FSX Airbus A380 Panel

PreviewAirbus A380 Panel. Highly detailed panel for Airbus A380. By Pasquale Rinaldi.

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Airbus A380 Panel. Highly detailed panel for Airbus A380. By Pasquale Rinaldi.

Airbus A380 Panel.

Airbus A380 Panel.

Airbus A380 Panel For FSX only, 2011 Pasquale Rinaldi.

Thank you for downloading this panel.

Highly detailled panel for Airbus A380.

Unzip the contents of AirbusA380_FSX.ZIP file to a temporary folder.
Open the unzipped folder "AirbusA380_FSX"
move the unzipped folder "a380" into your FSX\Gauges folder.
move the unzipped folder "Panel" into your FSx\SimObjects\ Panel of your choice.

This panel is released as Freeware.
As Freeware you are permitted to distribuite It!

Airbus A380 Panel.

Airbus A380 Panel.

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The archive airbusa380_fsx.zip has 300 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
AirbusA380_FSX04.13.110 B
a38004.12.110 B
adf_xpd.xml04.11.1110.92 kB
adfr_off.bmp04.11.11354 B
adfr_on.bmp04.11.11354 B
alt_warn.xml04.05.112.23 kB
alt_warn_off.bmp04.05.111.11 kB
alt_warn_on.bmp04.05.111.11 kB
ap_hold_off.bmp03.18.111.45 kB
ap_hold_on.bmp03.18.111.45 kB
attitude_backup.xml04.13.115.26 kB
autopilot.xml04.13.1131.96 kB
autopilot_background.bmp03.17.11105.42 kB
AutoStart_off.bmp04.08.113.96 kB
AutoStart_on.bmp04.08.113.96 kB
bld_1.bmp12.12.0812.33 kB
bld_2.bmp12.12.0812.33 kB
bleed1_off.bmp04.09.112.03 kB
bleed1_on.bmp04.09.112.03 kB
bleed2_off.bmp04.09.112.03 kB
bleed2_on.bmp04.09.112.03 kB
bleed3_off.bmp04.09.112.03 kB
bleed3_on.bmp04.09.112.03 kB
bleed4_off.bmp04.09.112.03 kB
bleed4_on.bmp04.09.112.03 kB
brakepressure.bmp03.31.11179.98 kB
brakepressure.xml04.01.111.98 kB
button_anti_ice_eng_1_both_off.bmp04.09.112.03 kB
button_anti_ice_eng_1_on.bmp04.09.112.03 kB
button_anti_ice_eng_2_both_off.bmp04.09.112.03 kB
button_anti_ice_eng_2_on.bmp04.09.112.03 kB
button_anti_ice_eng_3_both_off.bmp04.09.112.03 kB
button_anti_ice_eng_3_on.bmp04.09.112.03 kB
button_anti_ice_eng_4_both_off.bmp04.09.112.03 kB
button_anti_ice_eng_4_on.bmp04.09.112.03 kB
button_anti_ice_wing_both_off.bmp04.09.112.03 kB
button_anti_ice_wing_on.bmp04.09.112.03 kB
button_electrical_apu_both_off.bmp04.09.112.79 kB
button_electrical_apu_off_on.bmp04.09.112.79 kB
button_electrical_bat_both_off.bmp04.09.111.91 kB
button_electrical_bat_off_on.bmp04.09.111.91 kB
button_l_off.bmp04.09.111.37 kB
button_l_on.bmp04.09.111.37 kB
c1_off.bmp04.11.11354 B
c1_on.bmp04.11.11354 B
c2_off.bmp04.11.11354 B
c2_on.bmp04.11.11354 B
clock.xml04.13.116.85 kB
clock_background.bmp03.30.119.43 kB
com1_swap_off.bmp12.11.081.95 kB
com1_swap_on.bmp12.11.081.95 kB
com2_swap_off.bmp12.11.081.95 kB
com2_swap_on.bmp12.11.081.95 kB
ecams.xml04.13.1130.73 kB
ecams_engine_primary_flaps_bug_1.bmp02.17.80146 B
ecams_engine_primary_flaps_bug_2.bmp02.17.80158 B
ecams_engine_primary_flaps_bug_3.bmp02.17.80178 B
ecams_engine_primary_flaps_bug_4.bmp02.17.80178 B
ecams_engine_primary_slats_bug_1.bmp02.17.80182 B
