FS2004 Royal Danish Air Force Lockheed C-130 Hercules

PreviewThank you for downloading the SIMSHED C-130 Royal Danish Air force! This package features a complete model from SIMSHED, with everything what's needed to fly this aircraft in flight simulator. Aircraft features one Royal Danish Airforce livery by Claus Vendelboe Holmberg, based on modified RDAF ...

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Thank you for downloading the SIMSHED C-130 Royal Danish Air force! This package features a complete model from SIMSHED, with everything what's needed to fly this aircraft in flight simulator. Aircraft features one Royal Danish Airforce livery by Claus Vendelboe Holmberg, based on modified RDAF textures by Jakob Arnholtz. VC by Clive Ryan, New Updated C-130 photo-real Main Panel and brand New Flightdeck Panel, Pilots and Co Pilots View, by Claus Vendelboe Holmberg, with working yokes and NEW C-130 Engine Controls in main panel and flightdeck and pilots on Flightdeck, working radar by Jean-Pierre Langer (JP3A), showing AI traffic on both decks, HUD by Eric Marciano and GPS on “ALL” panels, and all controlled by switches. The Cockpit also contains new cycle views, and wing-views from inside the cabin. Features Animated control surfaces, 3 exits, cargo ramp, cargo launching effect, checklist and reference kneeboard docs. Accurate flight dynamics. The package also contains realistic sound by Allison Bill Schulz, with simshed´s C-130 great flap and gear sounds. Model by Brian Franklin of SIMSHED, modified as “H Model” by Eduardo Fadul. Flight Dynamics by Claudio Sanchez / Hangarcerouno.tk. Main Panel and VC original by Clive Ryan, updated by Claus Vendelboe holmberg. RDAF textures, all new panels, gauges and modifications and package by Claus Vendelboe Holmberg.

