FSX/P3D Grumman F-14D Tomcat Mega Pack

PreviewThis is the full package for the F-14D Tomcat developed by Dino Cattaneo for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D. This is the latest version (v2.40).

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F14 Tomcat in flight with afterburners glowing.This is the full package for the F-14D Tomcat developed by Dino Cattaneo for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D. This is the latest version (v2.40).

The Grumman F-14 Tomcat is a supersonic, twin-engine, two-seat, variable-sweep wing aircraft. The F-14 was the United States Navy's primary maritime air superiority fighter, fleet defense interceptor, and tactical reconnaissance platform from 1974 to 2006.

This package contains an entirely new visual model, with self-shadowing, bump mapping and photoreal hi-res textures, working virtual dynamic cockpit, 3D gauges, and completely new flight model.

Also included is a 150+ page PDF manual outlining aircraft checklists and procedures and how to use the cockpit.

Flaps, Wingsweep, DLC control

Flaps, Wingsweep and DLC are all simulated with the FSX-flaps function, with in total 10 discrete positions; this implies that they are operated sequentially. In this description, the term FLAPS.x to refer to the position of the FSX-flaps function.

Wing sweep

  • Auto or Manual control.
    Clicking the sweep hat switch on the Throttles (in VC) toggles the control mode. Default: Auto.
  • Uses FLAPS.0 (swept backward) -- FLAPS.6 (swept forward) or higher.
  • In Auto-mode, Wingsweep depends on airspeed:
    • FLAPS.0 when airspeed greater than Mach 0.8.
    • FLAPS.6 when airspeed less than Mach 0.4.
    • and proportionally in between.


  • Manual control only.
  • Uses FLAPS.6 (Flaps fully up) -- FLAPS.8 (Flaps fully down) or higher.


  • Mode of control follows the Wing sweep control mode.
  • Uses FLAPS.8 (DLC Off) and FLAPS.9 (DLC On)
  • In Auto-mode
    • When airborne, DLC is set:
      • On, when airborne AND AoA greater than 10.5
      • Off, when airborne and AoA less than 7.5
    • When on the ground, DLC is set:
      • On, when Flaps are full, Airbrakes extended and Throttle at Idle.
      • Off, otherwise.

This simulation of Wingsweep, Flaps, and DLC with FLAPS leads to a few restrictions, some of which are valid in a real F14 anyway:

  • Flaps can only be lowered when wings are swept in full forward position.
  • Wings can only be swept backward (both Auto and Manual) when Flaps are fully up.
  • DLC can only be activated when Flaps are fully down.

Note: When Wingsweep control is set to Manual, you can simply step through all Wing sweep, Flaps and DLC positions (in sequence) by using FLAPS Increase and Decrease commands.

Airbrakes control

In general, Airbrakes control is Manual, using the SpoilerToggle function of FSX.

However, a few real-world auto-settings of Airbrakes are implemented:

  • Airbrakes are auto-retracted when Throttles are set to MIL power or higher.
  • Actual Airbrakes extension is limited by actual airspeed when you activate Airbrakes:
    • To 0 percent extension, when airspeed is above 600 Knots IAS.
    • No limitation (100 percent), when airspeed is below 400 Knots IAS.
    • And linear percentage, when airspeed is between 400 and 600 Knots IAS.
    • No auto-return; meaning that when airspeed drops again, Airbrakes extension does not increase; you have to toggle Airbrake off/on again for full extension.
  • When Airbrakes are in the (partial) extended position, FuelDump is forced Off.
  • On the ground, Airbrakes are auto-extended when Throttles are at Idle AND AntiSkid is set.

Wingfold control

Wingfold control is Manual, using the ToggleWingfold function of FSX.

However, a few restrictions apply:

  • In the air, wings cannot be folded (a trivial restriction :) )
  • On the ground:
    • Wings can only be set to fold when Flaps are fully Up.
    • When wings are in fully folded position:
  • Airbrakes are retracted
  • FLAPS and Airbrakes control is inactive.
    • When wings are unfolded, wings return to a position swept Forward, with Flaps set Up.

Engines shutdown/flameout

In the following conditions, the engines are shut down:

  • Gforce becomes less than -4.0.
  • Persistent negative Gforce longer than 20 sec, with Throttles in MIL power or higher.
  • Persistent negative Gforce longer than 10 sec, with Throttles in full Afterburner power.

When this occurs and the conditions are no longer valid, you can restart the engines in the usual way.

Transonic effect

Visual effect switched On when the aircraft accelerates through Mach-1.

Acceleration package required.

Developer: Dino Cattaneo.

Repaints included

This "mega" pack includes repaints bundled with the aircraft.

