FSX Doublepack Pilotable Carrier Victorious

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Doublepack Pilotable Carrier Victorious and Dido-class cruisers. FSX double pack for pilotable British Navy Carrier "HMS Victorious" from 1944 and four cruisers of the Dido-class. The carrier has three different deck configurations with Corsair fighter planes on deck. This ships are generally flight simulation AI ships, made by Fraser Paterson and Philip Chandler from flyingstations.com. A download there is required. Features: both ships with bridge, sound and .air files with special effects for the cruisers only. Several camera views let you explore the ships. Bitmaps and configuration by Erwin Welker.

Doublepack Pilotable Carrier Victorious.

Doublepack Pilotable Carrier Victorious.

Download Ai-ships:

Download, execute and install the ai-versions. A link icon is included.

Open the button SHIPS and you will see HMS Victorious-late. This pack includes the Dido-class cruisers. The filename is: Victorious_1944.exe

INSTALLATION: "HMS Victorious 1944"

1. Install my folder "HMS Victorious 1944" with my panel, sound, aircraft.cfg and airfile first.

2. Copy the Gauges and the Effects into the mainfolder of FSX.

3. If you like, install the downloaded ai-ships for general ai-usage as requested for the download.

4. Copy from the ai-version all of the Models and the textures into the folder for the pilotable version, named "HMS Victorious 1944".

Do not copy the sim.cfg! It is only for ai-ship!!!

INSTALLATION: "Dido class cruisers"

1. Install my folder "Cruiser Dido-class" with my panel, aircraft.cfg and airfile first. Copy or aliase the sound from HMS Victorious into the Dido-class folder

2. Copy from the ai-version all of the Models and the textures into the folder for the pilotable version, named "Dido class cruisers"

Do not copy the sim.cfg! It is only for ai-ship!!!

How to get the views?
1. toggle with S-key to aircraft-views.
2. then toggle with A-key for other views.


Remember: Some sounds are only in the panel view mode available or they are very low in the aircraft views.

F8-F5 (Flaps): Main guns
ZZ: (Autopilot disengage): Schips bell
Shift E (Exit open/close): Alarm
G (Gear): Typhoon horn


Fire the AA-guns with the key for the Smoke effect.

Fire the main guns with the strobe light switch on the bridge or with the key for the strobelight.

The camera with the Title "Gunsight_Shift2_Strobelight-Torpedohit 270°" provides all information you need. With Shift E2 you can insert the remote fire control-graphic. The camera is on top of the foremast. You can rotate it with the coolie hat of your joystick or with the keys of the numpad. Using the stroblight switch you can initiate a torpedoshot in the direction of 9 o'clock/270°. The explosion is time delayed.


Many thanks to Fraser Paterson and Philip Chandler and the other from the flyingstations team. Many thanks to all of the creative persons, who do such a great work. I am sorry, but I do not know from whom all the gauges, effects and sounds are. I have to many.

This file is FREEWARE. It should not harm your computer, but you install it on your own risk.
Feel free to copy or to distribute it, but don't make any money with it. It is not permitted to use it for commercial-purpose.

Happy landings,

Erwin Welker

Doublepack Pilotable Carrier Victorious.

Doublepack Pilotable Carrier Victorious.

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The archive victorious-dido-pack.zip has 63 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Cruiser Dido-class10.06.110 B
aircraft.cfg10.06.1120.16 kB
carrier.air09.26.047.12 kB
important.DIZ10.06.11221 B
Panel10.05.110 B
Brücke.bmp10.05.112.25 MB
panel.cfg10.06.111.24 kB
Remote Firecontrol.bmp02.08.101.37 MB
Sound10.06.110 B
sound.cfg10.06.1143 B
Dido-class-cruiser.jpg10.06.11131.30 kB
Effects10.06.110 B
FSX_AI_ship_BOW_SPRAY_l.fx10.06.072.70 kB
fx_16inch.fx01.09.098.48 kB
fx_Drainage.fx04.12.071.34 kB
fx_ShellHit.fx09.27.114.93 kB
fx_Ship_smokel.fx09.08.101.31 kB
fx_spray1.fx09.27.114.99 kB
fx_torpedo.fx08.24.054.34 kB
FX_Wing_Guns.fx12.26.0610.48 kB
FILE_ID.DIZ10.06.11706 B
Gauges10.06.110 B
fletcher_ship.cab09.27.11164.53 kB
SeatAdj_grey.cab02.17.072.88 kB
HMS Victorious 194410.06.110 B
aircraft.cfg10.06.1118.84 kB
carrier.air10.06.117.12 kB
important.DIZ10.06.11197 B
panel10.06.110 B
Bridge.BMP10.06.111.37 MB
Helm.bmp10.06.111.37 MB
panel.cfg10.06.111.92 kB
panel-alias.cfg10.06.1127 B
Sound10.06.110 B
alarmbells.wav02.18.0520.33 kB
bells.wav09.13.0458.73 kB
Bigbang.WAV07.21.9827.61 kB
engine.wav04.17.0162.19 kB
horn.wav09.09.0419.20 kB
Sound.cfg02.08.103.97 kB
sound-alias.cfg12.11.0949 B
wind.wav04.17.0126.25 kB
xengine.wav09.28.0471.46 kB
thumbnail.jpg10.06.1117.19 kB
HMS VICTORIOUS Late War.url10.05.1156 B
HMS victorious.jpg10.06.11175.32 kB
pics.Dido-class10.06.110 B
Bridge_panel.jpg10.05.11107.41 kB
Cruiser Dido-class (1).jpg10.05.11109.20 kB
Cruiser Dido-class (2).jpg10.05.1185.44 kB
Cruiser Dido-class (3).jpg10.05.11114.25 kB
Cruiser Dido-class (4).jpg10.05.11144.96 kB
Cruiser Dido-class (6).jpg10.05.11111.67 kB
Cruiser HMS Sirius.jpg10.05.1191.97 kB
pics.Victorious10.06.110 B
Bridge.jpg10.06.1188.12 kB
HMS victorious (2).jpg10.06.1153.96 kB
HMS victorious (3).jpg10.06.1149.29 kB
HMS victorious (4).jpg10.06.1156.53 kB
HMS victorious (5).jpg10.06.1154.63 kB
Readme.txt10.06.114.02 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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