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FSX Martha's Vineyard - Black Dog Run

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Martha's Vineyard - Black Dog Run Mission. In this 30 minute mission, you fight rain and wind to get from Cape Cod to the Black Dog Tavern on Martha's Vineyard. Extensive narration provides a back story full of information about MV. There are a couple of suprises along the way, so be careful as you enjoy the flights. Includes a special item reward for successful completion. Originally created as a $100 Hamburger Xtreme Edition flight for the FSBreak podcast. By Danton Berube.

Martha's Vineyard - Black Dog Run.

Martha's Vineyard - Black Dog Run.

To install, unzip the Black Dog Run folder and place it inside the mission folder within the main FSX program folder.

Then, cut the reward file "BlackDogRun.RWD" from the Black Dog Run folder and paste it into the Rewards folder within the main FSX program folder. When you restart FSX, the mission should appear. It is estimated to require 30 minutes to complete.

A couple of notes: 1) You should turn off REX or other weather addons because the mission is made to use the default FSX weather system; 2) If you have trouble hearing some of the dialogue, try adjusting the dialogue sound settings to 100% while putting the others at 40-50%. You can also turn on captioning if necessary.

Thanks to Eric, Mark, and Casey for their great input.

Have a safe flight!

Danton Berube

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BlackDogRun09.02.090 B
BlackDogRun.flt09.01.0914.49 kB
BlackDogRun.RWD09.01.098.48 kB
BlackDogRun.wx09.01.09389.14 kB
BlackDogRun.xml09.01.09181.42 kB
Completed.bmp09.01.09172.24 kB
README.txt09.01.091.07 kB
Screenshot.jpg09.02.0992.70 kB
sound09.01.090 B
IMPORTANT.txt09.01.09133 B
_recorded_0922882f-142f-4c8c-a958-48e73d3f84d7.wav09.01.09428.55 kB
_recorded_11d5cdc3-10da-46bd-96e5-aa78701d4e28.wav09.01.09157.66 kB
_recorded_1a5ae678-f5ab-4d46-84d8-704b6a2d0440.wav09.01.09206.75 kB
_recorded_2da8ce58-3a35-4f08-96c8-73b6776e9e59.wav09.01.092.82 MB
_recorded_34c55dec-26e6-476f-8f8b-80e57681cf96.wav09.01.091.26 MB
_recorded_37aea80e-3c83-41d7-a730-bd0c70d61adc.wav09.01.09471.61 kB
_recorded_396d8004-ff95-46a6-b2ad-9fe71c02847c.wav09.01.09219.67 kB
_recorded_3c6887ce-6100-4235-a908-de3981f8f0a8.wav09.01.09348.87 kB
_recorded_47db8a15-98bf-4c9b-9d34-c2283ea89900.wav09.01.091.22 MB
_recorded_4fd4b483-a59f-4ee9-87da-be7cddbab25a.wav09.01.09219.67 kB
_recorded_6bad8ad5-9bea-48dd-9059-c9a2a785eeb6.wav09.01.09861.37 kB
_recorded_6e30b860-9830-49dc-b87f-af27bc95a5e2.wav09.01.09449.66 kB
_recorded_7151a18c-f436-4ea6-b609-01b59b627ee5.wav09.01.09157.22 kB
_recorded_7201a091-ec5b-4d9a-8663-38ffd67f570f.wav09.01.093.34 MB
_recorded_7213ec2a-1c34-4352-9353-1aa71d13f873.wav09.01.091.54 MB
_recorded_810ee7a3-f422-44bc-8276-4f6a26856c0a.wav09.01.091.14 MB
_recorded_85e5d39f-d97e-45f6-a4c5-e0b7607beab0.wav09.01.09383.32 kB
_recorded_86bd6ce9-bae9-4391-9689-30d0f569fc61.wav09.01.091.61 MB
_recorded_8a71a0ee-7416-4056-b3dd-a2ff42653641.wav09.01.091.13 MB
_recorded_8bd321fb-957e-4f02-985d-97a9df5274af.wav09.01.09236.48 kB
_recorded_8c43e91c-c282-4ea1-80fe-db91523b5051.wav09.01.09657.23 kB
_recorded_9003a1f4-1452-4716-aa43-35cacd725f80.wav09.01.09208.48 kB
_recorded_933228d1-e0b0-4b31-a48f-c11fde87ed37.wav09.01.09189.53 kB
_recorded_9849ac88-57b1-4723-92d9-2daca3c72eb9.wav09.01.091.63 MB
_recorded_a270de3e-c416-48ac-9cb7-f3539eb9210a.wav09.01.09279.96 kB
_recorded_a7009bd3-a175-4c8f-8dd7-21c96b3f0ff4.wav09.01.09635.26 kB
_recorded_bf88b7a6-9c3e-491b-9a7b-8c7b329bf7e0.wav09.01.09247.66 kB
_recorded_c5d3c739-2992-4bea-964a-4ab722d0dae8.wav09.01.09934.15 kB
_recorded_c73cfc91-597c-49f5-9a5c-ccf69ee7b98b.wav09.01.092.35 MB
_recorded_cc492306-99d2-492c-b07b-d906cc0c6715.wav09.01.09170.58 kB
_recorded_ce6da849-c35a-42ec-8cab-99b5f18c8324.wav09.01.09661.10 kB
_recorded_d66cb1db-9151-42f5-b0bc-52bb3257c386.wav09.01.09159.38 kB
_recorded_d8b2fbd7-0787-4b8b-8f81-fe8100931b40.wav09.01.09674.02 kB
_recorded_db8f3d7b-5d53-45b9-bb8e-0b8a5749c0b6.wav09.01.091.83 MB
_recorded_e7af1d82-7fd2-4480-904a-564a510d51a6.wav09.01.09439.31 kB
_recorded_e8d13320-6db8-42ff-84f9-e818f40e0c36.wav09.01.091.32 MB
_recorded_ec01ab05-6161-4514-88e9-e2f1e727ad1e.wav09.01.09279.54 kB
_recorded_ec079648-3945-4b3a-a7d3-a46d8131cfa5.wav09.01.0968.94 kB
_recorded_ef995bd3-a20c-4391-a791-584e17672213.wav09.01.091.10 MB
_synthesized_138d5cd7-4459-4497-a3c2-71db51545aac.wav09.01.09286 B
_synthesized_892737fa-09c1-4619-a44c-7e21b43f2130.wav09.01.09286 B
Thumbnail.jpg09.02.094.39 kB
Uncompleted.bmp09.01.09172.24 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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