  • US Navy
    This two-pack contains VF-41 BlackAces circa 1976 and VF-103 Jolly Rogers circa 2004 - both have bump maps and custom specular maps.
  • VF-111
    There are two paints in this pack. The first one represents the F-14A/BuNo161621, 'Miss Molly", VF-111 "Sundowners", USS Carl Vinson CVN-70. The second one represents an F-14A/BuNo 160658, VF-111 "Sundowners", USS Carl Vinson, with low visibility markings.
  • VF-1 Wolfpack
    In the scheme of VF-1 Wolfpack on their first cruise aboard the USS Enterprise.
  • VF-114
  • Dirty Textures Pack
  • VMFA-513 Grey Ghosts
    Fictional representation of an F14D assigned to the USMC squadron VMFA-513 Grey Ghosts
  • VMFA-122 Crusaders
  • Pukin' Dogs
  • VF-31 100NK
  • US Navy F-14 Top Gun Pack
    From the Top Gun movie. Includes Maverick and Iceman Tomcats
  • US Navy 163217/VF-103 Jolly Rogers
    Jolly Rogers "60 years" scheme originally from F-14B
  • IRIAF F-14AM
    Included are four repaints of the Dino Cattaneo F-14D (as an F-14AM) in the IRIAF blue scheme: aircraft serials 3-6023, 3-6042, 3-6067 and 3-6079, all from TAB 8.
  • US Navy Grumman VF-213 161159
    VF-213 AJ204 F14 that rests in the hangar of the National Naval Museum
  • Alternative Afterburners
    Dino Cattaneo F14D Alternative Burners. For a different set of burners for Dino Cattaneo's Grumman F-14D Tomcat. Also, a replacement texture set for black F-14 throttles instead of white ones.
  • VF-142 Ghostriders hi-vis scheme
  • 163227/VF-11
    VF-11 Red Rippers hi-vis scheme originally from F-14B

