FSX Stealth FA-37 Talon

PreviewFSX Stealth FA-37 Talon. The F/A-37 Talon fictional aircraft from the movie "Stealth". Features STOL capable, 1600+ kts top speed, stable and strong under extreme G loads, ultra efficient high thrust variable geometry, full function glass 2D and dynamic VC, hook and launch bar for Acceleration Ca...

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FSX Stealth FA-37 Talon. The F/A-37 Talon fictional aircraft from the movie "Stealth". Features STOL capable, 1600+ kts top speed, stable and strong under extreme G loads, ultra efficient high thrust variable geometry, full function glass 2D and dynamic VC, hook and launch bar for Acceleration Carrier Ops. By Bruce Fitzgerald.

Stealth FA-37 Talon

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The archive fa37.zip has 125 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Aircraft.cfg03.20.0812.70 kB
effects03.20.080 B
fx_F16burner.fx06.13.068.96 kB
fx_litewash.fx12.29.033.71 kB
FA-37.air03.19.087.49 kB
model03.15.080 B
Model.cfg03.15.0824 B
talon.mdl03.20.08451.98 kB
panel03.20.080 B
burnab.CAB04.13.0711.62 kB
forward_1024.bmp04.26.072.25 MB
panel.cfg03.20.082.71 kB
panel_decal.bmp02.28.043.00 MB
panel_decal_2.bmp02.28.04768.05 kB
panel_decal_3.bmp01.28.041.00 MB
panel_decal_4.bmp01.28.041.00 MB
pc-7.cab11.25.071.00 MB
radio.bmp03.22.04769.05 kB
right_mfd.bmp03.22.04769.05 kB
superh.cab03.29.04226.02 kB
Thumbs.db03.18.087.00 kB
vc_1024.bmp02.29.081.00 MB
readme.txt03.20.081.02 kB
sound03.20.080 B
c5wind2.wav08.22.07426.64 kB
door_large_close.wav08.22.07131.81 kB
door_large_open.wav08.22.07116.30 kB
FA18_aapdis.wav08.22.0711.25 kB
FA18_agear.wav08.22.0718.25 kB
FA18_an11.wav08.22.07818.38 kB
FA18_an12.wav08.22.07451.67 kB
FA18_an13.wav08.22.07498.14 kB
FA18_an14.wav08.22.07225.86 kB
FA18_an1shut.wav08.22.07227.59 kB
FA18_an1strt.wav08.22.07291.84 kB
FA18_an21.wav08.22.07134.64 kB
FA18_an22.wav08.22.07134.64 kB
FA18_an23.wav08.22.07134.64 kB
FA18_an24.wav08.22.07134.64 kB
FA18_an2B.wav08.22.07167.14 kB
FA18_an2shut.wav08.22.0759.30 kB
FA18_an2strt.wav08.22.07113.27 kB
FA18_an2t.wav08.22.07101.34 kB
FA18_aover.wav08.22.0713.25 kB
FA18_bn11.wav08.22.07818.38 kB
FA18_bn12.wav08.22.07451.67 kB
FA18_bn13.wav08.22.07498.14 kB
FA18_bn14.wav08.22.07259.64 kB
FA18_bn1shut.wav08.22.07203.59 kB
FA18_bn1strt.wav08.22.07282.34 kB
FA18_bn21.wav08.22.07134.64 kB
FA18_bn22.wav08.22.07134.64 kB
FA18_bn23.wav08.22.07134.64 kB
FA18_bn24.wav08.22.07134.64 kB
FA18_bn2B.wav08.22.07167.14 kB
FA18_bn2shut.wav08.22.0765.30 kB
FA18_bn2strt.wav08.22.07113.27 kB
FA18_bn2t.wav08.22.0797.34 kB
GPWS_Dont_Sink.wav08.22.0734.26 kB
GPWS_Pull_Up.wav08.22.0731.14 kB
GPWS_Sink_Rate.wav08.22.0732.66 kB
GPWS_too_low_flaps_up.wav08.22.0762.93 kB
GPWS_too_low_gear_up.wav08.22.0759.82 kB
GPWS_too_low_terrain.wav08.22.0758.99 kB
LaunchBarExtend.wav08.22.0756.13 kB
LaunchBarRetract.wav08.22.0724.55 kB
lmflaps.wav08.22.0780.43 kB
lmgeardn.wav08.22.0754.27 kB
lmgearup.wav08.22.0759.27 kB
lncrash1.wav08.22.0770.19 kB
lncrash2.wav08.22.07102.69 kB
lncrash3.wav08.22.07136.19 kB
lnsplash.wav08.22.0785.69 kB
sound.cfg08.29.0720.16 kB
TailhookExtend.wav08.22.0761.83 kB
TailhookRetract.wav08.22.0745.45 kB
WingFold.wav08.22.07158.74 kB
WingUnfold.wav08.22.07158.74 kB
xFA18_an11.wav08.22.07364.12 kB
xFA18_an12.wav08.22.07320.12 kB
xFA18_an13.wav08.22.07280.12 kB
xFA18_an14.wav08.22.07252.12 kB
xFA18_an1B.wav08.22.07252.12 kB
xFA18_an1shut.wav08.22.07217.27 kB
xFA18_an1strt.wav08.22.07378.61 kB
xFA18_an21.wav08.22.07363.60 kB
xFA18_an22.wav08.22.07319.43 kB
xFA18_an23.wav08.22.07279.97 kB
xFA18_an24.wav08.22.07240.08 kB
xFA18_an2B.wav08.22.07252.08 kB
xFA18_an2shut.wav08.29.07137.77 kB
xFA18_an2strt.wav08.22.07123.27 kB
xFA18_an2t.wav08.22.07100.81 kB
xFA18_bn11.wav08.22.07364.12 kB
xFA18_bn12.wav08.22.07320.12 kB
xFA18_bn13.wav08.22.07280.12 kB
xFA18_bn14.wav08.22.07252.12 kB
xFA18_bn1B.wav08.22.07252.12 kB
xFA18_bn1shut.wav08.22.07216.77 kB
xFA18_bn1strt.wav08.22.07378.61 kB
xFA18_bn21.wav08.22.07362.81 kB
xFA18_bn22.wav08.22.07319.68 kB
xFA18_bn23.wav08.22.07279.97 kB
xFA18_bn24.wav08.22.07250.45 kB
xFA18_bn2B.wav08.22.07252.08 kB
xFA18_bn2shut.wav08.29.07137.77 kB
xFA18_bn2strt.wav08.22.07439.12 kB
xFA18_bn2t.wav08.22.0796.81 kB
xFA18_flap.wav08.22.07263.18 kB
xFA18_n1shut.wav08.22.071.05 MB
xFA18_n1strt.wav08.22.07781.22 kB
xFA18_n2strt.wav08.22.071.10 MB
xlmflap.wav08.22.0767.81 kB
xlncras1.wav08.22.0770.19 kB
xlncras2.wav08.22.07102.69 kB
xlncras3.wav08.22.07136.19 kB
xlnsplash.wav08.22.0785.69 kB
texture03.20.080 B
glass.bmp12.26.0716.07 kB
talon.bmp03.19.081.00 MB
thumbnail.jpg03.20.0827.70 kB
Thumbs.db03.18.0838.50 kB
vcpanl.bmp03.17.081.00 MB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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M110A2Sun, 02 Dec 2018 00:42:27 GMT

