolutely great, the only missing fact are the afterburner flames effect, or perhaps I have a problem in the installation.

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