Images & Screenshots

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The archive F14DFSXAv240.zip has 1086 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
F14D.gif03.11.139.12 kB
F14D.jpg03.11.1358.53 kB
F14DLanding.jpg03.11.1376.66 kB
F14DVF2.jpg03.11.13105.01 kB
file_id.diz03.08.15662 B
README.txt03.08.1520.22 kB
fx_beacon_t45.fx06.19.143.57 kB
fx_F14_vclight.fx05.30.091.25 kB
fx_F14D_gun.fx03.24.1311.80 kB
fx_f14D_gunsmoke.fx03.23.1369 B
fx_f14d_vclight_dino.fx03.01.151.25 kB
fx_navorange_t45.fx09.17.123.01 kB
fx_strobe_t45.fx09.17.124.77 kB
Airplanes03.08.150 B
Grumman_F14D03.08.150 B
aircraft.cfg03.08.1538.21 kB
docs03.08.150 B
F-14D_FSXA_VNATOPS.pdf07.22.148.66 MB
F-14D_Weapon_Systems_Reference_Guide.pdf10.27.131.35 MB
F14D.air04.03.147.40 kB
F14D_info.htm03.04.137.30 kB
Model03.08.150 B
f14d.MDL02.26.1517.24 MB
f14d2.MDL03.07.1511.53 MB
f14d2c.MDL03.08.159.87 MB
f14d2m.MDL03.08.1511.53 MB
model.cfg03.08.15263 B
optional_features03.08.150 B
DEFAULT03.08.150 B
Aircraft.cfg03.08.1538.21 kB
model.cfg03.08.15263 B
model.cfg03.08.15264 B
scratch_reflection.dds01.14.154.12 kB
README.txt03.08.151.16 kB
Aircraft.cfg03.08.1539.02 kB
model.cfg03.08.15264 B
Panel03.08.150 B
dsd_fsx_fuel_dump.dll03.04.12136.47 kB
F14D03.08.150 B
APTNO.bmp03.04.13550 B
APTYES.bmp03.04.13550 B
HAFUAMBIGUOUS.bmp08.05.13698 B
HAFUDT2.bmp08.05.133.11 kB
HAFUFRIENDLY.bmp08.05.13838 B
HAFUHOSTILE.bmp08.05.133.45 kB
HAFULANDS.bmp08.05.13698 B
HAFUUNKNOWN.bmp08.05.133.00 kB
HAWNO.bmp03.04.13550 B
HAWYES.bmp03.04.13550 B
LAWNO.bmp03.04.13550 B
LAWYES.bmp03.04.13550 B
mfd_expanded_airplane_symbol.bmp01.31.133.05 kB
MSI.xml05.02.1425.99 kB
NDBNO.bmp03.04.13550 B
NDBYES.bmp03.04.13550 B
Radar_Elev.bmp10.12.133.05 kB
Radar_Maltese.bmp10.12.1319.99 kB
Rio_CROSS.bmp10.14.13128.12 kB
Rio_Horizon.bmp08.23.132.66 kB
RIO_Radar_ATTK.bmp10.12.131.50 MB
RIO_Radar_AzEl.bmp10.12.131.50 MB
Rio_radar_back.bmp01.04.14768.05 kB
Rio_radar_back_ATTK.bmp01.04.14768.05 kB
Rio_radar_back_BIT.bmp01.04.14768.05 kB
RIO_Radar_BIT.bmp10.12.131.50 MB
RIO_Radar_MAP.bmp10.12.131.50 MB
RioControl.xml10.08.131.08 kB
Riodisplay.xml01.04.1469.55 kB
RioRadarDisplay.xml06.26.1474.68 kB
RIOSTEERING.bmp10.09.132.12 kB
Sav4F4C.tmp10.10.130 B
SMS_AG.bmp08.22.139.55 kB
SMS_DEGRADED.bmp03.25.139.55 kB
SMS_FAILED.bmp03.25.139.55 kB
SMS_guncounter.bmp03.25.139.55 kB
SMS_PH.bmp03.25.139.55 kB
SMS_READY.bmp03.25.139.55 kB
SMS_READYANDSEL.bmp03.25.139.55 kB
SMS_SELANDDEGRADED.bmp03.25.139.55 kB
SMS_SP.bmp03.25.139.55 kB
SMS_SW.bmp03.25.139.55 kB
Thumbs.db10.27.13108.50 kB
VORNO.bmp03.04.13550 B
VORYES.bmp03.04.13550 B
F14D_HUD03.08.150 B
3_degr_line_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.122.17 kB
ADL_B_00FF00.bmp07.04.132.02 kB
Airspeed_box_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.123.34 kB
Alpha_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.121.29 kB
Altitude_box_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.123.34 kB
AM_CIRCLE_BIG_00FF00.bmp08.06.13273.30 kB
Analog_dial_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.1214.98 kB
Analog_pointer_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.12252 B
AoA_bracket_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.121.70 kB
bank_arrow_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.12520 B
bank_arrow_D_00FF00.bmp09.21.124.22 kB
bank_scale_1_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.126.02 kB
bank_scale_2_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.1213.54 kB
bank_scale_3_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.1234.64 kB
bank_scale_D_00FF00.bmp02.05.1338.40 kB
BATR.bmp07.09.13230 B
BATR_00FF00.bmp07.09.13230 B
Bearing_pointer_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.12444 B
beta_arrow_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.12520 B
Boresight_B_00FF00.bmp03.24.14190 B
CCIP_00FF00.bmp07.15.132.02 kB
circle_SW_D_00FF00.bmp07.04.133.20 kB
course_arrow_FROM_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.12984 B
course_arrow_TO_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.12984 B
CueFRIEND.bmp03.30.145.60 kB
CueINRNG.bmp08.09.136.07 kB
CueSHOOT.bmp03.30.145.60 kB
deviation_dots_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.12604 B
Diamond_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.122.77 kB
Energy_caret_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.12820 B
General_circle.bmp03.27.13887.36 kB
GND_TGT_DES.bmp03.30.14206 B
Ground_Target_00FF00.bmp08.12.13938 B
Gun_Cross_B_00FFFF.bmp03.06.122.23 kB
hdg_tape_mask_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.12131.69 kB
Heading_index_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.12936 B
Heading_tape_full_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.12183.14 kB
Horizon_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.1217.55 kB
Horizon_Extended_D_00FF00.bmp02.04.1333.30 kB
Horizon_GearUp_D_00FF00.bmp02.04.1333.30 kB
Horizon_ghost_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.1214.29 kB
HUD_F14D.xml04.26.14116.70 kB
