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FSX Tupolev TU-22M3 Multi Livery Package

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An update of the Kazanori Itu TU-22 m3 Backfire. Using real photos the panel has been updated with Bill Wolfgen's Russian gauges, Thomas Ruth and Claudio Mussner's Tu-144 gauges, Brett Hoskin's 3MS gauges, and gauges from Vladimir Zhyhulskiy. Also includes Michael Pearson's textures for India and Ukraine. No VC. By Michael E. Roberts.

Screenshot of Tupolev TU-22M3 in flight.

Screenshot of Tupolev TU-22M3 in flight.



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The archive has 1724 files and directories contained within it. View them...

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Tupolev Tu-22M3 Backfire C11.22.120 B
2012-11-6_21-41-13-238.BMP11.06.123.67 MB
Aircraft.cfg11.19.1210.76 kB
Cockpit_of_Tupolev_Tu-22M3.jpg11.06.12189.17 kB
Effects11.22.120 B
fx_aniburnerTu22M1.fx11.09.12111.08 kB
fx_hjg_cv990a.fx10.18.121.47 kB
fx_RCB_machenvlop.fx11.09.1241.44 kB
fx_TU22Mflame.fx11.09.122.50 kB
model11.22.120 B
Model.cfg11.06.1226 B
Tu-22M3.mdl11.06.121.33 MB
panel11.22.120 B
AN124.CAB09.21.12974.27 kB
An12zh.cab10.18.121.63 MB
An26zh.cab10.18.121.08 MB
AP_background.bmp01.10.07537.43 kB
C990.CAB07.13.12873.37 kB
FLAGON.cab10.22.121.43 MB
IL96MT11.22.120 B
148_auasp_arr.bmp10.18.12128 B
148_Radio.xml10.18.126.14 kB
148_radio_arr_adf.bmp10.18.123.62 kB
148_radio_arr_nav.bmp10.18.123.69 kB
148_radio_bg.bmp10.18.1226.08 kB
148_variometer_arr.bmp10.18.12104 B
148_variometr_bg.bmp10.18.126.44 kB
Airspeed_bug.bmp10.18.12240 B
Airspeed_number_strip.bmp10.18.1232.13 kB
Airspeed_number_strip_mask.bmp10.18.122.75 kB
Altitude_bug.bmp10.18.12240 B
Altitude_lai.bmp10.18.12544 B
Altitude_number_strip.bmp10.18.12228.59 kB
Altitude_number_strip_mask.bmp10.18.123.12 kB
Altitude_window.bmp10.18.121.16 kB
Analog_Altimeter_Background.bmp10.18.126.91 kB
Analog_Altimeter_Baro_Card.bmp10.18.121.59 kB
Analog_Altimeter_Lower_Mask.bmp10.18.126.93 kB
Analog_Altimeter_Needle.bmp10.18.121.48 kB
Analog_Altimeter_Ten_Thousands.bmp10.18.122.02 kB
Analog_Altimeter_Thousands.bmp10.18.122.02 kB
Analog_Altimeter_Upper_Mask.bmp10.18.126.93 kB
Anti-ice Switch.xml10.18.12560 B
Anti_aice_Sw_off.bmp10.18.123.23 kB
Anti_aice_Sw_on.bmp10.18.123.23 kB
AP_AltitudeKnob.bmp10.18.122.14 kB
AP_Apr_Off.bmp10.18.121.73 kB
AP_Apr_On.bmp10.18.121.73 kB
AP_Cmd_Off.bmp10.18.121.69 kB
