FSX Inheritance Mission

Inheritance. Uncle Angus has passed on, but not without problems. Instead of dividing his considerable empire equally between you and your two cousins, he decided to let it all be determined by this last little contest. Good luck to you! Created with Jim Kier's Mission Editor.

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Inheritance. Uncle Angus has passed on, but not without problems. Instead of dividing his considerable empire equally between you and your two cousins, he decided to let it all be determined by this last little contest. Good luck to you! Created with Jim Kier's Mission Editor.

Inheritance Mission.

Inheritance Mission.

To install mission, simply extract (unzip) the files in to your main FSX folder. This is the folder in which FSX.exe is located.

This mission should be compatible with all versions of FSX.

This mission requires that the SimVar program is installed and running for the mission to perform correctly. If you do not have SimVar, there is a copy included in the mission folder. It can be started manually, or read the notes on how to make it start automatically when FSX starts.

This mission can be found under the category of Challenges, Intermediate, The Inheritance.

During the mission, if the mission pointer or mission timer appear too large for your taste, they can be resized by pointing at the edges. They are also movable. (Actually, I think I've already done this for you...as well as the GPS and Radio Stack.)


I personally found the Baron a bit squirrelly when being taxied, and didn't like the way it nose-dives when you hit the brakes. It may just be my joystick, but if you agree and want to alter yours, here's what I changed in the aircraft.cfg file, in the Contact Points section:

point.0 = 1, 0.82, 0.00, -3.77, 1600, 0, 0.633, 30, 0.23, 4.0, 0.90, 3.0, 3.0, 0, 152, 180

A chime or tone will notify you of a new text message. Be sure you have text messages enabled, because there are no audible messages.
Remember that the messages are displayed on the kneeboard. So, if you miss one, just pause and look at the kneeboard.

There are 36 scenery files installed in the Addon scenery/ scenery folder during the mission install, if you choose to remove them after the mission is complete, they all have OG in the title, for instance:


They or all very small files, 1 or 2 KB each. You might want to leave them as they enhance several of the Costa Rican airports and Land Class, however, if you have other Costa Rican addons they might be a problem.

This mission is presented as an spb file to make it a little more difficult to cheat. If you disassemble it to determine the mission solution, you are missing the point and the fun. However, after completion of the mission if you would like a copy of the xml to see how the mission is assembled, I will be happy to email it to you.

Good luck!

Owen Graham (Archtx)

The archive inheritance.zip has 64 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
scenery09.18.110 B
BA_LC_OG .bgl09.02.11308 B
BdeColorado_OG.BGL08.27.111.45 kB
BdeColorado_OG_CVX.bgl08.27.11607 B
Bluefields_OG.BGL08.23.111000 B
Bluefields_OG_CVX.bgl08.23.11373 B
Bocas Almirante_LC_OG.bgl02.01.09311 B
BuenosAires_OG.BGL09.02.11960 B
BuenosAires_OG_CVX.bgl09.02.11424 B
CaboVelas_OG.BGL09.05.111.42 kB
CaboVelas_OG_CVX.bgl09.05.11483 B
Carrillo_OG.BGL08.25.11721 B
Carrillo_OG_CVX.bgl08.25.11685 B
Cartago_LC_OG.bgl03.01.091.06 kB
Changuinola_LC_OG.bgl02.01.09314 B
Changuinola_OG.BGL02.01.09941 B
Changuinola_OG_CVX.bgl02.01.09444 B
CVX_Tortuguero_OG.BGL08.27.112.74 kB
Drake_OG.BGL09.14.111.48 kB
Drake_OG_CVX.bgl09.14.11849 B
Golfito_LC_OG.bgl01.14.09361 B
Golfito_OG.BGL02.12.11819 B
Golfito_OG_CVX.bgl02.12.11525 B
Nosara_OG.BGL08.26.11901 B
Nosara_OG_CVX.bgl08.26.11698 B
Pandora_LC_OG.bgl09.01.11325 B
Pandora_OG.BGL09.14.111.05 kB
Pandora_OG_CVX.bgl09.14.11379 B
Parismina_OG.BGL08.27.111.20 kB
Parismina_OG_CVX.bgl08.27.11609 B
PtoArmuelles_LC_OG.bgl01.14.09308 B
San Ramon_LC_OG.bgl09.13.11289 B
SanRamon_OG.BGL09.14.111.14 kB
SanRamon_OG_CVX.bgl09.14.11243 B
Tortuguero_LC_OG.bgl08.27.11547 B
Tortuguero_OG.BGL09.02.111.32 kB
Tortuguero_OG_CVX.bgl09.02.111003 B
Addon Scenery09.18.110 B
Challenges09.18.110 B
The Inheritance09.18.110 B
Briefing.htm09.18.113.56 kB
Images09.18.110 B
Angus.jpg09.10.114.83 kB
Overview.JPG09.03.1116.62 kB
Thumbs.db09.15.1186.50 kB
img_complete.BMP09.05.11171.37 kB
img_incomplete.BMP09.05.11171.37 kB
Inheritance.FLT09.18.1112.91 kB
Inheritance.WX09.17.11213.48 kB
Kneeboard.htm09.03.111.09 kB
Readme.txt09.18.112.27 kB
SimVar notes.txt09.18.11628 B
SimVar.exe09.25.09406.50 kB
Sound09.18.110 B
chimes.wav12.11.06325.13 kB
hail_to_the_chief_64kb.wav09.05.11878.09 kB
The Inheritance.spb09.23.1129.77 kB
Missions09.18.110 B
The Inheritance_MErewards.RWD09.18.11461.40 kB
Rewards09.18.110 B
The Inheritance.JPG09.23.118.27 kB
FILE_ID.DIZ09.23.11271 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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