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FS2004 Eurocopter AS332L2 G-JSAR. Bristow Helicopters Aberdeen

3 star rating.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars by 4 PRO members.

Complete with Base Model
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7.27 MB
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by Dirk E. Fassbender with FSDS 2.24 Repaint by Lynn A. Rogers. Animatetd parts, working flaots, searchlight and new virtual Cockpit. New Gauges with mouse repeat for smooth landing light operation. Includes aircraft, panel and sound. Includes original working AUTOPILOT by Antti Pankkonen and Hover Gauge by Arne Bartels. Internal Cargo with weight shift. Includes SAR Scenery near Aberdeen. New auto exhaust gauge, fuelpanel by Arne Bartels. You need to read the instructions! Have fun and let me know if you like it -> Guestbook.


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The archive has 186 files and directories contained within it. View them...

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
scenery03.19.040 B
GJSAR_Fire.bgl07.26.03409 B
GJSAR_raft.bgl07.26.03461.12 kB
texture03.19.040 B
liferaft.bmp07.10.0365.05 kB
Aircraft03.19.040 B
as332gjsar03.19.040 B
Aircraft.cfg01.19.047.83 kB
as332gjsar.air11.15.034.89 kB
model03.19.040 B
as332gjsar.mdl01.14.042.01 MB
Model.cfg06.10.0329 B
panel03.19.040 B
Collective_640.bmp02.05.03218.66 kB
engine.bmp10.09.02295.13 kB
front.bmp10.09.02769.05 kB
mini.bmp04.21.03529.18 kB
mpanel.bmp11.22.01257.05 kB
mpanel2.bmp11.22.01257.05 kB
mpanel3.bmp11.22.01257.05 kB
mpanel4.bmp11.22.01257.05 kB
mpanel5.bmp11.22.01257.05 kB
mpanel6.bmp11.22.01257.05 kB
mpanel7.bmp11.22.01257.05 kB
mpanel8.bmp11.22.01257.05 kB
Panel.cfg01.19.0410.67 kB
readme03.19.040 B
2.htm01.19.042.88 kB
2fs.jpg08.08.0359.75 kB
3.htm01.16.042.74 kB
35.jpg01.16.0432.58 kB
3d.htm08.14.032.47 kB
4.htm01.16.041.87 kB
5.htm01.16.041.53 kB
6.htm01.19.04937 B
7.htm01.16.04847 B
8.htm01.19.041.83 kB
9.htm01.19.041.57 kB
afcp.jpg08.14.0324.24 kB
ah.jpg08.08.0339.42 kB
dcu.jpg08.14.0323.78 kB
fp.jpg01.16.0425.67 kB
fs9 Cougar Help.jpg12.31.0396.08 kB
G-JSAR_Dyce_1.jpg08.08.0397.50 kB
G-JSAR_Dyce_2.jpg08.08.03136.80 kB
G-JSAR_Dyce_3.jpg08.08.03105.60 kB
gjsar.htm01.19.041005 B
i.htm01.18.041.03 kB
mouse.jpg08.14.034.64 kB
panel_help.jpg01.18.0488.35 kB
yourmap.gif08.08.0310.56 kB
sound03.19.040 B
GEARDOWN.WAV04.18.01151.29 kB
GEARUP.WAV04.18.01137.88 kB
readme.txt03.09.00869 B
Sound.cfg01.07.04874 B
XSuPu.wav02.26.00616.82 kB
texture03.19.040 B
bodenan.bmp05.30.032.05 kB
cargo.bmp07.10.0385.43 kB
cc.bmp07.10.031.43 kB
chome_reflect.bmp04.19.0385.43 kB
cloth.bmp01.11.0442.75 kB
color.bmp01.14.04170.74 kB
fla.bmp06.10.033.05 kB
flirhalter.bmp06.10.032.05 kB
flirhalter2.bmp06.10.032.05 kB
fuselage.bmp07.26.03341.43 kB
Hauptrotorblur6.bmp05.10.01257.05 kB
helmet.bmp01.11.04754 B
hf_antenna.bmp06.10.033.05 kB
icedetect.bmp01.11.0432.07 kB
kabel.bmp06.07.031.43 kB
karte_co.bmp01.11.04128.07 kB
kugel.bmp06.10.0317.05 kB
laufrahmen.bmp06.10.033.05 kB
MainPanel.bmp01.11.04512.07 kB
maintire.bmp07.25.0385.43 kB
Mittelkonsole.bmp01.11.04512.07 kB
OverheadPanel.bmp01.11.04682.75 kB
parts1.bmp07.26.03341.43 kB
parts10.bmp07.26.03341.43 kB
parts11.bmp07.10.03341.43 kB
parts12.bmp06.07.03341.43 kB