Needle_glideslope_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.12376 B
Needle_localizer_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.12892 B
Nird_circle.bmp08.06.1352.97 kB
Nird_circle_Cue.bmp08.06.13394 B
Nird_circle_RNG.bmp08.06.13374 B
Nird_steeringdot.bmp08.06.13150 B
Pitch_Ladder_20_5_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.1293.83 kB
Pitch_Ladder_20_5_D_00FF00.bmp02.05.1399.51 kB
Pitch_Ladder_25_60_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.12213.46 kB
Pitch_Ladder_-25_-60_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.12229.12 kB
Pitch_Ladder_25_60_D_00FF00.bmp02.05.13226.38 kB
Pitch_Ladder_-25_-60_D_00FF00.bmp02.04.13235.66 kB
Pitch_Ladder_-5_-20_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.12101.43 kB
Pitch_Ladder_-5_-20_D_00FF00.bmp02.04.13104.32 kB
Pitch_Ladder_-65_bottom_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.12232.40 kB
Pitch_Ladder_-65_bottom_D_00FF00.bmp02.04.13239.04 kB
Pitch_Ladder_65_top_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.12218.74 kB
Pitch_Ladder_65_top_D_00FF00.bmp02.05.13231.99 kB
Radar_Target_00FF00.bmp07.05.13918 B
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00.bmp07.04.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_1000.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_10000.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_11000.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_12000.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_1250.bmp07.08.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_1500.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_1750.bmp07.08.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_2000.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_2250.bmp07.08.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_250.bmp07.08.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_2500.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_2750.bmp07.08.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_3000.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_3250.bmp07.08.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_3500.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_3750.bmp07.08.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_4000.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_4250.bmp07.08.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_4500.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_4750.bmp07.08.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_500.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_5000.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_5500.bmp07.08.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_6000.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_6500.bmp07.08.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_7000.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_750.bmp07.08.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_8000.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_9000.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_range.bmp08.21.131.49 kB
Reticle_AG_00FF00.bmp07.04.1316.02 kB
Reticle_MAXRANGE_00FF00.bmp07.09.1316.02 kB
SW_circle_00FF00.bmp03.27.13107.49 kB
SW_Seeker_00FF00.bmp04.01.13582 B
Thumbs.db10.27.13286.50 kB
Velocity_Vector_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.122.82 kB
Velocity_Vector_Caged_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.122.82 kB
Velocity_Vector_Caged_D_00FF00.bmp02.04.132.82 kB
Velocity_Vector_ghost_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.122.82 kB
Velocity_Vector_ghost_D_00FF00.bmp02.04.132.82 kB
vsi_arc_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.127.59 kB
vsi_arc_mask_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.127.54 kB
Waterline_B_00FF00.bmp03.06.121.62 kB
F14D_MFD03.08.150 B
circle_SW_D_00FF00.bmp07.04.133.20 kB
CueINRNG.bmp08.09.136.07 kB
CueSHOOT.bmp08.22.135.60 kB
F14DMFD_1.xml07.23.14139.35 kB
F14DMFD_1_Control.xml07.02.1416.30 kB
F14DMFD_1_keys.xml07.21.144.83 kB
F14DMFD_2.xml07.23.14139.35 kB
F14DMFD_2_Control.xml06.01.1416.30 kB
F14DMFD_2_keys.xml07.22.144.83 kB
F14DMFD_3.xml07.23.14139.35 kB
F14DMFD_3_Control.xml06.01.1416.30 kB
F14DMFD_3_keys.xml07.22.144.83 kB
F14DMFD_Init.xml03.24.144.51 kB
General_circle.bmp03.27.13887.36 kB
Ground_Target_00FF00.bmp08.12.13938 B
HAFUAMBIGUOUS.bmp08.05.13698 B
HAFUDT2.bmp08.05.133.11 kB
HAFUFRIENDLY.bmp08.05.13838 B
HAFUHOSTILE.bmp08.05.133.45 kB
HAFULANDS.bmp08.05.13698 B
HAFUUNKNOWN.bmp08.05.133.00 kB
Horiz_selection.bmp12.09.134.08 kB
ILS_Needle_glideslope.bmp06.27.14298 B
ILS_Needle_loc.bmp06.27.14838 B
MFD_CHKLST_BACK.bmp12.12.13257.05 kB
MFD_DATA_BACK.bmp12.25.13128.12 kB
MFD_ECM_BACK.bmp12.26.13768.05 kB
MFD_ENG_BACK.bmp12.26.13768.05 kB
MFD_ENG_NEEDLE.bmp12.26.135.30 kB
MFD_GPS_BACK.bmp12.25.13768.05 kB
MFD_HSI_ADF_BEARING.bmp07.21.1412.94 kB
MFD_HSI_BACK.bmp12.25.13768.05 kB
MFD_HSI_COURSE_DEVIATION.bmp12.09.1312.71 kB
MFD_HSI_COURSE_LINE.bmp06.27.14126.62 kB
MFD_HSI_CRS.bmp12.11.139.90 kB