AP_Cmd_On.bmp10.18.121.69 kB
AP_HdgKnob_Auto.bmp10.18.123.11 kB
AP_Hdg_Off.bmp10.18.121.73 kB
AP_Hdg_On.bmp10.18.121.73 kB
AP_Hld_Off.bmp10.18.121.73 kB
AP_Hld_On.bmp10.18.121.73 kB
AP_IasKnob.bmp10.18.121.99 kB
AP_Loc_Off.bmp10.18.121.73 kB
AP_Loc_On.bmp10.18.121.73 kB
AP_Nav_Off.bmp10.18.121.73 kB
AP_Nav_On.bmp10.18.121.73 kB
AP_Rolling_3.bmp10.18.122.02 kB
AP_Rolling_5.bmp10.18.122.25 kB
AP_Rolling_Numbers.bmp10.18.121.76 kB
AP_Rolling_Numbers_MachDecimal.bmp10.18.121.76 kB
AP_Rolling_Numbers_Mask_3Hole.bmp10.18.121.58 kB
AP_Rolling_Numbers_Mask_5Hole.bmp10.18.121.73 kB
AP_Rolling_Numbers_Signs.bmp10.18.121.26 kB
AP_Sel_Off.bmp10.18.121.73 kB
AP_Sel_On.bmp10.18.121.73 kB
AP_Spd_Off.bmp10.18.121.73 kB
AP_Spd_On.bmp10.18.121.73 kB
AP_VSWheel_1.bmp10.18.122.46 kB
AP_VSWheel_2.bmp10.18.122.46 kB
AP_VSWheel_3.bmp10.18.122.46 kB
AP_VSWheel_4.bmp10.18.122.46 kB
AP_VS_Off.bmp10.18.121.73 kB
AP_VS_On.bmp10.18.121.73 kB
Ap_wind5.bmp10.18.122.39 kB
attitude_bank_pointer.bmp10.18.12408 B
attitude_bank_slip_skid.bmp10.18.12276 B
attitude_card.bmp10.18.1278.94 kB
attitude_card_mask.bmp10.18.127.03 kB
attitude_fd_bar_pitch.bmp10.18.12112 B
attitude_fd_bar_roll.bmp10.18.12240 B
attitude_plane.bmp10.18.12788 B
attitude_roll_card.bmp10.18.1278.31 kB
attitude_roll_card_mask.bmp10.18.122.80 kB
attitude_roll_ticks.bmp10.18.122.39 kB
Autobrakes Switch.xml10.18.121.22 kB
Autopilot Altitude Hold Switch.xml10.18.12773 B
Autopilot Altitude Selector.xml10.18.12691 B
Autopilot Altitude Window.xml10.18.122.22 kB
Autopilot Approach Switch.xml10.18.12747 B
Autopilot Hdg Switch.xml10.18.12759 B
Autopilot Heading Selector.xml10.18.12594 B
Autopilot Heading Window.xml10.18.121.48 kB
Autopilot Heading Window_old.xml10.18.121.98 kB
Autopilot IAS-Mach Selector.xml10.18.12664 B
Autopilot IAS-Mach Switch.xml10.18.12792 B
Autopilot IAS-Mach Window.xml10.18.122.22 kB
Autopilot Localizer Switch.xml10.18.12708 B
Autopilot Master Switch.xml10.18.12738 B
Autopilot Nav Switch.xml10.18.12739 B
Autopilot Speed Switch.xml10.18.12796 B
Autopilot VS Selector.xml10.18.121.19 kB
Autopilot VS Switch.xml10.18.12861 B
Autopilot VS Window.xml10.18.122.37 kB
Autopilot VS Window_1.xml10.18.122.39 kB
Autopilot VS Window_old.xml10.18.123.07 kB
Autothrottle Switch.xml10.18.12645 B
Beacon Lights Switch.xml10.18.12543 B
Blank_Dummy_Image.bmp10.18.121.09 kB
Clock.xml10.18.125.57 kB
Compass.xml10.18.121.04 kB
Compass_Alfa_Black.bmp10.18.12109.49 kB
