FSX USNVT Pack Scenery

USNVT Pack. Pensacola Navy Training scenery, including Pensacola Naval Air Station (KNPA) and Whiting Field Air Station North (KNSE), Florida (FL) plus the carrier USS Eisenhower offshore. Package by Karl Meindl.

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USNVT Pack. Pensacola Navy Training scenery, including Pensacola Naval Air Station (KNPA) and Whiting Field Air Station North (KNSE), Florida (FL) plus the carrier USS Eisenhower offshore. Package by Karl Meindl.


Place the "Addon Scenery" Folder into your FSX Main Folder and replace if asked! Then go to your Scenery Library and activate the "USNVT" Scenery manually! Restart FSX.


Credits for the original KNPA and KNSE scenery: Original Scenery Designer Jim Dhaenens is the man for NAVY scenery in FSX!

Credits for the Carrier: Many thanks go to Timothy Marson, who managed to use Javier Fernandez's Carriers as Scenery.

Credits for the Eisenhower Model: We use the beautyful Eisenhower Carrier from Javier Fernandez. Thanks for sharing Javier!

Eisenhower Data:

ILS/NAV: 108.30
Location: 20 miles south of KNPA
Spawn on Carrier: Helipad 3

For Catapult use the Arrestor Cables 2.6 Software


This replaces the original KNPA_FSX and KNSE Scenery from Jim Dhaenens. Please deactivate them in your Scenery Library for compatibility to the new!

If you get crashed at spawn on KNPA use a helipad as spawnposition!