MFD_HSI_HDG.bmp12.11.139.90 kB
MFD_HSI_HEADING_BUG.bmp12.09.131.39 kB
MFD_HSI_ROSE.bmp12.09.13300.99 kB
MFD_HSI_TACAN_BEARING.bmp06.27.1412.94 kB
MFD_HSI_TP_BEARING.bmp06.27.1412.94 kB
MFD_HSI_VOR_BEARING.bmp06.27.1412.94 kB
MFD_HUD_BACK.bmp12.12.13257.05 kB
MFD_HUD_BANK_ARROW.bmp12.09.135.72 kB
MFD_HUD_Horizon.bmp12.09.13882.87 kB
MFD_INOP_BACK.bmp12.12.13257.05 kB
MFD_MENU1_BACK.bmp12.11.13768.05 kB
MFD_MENU2_BACK.bmp12.11.13768.05 kB
MFD_NAV_BACK.bmp12.25.13128.12 kB
MFD_OBC_BACK.bmp12.12.13257.05 kB
MFD_RECON_BACK.bmp12.09.13768.05 kB
MFD_SMS_AG.bmp12.26.1316.40 kB
MFD_SMS_AUTO.bmp03.23.1418.33 kB
MFD_SMS_BACK.bmp03.24.14768.05 kB
MFD_SMS_CCIP.bmp03.23.1418.33 kB
MFD_SMS_FUEL.bmp03.23.141.77 kB
MFD_SMS_MAN.bmp03.23.1418.33 kB
MFD_SMS_PH.bmp12.26.1316.40 kB
MFD_SMS_PP.bmp03.23.1414.37 kB
MFD_SMS_SP.bmp12.26.1316.40 kB
MFD_SMS_SW.bmp12.26.1316.40 kB
MFD_SMS_TOO.bmp03.23.1414.37 kB
MFD_TSD_BACK.bmp12.25.13768.05 kB
MFD_VDI_BACK.bmp12.13.13257.05 kB
MFD_VDI_Horizon.bmp12.13.134.58 MB
MFD_WATERLINE.bmp12.09.132.65 kB
Nird_circle.bmp08.06.1352.97 kB
Nird_steeringdot.bmp08.06.13150 B
Radar_Target_00FF00.bmp07.05.13918 B
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00.bmp07.04.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_range.bmp08.21.131.49 kB
Reticle_AG_00FF00.bmp07.04.1316.02 kB
Reticle_MAXRANGE_00FF00.bmp07.09.1316.02 kB
Rio_CROSS.bmp10.14.13128.12 kB
Rio_Horizon.bmp08.23.132.66 kB
RIOSTEERING.bmp10.09.132.12 kB
RWR_AA.bmp12.26.135.30 kB
RWR_EM.bmp12.26.135.30 kB
RWR_IR.bmp12.26.135.30 kB
RWR_LAND.bmp12.26.134.62 kB
RWR_SEA.bmp12.26.135.30 kB
SW_circle_00FF00.bmp03.27.13107.49 kB
SW_Seeker_00FF00.bmp04.01.13582 B
Vert_selection.bmp12.11.137.19 kB
PANEL.CFG07.22.146.11 kB
rcb-gauges03.08.150 B
F14EffectControl.xml04.01.133.65 kB
F14FlapsControl.xml10.18.139.70 kB
Sound03.08.150 B
dsd_fsx_xml_sound.gau03.26.13156.46 kB
dsd_fsx_xml_sound.ini03.08.151.32 kB
dsd_fsx_xml_sound.rtf03.26.1384.76 kB
dsd_fsx_xml_sound.txt03.26.1314.59 kB
F14Sound.dll03.23.13111.68 kB
Gun.wav03.23.13176.86 kB
HighGBreath.wav10.18.13249.46 kB
LowAltitude.wav10.17.13256.99 kB
LowAltitude_Gear.wav10.17.13411.82 kB
MasterCaution..wav11.12.1079.02 kB
MasterCaution.wav08.28.1378.53 kB
RWR_1.wav01.17.0734.50 kB
RWR_2.wav01.17.0751.74 kB
RWR_3.wav01.17.0721.59 kB
SonicBoom.wav03.27.13151.62 kB
Sound.ini12.29.131.32 kB
SWGrowlLock.wav03.26.139.92 MB
SWGrowlSeek.wav03.26.139.51 MB
Switch1.wav03.30.13112.07 kB
Switch2.wav03.30.1350.73 kB
Tactical03.08.150 B
Config_check_black.bmp07.25.132.04 kB
F14Config.xml06.26.1468.34 kB
F14DConfigurator.bmp06.26.141.46 MB
F14DTactical.xml03.06.1569.73 kB
FLIR.xml09.03.13142 B
SMS.xml03.23.149.56 kB
TacpackNotPresent.bmp07.28.1386.72 kB
Thumbs.db07.25.1344.00 kB
VARWATCHER.xml02.13.143.68 kB
sound03.08.150 B
canopy_dn.wav02.26.1395.09 kB
canopy_up.wav02.26.1388.09 kB
comb_11.wav02.26.13364.58 kB
comb_1B.wav02.26.13611.38 kB
comb_21.wav02.26.13364.58 kB
comb_2B.wav02.26.13593.56 kB
comb_start.wav02.26.13467.35 kB
F14_avionix.wav02.26.13125.84 kB
F14gears_dn.wav02.26.13791.37 kB
F14gears_up.wav02.26.13791.37 kB
FA18_aapdis.wav01.02.1342.62 kB
FA18_aover.wav01.02.1350.27 kB
flaps.wav02.26.131.02 MB
LaunchBarExtend.wav02.26.13112.08 kB
LaunchBarRetract.wav02.26.1348.90 kB
shutdown_1.wav02.26.131.76 MB
shutdown_2.wav02.26.131.57 MB
sound.cfg10.18.139.71 kB
starter.wav02.26.131.77 MB
TailhookExtend.wav02.26.1361.98 kB
TailhookRetract.wav02.26.1345.36 kB
wheel_roll.wav02.26.13396.57 kB
wheel_touch.wav02.26.1328.64 kB
whine_1.wav02.26.13334.61 kB
whine_2.wav02.26.13334.61 kB
x_burner_1.wav02.26.13715.58 kB
x_burner_2.wav02.26.13428.61 kB
x_comb_11.wav02.26.13161.02 kB
x_comb_12.wav02.26.13540.58 kB
x_comb_13.wav02.26.13200.21 kB
x_comb_14.wav02.26.13448.42 kB
x_comb_21.wav02.26.13129.86 kB
x_comb_22.wav02.26.13540.58 kB
x_comb_23.wav02.26.13200.21 kB
x_comb_24.wav02.26.13448.42 kB
x_comb_start_1.wav02.26.13467.35 kB
x_comb_start_2.wav02.26.13467.35 kB
x_shutdown_1.wav02.26.131.10 MB
x_shutdown_2.wav02.26.131.06 MB
x_starter_1.wav02.26.131.77 MB
x_starter_2.wav02.26.131.77 MB
x_whine_11.wav02.26.13151.03 kB
x_whine_12.wav02.26.13133.64 kB
x_whine_14.wav02.26.13267.57 kB
x_whine_21.wav02.26.13151.03 kB
x_whine_22.wav02.26.1373.22 kB
x_whine_24.wav02.26.13329.62 kB
tacpack.ini03.24.143.44 kB
tacpack.sig04.03.14512 B
tacpack-user.ini10.11.1342 B
Texture.15961903.08.150 B
f14_fuselage_bottom_T.dds04.15.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_nose_T.dds04.15.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_nose_T_spec.dds04.15.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_rear_T.dds04.15.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_wing_roots_T.dds04.15.134.00 MB
F14_pylon_and_gear_doors.dds04.15.13256.12 kB
F14_taileron_T.dds04.15.131.00 MB
F14_tails_T.dds04.15.131.00 MB
F14_wing_LT_T.dds04.15.134.00 MB
F14_wing_RT_T.dds04.15.134.00 MB
info.txt04.15.13798 B
texture.cfg04.15.13137 B
thumbnail.jpg08.22.138.04 kB
Thumbs.db08.22.1311.50 kB
texture.15963003.08.150 B