Compass_Alfa_Light.bmp10.18.12109.49 kB
Compass_Bkg.bmp10.18.1225.12 kB
Compass_Linear_Card.bmp10.18.124.88 kB
Compass_maska.bmp10.18.1212.83 kB
Compass_Shkala.bmp10.18.12158.67 kB
Compass_Skala.bmp10.18.12158.12 kB
Compass_Str.bmp10.18.121.54 kB
Compas_96.xml10.18.121.07 kB
Compas_96_1.xml10.18.121.08 kB
Compas_alfa_black.bmp10.18.1226.12 kB
Compas_alfa_light.bmp10.18.1226.12 kB
EICAS Display Switch.xml10.18.12494 B
EICAS Display_1.xml10.18.1218.02 kB
EICAS1_EPR_Alpha.bmp10.18.122.71 kB
EICAS1_EPR_Normal.bmp10.18.122.71 kB
EICAS1_EPR_Normal_GreenBar.bmp10.18.121.08 kB
EICAS1_EPR_WhiteBar.bmp10.18.122.71 kB
EICAS1_Flaps_Background.bmp10.18.121.62 kB
EICAS1_Flaps_BarMask.bmp10.18.121.35 kB
EICAS1_Flaps_MagentaBar.bmp10.18.121.08 kB
EICAS1_Flaps_WhiteBar.bmp10.18.121.35 kB
EICAS1_Gear_Down.bmp10.18.12548 B
EICAS1_Gear_Transit.bmp10.18.12548 B
EICAS1_Gear_Up.bmp10.18.12544 B
EICAS1_N1_Alpha.bmp10.18.122.17 kB
EICAS1_N1_Normal.bmp10.18.122.17 kB
EICAS1_N1_RedBar.bmp10.18.122.17 kB
EICAS1_N1_WhiteBar.bmp10.18.122.17 kB
Fab_Attitude Indicator_3.xml10.18.121.61 kB
Fab_Attitude_Arrow_Icon_3.bmp10.18.12105.15 kB
Fab_Attitude_Background_3.bmp10.18.12105.15 kB
Fab_Attitude_Card_Inside_3.bmp10.18.12176.83 kB
Fab_Attitude_Card_Inside_Mask_3.bmp10.18.12105.15 kB
Fab_Attitude_Card_Outside_3.bmp10.18.12105.15 kB
Fab_Attitude_Card_Outside_Mask_3.bmp10.18.12105.15 kB
Flight Director Switch.xml10.18.12684 B
Knopka_Ov_off.bmp10.18.121.73 kB
Knopka_Ov_on.bmp10.18.121.60 kB
Kompas_96_1_Alfa_Black.bmp10.18.123.93 kB
Kompas_96_1_Alfa_light.bmp10.18.123.93 kB
Kompas_96_1_bkg.bmp10.18.123.17 kB
Kompas_96_1_maska.bmp10.18.122.93 kB
Kompas_96_1_Shkala.bmp10.18.1219.19 kB
Kompas_96_1_Str.bmp10.18.12492 B
Kompas_96_Alfa_Black.bmp10.18.126.23 kB
Kompas_96_Alfa_light.bmp10.18.126.23 kB
Kompas_96_bkg.bmp10.18.125.22 kB
Kompas_96_maska.bmp10.18.125.23 kB
Kompas_96_Shkala.bmp10.18.1222.54 kB
Kompas_96_Str.bmp10.18.12456 B
lamp.bmp10.18.121.73 kB
Lamp_Belyi_off.bmp10.18.12488 B
Lamp_Belyi_on.bmp10.18.12696 B
Lamp_Green_off.bmp10.18.12712 B
Lamp_Green_on.bmp10.18.12704 B
Lamp_Red_off.bmp10.18.12676 B
Lamp_Red_on.bmp10.18.12712 B
Landing Inboard Lights Switch.xml10.18.121.08 kB
Landing Outboard Lights Switch.xml10.18.121.08 kB
magnetic_compass.xml10.18.121.26 kB
magnetic_compass_background.bmp10.18.1211.72 kB
magnetic_compass_highlight_alpha.bmp10.18.1211.74 kB
magnetic_compass_line.bmp10.18.12742 B