Lockheed C-130 Hercules

Lockheed C-130 Hercules

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The archive c130rda3.zip has 323 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Docs09.25.060 B
1980.gif09.21.0613.91 kB
1980_2.jpg09.21.06155.06 kB
Authorize09.24.060 B
Authorize from Brian Franklin.txt09.22.061.23 kB
Authorize from Claudio Sanchez l.txt09.23.061.18 kB
Authorize from Eduardo Fadul.txt09.24.06386 B
Authorize from Rob Barendregt.txt09.24.061.31 kB
C-130 RDAF.gif06.17.067.64 kB
C-130 RDAF.jpg09.21.06127.27 kB
C-130 RDAF_2.jpg09.21.06154.14 kB
c130h.jpg09.10.068.21 kB
c130h1.jpg09.10.065.66 kB
C130HCHECK.htm09.11.0663.38 kB
C130Href.htm09.10.0610.39 kB
Co Pilots View.jpg09.21.06183.30 kB
Doors and Ramp.jpg09.21.06102.32 kB
File_ID & Install_readme.doc09.25.064.02 MB
File_ID & Install_readme.txt09.25.064.28 kB
Flightdeck with Pilots.jpg09.25.06185.53 kB
Flightdeck with Yokes and Huds.jpg09.25.06284.62 kB
Flightdeck.jpg09.25.06123.85 kB
Herc-VC.jpg04.30.0593.74 kB
herk2k2.pdf03.20.03142.01 kB
Jumpers.jpg09.21.06113.45 kB
Main Panel with Yoke and Hud.jpg09.25.06150.56 kB
Old Docs09.22.060 B
C-130C3.txt04.30.05164 B
FILE ID.txt09.11.06757 B
Parachute.txt01.27.03906 B
README ParaSmokeTailhook.txt09.24.033.81 kB
ReadMe.txt04.30.051.26 kB
Parajumpers.jpg09.22.0677.75 kB
Pilots View.jpg09.21.06174.90 kB
The real aircraft.doc02.23.06548.00 kB
Thumbs.db09.25.0681.00 kB
Flight Simulator 909.21.060 B
aircraft09.21.060 B
C-130 RDAF09.21.060 B
aircraft.cfg09.23.0615.24 kB
model09.21.060 B
C-130H Hercules.mdl02.13.064.17 MB
Model.cfg03.20.0634 B
panel09.25.060 B
$vc_51210.25.04256.06 kB
Co Pilots View.bmp09.21.062.25 MB
cpt.icons.cab09.25.0613.81 kB
eng1.bmp04.16.05768.05 kB
Flightdeck.bmp09.25.062.25 MB
Forward_Left_Up.bmp09.18.06769.05 kB
Forward_Right_Up.bmp09.18.06769.05 kB
FORWARD_UP.bmp09.20.06769.05 kB
FS_Meteo.bmp03.16.0184.42 kB
Fuel_panel_background_10247.bmp08.16.01387.65 kB
hud.bmp09.20.06339.56 kB
IconYoke.cab09.25.064.27 kB
LeftFDhud.bmp09.21.06339.56 kB
LEFTyoke.cab09.25.06113.41 kB
Main Panel.bmp09.25.062.25 MB
panel.cfg09.25.0627.61 kB
Pilots View.bmp09.20.062.25 MB
pilots.bmp09.22.06769.05 kB
PROPLEVER.cab09.25.0640.26 kB
Radar.bmp06.16.0684.41 kB
radar1.bmp08.19.01769.05 kB
Radar_icon.cab09.25.065.50 kB
Radios.bmp05.02.012.44 MB
rcb-gauges.cab09.25.062.07 kB
rear.BMP02.25.01772.05 kB
rear_left.bmp09.19.06769.05 kB
rear_right.BMP09.19.06772.05 kB
REAR_UP.bmp09.18.06769.05 kB
Right.bmp09.19.06769.05 kB
RIGHTyoke.cab09.25.06113.31 kB
Throttle.cab09.25.0632.17 kB
Thumbs.db09.25.0693.50 kB
WING_L.bmp09.18.06769.05 kB
WING_R.bmp09.18.06769.05 kB
Yoke.bmp09.21.06835.05 kB
YokeLeft.bmp09.21.06835.05 kB
YokeRight.bmp09.21.06835.05 kB
Zoom.bmp03.02.02389.49 kB
Simshed C-130.air04.30.0514.16 kB
sound09.21.060 B
afgys-climb.wav01.19.01431.60 kB
afgys-flap.wav03.17.02173.67 kB
afgys-gear.wav03.17.02994.02 kB
afgys-idle.wav01.19.01384.12 kB
afgys-ps.wav07.29.00184.04 kB
afgys-shut.wav01.19.01906.37 kB
afgys-start1.wav04.24.02866.04 kB
afgys-start2.wav01.19.012.02 MB
afgys-taxi.wav01.19.01188.02 kB
afgys-touch.wav03.19.0214.86 kB
afgys-xclimb.wav01.19.01431.60 kB
afgys-xidle.wav01.19.01384.12 kB
afgys-xshut.wav01.19.01906.37 kB
afgys-xstart1.wav04.24.02864.04 kB
afgys-xstart2.wav01.19.012.02 MB
afgys-xtaxi.wav01.19.01188.02 kB
bmgeardn.wav01.30.0291.67 kB
bmgearup.wav01.30.0291.67 kB
bmgwarn.wav09.02.9955.52 kB
bnroll.wav04.18.01370.11 kB
bnroll2.wav04.18.01389.67 kB
C.wav07.09.0156.86 kB
flaps.wav01.30.0232.89 kB
