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This section of the Fly Away Simulation downloads library features all other aircraft and vehicles that do not fit into a specific category.  The other aircraft and vehicles section is a great place to find those strange and fantasy aircraft you would like in your copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

Selection of Crown Victoria Police cars available to download for FSX.

Image shows a selection of FSX compatible Crown Victoria Police cars, which you can download from this section.

Included in this section are many strange and exotic aircraft for FSX, along with lots of vehicles such as cars, boats and ultra-light aircraft.

Many aircraft from films and Science Fiction TV series are also found here, such as the Star Trek Enterprise space ship and vehicles and ships from Star Wars.

There are many boats and sea-going vessels that can be used in FSX.  You don't have to stick to flying in the air, you may also captain a ship or speedboat and enjoy something a little slower and more "land-based".

Spacecraft are also a popular choice, with add-ons such as the Space Shuttle and many rockets, you can explore the higher atmosphere and beyond.

You can find the following in this section:

  • Space ships and craft
  • Boats
  • Cars, buses and other land vehicles
  • Prototype aircraft such as the Boeing BWB
  • Airships and blimps
  • Fantasy aircraft

Installing these add-ons is quite simple, and most; if not all of the files come with detailed installation instructions to ensure smooth setup in Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

You may browse through the pages below to choose something that you would like to download.

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800+ AI Ships, Boats and Global Traffic

This freeware package contains over 800 AI ships, boats and traffic FSX, and P3D. It includes both 200_ai_ship_and_ai_ship_traffic_v2.zip and global_ai_ship_traffic_v1.zip in one package. This package contains more than 800 AI ships and AI ship traffic routes for the entire globe for P3D and FSX. ​ It is an addition to Global AI Ship Traffic V1 released in April 2016. Global AI Ship Traffic V1 (global_ai_ship_traffic_v1.zip) is bundled with this file in order to complete the...

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IRIS Twister - Ezer Weismann

IRIS Twister - Ezer Weismann. IRIS Silence Twister in Ezer Weismann' famous black spitfire scheme. By Matt Wynn. IRIS Twister - Ezer Weismann. FOR JABIRU2200 Engine only Currently! Installation: Simply add the following to the aircraft.cfg, and replace the .XX with the next number in chain: [fltsim.XX] title = IRIS Silence Twister J2200 RG Ezer sim = ST-J2200 model = ST-J2200-RG panel = sound = texture = ezer panel_alias = sound_alias...

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Doublepack Pilotable Carrier VictoriousComplete with Base Model

Doublepack Pilotable Carrier Victorious and Dido-class cruisers. FSX double pack for pilotable British Navy Carrier "HMS Victorious" from 1944 and four cruisers of the Dido-class. The carrier has three different deck configurations with Corsair fighter planes on deck. This ships are generally flight simulation AI ships, made by Fraser Paterson and Philip Chandler from flyingstations.com. A download there is required. Features: both ships with bridge, sound and .air files with special...

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Retro Fleet Carriers

Retro Fleet Carriers. A packet of repaints for the Flying Stations.com 1944-1950 Victorious, standing in as a group of 'missing' Implacables (second group of modified Illustrious Class CV's) in the service of the principle post-war navies that operated Light Fleet carriers. Until an FSX Majestic class comes along, this pack will help simulate 1945-1958 flying ops of the Royal Navy, Royal Australian Navy, Royal Canadian Navy, Koninklijke Marine, and Marine National. The ships: R308...

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Scenery--Type 21 Amazon Class Frigates

Type 21 Amazon Class Frigates. Type21 Amazon Class Frigates, AI and static, intended as stand alone or escort vessels for carriers. Four of the class are included. They depict the vessels at various times during their life in the Royal Navy. One as originally built, and three with Exocet launchers. All are helicopter landable. Provided both with and without wake effect, and with smoke effect. By Mike Hudson. Type 21 Amazon Class Frigates. Type 21 Amazon Class Frigates...

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Features For Pilotable WWII FrigateComplete with Base Model

Features For Pilotable WWII Frigate. FSX features for a pilotable WWII frigate (GRUMMAN_WILDCAT-RULER_CLASS_CVE_ROYAL_NAVY.ZIP from the Retro Carrier Group required. This Japanese warship from Mark Schimmer is originally used as scenery object or as a generic escort AI ship (with British flags) within the add-on from the Retro Carrier Group. This add-on provides a pilotable ship with bridge, sounds and special effects like forward firing AA-guns or exploding depth charges, causing a oil leak at...

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Features For Pilotable Cruisers Of The Tiger ClassComplete with Base Model

Features For Pilotable Cruisers Of The Tiger Class. FSX features for pilotable British Navy cruisers of the Tiger class (TIGER_CLASS_CRUISERS.ZIP). These three ships from Mike Hudson are generally used as a static scenery or as AI ships. This add-on provides pilotable cruisers with photorealistic bridge, sounds and special effects. Eight camera views let you explore the ship: look at six inch gun at the stern, see or operate the three inch guns, look to the boatsdeck or stand at the bow....

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Features For Pilotable Destroyers Of The County ClassComplete with Base Model

Features For Pilotable Destroyers Of The County Class. FSX features for pilotable British Navy destroyers of the County class (COUNTY_CLASS_DESTROYERS.ZIP required). These ships from Mike Hudson are generally used as a static scenery or as AI ships. This add-on provides a pilotable HMS Devonshire or HMS Antrim with photorealistic bridge, sounds and special effects. Ten camera views let you explore the ship: Stand at the Seaslug or at the Seacat launcher or at the 20mm Oerlikon. Look at the...