magnetic_compass_shadow_alpha.bmp10.18.1211.74 kB
magnetic_compass_strip.bmp10.18.1219.76 kB
magnetic_compass_window.bmp10.18.122.81 kB
Master Warning Light.xml10.18.121.07 kB
Master_Reset_Caution_On.bmp10.18.121.43 kB
Master_Reset_Off.bmp10.18.121.78 kB
Master_Reset_Warning_On.bmp10.18.121.43 kB
Multi-Function Display.xml10.18.1216.17 kB
Nav Display Switch.xml10.18.12571 B
Nav Lights Switch.xml10.18.12506 B
Nav-GPS Switch.xml10.18.12495 B
nd2_adf_arrow.bmp10.18.124.35 kB
nd2_expanded_rose.bmp10.18.1241.71 kB
nd2_horizontal_gs.bmp10.18.128.10 kB
nd2_ILS_pointer.bmp10.18.121.25 kB
nd2_Ownship.bmp10.18.121.31 kB
nd2_pointer.bmp10.18.121.70 kB
ND2_Staple_Track.bmp10.18.122.71 kB
nd2_track.bmp10.18.121.85 kB
nd2_vertical_gs.bmp10.18.122.01 kB
nd2_vor_arrow.bmp10.18.124.35 kB
nd_background.bmp10.18.12102.40 kB
nd_background_overlay.bmp10.18.1232.34 kB
nd_glideslope_bg.bmp10.18.121.34 kB
nd_glideslope_filled.bmp10.18.12268 B
nd_hsi_adf_needle.bmp10.18.122.35 kB
nd_hsi_card.bmp10.18.1250.71 kB
nd_hsi_cdi_filled.bmp10.18.12424 B
nd_hsi_cdi_hollow.bmp10.18.12440 B
nd_hsi_heading_bug.bmp10.18.12252 B
nd_hsi_plane.bmp10.18.12576 B
nd_hsi_tf_indicator.bmp10.18.12212 B
nd_hsi_vor1_needle.bmp10.18.128.73 kB
nd_hsi_vor2_needle.bmp10.18.122.95 kB
ne_Perekl_off.bmp10.18.121008 B
ne_Perekl_on.bmp10.18.121008 B
Off.bmp10.18.12108 B
Oh_Night.bmp10.18.1216.80 kB
OH_night.XML10.18.12176 B
OPEN_Light.XML10.18.12529 B
Panel Lights Switch.xml10.18.12516 B
Per2pozVert_S_off.bmp10.18.121.34 kB
Per2pozVert_S_on.bmp10.18.121.32 kB
Perekl_off.bmp10.18.121.62 kB
Perekl_on.bmp10.18.121.62 kB
Perekl_Zash_AKKUM.bmp10.18.122.80 kB
Perekl_Zash_Off.bmp10.18.122.80 kB
Perekl_Zash_Prib.bmp10.18.122.80 kB
pfd_background.bmp10.18.12101.38 kB
pfd_dg_card.bmp10.18.1227.02 kB
pfd_dg_heading_bug.bmp10.18.12216 B
pfd_dg_heading_pointer.bmp10.18.12212 B
pfd_glideslope_background.bmp10.18.121.71 kB
pfd_gs_needle_filled.bmp10.18.12184 B
pfd_localizer_background.bmp10.18.121.56 kB
pfd_loc_needle_filled.bmp10.18.12180 B
pfd_omi_i.bmp10.18.12456 B
pfd_omi_m.bmp10.18.12484 B
pfd_omi_o.bmp10.18.12464 B
Primary Flight Display Switch.xml10.18.12479 B
Primary Flight Display.xml10.18.1216.07 kB
Rotor_Autobrake_1.bmp10.18.123.98 kB
Rotor_Autobrake_2.bmp10.18.123.98 kB
Rotor_Autobrake_3.bmp10.18.123.98 kB
Rotor_Autobrake_MaxAuto.bmp10.18.123.98 kB
Rotor_Autobrake_Off.bmp10.18.123.98 kB
Rotor_Autobrake_RTO.bmp10.18.123.98 kB
Standby Altimeter.xml10.18.128.38 kB