kagear.wav04.18.0188.25 kB
kastall.wav04.18.0123.29 kB
L.wav01.30.0258.83 kB
R.wav01.30.0258.83 kB
Sound.cfg09.11.064.55 kB
texture.B-68009.21.060 B
$my_first_vc04.10.041.00 MB
black.bmp09.10.0632.07 kB
cabina.bmp09.10.06128.07 kB
cabina2.bmp09.10.06128.07 kB
carta_grande.bmp09.10.06128.07 kB
carta_pequeña.bmp09.10.06128.07 kB
cpstruts.bmp09.10.06512.07 kB
deck.bmp09.10.06512.07 kB
eng1.bmp09.10.06128.07 kB
flooring.bmp09.10.06128.07 kB
flooringc.bmp09.10.06128.07 kB
fuselage.bmp09.23.064.00 MB
Glass.bmp11.22.034.07 kB
grey1.bmp09.10.068.07 kB
int-grey.bmp09.10.06128.07 kB
int-grey2.bmp09.10.06128.07 kB
int1.bmp09.10.06512.07 kB
int2.bmp09.10.06128.07 kB
int3.bmp09.10.06512.07 kB
int4.bmp09.10.06512.07 kB
int5.bmp09.10.0632.07 kB
intake.bmp09.10.068.07 kB
l_wing.bmp09.23.064.00 MB
midgrey.bmp09.10.068.07 kB
mirror.bmp01.15.0521.43 kB
panel.bmp09.10.06512.07 kB
ped.bmp09.10.068.07 kB
ped2.bmp09.10.06128.07 kB
perspex2.bmp11.22.034.07 kB
Piloto.bmp09.10.06512.07 kB
propstill.bmp09.09.06128.07 kB
propstop.bmp09.09.0632.07 kB
r_wing.bmp09.23.064.00 MB
seatcov.bmp09.10.0632.07 kB
Thumbs.db09.23.06150.50 kB
yoke.bmp09.10.0632.07 kB
effects09.25.060 B
fx_jiannis.fx01.21.033.30 kB
FX_MR2_SMOKE.fx11.21.042.24 kB
texture09.25.060 B
fx_para1.bmp01.21.035.07 kB
fx_para2.bmp01.21.0317.07 kB
fx_para3.bmp01.21.0365.07 kB
Gauges09.25.060 B
ATR-42a.autothrottle.gau10.27.008.50 kB
C130-HV2_OIL1.gau04.01.01131.50 kB
C130-HV2_OIL2.gau04.01.01131.50 kB
C130-HV2_OIL3.gau04.01.01131.50 kB
C130-HV2_OIL4.gau04.01.01131.50 kB
C130.GEN_RPM.gau02.15.0046.50 kB
C130.UPRT.gau02.15.0047.00 kB
C130ff-1.gau02.12.01166.00 kB
C130ff-2.gau02.12.01166.00 kB
C130ff-3.gau02.12.01166.00 kB
C130ff-4.gau02.12.01166.00 kB
C130_ACAmps1.gau04.14.01224.00 kB
C130_AIRCOND_SWITCH2.gau04.15.0117.00 kB
C130_AP_Ind.gau06.02.0048.00 kB
C130_att.gau03.20.01305.50 kB
C130_Autobrake.gau05.14.01128.00 kB
C130_clock-sim-rate.gau02.16.9844.50 kB
C130_clock.gau03.24.01124.00 kB
C130_EGT1.gau03.29.01128.00 kB
C130_EGT2.gau03.29.01128.00 kB
C130_EGT3.gau03.29.01128.00 kB
C130_EGT4.gau03.29.01128.00 kB
C130_Eng1-EPR.gau03.29.01128.00 kB
C130_Eng1-N2.gau03.29.01128.00 kB
C130_Eng2-EPR.gau03.29.01128.00 kB
C130_Eng2-N2.gau03.29.01128.00 kB
C130_Eng3-EPR.gau03.29.01128.00 kB
C130_Eng3-N2.gau03.29.01128.00 kB
C130_Eng4-EPR.gau03.29.01128.00 kB
C130_Eng4-N2.gau03.29.01128.00 kB
C130_FF1.gau03.29.01128.00 kB
C130_FF2.gau03.29.01128.00 kB
C130_FF3.gau03.29.01128.00 kB
C130_FF4.gau03.29.01128.00 kB
C130_Gen_Light.1.gau05.14.9948.00 kB
C130_Gen_Light.2.gau05.14.9948.00 kB
C130_Gen_Light.3.gau05.14.9948.00 kB
C130_Gen_Light.4.gau05.14.9948.00 kB
C130_Ice_Warning.gau07.18.9956.00 kB
C130_JET_EGT_1.gau02.07.01132.00 kB
C130_Jet_EGT_2.gau04.24.00132.00 kB
C130_Jet_EGT_3.gau10.16.00132.00 kB
C130_Jet_EGT_4.gau10.16.00132.00 kB
C130_NAV_GPS_Switch.gau04.13.0136.00 kB
C130_parkbrake.gau04.14.01174.50 kB
C130_Ramp.gau03.24.0119.50 kB
C130_SPOIL_light.gau08.18.9841.50 kB
C130_THROTTLES.gau03.26.01128.00 kB
C130_warn.parkbrake.gau06.26.9985.00 kB
ca727rada.gau02.13.01402.00 kB
ca727rada_0001.GAU09.24.06402.00 kB
CFR-Gear.1.gau03.14.9845.00 kB
CFR.APALT21.gau04.21.0139.00 kB
CFR.APAPR1.gau04.21.0139.00 kB
CFR.APATH1.gau04.21.0139.00 kB
CFR.APHDG21.gau04.21.0139.00 kB
CFR.APLVL1.gau04.21.0139.00 kB
CFR.APMAS1.gau04.21.0139.00 kB
CFR.APMCH.gau04.21.0139.00 kB
CFR.APNAV1.gau04.21.0139.00 kB
CFR.APSPD1.gau04.21.0139.00 kB
CFR.APYDP1.gau04.21.0139.00 kB
CFR.BRAKE_PRESS.gau07.24.00233.00 kB
