FSX Lumb In Rossendale Private Strip Scenery

Lumb In Rossendale Private Airstrip UK. A small bumpy grass strip in a farmer's field, taken from Bryan Lockyear's "Farm Strips And Private Airfield Guide", situated in the Pennines at over 900 feet; can be very windy. By Neil Birch.

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Lumb In Rossendale Private Airstrip UK. A small bumpy grass strip in a farmer's field, taken from Bryan Lockyear's "Farm Strips And Private Airfield Guide", situated in the Pennines at over 900 feet; can be very windy. By Neil Birch.

Situated over 900ft up in the Pennines, near to the towns of Bacup and Waterfoot. To the South-West of the field approx;15 miles away and overlooking the town of Ramsbottom (where I was born) is Peel Tower, a stone tower erected to commemerate Sir Robert Peel, Prime Minister between 1841 - 1846 and the founder of the modern police force, Hence the nicknames `Peelers' and `Bobbies'.

Thanks to Mr.Walmsley for permission to photgraph his buildings and yes the strip really is as bumpy as it seems. I have placed a NDB on the field 200.10 range 6 miles just in case you can't find it. You can also load the airfield from your `airport menu' under Lumb.


Unzip the zip folder into a temporary folder. You will now have three folders 1/ UKVFR LIBRARY 2\Scenery and 3\ Texture.

I reccomend simply installing UK VFR Library and its subfolders onto your hard drive (see end of the chapter A Day on the Farm).

Start flightsim go into world \ Scenery Library \ Add and find the folder `UK VFR Library' activate it and away you go.

The scenery library will reload and will now be active.

Permission granted by Alan Fidler.

The archive lumb.zip has 67 files and directories contained within it.

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FILE ID.DIZ02.27.08280 B
read-me..txt02.27.08954 B
README.txt02.26.08561 B
scenery02.26.080 B
FSA-Lumb-in-Rossendale.bgl02.27.08156 B
FSA-Lumb-in-Rossendale2004.BGL02.27.08565 B
IS-Lumb-in-Rossendale.bgl02.27.085.71 kB
Lumb-in-Rossendale.bgl02.26.08296.86 kB
Lumb-in-Rossendale.txt02.26.081.04 kB
screen-shot.bmp02.26.08643.33 kB
texture02.27.080 B
@_acme_brick_Burnt-Pumpkin.dds02.26.08341.48 kB
@_Plain_Black.bmp12.23.07256.07 kB
barn-1.dds02.26.08682.80 kB
barn-2.dds02.26.08682.80 kB
building walls.dds02.26.08170.80 kB
building walls_lm.dds02.26.08170.80 kB
buildings-16.bmp02.01.081.00 MB
buildings-16.dds02.01.08682.80 kB
buildings-16_lm.bmp02.01.081.00 MB
container.dds02.26.08682.80 kB
corrogated roof.dds02.26.08170.80 kB
farm-house-1.dds02.26.08682.80 kB
farm-house-1_lm.dds02.26.08682.80 kB
farm-house-2-a.dds02.26.08682.80 kB
farm-house-2-a_lm.dds02.26.08682.80 kB
females.bmp02.10.08682.75 kB
females_lm.bmp02.01.0842.75 kB
holcombe tower.bmp10.16.06257.05 kB
holcombe tower_lm.bmp01.31.08257.05 kB
house-2.dds02.26.08170.80 kB
kenyon trailer.dds02.26.08170.80 kB
lumb-1.dds02.26.08682.80 kB
lumb-1_lm.dds02.26.08682.80 kB
lumb-2.dds02.26.08682.80 kB
Lumb-3.dds02.26.08170.80 kB
Lumb-4.dds02.26.08682.80 kB
Lumb-digger.bmp02.21.08682.75 kB
Lumb-House-1.bmp02.21.081.00 MB
Lumb-House-1_lm.bmp02.21.081.00 MB
Lumb-Wall.bmp02.23.08682.75 kB
Lumb-Wall-a.bmp02.21.08682.75 kB
Lumb-Wall-b.bmp02.21.08682.75 kB
Lumb-Wall-c.bmp02.21.08682.75 kB
Lumb-Wall-d.bmp02.21.08682.75 kB
lumb-walls-1.bmp02.22.081.00 MB
lumb-walls-2.bmp02.21.08682.75 kB
Lumb-walls-3.bmp02.23.081.00 MB
Lumb-walls-3.dds02.23.08682.80 kB
Lumb-walls-3_lm.bmp02.23.081.00 MB
Lumb-walls-3_lm.dds02.23.08682.80 kB
lumb-walls-test.bmp02.21.081.00 MB
Lumb-Wind-Generator.bmp02.22.08170.75 kB
men.bmp02.01.08682.75 kB
men_lm.bmp01.15.08682.75 kB
portakabin-4.bmp02.23.081.00 MB
red-roof.dds02.23.08682.80 kB
red-roof_lm.dds02.23.08682.80 kB
roofing.bmp01.26.0365.05 kB
roofing-2.bmp02.07.081.00 MB
roof-tile-3.bmp02.09.081.00 MB
roof-tile-3_lm.bmp02.09.081.00 MB
screen-shot.bmp02.21.08671.37 kB
walls-various-3.bmp02.22.08257.05 kB
walls-various-4.bmp01.24.081.00 MB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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