ecams_engine_primary_slats_bug_2.bmp02.17.80198 B
ecams_engine_primary_slats_bug_3.bmp02.17.80162 B
ecams_engine_primary_slats_flaps_1.bmp01.07.087.73 kB
ecams_engine_primary_slats_flaps_2.bmp01.07.087.73 kB
ecams_engine_primary_slats_flaps_3.bmp01.07.087.73 kB
ecams_engine_primary_slats_flaps_4.bmp01.07.087.73 kB
ecams_engine_primary_slats_flaps_5.bmp01.07.087.73 kB
ecams_engine_primary_text_flaps_full.bmp01.07.081.47 kB
ecams_engine_primary_text_xx.bmp01.07.081.27 kB
ecams_fuel_background.bmp03.28.1179.26 kB
ecams_fuel_crossfeed_off.bmp01.12.081.74 kB
ecams_fuel_crossfeed_on.bmp01.12.081.74 kB
ecams_fuel_low_press_valve_left_off.bmp01.12.082.15 kB
ecams_fuel_low_press_valve_left_on.bmp01.12.082.15 kB
ecams_fuel_low_press_valve_right_off.bmp01.12.082.15 kB
ecams_fuel_low_press_valve_right_on.bmp01.12.082.15 kB
ecams_fuel_transfer_valve_left_green.bmp01.12.081.43 kB
ecams_fuel_transfer_valve_right_green.bmp01.12.081.43 kB
ecams_fuel_wing_tank_pump_left_off.bmp01.12.081.96 kB
ecams_fuel_wing_tank_pump_left_on.bmp01.12.081.96 kB
ecams_fuel_wing_tank_pump_right_off.bmp01.12.081.96 kB
ecams_fuel_wing_tank_pump_right_on.bmp01.12.081.96 kB
efis_background.bmp03.21.1145.62 kB
efis_off.bmp03.21.11574 B
efis_on.bmp03.21.11574 B
efis_panel.xml04.13.1133.57 kB
egt_needle.bmp10.19.101.13 kB
eng_1_Down.bmp11.04.106.28 kB
eng_1_up.bmp11.04.106.28 kB
eng_2_Down.bmp11.04.106.28 kB
eng_2_up.bmp11.04.106.28 kB
eng_3_Down.bmp11.04.106.28 kB
eng_3_up.bmp11.04.106.28 kB
eng_4_Down.bmp11.04.106.28 kB
eng_4_up.bmp11.04.106.28 kB
engl_1_off.bmp11.04.102.54 kB
engl_1_on.bmp11.04.102.54 kB
engl_2_off.bmp11.04.102.54 kB
engl_2_on.bmp11.04.102.54 kB
engl_3_off.bmp11.04.102.54 kB
engl_3_on.bmp11.04.102.54 kB
engl_4_off.bmp11.04.102.54 kB
engl_4_on.bmp11.04.102.54 kB
f1_off.bmp11.10.063.67 kB
f2_off.bmp11.10.063.67 kB
f3_off.bmp11.10.063.67 kB
f4_off.bmp11.10.063.67 kB
f5_on.bmp11.10.063.67 kB
fd_off.bmp03.21.11574 B
fd_on.bmp03.21.11574 B
flaps_in.bmp04.10.112.87 kB
flaps_out.bmp04.10.112.87 kB
fuel.xml04.13.1114.83 kB
gear.xml04.13.111.16 kB
gear_dw.bmp03.29.114.35 kB
gear_l_dw.bmp03.29.116.94 kB
gear_l_tr.bmp03.29.116.94 kB
gear_l_up.bmp03.29.116.94 kB
gear_lights.xml03.29.11890 B
gear_up.bmp03.29.114.35 kB
hsi_compass_card.bmp03.26.1120.16 kB
hsi_knob_1.bmp03.26.11668 B
hsi_knob_2.bmp03.26.11668 B
hsi_needle_1.bmp03.26.111.18 kB
hsi_needle_2.bmp03.26.113.91 kB
ils_off.bmp03.21.11574 B
ils_on.bmp03.21.11574 B
knob_rudder_trim_left.bmp11.09.103.57 kB
knob_rudder_trim_middle.bmp11.06.103.43 kB
knob_rudder_trim_right.bmp11.06.103.57 kB
lswitch_landl_on.bmp02.24.081.46 kB
mfd.xml04.13.1135.12 kB
mfd_adf_1_arrow.bmp01.25.08696 B
mfd_centered_actual_track.bmp02.17.80202 B
mfd_centered_bearing_pointer_adf.bmp01.09.084.08 kB
mfd_centered_bearing_pointer_vor_1.bmp01.09.087.59 kB
mfd_centered_bearing_pointer_vor_2.bmp01.09.089.01 kB
mfd_centered_compass_card.bmp01.06.0852.94 kB
mfd_centered_course_deviation_scale.bmp02.17.801.05 kB
mfd_centered_fixed_plane_symbol.bmp02.17.8041.73 kB