parts13.bmp01.11.04682.75 kB
parts14.bmp07.25.03341.43 kB
parts16.bmp07.25.03341.43 kB
parts17.bmp01.14.04257.05 kB
parts2.bmp07.25.03341.43 kB
parts3.bmp07.25.03341.43 kB
parts4.bmp01.11.0442.75 kB
parts5.bmp07.25.03341.43 kB
parts6.bmp01.11.04682.75 kB
parts8.bmp07.27.0385.43 kB
parts9.bmp07.27.03341.43 kB
reflector.bmp05.07.035.43 kB
rotornabe.bmp07.25.031.43 kB
rotor_top.bmp01.11.0442.74 kB
tailboom.bmp07.10.03341.43 kB
treppe.bmp05.30.032.05 kB
tuervorne.bmp01.14.04129.05 kB
tuervorne_aussen.bmp07.16.03170.78 kB
Effects03.19.040 B
fx_as532gvc.fx01.10.041.30 kB
fx_flamme03.fx03.05.021.08 kB
fx_smoke_rx_a2.fx06.21.031.17 kB
swiss_smoke1.fx10.13.021.36 kB
Gauges03.19.040 B
as532_afcau.gau12.16.03106.50 kB
as532_afcp.gau11.17.02268.00 kB
as532_apu.gau01.14.04105.50 kB
as532_bat_light.gau01.13.0488.50 kB
as532_cap.gau01.18.04281.50 kB
as532_cargohook.gau01.18.04157.50 kB
as532_dcu.gau11.01.02161.00 kB
as532_doppler.gau12.16.0349.50 kB
as532_edu.gau08.08.03661.50 kB
as532_elt.gau12.16.0339.00 kB
as532_engine_oil.gau07.31.02139.50 kB
as532_exhaust.gau01.13.0425.50 kB
as532_fdr.gau12.16.0385.00 kB
as532_fli_cof.gau01.13.04258.50 kB
as532_float_switch.gau03.23.0316.00 kB
as532_fuelpanel.gau01.19.04409.00 kB
as532_fuel_pressure.gau08.01.02132.00 kB
as532_gear_handle.gau01.13.04141.50 kB
as532_hover.gau04.22.03232.00 kB
as532_hsi.gau08.30.02231.50 kB
as532_hydraulic.gau10.10.02517.00 kB
as532_ice.gau01.18.04118.50 kB
as532_ice_icon.gau01.18.0427.50 kB
as532_ics.gau05.10.0392.00 kB
as532_landinglight.gau01.14.0426.00 kB
as532_landinglight_move.gau12.29.03105.50 kB
as532_lg_sound.gau12.31.0326.00 kB
as532_lights.gau01.13.04264.50 kB
as532_map.gau10.11.02168.00 kB
as532_mgb_pressure.gau07.31.02162.50 kB
as532_mgb_temp.gau07.31.02160.00 kB
as532_ng.gau01.13.04113.00 kB
as532_nmd_brg.gau08.30.0257.50 kB
as532_nmd_crs.gau08.30.0258.00 kB
as532_nmd_dist.gau08.30.0256.50 kB
as532_nmd_freq.gau08.26.0256.00 kB
as532_nmd_spd.gau08.30.0255.50 kB
as532_nmd_time.gau08.30.0256.00 kB
as532_nmd_top_source.gau10.19.0294.00 kB
as532_oat.gau08.03.0281.50 kB
as532_pfd.gau01.01.041.98 MB
as532_power_check.gau01.13.0426.00 kB
as532_power_panel.gau01.14.04200.50 kB
as532_radaralt.gau11.14.02349.50 kB
as532_refuel.gau01.11.0489.50 kB
as532_rrpm.gau10.18.02348.50 kB
as532_sdru.gau12.16.0393.00 kB
as532_serachlight_switch.gau01.06.0426.00 kB
as532_smd.gau07.07.02236.50 kB
as532_standby.gau10.19.022.41 MB
as532_standby_rrpm.gau07.12.02195.50 kB
as532_t4.gau07.31.02146.00 kB
as532_tailhook.gau01.13.0464.50 kB
as532_torque.gau01.13.04141.50 kB
as532_vc_edu.gau01.14.04657.50 kB
as532_vc_parkingbrake.gau12.16.0318.50 kB
as532_warn.gau01.19.0465.50 kB
as532_wind.gau08.29.0261.00 kB
as532_wiskey.gau12.16.0363.00 kB
as532_wxradar.gau12.16.0371.50 kB
FPDA_BOEING_CALLOUT.gau02.04.0315.50 kB
GaugeSound.dll04.28.0340.00 kB
Sound03.19.040 B
FPDA_Boeing_100ft.wav09.30.989.03 kB
FPDA_Boeing_10ft.wav09.30.983.88 kB
FPDA_Boeing_200ft.wav09.30.988.36 kB
FPDA_Boeing_20ft.wav09.30.984.50 kB
FPDA_Boeing_300ft.wav09.30.9810.39 kB
FPDA_Boeing_30ft.wav09.30.984.35 kB
FPDA_Boeing_400ft.wav09.30.989.23 kB
FPDA_Boeing_40ft.wav09.30.984.89 kB
FPDA_Boeing_50ft.wav09.30.985.13 kB
lg.wav12.31.0318.97 kB
power.wav12.31.0314.12 kB
HC075DI_AS332L2_GJSAR_COF03.19.040 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


