FS2004 Stealth B2 Spirit full package 3.0

PreviewStealth B2 full package 3.0 for FS9.

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Stealth B2 full package 3.0 for FS9.

  • New accurate GMAX Model full moving parts
  • Dynamic Shine Effects
  • Reflective textures
  • Landing Light and Lighting Effects
  • Accurate Sound
  • The visually realistic panel included
  • 3 multi-function display
  • 18 working monitor switches
  • switchable GPWS
  • fictional meteo radar
  • fuel computer

B-2 in flight.

Specific FS2004 flight dynamics.

Developer: Ruggero Osto.


Just unzip the ZIP FILE (steab2v3.zip) in Your FS2004 directory and load Northrop Grumman/Stealth B-2A from Your aircraft menu. That's all.

Please see Notes and Features in htm Read Me
in Your fs9\aircraft\!Stealt_B-2A\DOC\readme.htm

and read htm Legal Stuff
in Your aircraft\!Stealt_B-2A\DOC\Legal_Stuff.htm

Additional Information

The Stealth B2 Spirit is a heavy bomber aircraft that uses stealth technology to penetrate and weaken the enemy’s defenses. It is capable of deploying both nuclear and conventional warheads. It can seat two people and can carry up to sixteen nuclear bombs weighing 1600 pounds.