mfd_centered_map_mask.bmp02.17.8037.39 kB
mfd_centered_mystery_blue_arrow_down.bmp02.17.80222 B
mfd_centered_mystery_blue_arrow_up.bmp02.17.80222 B
mfd_centered_selected_heading.bmp01.28.08534 B
mfd_centered_vor_course_pointer.bmp01.09.087.59 kB
mfd_centered_vor_lateral_deviation_bar.bmp01.09.08930 B
mfd_expanded_arrow_1.bmp01.09.0829.22 kB
mfd_expanded_arrow_2.bmp01.09.0819.96 kB
mfd_expanded_compass_card.bmp01.06.08189.26 kB
mfd_expanded_compass_card_mask.bmp02.17.8059.90 kB
mfd_expanded_fixed_plane_symbol.bmp01.09.0813.43 kB
mfd_expanded_map_mask.bmp02.17.8053.43 kB
mfd_expanded_selected_heading.bmp01.28.08534 B
mfd_glideslope_bug.bmp02.17.80226 B
mfd_glideslope_scale.bmp01.06.082.72 kB
n1_needle.bmp10.20.101.13 kB
n1_swap_off.bmp12.11.081.95 kB
n1_swap_on.bmp12.11.081.95 kB
n1r_off.bmp04.11.11354 B
n1r_on.bmp04.11.11354 B
n2_off.bmp04.11.11354 B
n2_on.bmp04.11.11354 B
n2_swap_off.bmp12.11.081.95 kB
n2_swap_on.bmp12.11.081.95 kB
nav_display.xml04.13.1110.55 kB
nav_gps.xml04.06.112.07 kB
needle_pressure.bmp03.31.111.50 kB
over_speed.xml04.13.113.00 kB
over_speed_off.bmp04.05.112.12 kB
over_speed_on.bmp04.05.112.12 kB
overhead_knob_adirs_data_ppos.bmp04.09.112.43 kB
overhead_knob_adirs_data_tkgs.bmp04.09.112.43 kB
overhead_knob_adirs_data_wind_hdg.bmp04.09.112.35 kB
overhead_knob_adirs_sys_off.bmp04.09.111.58 kB
overhead_knob_adirs_sys_on.bmp04.09.111.58 kB
overhead_panel.bmp04.10.11899.90 kB
overhead_panel.xml04.10.11120.29 kB
park_brake_off.bmp01.01.006.63 kB
park_brake_on.bmp01.01.006.63 kB
pfd.xml04.13.1134.41 kB
pfd_altimeter_bug.bmp02.17.80638 B
pfd_altimeter_detail_hundreds_strip.bmp02.17.803.55 kB
pfd_altimeter_detail_mask.bmp01.06.083.53 kB
pfd_altimeter_detail_ten_thousands_strip.bmp02.17.803.55 kB
pfd_altimeter_detail_tens_strip.bmp02.17.802.29 kB
pfd_altimeter_detail_thousands_strip.bmp02.17.803.55 kB
pfd_altimeter_detail_window.bmp01.06.084.02 kB
pfd_altimeter_ground_reference_strip.bmp02.17.80390 B
pfd_altimeter_strip.bmp03.17.11886.37 kB
pfd_altimeter_strip_border.bmp01.06.087.76 kB
pfd_altimeter_strip_mask.bmp01.06.087.15 kB
pfd_asi_pointer.bmp02.17.80614 B
pfd_asi_speed_bug.bmp02.17.80446 B
pfd_asi_strip.bmp03.16.11100.48 kB
pfd_asi_strip_border.bmp01.06.087.76 kB
pfd_asi_strip_mask.bmp01.06.087.15 kB
pfd_attitude_fixed_pointer.bmp03.26.113.18 kB
pfd_compass_pointer.bmp02.17.80162 B
pfd_compass_strip.bmp01.06.0885.37 kB
pfd_compass_strip_border.bmp02.17.803.08 kB
pfd_compass_strip_mask.bmp01.06.084.44 kB
pfd_decrease_pitch_arrows.bmp02.17.801.90 kB
pfd_fixed_plane_marker.bmp02.17.801.40 kB
pfd_fixed_roll_scale.bmp03.16.1110.19 kB
pfd_flight_director_pitch_bar.bmp03.21.111.19 kB
pfd_flight_director_yaw_bar.bmp03.21.111.31 kB
pfd_glideslope_pointer.bmp02.17.80250 B
pfd_increase_pitch_arrows.bmp02.17.801.79 kB
pfd_localizer_glideslope_scale.bmp02.17.8013.79 kB
pfd_localizer_pointer.bmp02.17.80238 B
pfd_roll_indicator.bmp02.18.80262 B
pfd_roll_pointer.bmp02.17.80202 B
pfd_roll_scale.bmp06.15.085.30 kB
pfd_sky_ground_strip.bmp03.16.11335.97 kB