Although like many other simulation fans I spend a lot of my time flying around in planes instead of helicopters, it can always be nice to make an exception when something interesting comes up on the marketplace to try out. Given the quality of the community we are all part of, it’s very easy to find a brilliant kind of addition that ticks all of those proverbial boxes you have about specific kinds of aircraft. For all of those helicopter fans out there who want to see something a bit different from the norm, I highly recommend this effort.

Created by the Dirk E. Fassbender, this was repainted by Lynn A. Rogers to bring it back up to modern standards and ensure that this mod has all of the quality that it needs if you are really going to take on the skies with it. all of the new features that have been added in really stack up, from the new virtual cockpit that has been totally modified to the way that the landing flight has been totally managed to make it as smooth as possible. The A332L2 is well known for its stability and sophistication so if you are looking to see just how comfortable the flight can be when landing you might want to think about giving this aircraft a shot when your free!

The aircraft comes in this package along with new sounds and a whole new panel, giving you an aircraft that feels genuinely different to the norm. Instead of using a bunch of generic features and additions you can make a massive difference in terms of the overall way that your flight is going to go thanks to the way that this flight comes together; if you’ve ever looked into the real thing, you’d see that it has taken the quality over quantity approach.

For anyone who wants to fly a helicopter that is stable, balanced out in terms of performance and stable, and extremely reliable then this is the best place for you to get started with.

If you head over to Aberdeen, you will find that there is some new SAR scenery included for a bit of extra authenticity that comes with this mod. It’s all about creating that belief, and this system will help you do just that if you only just put the time and commitment in to get it just right.

So, if you are like me and wanted to fly a new kind of helicopter that promoted balanced and safety over anything else, then I would highly recommend downloading this program and giving it a shot. Before you know it you’ll be taking this for a more diverse and over the top flight than you would have been feeling with any other kind of helicopter, such is the accuracy and stability within this mod.

Looking to build up your list of helicopters to pick from so that you don’ become too bogged down with the same choices? Start with this. 

Adam McEnroe

About Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files.  Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them.  Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description.  For further installation help, please see our Knowledge Center for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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daverMon, 02 Jul 2018 12:20:51 GMT

Anyone know why this heli crashes my FS2004 a few minutes after loading? No other aircraft does this.

Pro MemberhangdogWed, 12 Jan 2011 07:24:44 GMT
Pro Member2491jpTue, 05 Jun 2007 17:07:30 GMT
Doesn't work !!!
Pro Membermusiclander0301Sun, 17 Dec 2006 22:02:17 GMT
Near perfect compatibility with FSX. the only reason i gave it a 9 was because the graphics are slightly low tech and ONE of the 50-some-odd gauges didn't work. Otherwise a dream to fly.

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