Nice Bird, I enjoyed getting it almost to 70,000 ft.. It reminds me of an aircraft competition in 1991 for an Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF) Between the Y-F22 and the YF-23. Personally, I've used both aircraft in Jane's USAF Mino Pro Platinum (thank you Gulf Knight and COWAR for a great time with this SIM) and FSX. I like the YF-23 over the F-22. The Stealth F/A-37 Talon resembles the YF-23, it's a great design. I understand that 3D modeling is time-consuming and hours and hours are put into it. Bruce, this just needs a better afterburner effect and a good pilot model in the cockpit and a good quality panel/gauges/navigation system. I've tried 3D modeling and could not get the hang of it. I had the best software but didn't know how to use it. I would say you might even work for Northrup or have some kind of education in Fixed-Wing Aircraft and Lifting Bodies. I will try and break my record. I am also going to try in the MiG 37B Ferret-D.

EXTGYSun, 10 Feb 2013 09:22:11 GMT

In the original FSX, the engine might be out of control when flying at mach 4+, the thrust will increase dramatically when the speed increases. In Acceleration, another problem. The engine works so smoothly but the speed can never exceed mach 2.

jbealeFri, 24 Dec 2010 20:07:54 GMT
when he says STOL he means it. this aircraft can land on one of the static carriers (no tailhook needed or catapult needed) its also very fast and airobatic.

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