pfd_sky_ground_strip_ladder.bmp06.17.10228.62 kB
pfd_sky_ground_strip_ladder_mask.bmp06.09.0859.47 kB
pfd_sky_ground_strip_mask.bmp03.25.1165.87 kB
pfd_sky_ground_strip_mask_outer.bmp02.18.8018.94 kB
pfd_sky_ground_strip_no_ladder.bmp03.25.11546.17 kB
pfd_slip_indicator.bmp02.18.80230 B
pfd_vsi_needle_mask.bmp01.06.084.04 kB
pfd_yaw_indicator.bmp02.17.80142 B
popup_ecu_lever_flaps_0.bmp11.05.1024.97 kB
popup_ecu_lever_flaps_1.bmp11.05.1024.97 kB
popup_ecu_lever_flaps_2.bmp11.05.1024.97 kB
popup_ecu_lever_flaps_3.bmp11.05.1024.97 kB
popup_ecu_lever_flaps_full.bmp11.05.1024.97 kB
radio_panel.bmp04.11.11159.04 kB
radios.xml04.11.1131.66 kB
rmi.xml03.26.118.53 kB
rudder_trim_reset_in.bmp01.01.00898 B
rudder_trim_reset_out.bmp01.01.001.01 kB
sd.xml04.13.115.81 kB
sd_gear_dw.bmp01.17.0422.06 kB
sd_gear_tran.bmp07.29.0322.06 kB
sd_gear_up.bmp03.28.1122.06 kB
sd_spl_off.bmp07.29.0311.44 kB
sd_spl_on.bmp07.29.0311.44 kB
spll_in.bmp11.07.102.87 kB
spll_out.bmp04.10.112.87 kB
spo_in.bmp11.05.107.65 kB
spo_out.bmp11.05.107.65 kB
stall_off.bmp04.05.112.12 kB
stall_on.bmp04.05.112.12 kB
stall_warn.xml04.05.112.28 kB
switch_bcn_off.bmp04.07.113.01 kB
switch_bcn_on.bmp04.07.113.01 kB
switch_bcnl_off.bmp04.09.11714 B
switch_bcnl_on.bmp04.09.11714 B
switch_gps.bmp04.06.112.09 kB
switch_int_off.bmp11.23.062.84 kB
switch_int_on.bmp11.23.062.84 kB
switch_intl_off.bmp02.24.081.46 kB
switch_intl_on.bmp02.24.081.46 kB
switch_land_off.bmp11.23.062.84 kB
switch_land_on.bmp11.23.062.84 kB
switch_landl_off.bmp02.24.081.46 kB
switch_logo_off.bmp04.07.113.01 kB
switch_logo_on.bmp04.07.113.01 kB
switch_logol_off.bmp04.09.11714 B
switch_logol_on.bmp04.09.11714 B
switch_nav.bmp04.06.112.09 kB
switch_nav_logo_off.bmp04.07.113.01 kB
switch_nav_logo_on.bmp04.07.113.01 kB
switch_nav_logol_off.bmp04.09.11714 B
switch_nav_logol_on.bmp04.09.11714 B
switch_no_smoking_off.bmp04.07.113.05 kB
switch_no_smoking_on.bmp04.07.113.05 kB
switch_no_smokingl_off.bmp11.20.061.73 kB
switch_no_smokingl_on.bmp11.20.061.73 kB
switch_seat_belts_off.bmp04.07.113.05 kB
switch_seat_belts_on.bmp04.07.113.05 kB
switch_seat_beltsl_off.bmp11.20.061.73 kB
switch_seat_beltsl_on.bmp11.20.061.73 kB
switch_strobe_off.bmp04.07.113.01 kB
switch_strobe_on.bmp04.07.113.01 kB
switch_strobel_off.bmp04.09.11714 B
switch_strobel_on.bmp04.09.11714 B
switch_taxi_off.bmp04.07.113.01 kB
switch_taxi_on.bmp04.07.113.01 kB
switch_taxil_off.bmp04.09.11714 B
switch_taxil_on.bmp04.09.11714 B
switch_wing_off.bmp04.07.113.01 kB
switch_wing_on.bmp04.07.113.01 kB
switch_wingl_off.bmp04.09.11714 B
switch_wingl_on.bmp04.09.11714 B
th1.bmp11.04.10106.33 kB
thr.xml04.12.1136.18 kB
Throttle_panel.bmp04.10.11496.18 kB
toga_in.bmp11.07.102.88 kB
toga_out.bmp04.10.112.87 kB
xpd_off.bmp04.11.11354 B
xpd_on.bmp04.11.11354 B
A380_1.jpg04.13.11168.46 kB
A380_2.jpg04.13.11193.10 kB
panel04.12.110 B
airbus_a380_panel_background.bmp04.12.112.25 MB
panel.cfg04.13.113.53 kB
Readme.txt04.13.11677 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