f14_fuselage_bottom_T.dds04.27.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_nose_T.dds04.27.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_rear_T.dds04.27.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_wing_roots_T.dds04.27.134.00 MB
F14_pylon_and_gear_doors.dds04.27.13256.12 kB
F14_taileron_T.dds04.27.131.00 MB
F14_tails_T.dds04.27.131.00 MB
F14_wing_LT_T.dds04.27.134.00 MB
F14_wing_RT_T.dds04.27.134.00 MB
info.txt04.27.13809 B
texture.cfg04.27.13137 B
thumbnail.jpg08.22.139.30 kB
Thumbs.db08.22.1312.50 kB
texture.16341203.08.150 B
f14_fuselage_bottom_T.dds10.13.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_nose_T.dds10.13.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_rear_T.dds10.13.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_wing_roots_T.dds10.13.134.00 MB
F14_pylon_and_gear_doors.dds10.13.13256.12 kB
F14_taileron_T.dds10.13.131.00 MB
F14_tails_T.dds10.13.131.00 MB
F14_wing_LT_T.dds10.13.134.00 MB
F14_wing_RT_T.dds10.13.134.00 MB
texture.cfg10.13.13137 B
thumbnail.jpg10.14.1320.16 kB
Thumbs.db10.14.138.50 kB
texture.16341403.08.150 B
f14_fuselage_bottom_T.dds10.10.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_nose_T.dds10.10.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_rear_T.dds10.10.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_wing_roots_T.dds10.10.134.00 MB
F14_pylon_and_gear_doors.dds10.10.13256.12 kB
F14_taileron_T.dds10.10.131.00 MB
F14_tails_T.dds10.10.131.00 MB
F14_wing_LT_T.dds10.10.134.00 MB
F14_wing_RT_T.dds10.10.134.00 MB
texture.cfg10.10.13137 B
thumbnail.jpg10.14.1321.78 kB
Thumbs.db10.14.139.50 kB
Texture.16389403.08.150 B
f14_fuselage_bottom_T.dds02.22.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_nose_T.dds02.22.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_nose_T_spec.dds02.22.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_rear_T.dds04.15.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_wing_roots_T.dds04.15.134.00 MB
F14_pylon_and_gear_doors.dds02.22.13256.12 kB
F14_taileron_T.dds04.15.131.00 MB
F14_tails_T.dds02.22.131.00 MB
F14_wing_LT_T.dds04.15.134.00 MB
F14_wing_RT_T.dds04.15.134.00 MB
info.txt02.18.13792 B
texture.cfg02.18.13137 B
thumbnail.jpg08.22.138.60 kB
Thumbs.db08.22.1311.50 kB
Texture.16390003.08.150 B
f14_fuselage_bottom_T.dds02.22.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_nose_T.dds02.22.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_nose_T_spec.dds02.22.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_rear_T.dds04.15.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_wing_roots_T.dds04.15.134.00 MB
F14_pylon_and_gear_doors.dds02.22.13256.12 kB
F14_taileron_T.dds04.15.131.00 MB
F14_tails_T.dds02.22.131.00 MB
F14_wing_LT_T.dds04.15.134.00 MB
F14_wing_RT_T.dds04.15.134.00 MB
info.txt02.22.13792 B
texture.cfg02.22.13137 B
thumbnail.jpg08.22.138.07 kB
Thumbs.db08.22.1311.50 kB
Texture.16390403.08.150 B
f14_fuselage_bottom_T.dds02.04.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_nose_T.dds02.21.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_rear_T.dds02.11.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_wing_roots_T.dds02.04.134.00 MB
F14_pylon_and_gear_doors.dds02.04.13256.12 kB
F14_taileron_T.dds02.04.131.00 MB
F14_tails_T.dds02.05.131.00 MB
F14_wing_LT_T.dds02.04.134.00 MB
F14_wing_RT_T.dds02.04.134.00 MB
texture.cfg08.22.07137 B
thumbnail.jpg08.22.138.06 kB
Thumbs.db08.22.139.00 kB
texture.16424703.08.150 B
f14_fuselage_bottom_T.dds10.11.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_nose_T.dds10.11.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_rear_T.dds10.11.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_wing_roots_T.dds10.11.134.00 MB
F14_pylon_and_gear_doors.dds10.11.13256.12 kB
F14_taileron_T.dds10.11.131.00 MB
F14_tails_T.dds10.11.131.00 MB
F14_wing_LT_T.dds10.11.134.00 MB
F14_wing_RT_T.dds10.11.134.00 MB
texture.cfg10.09.13137 B
Thumbnail.jpg10.10.1321.12 kB
Thumbs.db10.10.139.00 kB
Texture.16434203.08.150 B
f14_fuselage_bottom_T.dds04.15.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_nose_T.dds04.15.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_nose_T_spec.dds02.22.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_rear_T.dds04.15.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_wing_roots_T.dds04.15.134.00 MB
F14_pylon_and_gear_doors.dds02.22.13256.12 kB
F14_taileron_T.dds04.15.131.00 MB
F14_tails_T.dds02.22.131.00 MB
F14_tails_T_spec.dds02.22.131.00 MB
F14_wing_LT_T.dds04.15.134.00 MB
F14_wing_RT_T.dds04.15.134.00 MB
info.txt02.14.13791 B
texture.cfg02.14.13137 B
thumbnail.jpg08.22.138.75 kB
Thumbs.db08.22.1312.50 kB
texture.16434803.08.150 B
f14_fuselage_bottom_T.dds05.06.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_nose_T.dds05.06.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_nose_T_spec.dds05.06.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_rear_T.dds05.06.134.00 MB
f14_fuselage_wing_roots_T.dds05.06.134.00 MB
F14_pylon_and_gear_doors.dds05.06.13256.12 kB
F14_taileron_T.dds05.06.131.00 MB
F14_tails_T.dds05.06.131.00 MB


