FS2004 Aerodesigns Airbus A318-111/121

Aerodesigns is proud to present the Airbus A318 for use with Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2004! The model includes all of the standard features (animated control surfaces, reflective textures, Wing Vortices, accurate FDE, and full lighting effects), as well as many extra features such as animated...

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Aerodesigns is proud to present the Airbus A318 for use with Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2004! The model includes all of the standard features (animated control surfaces, reflective textures, Wing Vortices, accurate FDE, and full lighting effects), as well as many extra features such as animated wipers, Animated rain drops on the windows, clickable virtual cockpit and virtual cabin, Maintenance Mode, and more. This document contains important information about the installation and operation of this aircraft.

Model By : Aviel Nahoum and Derek Mayer, with special thanks to Stijn Van Wees.
FDE : Based on Pedro Oliveira’s A320
Master Textures : Michael Lüdkte
Repaints By : Aviel Nahoum, Derek Mayer, Dario Carbone
Beta Testing : Aerodesigns Members


All our Airbus A318 files come with their own installer. This installer should automatically detect your MAIN FS2004 directory; however please check to make sure that it is correct. Should you make a mistake, simply use the uninstaller (It will be placed in your FS2004 main directory, and named AD318_Uninstal.exe) to remove the aircraft and try the install again.

The installer automatically installs the latest FS2004 version of Eric Marciano's excellent A320 panel. However, an extra step is required for the panel to work correctly:


*** You must download and install (if you haven't already) Peter Dowson's FSUIPC module for FS2004, and register Eric's panel with the following key:

A320.gau - key: VSB5 4OK5 UVWN


The Base Pack only installs the Panel, Models, Airbus House livery, and the Air France Livery. You must download the separate respective files (normally available from the same site as the base pack) for additional liveries, such as Frontier. You must also download the "extra model pack" if you wish to use this aircraft without the VC. These add-on packs are installed via the same method as described above.


A318 Key Combinations

Shift+E...................... : Opens Main Passenger Door
Shift+E+2.................... : Opens Main Cargo Door
Tailhook (Normally Shift+T).. : Opens Virtual Cockpit Door
Wingfold (Normally Shift+F).. : Activates Engine Maintenance Mode

Model Notes and known Restrictions

1. The engine maintenance mode is not visible from the Virtual Cockpit or cabin. This was done in a successful effort to improve performance and loading times.

2. The forward portion of the Air France cabin is not guaranteed to be accurate as no pictures or cabin layouts could be found anywhere. The layout is just a guess based on the amount of seats Air Frances claims to have on the aircraft, and we are open to any information or knowledge concerning the layout of this cabin.

3. This model is for FS2004 ONLY. No support is currently planned for use with FS2002 and earlier versions.

4. Currently the model is only available in the CFM engine variant. PW engines may be considered in the future depending on the level of demand.

Special Features List (in no particular order)

- Fully compatible with Eric Marciano's A320 panel (included in this package)
- Animated Rain drops on the cockpit windows (visible from the interior and exterior)
- Animated window wipers, automatically activated in the event of rain (also visible from interior and exterior).
- Full Virtual Cockpit and Cabin, including different cabin layouts for Frontier and Air France.
- Optimized, yet complexes clickable Virtual Cockpit.
- Fully modeled engine maintenance mode.
- First ever "Daily Update Program". See section below for details.
- Downloadable "extra model pack", which includes models with no Virtual Cockpit or Cabin, with just the Cabin, and with just the Cockpit.
- Animated extending and retracting main landing-lights. Automatically activated when the lights are toggled.
- Realistic Virtual Cockpit and Cabin lighting.

Repainting Our Aircraft

- You may paint our Airbus A318 in any livery, real or fictional, as long as you use the PAINTKIT, which is downloadable as a separate file.

- You may upload your repaint to any location PROVIDED that you meet the following conditions:

1. It must be a fully operational package (i.e. No "textures only"). You MUST include this readme, and the entire aircraft folder (you are, however, not required to include the Eric Marciano Panel, but may provide an alias to the base pack's panel folder).

2. You must include your own readme, separate from this one, containing your contact information and any acknowledgments you may have.

3. If you use another repainter's textures, you must get their permission first and you should credit them in your readme as described above.

4. We would also appreciate it if you posted in our forums telling us about your repaint and where to download it. The link to our forums is located at the bottom of this readme.


The weekly update program is an experimental project in which we, the developers, give the flight-sim community exactly what they want. The name pretty much says it all; we will open up a special section of our forums where any user of our Airbus A318 can post problems, inaccuracies, or glitches. We will read these problems, assess whether they are reasonable, and then look into the problem ourselves. If we agree that this is a glitch and should be fixed, then we will proceed to put out an updated model (incorporating this fix) onto our site for public download. We plan to be releasing a new model every week!! This is a perfect opportunity for you to get exactly the model you want, as accurate as you want, and as quickly as you want. Check it out today!

*Note that any models released via this program are still bound by the terms and conditions of this package. Aerodesigns reserves the right to decide which fixes we will implement and we also reserve the right to cancel the program at any time for any reason we consider appropriate. This program is valid for the A318 ONLY, and does not apply for future or past models unless we specify otherwise.


The archive ad318_ba.zip has 5 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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mksasWed, 16 Mar 2011 13:14:46 GMT
Great add-on. I'm using it for FSX, and it's great. Remember only 1 gauge work for FSX. 8/10

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