Strobe Lights Switch.xml11.21.12566 B
Taxi Lights Switch.xml10.18.12510 B
vertical_speed_bug.bmp10.18.12156 B
vertical_speed_needle.bmp10.18.1284 B
Main_Panel.bmp11.06.12769.05 kB
military_xml.cab11.07.038.11 kB
M_3M.cab07.13.121.53 MB
PANEL.CFG11.21.127.45 kB
160ArrowWingR.bmp10.09.123.35 kB
160ArrowWingR1.bmp10.09.122.65 kB
160Wing1_background.bmp10.09.1288.36 kB
160Wing_background.bmp10.09.1288.36 kB
1P2.bmp10.09.12340.90 kB
1P2.xml10.09.125.61 kB
1P2_1go_0.bmp10.09.126.04 kB
1P2_1go_1.bmp10.09.126.04 kB
1P2_2go_0.bmp10.09.126.04 kB
1P2_2go_1.bmp10.09.126.04 kB
1P2_bz_0.bmp10.09.126.04 kB
1P2_bz_1.bmp10.09.126.04 kB
1P2_imit_0.bmp10.09.128.94 kB
1P2_imit_1.bmp10.09.128.94 kB
1P2_kontr_0.bmp10.09.125.29 kB
1P2_kontr_1.bmp10.09.126.04 kB
1P2_no_0.bmp10.09.128.94 kB
1P2_no_1.bmp10.09.128.94 kB
1P2_rez_0.bmp10.09.126.04 kB
1P2_rez_1.bmp10.09.126.04 kB
1P2_sbros_0.bmp10.09.128.80 kB
1P2_sbros_1.bmp10.09.128.80 kB
1P4.bmp10.09.12454.43 kB
1P4.xml10.09.129.52 kB
1P4_lamp.bmp10.09.121.91 kB
4902.bmp10.09.12188.55 kB
4902.xml10.09.122.63 kB
4902_ind1_0.bmp10.09.126.04 kB
4902_ind1_1.bmp10.09.126.04 kB
4902_ind2_0.bmp10.09.126.04 kB
4902_ind2_1.bmp10.09.126.04 kB
4902_ind3_0.bmp10.09.126.04 kB
4902_ind3_1.bmp10.09.126.04 kB
4902_kl_0.bmp10.09.125.32 kB
4902_kl_1.bmp10.09.126.04 kB
4902_man_0.bmp10.09.125.30 kB
4902_man_1.bmp10.09.126.04 kB
4902_mod11_0.bmp10.09.125.27 kB
4902_mod11_1.bmp10.09.126.04 kB
4902_mod12_0.bmp10.09.126.04 kB
4902_mod12_1.bmp10.09.126.04 kB
4902_mod21_0.bmp10.09.125.27 kB
4902_mod21_1.bmp10.09.126.04 kB
4902_mod22_0.bmp10.09.126.04 kB
4902_mod22_1.bmp10.09.126.04 kB
4902_pom1_0.bmp10.09.125.28 kB
4902_pom1_1.bmp10.09.126.04 kB
4902_pom2_0.bmp10.09.125.30 kB
4902_pom2_1.bmp10.09.126.04 kB
4902_sel_0.bmp10.09.125.31 kB
4902_sel_1.bmp10.09.126.04 kB
4902_stab_0.bmp10.09.125.31 kB
4902_stab_1.bmp10.09.126.04 kB
4902_w_0.bmp10.09.125.30 kB
4902_w_1.bmp10.09.126.04 kB
A034.bmp10.09.1238.95 kB
A034.xml10.09.123.54 kB
A034a.bmp10.09.1238.95 kB
A034_arrow.bmp10.09.122.45 kB
A034_flag.bmp10.09.124.06 kB
A034_indeks.bmp10.09.121.36 kB
A034_lamp.bmp10.09.121.79 kB
A034_resh.bmp10.09.123.46 kB
A312.bmp10.09.1280.15 kB
A312.xml10.09.121012 B
A317.bmp10.09.12108.96 kB
A317.xml10.09.121.40 kB
A318.bmp10.09.12164.13 kB
A318.xml10.09.12420 B
A723.bmp10.09.12234.45 kB
A723.xml10.09.121.20 kB
AB1a_on.bmp10.09.122.46 kB
AB1_on.bmp10.09.122.54 kB
AB2a_on.bmp10.09.122.46 kB
AB2_on.bmp10.09.122.54 kB