CFR.fuelc.gau06.04.01129.50 kB
CFR.fuell.gau06.04.01129.50 kB
CFR.fuelr.gau06.04.01129.50 kB
CFR.LL.Indicator.gau05.23.0132.00 kB
CFR.Oil.Pressure1.gau07.13.0156.00 kB
CFR.Oil.Pressure2.gau07.13.0156.00 kB
CFR.Oil.Pressure3.gau07.13.0156.00 kB
CFR.Oil.Pressure4.gau07.13.0156.00 kB
CFR.Oil.Temperature1.gau07.13.0156.00 kB
CFR.Oil.Temperature2.gau07.13.0156.00 kB
CFR.Oil.Temperature3.gau07.13.0156.00 kB
CFR.Oil.Temperature4.gau07.13.0156.00 kB
CFR.Pitot.Indicator.gau05.23.0132.00 kB
CFR.ralt2.gau07.18.01128.00 kB
CFR.Strobe.Indicator.gau05.23.0132.00 kB
CFR.toggle31.ca.gau05.07.0134.00 kB
CFR.torque-1.gau07.13.01165.50 kB
CFR.torque-2.gau07.13.01165.50 kB
CFR.torque-3.gau07.13.01165.50 kB
CFR.torque-4.gau07.13.01165.50 kB
CFR1_fpda_dummy_switch_1.gau08.09.0115.50 kB
CFR2.DIR-GYRO.gau08.19.01242.00 kB
CFR2.Panel.Indicator.gau05.23.0132.00 kB
CFR3_fpda_dummy_switch_3.gau08.09.0115.50 kB
CFRsa5.vsi.gau05.06.9829.00 kB
CFRsa6.vsi.gau03.04.0229.00 kB
CFR_1_airspeed.gau08.09.01142.00 kB
CFR_2_airspeed.gau03.02.02142.00 kB
CFR_AIRCOND_SWITCH2.gau04.15.0117.00 kB
CFR_alt1.gau08.17.01332.00 kB
CFR_autobrake_v2.gau04.30.01128.00 kB
CFR_autopilot.gau02.22.9844.00 kB
CFR_c130att.gau07.16.01305.50 kB
CFR_clock-sim-rate.gau02.16.9844.50 kB
CFR_clock.gau03.24.01124.00 kB
CFR_Directional_Gyro.gau05.16.01237.50 kB
CFR_dme1.gau02.15.9843.00 kB
CFR_dme2.gau02.15.9843.00 kB
CFR_FF1.gau03.29.01128.00 kB
CFR_FF2.gau03.29.01128.00 kB
CFR_FF3.gau03.29.01128.00 kB
CFR_FF4.gau03.29.01128.00 kB
CFR_fsd_warn.overspeed.gau07.14.0185.00 kB
CFR_Fuel_Low_Centre1.gau03.02.0248.00 kB
CFR_Fuel_Low_Left_Main1.gau03.02.0248.00 kB
CFR_Fuel_Low_Right_Main1.gau03.02.0248.00 kB
CFR_Gen_Light.1.gau07.14.0148.00 kB
CFR_Gen_Light.2.gau07.14.0148.00 kB
CFR_Gen_Light.3.gau07.14.0148.00 kB
CFR_Gen_Light.4.gau07.14.0148.00 kB
CFR_HGHB4_VSI.gau07.17.01194.00 kB
CFR_Landinglights2.gau04.19.0128.00 kB
CFR_Landinglights3.gau08.09.0128.00 kB
CFR_n1-1.gau07.13.01167.00 kB
CFR_n1-2.gau07.13.01167.00 kB
CFR_n1-3.gau07.13.01167.00 kB
CFR_n1-4.gau07.13.01167.00 kB
CFR_OMRGearLights.gau05.26.0112.00 kB
CFR_OMR_REVERSER.gau08.08.0111.50 kB
CFR_Panellights2.gau04.19.0128.00 kB
CFR_Panellights3.gau08.09.0128.00 kB
CFR_parkbrake.gau04.14.01174.50 kB
CFR_Pitotheat2.gau04.19.0128.00 kB
CFR_Pitotheat3.gau08.09.0128.00 kB
CFR_rada.gau02.13.01402.00 kB
CFR_Ramp.gau08.10.0119.50 kB
CFR_RMI.gau07.16.01172.50 kB
CFR_rp.flaps.gau05.13.01127.50 kB
CFR_rp.flaps1.gau03.02.02127.50 kB
CFR_SPOIL_light.gau08.18.9841.50 kB
CFR_Strobes2.gau04.19.0128.00 kB
CFR_Strobes3.gau08.09.0128.00 kB
CFR_THROTTLES.gau06.21.01128.00 kB
CFR_TIT-1.gau07.13.01128.00 kB
CFR_TIT-2.gau07.13.01128.00 kB
CFR_TIT-3.gau07.13.01128.00 kB
CFR_TIT-4.gau07.13.01128.00 kB
CFR_tnksw.gau07.20.0186.00 kB
CFR_warn.parkbrake.gau06.26.9985.00 kB
CONCORDE.GAU09.29.993.60 MB
dc10_autopilot.gau02.22.9844.00 kB
dc10_dfd_pan6sw.gau02.22.98112.06 kB
DF172N.gau09.26.001.62 MB
DFRG_OAT.gau05.30.0032.00 kB
F16_HUD_G.gau10.04.02356.50 kB
fsd_warn.overspeed.gau06.26.9985.00 kB
fsd_warn.stall.gau06.26.9985.00 kB
Herc.gau08.16.01255.00 kB
Mooney_Bravo.gau03.08.001.99 MB
N262_Instr.gau07.25.047.77 MB
Nimrod AP.gau02.19.0244.00 kB
OMRdc8REVERSER.gau06.25.9811.50 kB
TC.FuelStatusPR.gau10.12.99216.00 kB
WRADAR2.gau04.08.98769.00 kB
Modules09.21.060 B
FSUIPC.dll07.28.06200.84 kB
FSUIPC.ini09.21.06379 B
FSUIPC.key08.27.0660 B
FSUIPC.log09.21.061.24 kB
Thumbs.db09.21.0620.00 kB
Simshed C-130 RDAF09.21.060 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