Have fun with it...
Karl Meindl

The archive usnvt.zip has 350 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Credits & Install.txt09.21.091.04 kB
Addon Scenery09.21.090 B
Scenery09.15.090 B
NAMW09.15.090 B
Scenery09.15.090 B
AFB_Objects.bgl06.13.082.04 MB
USNVT09.21.090 B
model.cfg06.07.0926 B
scenery09.21.090 B
ADE_CV69.BGL09.19.09927 B
AFX_KNDZ.bgl01.06.0919.71 kB
AFX_KNMM.bgl09.07.0825.68 kB
AFX_KNSE.bgl01.07.0935.03 kB
arm.bgl12.29.0873.60 kB
BLUES.bgl12.06.08380 B
C130 Coast Guard USA Library.bgl08.12.09679.70 kB
C130 Coast Guard USA Library.xml08.12.09251 B
cars.bgl12.06.081.07 kB
catstat.bgl12.11.08620 B
CV69.BGL09.19.097.10 MB
cvxKNMM.BGL09.07.08562 B
cvxKNPA.BGL08.11.081.45 kB
cvxKNSE.BGL12.22.08794 B
exknpaxml.BGL02.18.08112 B
F4 Navy library.bgl08.08.09575.77 kB
F5 USA Library.bgl08.02.09698.61 kB
F5 USA Library.xml08.02.09362 B
gse.bgl12.06.081.87 kB
h2obeacon.BGL12.07.08228 B
IWK_ADE_JJB.BGL08.12.084.60 kB
kndzp.bgl01.04.09476 B
knmmgs.bgl09.07.083.63 MB
knmmpl.bgl09.07.083.51 kB
KNMM_ADE_KM.BGL05.24.0913.41 kB
knpaobj.bgl12.11.088.51 MB
knpaobj.txt12.11.082.06 kB
knpap.bgl12.11.0814.95 kB
knpaphotoN.bgl03.09.085.61 MB
KNPAstat_KM.BGL05.09.0929.33 kB
knpawt.BGL03.08.08140 B
knpay.bgl08.09.0815.11 MB
KNPA_ADE_FUEL.BGL05.12.0928.59 kB
KNPA_ADE_JD.BGL05.06.0936.57 kB
KNPA_ADE_KM.BGL08.15.0929.15 kB
KNSEbeacon.BGL01.16.09140 B
knsegeo.bgl12.21.0824.63 MB
knseobj.bgl01.08.092.78 MB
knseobj.txt01.08.091.16 kB
knsep.bgl01.08.0945.34 kB
meridianobj.bgl09.07.08344.16 kB
meridianobj.txt09.07.08489 B
nmnaexc.BGL03.02.08112 B
Pensacola.bgl05.12.091.89 kB
spdocks.bgl08.03.082.55 MB
t39stat.bgl12.11.08332 B
t6stat.bgl12.11.08572 B
texpark.bgl05.09.09412 B
ylogse.bgl11.30.081.75 MB
sim.cfg09.08.09569 B
sound09.21.090 B
mule.wav08.22.07225.02 kB
sh60_sound.wav06.13.09343.94 kB
sound.cfg11.03.0752 B
start-em-up.wav06.11.097.79 MB
soundai09.21.090 B
mule.wav08.22.07225.02 kB
sh60_sound.wav06.13.09343.94 kB
soundai.cfg11.03.0754 B
start-em-up.wav06.11.097.79 MB
texture09.21.090 B
003120210330301an.agn08.02.08184 B
003120210330303an.agn08.02.08720 B
003120210330310an.agn08.02.081.38 kB
003120210330311an.agn08.02.081.50 kB
003120210330312an.agn08.02.08996 B
003120210330313an.agn08.02.084.30 kB
003120210330321an.agn08.02.08276 B
003120210330330an.agn08.02.081.30 kB
003120210330331an.agn08.02.08360 B
003120210331200an.agn08.02.08888 B
003120210331202an.agn08.02.08456 B
003120211021031an.agn01.04.091.91 kB
003120211021032an.agn01.04.091008 B
003120211021033an.agn01.04.09260 B
003120211021210an.agn01.04.09632 B
003120211021211an.agn01.04.092.25 kB
003120211021213an.agn01.04.09392 B
003120211021300an.agn01.04.09612 B
003120211021302an.agn01.04.09212 B
003120211021320an.agn01.04.09260 B
011220222011213an.agn12.26.06188 B
4010tex.dds02.17.08512.12 kB
4010tex1.dds02.17.08512.12 kB
4010tex1N.dds03.09.081.00 MB
4010tex2.dds02.19.08512.12 kB
4010tex2N.dds03.09.08512.12 kB
4010texN.dds03.09.08512.12 kB
685CompleteMap.dds06.01.09682.79 kB
685CompleteMap_hangar.dds06.01.091.33 MB
685CompleteMap_night.dds06.01.09341.45 kB
ahdw.dds12.11.0832.12 kB
ahhd.dds12.11.08128.12 kB
ahlp.dds12.11.08128.12 kB
almwht.dds03.08.0832.12 kB
almwhtN.dds03.09.0832.12 kB
asphalt_faded.bmp09.06.0832.07 kB
asphalt_faded_LM.bmp09.06.0832.07 kB
asr9.dds10.29.08128.12 kB
asr9_N.dds11.01.08128.12 kB
atrium.dds02.22.08512.12 kB
atriumN.dds03.09.08512.12 kB
banorthtex.dds02.17.08512.12 kB
banorthtex_N.dds02.17.08512.12 kB
banorth_bump.dds02.13.081.00 MB
bar.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
baroof.dds03.15.0832.12 kB
baroof_bump.dds10.10.0764.12 kB
basouthtex.dds02.17.08512.12 kB
basouthtex_bump.dds02.13.081.00 MB
basouthtex_N.dds02.17.08512.12 kB
bhead.dds06.01.0916.12 kB
brick.dds07.21.0832.12 kB
bunkerfront.dds03.05.08128.12 kB
C130 USA Coast Guard 1.bmp08.12.09512.07 kB
canisters.dds06.01.092.79 kB
cans.dds06.01.0916.12 kB
catapult.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