AB3a_on.bmp10.09.122.46 kB
AB3_on.bmp10.09.122.54 kB
AB4a_on.bmp10.09.122.46 kB
AB4_on.bmp10.09.122.54 kB
ABLamps_1-2.bmp10.09.123.72 kB
ABLamps_3-4.bmp10.09.128.07 kB
AB_PANEL.xml10.09.12417 B
AB_Tu160_off.bmp10.09.121.80 kB
AB_Tu160_on.bmp10.09.121.80 kB
AfterburnerLamps.xml10.09.121.23 kB
AfterburnerLamps_bg.bmp10.09.125.99 kB
AfterburnerL_1-2.xml10.09.12726 B
AfterburnerL_3-4.xml10.09.12726 B
AGR.bmp10.09.1293.69 kB
AGR1.bmp10.09.1293.69 kB
AGR_72.XML10.09.121.83 kB
AGR_airplane.bmp10.09.126.98 kB
AGR_Alpha.bmp10.09.1293.71 kB
AGR_Mask.bmp10.09.1292.94 kB
AGR_pitch.bmp10.09.12166.18 kB
AGR_pointer.bmp10.09.125.04 kB
AP Icon.xml10.09.12230 B
AP Switch.xml10.09.12705 B
APm_off.bmp10.09.122.40 kB
APm_on.bmp10.09.122.40 kB
AP_Apr_Off.bmp10.09.125.05 kB
AP_Apr_On.bmp10.09.125.05 kB
AP_AT_Down.bmp10.09.124.99 kB
AP_AT_Up.bmp10.09.124.99 kB
AP_BC_Off.bmp10.09.124.54 kB
AP_BC_On.bmp10.09.124.52 kB
AP_Cmd_Off.bmp10.09.129.94 kB
AP_Cmd_On.bmp10.09.129.96 kB
AP_GPS.bmp10.09.123.44 kB
AP_HdgKnob_Auto.bmp10.09.1222.84 kB
AP_Hdg_Off.bmp10.09.125.05 kB
AP_Hdg_On.bmp10.09.125.05 kB
AP_Hld_Off.bmp10.09.125.05 kB
AP_Hld_On.bmp10.09.125.05 kB
AP_Icon.bmp10.09.121.37 kB
AP_Nav_Off.bmp10.09.125.05 kB
AP_Nav_On.bmp10.09.125.05 kB
AP_Rolling_Numbers.bmp10.09.122.19 kB
AP_Rolling_Numbers_MachDecimal.bmp10.09.122.19 kB
AP_Rolling_Numbers_Mask_3Hole.bmp10.09.122.24 kB
AP_Rolling_Numbers_Mask_5Hole.bmp10.09.122.63 kB
AP_Sel_Off.bmp10.09.125.05 kB
AP_Sel_On.bmp10.09.125.05 kB
AP_Spd_Off.bmp10.09.125.05 kB
AP_Spd_On.bmp10.09.125.05 kB
AP_SW_OFF.BMP10.09.121.21 kB
AP_SW_ON.BMP10.09.12976 B
AP_VS_Off.bmp10.09.124.93 kB
AP_VS_On.bmp10.09.124.93 kB
AP_WL_Off.bmp10.09.124.41 kB
AP_WL_On.bmp10.09.124.26 kB
Autopilot Altitude Hold Switch.xml10.09.12784 B
Autopilot Altitude Window.xml10.09.123.55 kB
Autopilot Approach Switch.xml10.09.12767 B
Autopilot Backcourse Switch.xml10.09.12679 B
Autopilot BC Switch.xml10.09.12706 B
Autopilot Hdg Switch.xml10.09.12770 B
Autopilot Heading Selector.xml10.09.12616 B
Autopilot Heading Window.xml10.09.122.18 kB
Autopilot IAS-Mach Switch.xml10.09.12803 B
Autopilot IAS-Mach Window.xml10.09.122.74 kB
Autopilot Master Switch.xml10.09.12739 B
Autopilot Nav Switch.xml10.09.12750 B
Autopilot Speed Switch.xml10.09.12807 B
Autopilot VS Selector.xml10.09.121.19 kB
Autopilot VS Switch.xml10.09.12872 B
Autopilot VS Window.xml10.09.123.26 kB
Autopilot Wing Leveler.xml10.09.12759 B