As a big fan of how realistic flight simulators have become, sometimes I like to go back and look at my older simulations to see the massive difference in realism and quality.

Preview screenshot

However, one thing I tend to pick up – particularly with this mod itself – is the fact that whilst things look awesome today, older models and systems aren’t the graphical letdown you might expect.

My Reaction

It would appear that for the best part of a decade we haven’t seen any quantum leaps in the way that flight simulation tends to work, thus putting a lot of people off jumping to the next system.

So, if you still enjoy a bit of vintage aviation in the form of FS2004 then you might want to download this package. It gives you access to the rather awesomely named C130 Hercules, in its Royal Danish Air Force design. This looks excellent, and really captures the features and design of the real thing to give you a total appreciation for just how awesome this looks.

It’s fresh and engaging, and it also makes it easier than ever before for you to buy into the style and the class of the aircraft itself. I instantly found myself a major fan of its work, and then also decided to try and get into how it would fly. This was just as easy to do as the comfort in flight was only improved by the great attention to detail of the guys who worked on it before.

Expertly Designed

Thanks to the work of the team behind it – and there were plenty of people involved, with the likes of Brian Franklin and Claudio Sanchez involved – this flies like a dream. The flight dynamics are every bit as impressive as the aircrafts look and feel, adding extra hype and detail to the model and making it come across in the most wonderful way possible.

You can find yourself gazing and gawking at the cockpit one minute, impressed at the detail and design in a decade-old simulator, whilst also getting to enjoy a flight that feels just the way that it should.

Indeed, this does a great job of capturing that kind of flight style so synonymous with larger aircraft. It can all feel a bit bulky at times, but this really does a grand job of capturing the quality of the cockpits various functions and features, giving you total access.

The Verdict

Everything comes alive thanks to this system, ensuring that you feel totally in control of the situation. It’s very easy to get into the aircraft without having some super in-depth knowledge about how it flies or how it should work, as everything is clearly laid out in the way that a real aircraft is. Therefore, you can feel fairly new to everything going on around you and still get a lot out of this aircraft; the attention to detail and the extra features will please flight simulation veterans, but it’s depth and extra will ensure newbies can have fun with it, too.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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ghis sautoSun, 03 Dec 2017 14:56:20 GMT

HI, have you a new version with FSX ? Thanks

Mikkel NielsenWed, 14 Jun 2017 23:10:03 GMT

The Danish air force does not have these colors on their C-130J's

RobinEHSat, 02 Aug 2014 22:19:26 GMT

Does not work well for me. I get the panel but no instruments except the NAV/GPS.

Fitzworth SchoolerSun, 09 Mar 2014 12:31:06 GMT

Hi Guys, Great Project, I love it. I just have one problem with view options when using this aircraft: When I select Instrument Panel Global and I am looking from the pilot's seat I see the instrument panel and outside scenery, that is fine. If a try to select a New (second) View, say Spot plane, Top-Down, etc., they appear inside the aircraft and covers the instrument panel, etc. On other aircraft design, the New (second0 View would appear outside the aircraft and do not block the instrument panel. I and not sure if you Guys can fix this as I normally use two views when I fly- one to see the instrument panel and the other to see the complete aircraft in the second view. Keep up the good work. Thanks

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