Whilst many of the updates I install and indeed use all the time are new models and similar additions like that, one of the things that I found most impressive about my usage of FSX was the depth of quality in the panels that you get in some of the aircraft.

Preview screenshot

Some of the mods out there for panels are absolutely amazing and take genuine photorealistic images of the aircraft and manage to create the full thing without really having to do too much on your part to manage it – it gives you a huge amount of advanced functionality when flying, for a start.

This kind of useful addition is entirely free, and in this case it reworks the panels for the Airbus A380; it makes it feel as if you are actually in an official simulation of one of the real things. The panels are hugely important to anyone who uses a simulator and you will need to refer to them regularly and refer to them often.

This makes it a whole lot easier to manage and control the whole flight and, when you start using this mod, you’ll notice a rather increased level of realism, detail and control over the aircraft.

As I first got used to them I will admit I found it a tad daunting – there was just a whole load more added here than I was really used to taking on with a standard flight. It really did change the whole feel of the model and made it far more enjoyable to control.

The detail and alignment of the panels is spot on, and looks exactly as you would have expected it to when you first installed the package and started enjoying it – it’s classy, it’s easy to use, and it has plenty of style throughout the buttons.

Installation was a piece of cake, too. it makes it much easier to actually enjoy the aircraft when you never had to go through a proverbial Everest to get it all set up! It’s a very easy project in general to install, and makes a big difference to the overall competency that you have when flying.

I was really quite impressed, though, with the range of nice functions that were able to be used thanks to these new panels and gauges. Aside from being accurate in their color, style, design and placement they still managed to go above and beyond in terms of the functionality and progress of the panels.

I’ve actually used the A380 far more than I had in the past since getting these panels – for a few minutes downloading and work it made the whole thing feel a fair bit more impressive and created a solid situation for me moving forward.

Now, if I want to try and get that Airbus A380 experience I just need to look into installing this package. It really boosts the strength and functionality provided within FSX, making it a whole lot easier to fly this aircraft just like a professional. I’d highly recommend this for anyone who’s interested in seeing how it works.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

Installation icon.

Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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Lokin MuniTue, 22 Oct 2019 06:11:58 GMT

The cabin is missing in 3D.

Randy BailesTue, 18 Sep 2018 14:41:13 GMT

I downloaded this but cant get the virtual cockpit to show. Any advice

GUILLAUMESat, 25 Aug 2018 07:26:59 GMT

the panel does not work I followed the instructions to the point. any help ?

george SheffieldThu, 25 Jan 2018 03:55:43 GMT

There's no button for panel lights. I have to use shortcut keys . The button labeled panel actually turns off the GPS. The button marked ALT near the top & left of center? Is the Altitude or Alternator? I keep loosing my display and have to restart the engines in flight to bring everything back. Something wrong here. But it beats the default B747-400 panel.

AswathTue, 07 Mar 2017 09:51:20 GMT

Where is the "call" button for Nav1 in the radio stack?

Airplane505Wed, 18 Nov 2015 01:24:56 GMT

A great panel to add to your Airbus A380.

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