Having spent more than my fair share of time within flight simulators using military hardware, I was naturally very excited to get a chance to try out the Tomcat in all of its glory.

Preview screenshot

The package itself was sold with the very highest standards expected, so I turned it on expecting to be absolutely wowed. From the quality and attention to detail in the textures to the way that the cockpit is a perfect recreation of the real thing, however, I was very impressed indeed from the first time that I took off and done a few laps.

The first thing that impressed upon me, though, was the cockpit. Upon sitting in the aircraft and getting ready to take off, I had to take a quick detour and head over to Google and look for cockpit pictures.

To a gauge and a button, this manages to fit everything into the place that it should be – if you’ve ever had the luck to fly a Tomcat in real life you should feel right at home when you sit down and fire this up. It’s got that intricate style and nature to it that I can only recommend giving this a try.

The high-resolution textures and photorealistic nature of the whole thing is just so impressive, with the artistic skill and quality of the designer making a telling difference to the whole thing and bringing it all together like never before.

I love flying these kinds of aircraft, though, because they let you see the sheer power that our military pilots are getting access to in real life. With authentic dynamics being installed in the cockpit of this monstrosity, you will find it incredibly easy to just jet around and enjoy the scenery as you go!

Self-shadowing and bump mapping throughout also help to smooth everything out and make it look as authentic as it possibly can. It’s such an impressive design and overall format that you will be able to get something far more diverse from you typical civilian aircraft – if you are looking for a change that really takes into account the differences between military and civilian aviation, this is the place to get started with for sure.

I was so impressed by the dynamics, though. The large readme that comes with this lets you know what you are dealing with but you don’t need to doubt any of the specifications they claim for a minute – this thing just comes with real power! I was quite daunted by it the first few times that I got into the cockpit, so it was a nice change to be able to fly around in the aircraft after getting used to it for a few weeks.

Don’t expect to be able to fly around like a master within a few hours, but when you get the skills down and manage the aircraft properly you will notice a much more comprehensive style than you have ever been able to notice in the past.

Note: You will need the Acceleration package installed to use this – I found this out at my peril so make sure you already have it installed and ready to go!

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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HzmaxGhost141YTWed, 01 Feb 2023 09:29:36 GMT

Hey Is This For FSX Gold Edition?

Senna94f1Sun, 26 Dec 2021 05:34:57 GMT

Installation is not good, it's fantastic it's free but if you buy something from the store or any other site, they virtually install it themselves,

None of this move to that file then move the part file to another one,

And if you mess up, you have to reinstall everything,

Please please please make Installation a simple download then make it so it's a simple click yes I agree,

Then its installed,

Because it defeats the whole purpose of freeware.

Oleander TengesdalTue, 31 Aug 2021 12:57:37 GMT

Very good, looks nice :D

SkotepetoorsSun, 23 May 2021 04:54:32 GMT

Great! Have a personal soft spot for the F14.

StonewallUSMCWed, 07 Apr 2021 05:26:27 GMT

If you're ever in the State of Pennsylvania USA and want to see F-14 Tomcat Ace Duke Cunninghams Tomcat, the last one to leave the USS Enterprise it's located in a fence at the East Berlin VFW in East Berlin, PA.

wim overmarsTue, 09 Mar 2021 09:48:44 GMT

Installation is not easy, but will try the installation anyway!

Robert HuntMon, 15 Feb 2021 03:48:56 GMT


Steven WadeWed, 02 Dec 2020 21:07:40 GMT

Just wow! Thank you devs for this... better than most payware - wow!

Luke0820Fri, 02 Oct 2020 03:48:05 GMT

Yeah, how do I install it?

personWed, 12 Aug 2020 20:06:24 GMT

What do you use to make the planes?

Gunboy3Sat, 08 Aug 2020 22:27:52 GMT

The F-14 is my favorite aircraft, so my question, since I'm using X-Plane 11 on a 2011 27" iMac, is whether or not this can be used with X-Plane 11? I'm not interested on being lambasted regarding Apple computers, it's all I have & I'm an old guy on veterans pension, I just want to know the answer to the question. Thanks in advance, fellow pilots!

pootisWed, 17 Jun 2020 21:08:02 GMT

My rear gear doesn't go all down to the floor what am I gonna do?