catapult_LM.dds03.19.09256.12 kB
catapult_spec.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
catapult_T_Spec.dds02.26.09256.12 kB
Catcolor.dds12.08.0832.12 kB
catdet.dds12.08.0832.12 kB
catwalk.dds06.01.0910.79 kB
chgrdoor.dds03.15.081.00 MB
chgrdoorbump.dds03.15.081.00 MB
chgrside.dds03.15.081.00 MB
cntrl.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
cntrl_n.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
cockpit glass.dds09.23.0764.12 kB
concrete.dds03.15.08128.12 kB
concretepanel.dds08.03.08512.12 kB
concretepanelN.dds03.10.08512.12 kB
console.dds06.01.09682.79 kB
console_lm.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
console_lm2.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
crew.dds06.02.09682.79 kB
crew_n.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
CT Controllers.bmp09.06.088.07 kB
CT Controllers_LM.bmp09.06.088.07 kB
CT detail.bmp09.06.088.07 kB
CT detail_LM.bmp05.23.0810.75 kB
cvcc2.dds06.01.0910.79 kB
CVNHULL1.dds06.03.09682.79 kB
CVNHULL2.dds06.01.09682.79 kB
deck_spec.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
deck_spec_night.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
deck_transp.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
deck_transp_night.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
Default Tank.dds11.29.0832.12 kB
drhsg.dds02.17.08512.12 kB
drhsg_N.dds02.17.08512.12 kB
dw1.dds01.03.09128.12 kB
edge.dds06.01.092.79 kB
eg58-tdmarks.bmp12.12.0685.38 kB
eg58_1x.dds02.06.08682.79 kB
eg58_1x_s.dds02.14.081.33 MB
eg58_barracks.dds02.08.08170.79 kB
eg58_barracks_s.dds02.09.08341.45 kB
eg58_concrete.bmp02.14.08170.74 kB
eg58_env.dds02.07.0842.79 kB
eg58_nh.dds02.08.08170.79 kB
eg58_nh_s.dds02.14.08341.45 kB
eg58_runway.bmp03.08.08341.38 kB
eg58_rwymarks.bmp03.08.0821.32 kB
eg58_spt.dds02.07.0810.75 kB
eg58_t2hangar.dds02.29.08682.79 kB
eg58_t2hangar_s.dds02.14.081.33 MB
eg58_tjhangar.dds02.08.08682.79 kB
eg58_tjhangar_s.dds02.08.081.33 MB
F4 Navy Fuse01 Arriere.bmp07.15.09512.07 kB
F4 Navy Intake Front Right.bmp08.09.09512.07 kB
F4 Navy Intake_R Front.bmp07.15.09128.07 kB
F4 Navy Intake_R.bmp07.15.09128.07 kB
F4 Navy Tail.bmp08.08.09128.07 kB
F4 Navy Wing01 .bmp08.06.09512.07 kB
F5 Usa Agressor Blue Wings.bmp08.02.09512.07 kB
F5 Usa Agressor Brown Wings.bmp08.02.09512.07 kB
Fire Extinguisher.dds11.29.088.12 kB
firestation.dds03.04.08128.12 kB
firestationN.dds03.09.08128.12 kB
flags.dds01.08.09128.12 kB
floor.dds06.14.09296 B
floor_int.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
floor_int_island_n.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
grasss.dds01.04.0932.12 kB
gray.dds09.07.08128.12 kB
greencu.dds03.15.0832.12 kB
grey.dds06.01.0910.79 kB
grid.dds06.07.094.12 kB
hadoor.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
hadoor_lm.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
hagart.dds06.14.09296 B
hang2.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
hang2_n.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
hangar.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
hangar3.dds06.01.0910.79 kB
hangar3_lm.dds06.01.0910.79 kB
hangar_n.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
hangar_roof.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
hangar_roof_n.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
helospot_H.dds12.25.08128.12 kB
helospot_H_lm.dds12.25.08128.12 kB
hornetCompleteMap.dds06.01.09682.79 kB
hornetCompleteMap_hangar.dds06.01.091.33 MB
hornetCompleteMap_n.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
Idaho_1.dds03.12.091.00 MB
Idaho_1_LM.dds03.19.091.00 MB
INT.dds06.11.09682.79 kB
island.dds06.03.09682.79 kB
island_night.dds06.03.095.33 MB
JBD2.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
JDB.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
JGSE Fire.dds11.29.08512.12 kB
JGSE Man.dds11.29.08128.12 kB
JGSE Yellow.dds11.29.0832.12 kB
