FSX Acceleration Canyon Rescue Mission

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Acceleration Canyon Rescue Mission. Use the default Bell 206B JetRanger and rescue accident victims in the Virgin River Gorge by St George, UT. Made to be used with UTAH_COMPLETE.ZIP scenery add-on. Can also be used with default Scenery. An "Instant Mission Maker" mission. Splash image by Olivier Roderiz. Mission by Dave Feeger.

Acceleration Canyon Rescue Mission.

Acceleration Canyon Rescue Mission.

Helicopter rescue mission.

This mission is a straight forward flying mission with no aircraft problems but, you will have to make some tricky landings over moving traffic and onto uneven surfaces. The possibilty of disaster doing this is very real. Even with a calm clear day, you should expect some winds in canyons that make all landings unpreditable.

Install notes: Simply extract and copy the entire mission folder into the FSX\Missions\emergency folder. Be sure you move the "canyonwreck.rwd" file into the FSX\rewards folder. That's it! Have fun with it.

As with all my missions, this one was made with the Flight One software "INSTANT MISSION MAKER" and includes the IMM file so users who also own the program can change and modify it to improve it and then repost it if they'd like. HAVE FUN!

Other notes:
This mission was designed specifically to work with the scenery Utah_complete by James Udall.

Fly right and have fun.


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Brief.html10.09.094.03 kB
canyonwreck.flt10.08.099.70 kB
canyonwreck.imm10.08.0970.81 kB
canyonwreck.RWD10.07.0928.88 kB
canyonwreck.wx10.08.09139.36 kB
canyonwreck.xml10.08.09137.46 kB
Completed.bmp10.08.09172.24 kB
file_id.diz10.09.09378 B
install-readme.txt10.09.091.60 kB
sound10.08.090 B
_synthesized_0110ed10-3508-4331-904b-f0b05d5b8ecd.wav10.08.09117.11 kB
_synthesized_0436472c-7913-4fa8-b14e-e43c5338c4c3.wav10.08.0997.13 kB
_synthesized_116415e8-8b01-4748-84af-baa9d39fd459.wav10.08.09111.49 kB
_synthesized_1d306b6f-da56-41e6-9aec-cb5f694cdc2c.wav10.08.09155.63 kB
_synthesized_1f138f1c-3a96-4726-9adf-f0b108f2df4d.wav10.08.09296.60 kB
_synthesized_27af7191-c06a-49bf-90b9-50155d436b17.wav10.08.09250.62 kB
_synthesized_2e3da972-56f9-474c-970e-44025c9e644e.wav10.08.0968.00 kB
_synthesized_306222c8-45c1-4706-bdd7-f29af4a42150.wav10.08.09202.01 kB
_synthesized_30d411d7-7c5e-403c-b622-fb0f78260069.wav10.08.09206.38 kB
_synthesized_3722ecb1-99da-4a3c-adfc-cf027eec8655.wav10.08.0978.64 kB
_synthesized_423f2867-ddc0-4d2c-8b2a-2c5f279390e4.wav10.08.09464.18 kB
_synthesized_45e2c049-6389-4f6a-9dbb-52ea326544d1.wav10.08.0968.33 kB
_synthesized_460d3e14-d2eb-4357-9c24-79ad1ead355b.wav10.08.0913.79 kB
_synthesized_49c2347d-8b96-46c6-9be7-3c269fafe4be.wav10.08.09224.80 kB
_synthesized_67cb64fa-0d2c-4e82-914b-0c9f6e176fb1.wav10.08.09238.68 kB
_synthesized_68f294a6-a6c5-4dcb-a4e7-5b8c2e5614c6.wav10.08.09160.16 kB
_synthesized_6e629459-2180-4a6e-9796-1e6e63e200fe.wav10.08.09109.22 kB
_synthesized_76826a26-6ab0-460a-9b2c-bdc752e94b4e.wav10.08.09168.54 kB
_synthesized_80d1bd82-96e5-4652-bba0-61762f631e0f.wav10.08.0936.88 kB
_synthesized_88fef241-7a9c-4bf5-ad7b-855800b0deec.wav10.08.09259.42 kB
_synthesized_a121b7ce-f3b6-462f-a0dd-e9b491d632a9.wav10.08.09194.96 kB
_synthesized_a5f14752-640c-46e1-9b06-d50c49a6aa4e.wav10.08.0984.27 kB
_synthesized_b8e935dd-e23b-45d0-9bde-ffad8c578398.wav10.08.09191.33 kB
_synthesized_bdffb09d-e880-4e83-acb7-799d50f9fce2.wav10.08.09135.54 kB
_synthesized_c0099936-e995-4ac4-a2c0-c1365f938a16.wav10.08.09152.11 kB
_synthesized_ccb0013d-6908-4b22-8b4c-f70e83de7a60.wav10.08.09192.24 kB
_synthesized_e7576b71-f590-4c57-9905-4cee800da0de.wav10.08.0968.20 kB
_synthesized_f35ff159-ae46-404d-85a5-f82a2abf0935.wav10.08.09174.49 kB
_synthesized_f378dfe3-0179-43c9-982f-2c3f14fa3235.wav10.08.09214.91 kB
_synthesized_f8faa0de-c530-4b46-bb3a-b1df1161b8f1.wav10.08.09124.64 kB
_synthesized_fcff28db-912a-4d21-85a3-20b9496d6d4d.wav10.08.09133.28 kB
_synthesized_fdc2177b-8908-4126-a95b-e0f5a55749e5.wav10.08.09117.22 kB
IMPORTANT.txt10.08.09133 B
SPLAHCOP.JPG10.05.09473.62 kB
Uncompleted.bmp10.08.09172.24 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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