Images & Screenshots

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The archive steab2v3.zip has 181 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
aircraft09.22.030 B
!Stealt_B-2A09.22.030 B
aircraft.cfg09.20.0310.99 kB
panel09.22.030 B
b2_help.bmp09.24.031.37 MB
panel.cfg09.24.037.17 kB
monitor.bmp08.20.0326.58 kB
b2_main.bmp09.23.031.37 MB
windspeed3.gau04.11.98106.00 kB
ASPHUD.GAU01.02.9736.00 kB
b2.1N1.gau12.11.9739.50 kB
b2.1N2.gau12.11.9739.50 kB
b2.2FF.gau12.11.9739.50 kB
b2.2N1.gau12.11.9739.50 kB
b2.2N2.gau12.11.9739.50 kB
b2.3FF.gau12.11.9739.50 kB
b2.3N1.gau12.11.9739.50 kB
b2.3N2.gau12.11.9739.50 kB
b2.4FF.gau12.11.9739.50 kB
b2.4N1.gau12.11.9739.50 kB
b2.4N2.gau12.11.9739.50 kB
B2.ALTALERT.GAU07.18.00133.50 kB
B2.AUTCRD.GAU12.25.9936.50 kB
B2.CFG.GEAR.GAU03.22.9845.00 kB
B2.DFD_ICE_WARNING.GAU07.20.0056.00 kB
B2.DIGITEMP.GAU07.26.0016.50 kB
Sav30D3.TMP09.20.030 B
B2.POWER.GAU03.16.9853.50 kB
B57.OMI.GAU06.26.9934.50 kB
C&K.Elevator_Trim.3.gau12.07.9824.00 kB
F14.BCK.RADIO_M98B.GAU09.22.0092.00 kB
f162k_pfd.gau03.17.01295.00 kB
FSD.CAUTION.GAU07.23.0066.50 kB
fsd_rf4.adi.gau06.26.99305.50 kB
fsd_rf4.alt.gau06.26.99180.50 kB
fsd_rf4.vsi.gau06.26.99135.00 kB
fsd_tdo.asi.gau06.26.99149.00 kB
fsd_tdo.reheat.1.gau06.26.9948.00 kB
fsd_tdo.reheat.2.gau06.26.9948.00 kB
fsd_tdo.reheat.3.gau06.26.9948.00 kB
fsd_tdo.reheat.4.gau06.26.9948.00 kB
FSD_WARN.DH.GAU06.26.9985.00 kB
FSD_WARN.STALL.GAU06.26.9985.00 kB
GBANANG.GAU12.12.9850.00 kB
HUDCMP.GAU05.15.9936.00 kB
MACH3D.GAU01.13.9844.50 kB
ML_PARKBRK1.GAU03.08.9968.00 kB
RG.RADALT.gau01.02.9736.50 kB
RG.RADAR.gau02.29.00402.00 kB
RG.TANKS.gau11.23.0171.00 kB
roger-switch.cab04.08.021.49 kB
s20ee.dme.gau02.20.9851.50 kB
RKG_fuelstat.gau07.10.02601.50 kB
737.WCGPWS.GAU03.19.99316.00 kB
f162k_pfd_0001.GAU08.20.03295.00 kB
TC.FuelStatusPR.gau10.12.99216.00 kB
rg.radar_0001.GAU08.20.03402.00 kB
Sav3183.TMP09.20.030 B
sa744e.Flap1.gau06.30.9817.50 kB
B2_Roger2k4.air04.09.028.88 kB
b2_check.htm09.17.034.25 kB
b2_REF.htm09.17.032.28 kB
sound09.22.030 B
sound.cfg08.18.0312.14 kB
b211.wav02.06.0226.93 kB
b212.wav02.06.02171.20 kB
b213.wav02.06.02131.32 kB
b214.wav02.06.0248.99 kB
b2shut.wav02.06.02206.59 kB
b2n13.wav02.06.0242.07 kB
b2n14.wav02.06.0248.99 kB
b2strt.wav02.06.02389.09 kB
b2n12.wav02.06.02171.20 kB
b2n11.wav02.06.0226.93 kB
b221.wav02.06.0242.30 kB
b222.wav02.06.0234.44 kB
b223.wav02.06.0242.26 kB
b224.wav02.06.0233.13 kB
b2n2shut.wav02.06.02259.59 kB
b2n23.wav02.06.0242.26 kB
b2n24.wav02.06.0233.13 kB
b2n2strt.wav02.06.0262.09 kB
b2n22.wav02.06.0234.44 kB
b2n21.wav02.06.0242.30 kB
xb211.wav02.06.0280.30 kB
b2bn2shut.wav02.06.02259.59 kB
b2bn2strt.wav02.06.0262.09 kB
xb212.wav02.06.0251.90 kB
b2bstrt.wav02.06.02389.09 kB
b2bshut.wav02.06.02206.59 kB
xb213.wav02.06.02286.56 kB
xb214.wav02.06.0237.02 kB
xb221.wav02.06.0239.89 kB
xb222.wav02.06.0235.76 kB
xb223.wav02.06.0225.26 kB
xb224.wav02.06.0222.87 kB
xb2shut.wav02.06.02127.26 kB
xb2n13.wav02.06.02286.56 kB
xb2n14.wav02.06.0237.02 kB
xb2n21.wav02.06.0239.89 kB
xb2n22.wav02.06.0235.76 kB
xb2n23.wav02.06.0225.26 kB
xb2n24.wav02.06.0222.87 kB
xb2strt.wav02.06.02427.79 kB
xb2n2shut.wav02.06.02162.22 kB
xb2n2strt.wav02.06.0250.35 kB
xb2n12.wav02.06.0251.90 kB
xb2n11.wav02.06.0280.30 kB
xb2bshut.wav02.06.02127.26 kB
b2n2t.wav02.06.02114.59 kB
b2bn2t.wav02.06.02114.59 kB
xb2bn2strt.wav02.06.0250.35 kB
xb2bstrt.wav02.06.02427.79 kB
xb2bn2shut.wav02.06.02162.22 kB
xb2n2t.wav02.06.02108.59 kB
b2over.wav08.11.9786.16 kB
xb2bn2t.wav02.06.02108.59 kB
b2gearup.wav02.06.02384.12 kB
b2geardw.wav02.06.02431.82 kB
b2apdis.wav08.11.97101.67 kB
b2stall.wav04.09.0238.18 kB
b2touchr.wav08.18.0320.28 kB
b2touchl.wav08.18.0321.15 kB
b2touchc.wav08.18.0317.39 kB
doc09.22.030 B
readme.htm09.24.039.73 kB
Legal_Stuff.htm09.22.034.08 kB
readme_file09.22.030 B
b2-panel1.jpg04.09.028.13 kB
b2-3.jpg04.09.0210.50 kB
b2-main.jpg08.18.038.42 kB
b2-radio.jpg04.09.023.32 kB
b2.jpg09.20.038.71 kB
b2-gps.jpg04.09.0227.10 kB
b2-2.jpg09.17.0311.08 kB
copyright09.22.030 B
rkg_fuelstat.txt08.01.0213.27 kB
BrianKostick-Radio-Readme.txt04.09.023.00 kB
switch_gauges.txt04.09.02777 B
Model09.22.030 B
Model.cfg09.17.0331 B
B2spirit.mdl09.18.03266.65 kB
gif1.gif09.17.039.26 kB
texture.gmax09.22.030 B
metal1_T.bmp07.13.035.43 kB
gear_door.bmp07.09.035.42 kB
panel1_t.bmp07.09.0385.42 kB
poltrona.bmp07.09.0321.42 kB
Colore_Poltrona.bmp07.09.03770 B
Pilot1_l.bmp08.14.0342.78 kB
ruota.bmp07.09.0310.75 kB
gear_door2_t.bmp07.13.035.42 kB
fuselage_t.bmp08.13.031.33 MB
fuselage_l.bmp08.13.031.33 MB
panel1_l.bmp07.09.0385.42 kB
Pilot1_t.bmp08.14.0342.78 kB
cabin_t.bmp08.14.0385.42 kB
cabin_l.bmp08.14.0385.42 kB
metal1_l.bmp08.14.035.43 kB
gif2.gif09.17.037.80 kB
gif1.gif09.18.036.75 kB
gif2.gif09.18.037.67 kB
file_id.diz09.19.03451 B
readme.txt09.22.03591 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
Screenshots08.16.170 B
001.jpg08.16.17274.08 kB
002.jpg08.16.17298.48 kB
003.jpg08.16.17124.00 kB
004.jpg08.16.17392.49 kB
005.jpg08.16.17431.98 kB
006.jpg08.16.17149.66 kB
007.jpg08.16.17207.42 kB
008.jpg08.16.1760.35 kB
009.jpg08.16.17348.48 kB
010.jpg08.16.17277.51 kB