Autopilot_Sel.xml10.09.12562 B
Autothrottle Switch.xml10.09.12668 B
Avt_button_0.bmp10.09.125.05 kB
Avt_button_1.bmp10.09.125.05 kB
A_312.bmp10.09.1275.31 kB
A_312.XML10.09.121.10 kB
BKO_Nav.bmp10.09.12302.18 kB
BKO_Nav.xml10.09.12120 B
BKO_Pil.bmp10.09.1257.54 kB
BKO_Pil.xml10.09.12276 B
BKO_Pil1.bmp10.09.1257.54 kB
burner_logo.xml10.09.12477 B
Clock.xml10.09.124.49 kB
Clock1_BG.bmp10.09.1248.40 kB
Clock_1.BMP10.09.12776 B
Clock_2.BMP10.09.12784 B
Clock_3.BMP10.09.12784 B
Clock_BG.bmp10.09.1248.40 kB
Clock_H.BMP10.09.121.97 kB
Clock_M.BMP10.09.121.85 kB
Clock_MH.BMP10.09.12792 B
Clock_MMS.BMP10.09.12704 B
Clock_S.BMP10.09.122.04 kB
DA.bmp10.09.1291.05 kB
DA1.bmp10.09.1291.05 kB
DA_200.xml10.09.123.17 kB
DA_ball.bmp10.09.12906 B
DA_eup.bmp10.09.1230.83 kB
DA_needle.bmp10.09.124.66 kB
DME.bmp10.09.1240.30 kB
DME.xml10.09.12911 B
DME_Off.bmp10.09.123.93 kB
DME_On.bmp10.09.123.93 kB
El_A.bmp10.09.1232.34 kB
El_A.xml10.09.12460 B
El_Avar.bmp10.09.1232.34 kB
El_Avar.xml10.09.12466 B
El_Hz.bmp10.09.1232.34 kB
El_Hz.xml10.09.12465 B
El_needle.bmp10.09.121.27 kB
El_T.bmp10.09.1220.19 kB
El_T.xml10.09.12950 B
El_V.bmp10.09.1232.34 kB
El_V.xml10.09.12464 B
El_Vvar.bmp10.09.1232.34 kB
El_Vvar.xml10.09.12471 B
Engine_Gauges_Needle.bmp10.09.121.23 kB
ENGTEMP.xml10.09.124.14 kB
ENGTEMP_backgrnd.bmp10.09.1210.35 kB
ENGTEMP_BAR.bmp10.09.1219.84 kB
ENGTEMP_card.bmp10.09.129.50 kB
ENGTEMP_LED.bmp10.09.12292 B
ENGTEMP_mask.bmp10.09.12592 B
EPR_dummy.bmp10.09.127.57 kB
EPR_dummy.xml10.09.12125 B
Exit.bmp10.09.1211.20 kB
FANRPM.xml10.09.125.12 kB
FANRPM_backgrnd.bmp10.09.1210.35 kB
FANRPM_BAR.bmp10.09.1219.87 kB
FANRPM_card.bmp10.09.1227.93 kB
FANRPM_LED.bmp10.09.12292 B
FANRPM_mask.bmp10.09.12592 B
FF_Background.bmp10.09.127.78 kB
Flaps.bmp10.09.1250.90 kB
Flaps.xml10.09.122.68 kB
Flaps1.bmp10.09.1250.90 kB
Flaps_1L.bmp10.09.121.04 kB
Flaps_1R.bmp10.09.121.04 kB
Flaps_2L.bmp10.09.12398 B
Flaps_2R.bmp10.09.12398 B
Flaps_needle.bmp10.09.12702 B
Flight Director Switch.xml10.09.12672 B
Fuel.bmp10.09.1253.16 kB
Fuel.xml10.09.12760 B
FuelFlow_eng1.xml10.09.12939 B
FuelFlow_eng2.xml10.09.12932 B
FuelFlow_eng3.xml10.09.12932 B
FuelFlow_eng4.xml10.09.12932 B
Fuel_arrow.bmp10.09.123.10 kB
Gear.XML10.09.124.28 kB
GearOff.bmp10.09.122.34 kB
GearOn.bmp10.09.122.34 kB
Gear_Background.bmp10.09.1228.26 kB
Glis_button_0.bmp10.09.124.99 kB
Glis_button_1.bmp10.09.124.99 kB
GPSNav_GPS.bmp10.09.127.62 kB
GPSNav_Nav.bmp10.09.127.62 kB