David IsraelWed, 18 Mar 2020 10:16:59 GMT

So good. As good as payware! Works perfectly on FSX.SE really well made models inside and out and such fun to fly.

Erik HolckSat, 07 Mar 2020 16:17:13 GMT

Hi, Thank you very much for the exiting F-14!!! Great job! Best wishes! Erik Sweden.

liamSat, 08 Feb 2020 01:20:39 GMT

I don't know what I did wrong but trying to open it in FSX will crash the game.

Mark McCoskerTue, 10 Oct 2017 02:03:29 GMT

Again not sure if I have done something wrong. I downloaded this to use in P3d. The plane loads fine and graphics outside are great. Issues im having is that the graphics inside are not clear and many buttons that look like they should work don't. One of these is for the displays switch will not move from off and therefore cant turn them on. If I have done something wrong please let me know.

ArefSun, 24 Apr 2016 09:27:19 GMT

Hi. I like it , but can I use it for FSX.

Ryan RoycroftThu, 13 Jun 2013 23:38:49 GMT

My Tomcat is a beauty as well BUT the ext. view reveals its faults, all movable surfaces didnt not download, from the nose cone to the swing wings they are gone, Im going to d-load a second version from this Dino guy(genius) BTW! I hope this works as it looks BADASS!

webremMon, 02 Jan 2012 10:22:33 GMT

Thank You from Norway

CoolgooseSat, 16 Jul 2011 09:13:46 GMT
Cool and for far, easy to download ...
Getting some Shift+1 looks over the gauges 'u fly like the best!
jbealeThu, 23 Dec 2010 20:14:52 GMT
tsdesertTue, 12 Oct 2010 05:55:26 GMT
absolutely incredible better than payware!!!!!!
Jonnyx5000Thu, 07 Oct 2010 22:07:10 GMT
Nice Aircraft very realistic in appearance, i would give this a 10 rating but there seems to be a floating blue light where the front landing gear is situated, when the landing gear raises the light stays there lol resulting in a floating light from no where. Any idea how to remove it ? ,pressing the lights on and off doesnt seem to effect please fix.
sarge57Tue, 21 Sep 2010 01:54:08 GMT
Aircraft appears as skeleton and remains that way most of the time. When "skin" does appear it beautiful. No HUD display at all.
belgeodeTue, 07 Sep 2010 23:10:20 GMT
THIS is the Tomcat all others in FSX should and will be judged by. Dino Cattaneo has made another winner here! A joy to fly every time, is there anyplace a tomcat CANNOT go? Anytime baby!!!
txvMon, 23 Aug 2010 16:04:14 GMT
Probably a noob question but I'll ask anyway . I fallowed the read me for the install to work proper (unzipped to MFS X ) but the plane is invisible at least most of it is also had some gauge issues ware the to monitors don't light up , the heads up display shows nothing . On the other hand it still fly's nice . Its probably what i call UE what i call a user error , on my end.
jwblackThu, 05 Aug 2010 04:19:43 GMT
snafu072283Wed, 04 Aug 2010 23:32:05 GMT
Easy download and install. Overall design and flight controls are excellent. I enjoy flying this aircraft especially on carrier missions.
Geekpower2000Mon, 12 Jul 2010 17:16:51 GMT
Great attention to detail, very nice work was done here. I think I have some system issues running the plane, but I am not sure if it's Direct X compatability, system specifications, or the level of detail that I am running FSX at. Still, someone poured their heart and soul into this add on. I highly suggest it for a morning of messing around.
Guapo74Sat, 03 Jul 2010 07:49:12 GMT
By far the best F-14 download, thank you
jmiller89436Wed, 30 Jun 2010 17:20:42 GMT
Great Aircraft!!! But the pich trim starts off way low. Other then that its great!!! Random time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cookie! Lawnmower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hayden1234Thu, 10 Jun 2010 20:51:58 GMT
i un zipped this package hopefully and found a great plane for ai cariers my favdonload get this to work withit
andrei23Mon, 07 Jun 2010 23:18:29 GMT
VERY smooth to handle, even at high speeds. Easy aircraft to learn and fly, and no shortage of performance. Excellent attention to detail, both inside and out.
pawSat, 24 Apr 2010 18:10:29 GMT
Excellent!!!! The only thing I can think of is that I have trouble seeing the HUD. But if I were given this aircraft, I would have thought it was from PMDG or something like that.
nrl1024Wed, 21 Apr 2010 20:57:13 GMT
Big_RonSun, 18 Apr 2010 09:03:15 GMT
this is the best tomcat i have ever flown. its close to the real thing as you can get. its better then payware. i worked on these birds for years
Aviator13Fri, 05 Mar 2010 21:01:36 GMT
this download is a waste u could see through the aircraft and u do need a fast graphic card on ur pc or else it would lag but i don't think u wanna fly this tomcat when u see thought it
mmoore4249Tue, 23 Feb 2010 02:04:23 GMT
one of the best downloads i've downloaded so far
big_bossTue, 16 Feb 2010 22:38:38 GMT
I wouldn't recommend it for people who's machines are just able to handle the graphics of the game, had a near fatal crash occur the first time I tried it
jbted5Sat, 23 Jan 2010 18:20:21 GMT
very impressive

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