Complementing Files & Dependencies

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You may also need to download the following files:


No matter what kind of flying you are into, you will find that taking into the skies with a stealth bomber is one of the most enjoyable things that you can do! Whilst I’m more than used to FSX now, so much so that my FS2004 only gets a rare dusting down, I simply had to fire it up to give his a project a shot one more time; in my opinion, it’s one of the finest stealth bomber packages I’ve tried out when using FSX!

Preview screenshot

This download is the full package and will give you total access to everything that you need – a huge amount of awesome features are provided with this, giving you all the freedom and help that you need to start really making a difference in the long-term to your flight simulation experiences. Nothing is more enjoyable than being able to take off into the skies in some proper high-tech military grade hardware, and it truly stands up when you first boom out of the airport in this absolute monster of an aircraft.

Built to give you an authentic flying experience, everything stands out so much. The cockpit, for a start, is like a maze at first!

You’ll have so much to work with and try out that you’ll probably spend more time than anything just using all of the various available buttons in the cockpit! The attention to detail within the cockpit is one of the most impressive I’ve seen in a flight package for FS2004, and really makes the aircraft stand up to the more modern additions in recent times.

With a multi-function display, 18 switches on the monitor that are fully functional, and a variety of other useful features all in front of you it can feel like you have the keys to the world in your hands; this really pushes the boundaries of FS2004 to give you the most realistic flying experience that was possible back in the day. Whilst you might be used to the more modern FSX packages out there today, this is an absolute steal for anyone who is either still on FS2004 or, like me, enjoys a quick jaunt back in time!

Now you don’t need to use FS2004 and settle for the massive difference in quality between both games; with a bit of looking around you can save yourself a lot of time and patience by adding this package. You’ll be able to fly around in one of the most convincing – and cool – aircraft ever built. When you look at other war games and war movies, they always are desperate to get the fabled stealth bomber in there; and why not? It’s a truly iconic design.

So why not join up yourself and start ripping through the skies at barely believable speeds in a proper stealth bomber? Giving you access to all the strength and all the tools that you could possibly need to give you something that is not only fun to fly, but truly educational!

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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Robert VanneuvilleSun, 02 Apr 2023 12:51:04 GMT

The best and most beautiful site of add-ons to complete and improve FS9 and Flight Simulator 2004 for authentic virtual pilots, "in the scent" of the technological adjustments included in the systems, since retired!!!

tonyTue, 20 Aug 2013 04:53:05 GMT

Easy install! All downloads should be as easy to install as this one. I'm not an expert. I had to use flaps to slow down! I imagine flaps would break off on real flight?! THX!!! What others? Let me know.

acepilot32Fri, 06 Jul 2007 03:32:27 GMT
it didnt have the vc but other than that awesome aircraft 8/10
phezoidSat, 16 Jun 2007 17:36:55 GMT
eyton402Fri, 01 Jun 2007 14:12:13 GMT
I just love it! Easy to download, easy to fly, interesting, good panel. Where can I get more like this!!!
chunt841Sun, 29 Apr 2007 04:01:36 GMT
sweet sweet sweet! best panel ive seen yet!
jman1334Sat, 10 Mar 2007 17:03:21 GMT
favorite jet of all times
rubietuesTue, 08 Aug 2006 16:29:16 GMT
I like it, there are some things that could be better but what the heck, it's fun to try out.
violentvioletFri, 02 Jun 2006 23:49:01 GMT
very responsive without being too twitchy,nice to fly, even easy to ignore the ground proximity warning when it comes on at at 2900 feet!, mmmm nice!!!!!!

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