Green.bmp10.09.12786 B
Icon_Overhead.bmp10.09.12888 B
IKU-1A.XML10.09.122.04 kB
Indicator.bmp10.09.12430.76 kB
Indicator.xml10.09.123.31 kB
Indicator1.bmp10.09.12430.48 kB
Indicator_Nav1.xml10.09.123.26 kB
Indicator_Nav2.xml10.09.121.31 kB
INO.bmp10.09.12536.63 kB
INO.xml10.09.1216.05 kB
INO_kurs.bmp10.09.1216.74 kB


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One of the things I always found when using the Tupolev TU-22m3 is that it lacked a bit of character and style – it’s usually a problem with this kind of aircraft, though. However, it all just felt so bland and it done a poor job of helping me feel part of the fun and the overall story. Instead, I decided to pick up this livery package to give the aircraft a bit of extra zest and life moving forward.

Using realistic photos, the panels have been fully updated using the Russian gauges made by Bill Wolfgen as well as the Tu-144 gauges by Thomas Ruth ad Claudio Mussner. Add in the usage of 3MS gauges by Brett Hoskins and Vladimir Zhyhulskiy and Michael Pearson’s textures for Indian and Ukrainian jets and you get something that looks pretty damn comprehensive!

I was really impressed with the overall look and feel of each of the new liveries included, making the whole aircraft look far more refreshing than its dull, dour counterpart that existed previously. This immediately caught my eye as it just looked so much better, creating a much clearer and more interesting design than what the original aircraft was flying with.

However, the liveries are all detailed on real-life which was something that was quite important to me. I like to have authenticity most of the time (although a bit of fiction never hurts) and these liveries are all doing their best to stick to the real life style they are based upon.

I would be happy to recommend this to others who like the aircraft but, like me, feel it was a little bit dull in terms of the looks. It’s not a criticism of the aircraft, but a criticism of the real-life designers of the original who made it look so plain!

Thanks to our friends listed above, though, this problem can become a thing of the past in no time. Well worth your time whether it’s just for a bit of nostalgia or to give you a real appreciation of what an aircraft should really look like. 

Adam McEnroe

About Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files.

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