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Pan Am Dornier Seastar 'Runaway Girl'

Pan Am Dornier Seastar. A "what if" livery of the Premier Aircraft Design Dornier Seastar in Pan American colors. Textures only, requires SEASTAR_3_X.ZIP . By Josef A. Kunzlar of FSXTipline. Pan Am Dornier Seastar 'Runaway Girl'. PanAm Clipper Runway Girl Repaint for Premier Aircraft Design’s Dornier Seastar. Dedicated To… Mary Kirby of Runway Girl who’s a friend and a great avgeek blogging & reporting about aircraft...

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FDNY Rosenbauer PantherComplete with Base Model

FDNY Rosenbauer Panther. Model by Mitsuya Hamaguchi. Repaint by Free Paint. FDNY Rosenbauer Panther. This is a full FDNY pack with 9/11 version and regular version of the hama Rosenbauer panther By free paint. We also made that alabama state troopers pack not ftb or dirk stuck its our property by us. ...

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FDNY EMS VW AmbulanceComplete with Base Model

FS2004/FSX FDNY EMS VW Ambulance. Model by FTB Dirk Stuck, repaint by Free Paint. FDNY EMS VW Ambulance. Tthis model made from ftb model of vw ambulance if give trouble about the repaint then dont send message ok this took me hours. We now have a person on the model division. We need a repaint person, sound person, panel person, also model person that would be great. ...

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Pan Am Dornier Seastar

Pan Am Dornier Seastar in Pan American 1980's livery. Model by Mike Stone. Repaint by David Grindele. Pan Am Dornier Seastar. "FOR USE WITH FSX ONLY" This aircraft has been tested with FSX, Windows XP, Windows Vista with no known issues or problems at time of release and has been scanned for viruses and malware and is virus and malware free. As with all 3RD party addons. The FSLightman will not be held responsible for computer problems or crashes. You...

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Alabama State Troopers PackComplete with Base Model

Alabama State Troopers Pack. This is the Alabama State Troopers Pack from FTB Models. Includes Dodge Charger and Ford Crown Victoria. Models by Dirk Stuck. Alabama State Troopers Pack. Thank you for downloading The Alabama State Troopers Pack for fsx. 1.dont mess with texture.ast that was a mistake from pc. 2.just place dodge charger and crown victora folders in (microsoft windows xp)hard drive:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XSimObjectsAirplanes...

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Pickup TruckComplete with Base Model

Pickup Truck. An original FSX pickup made drivable. The pickup is very fun to drive around the airport or the city. It has sound and a 2D panel. Pickup Truck. Copy and paste the file "FSX Pickup" to your fsx airplane folder. Note: not tested in fs2004(fs9). ENJOY!! :) ...

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Trans BusComplete with Base Model

Trans Bus v2. A second version of the transbus which was made to fix the problem in the aircraft.cfg. The FSX transbus is a nice, fully drivable bus, which includes sound and a 2D panel. Trans Bus. Copy and paste fsx the file "FSX TransBus" to your fsx airplane folder. Note :not tested in fs2004(fs9). ENJOY!! :) ...

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RMS Olympic AI Ship

RMS Olympic AI Ship. A Great War Dazzle re-paint for Mitsuya Hamaguchi's Titanic, painted as her sister ship RMS Olympic, as she was in service as a troop and hospital ship in the First World War. Includes folder with config file for use with Lamont Clark's AICarriers2 program, with a configuration set for a small WW I convoy, utilizing the armored cruiser HMS Drake. By Michael Barnes. RMS Olympic AI Ship. A Great War Dazzle re-paint for Mitsuya Hamaguchi Titanic,...

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BMW 760li FDEComplete with Base Model

BMW 760li FDE. If you have ever driven an automobile addon in the FSX scenery, you may have felt that a few things were missing. If so, try this add-on, it adds a whole new driving experiance. This version is for Hama's BMW 760li visual model (BMW760LI.ZIP), and adds accurate max speed, accelleration and braking; a transmission gearbox; manual and automatic gear switching; rev up/down sound; accurate steering; ABS, Traction Control and Cruise Control; several coded "tricks", like...

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Thunderbird 1Complete with Base Model

Thunderbird 1 with new effects. Includes afterburner effects and flames and smoke for hovering. Thunderbird 1. Hi There, First of all thank you for downloading this package. This package was built up using a fine set of wav's from the master of sound Mike Hambly. All I have done is to slightly alter the wav files and to build up the sound.cfg, using other sounds, mainly the original FS98 sounds. This is my first sound file, so I would appreciate any comments or...

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AirCreations 582SL Beacon / Strobes

AirCreations 582SL Beacon / Strobes. A simple "light" change that adds pefectly placed wing strobes and a top-center red beacon for the ultralight AirCreation 582SL. By Bob Lykins. [LIGHTS] Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit, 5=landing light.0 = 4, 3.00, 0.00, -2.00, fx_vclight , light.1 = 1, -1.50, 0.00, 7.20, fx_beaconb , light.2 = 2, -5.80, 16.70, 2.20, fx_strobeh , light.3 = 2, -5.80, -16.70, 2.20, fx_strobeh , ...

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Invisijet Cargo JetComplete with Base Model

Invisijet Cargo Jet. Taking the concept of the glass cockpit one step further would be to build the entire plane out of glass. This aircraft's skin is completely semi-transparent, with only some parts of the interior still solid. FSDS model contains moving controls and control surfaces. Includes a custom panel using all custom XML gauges, a complete, detailed virtual cockpit. By Andy Johnston. Invisijet Cargo Jet. ...

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