JGSE.dds11.29.08512.12 kB
JGSE_2.dds11.29.08512.12 kB
JGSE_Light.dds11.29.088.12 kB
JGSE_Light_LM.dds11.29.088.12 kB
jmdoorwind.dds12.01.0832.12 kB
knpahgrx.dds02.29.082.00 MB
knpahgrxN.dds03.09.082.00 MB
knsebldg.dds01.04.092.00 MB
ladder.dds06.07.0932.12 kB
lgwt.dds02.28.08256.12 kB
lgwtN.dds03.09.08256.12 kB
lightcoru.dds02.17.08512.12 kB
lightcoru_bump.dds02.13.081.00 MB
lightcoru_N.dds02.17.08512.12 kB
lights1.dds11.06.0832.12 kB
lineasCompleteMap.dds06.07.09682.79 kB
lineasCompleteMap_night.dds06.01.09682.79 kB
lines.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
logos.dds08.08.08512.12 kB
MAIW_Roof_Textures_JS.bmp09.06.08512.07 kB
MAIW_Roof_Textures_JS_LM.bmp09.06.08512.07 kB
Meridian Bunker Grass.bmp09.06.088.07 kB
Meridian Bunker Grass_FA.bmp05.02.0848.05 kB
Meridian Bunker Grass_SP.bmp05.02.0848.05 kB
Meridian Bunker Grass_WI.bmp05.02.0848.05 kB
Meridian.bmp09.06.08512.07 kB
Meridian_LM.bmp09.06.08512.07 kB
Mesh15CompleteMap.dds06.01.0910.79 kB
musroof.dds08.03.0832.12 kB
net.dds06.01.0964.12 kB
nmnafront.dds08.03.08512.12 kB
nmnafrontN.dds03.10.08512.12 kB
nmnahanger.dds03.09.082.00 MB
nmnahangerN.dds03.09.082.00 MB
nsebrick.dds01.03.09128.12 kB
nsetwr.dds01.17.0932.12 kB
Object209CompleteMap.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
Object209night.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
Object217CompleteMap.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
objg104_Default_LODCompleteMap.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
pad.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
pad4.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
pad4_n.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
patch_blues.dds12.01.0832.12 kB
pbupnllwht.dds08.03.08512.12 kB
pbupnllwhtN.dds03.09.08512.12 kB
pbupnltan.dds08.03.08512.12 kB
pbupnltanN.dds03.09.08512.12 kB
plite.dds02.18.08512.12 kB
pway.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
pway2.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
pway2_island.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
pway_island.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
pway_island2_n.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
pway_island_n.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
Railing Metal.bmp09.06.088.07 kB
Railing Metal_LM.bmp09.06.088.07 kB
rampside.dds04.02.07341.44 kB
ramptop.dds04.04.07682.75 kB
rivetplt.dds06.24.0832.12 kB
Roof Photo Warehouse.bmp09.06.08512.07 kB
Roof Photo.bmp09.06.08512.07 kB
roof2.dds01.03.09640 B
rooftex.dds12.11.0832.12 kB
rwytex.dds03.08.08256.12 kB
sailor.dds06.10.0964.12 kB
sailor_1.dds06.10.0916.12 kB
sailor_2.dds06.10.094.12 kB
sailor_3.dds06.10.091.12 kB
sailor_4.dds06.10.09384 B
sailor_5.dds06.10.09192 B
sh60.dds06.01.09682.79 kB
sh60_hangar.dds06.01.091.33 MB
sh60_n.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
shinglebrn.dds12.11.0832.12 kB
shingleGRY.dds12.27.0832.12 kB
Sidewinger.bmp07.08.09128.07 kB
signs.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
smlwt.dds02.27.08256.12 kB
smlwtN.dds03.09.08256.12 kB
sparrow.dds06.01.0910.79 kB
sphgrin.dds08.08.08512.12 kB
sphgrout.dds08.08.08512.12 kB
sps48smt_Default_LODCompleteMap.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
stat57.dds12.23.08128.12 kB
stobld.dds01.04.09128.12 kB
stucco2.dds04.13.08128.12 kB
Super_hornetCompleteMap.dds06.01.09682.79 kB
Super_hornetCompleteMap_hangar.dds06.01.091.33 MB
Super_hornetCompleteMap_n.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
super_hornet_F_CompleteMap.dds06.01.09682.79 kB
super_hornet_F_CompleteMap_n.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
super_hornet_F_CompleteMat_hangar.dds06.01.09341.45 kB
t34.dds12.26.08128.12 kB
t39tex.dds12.10.08128.12 kB
t39tex2.dds12.10.08128.12 kB
t45.dds06.13.09682.79 kB
t45_n.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
t6tex.dds12.26.08512.12 kB
texture.cfg05.11.06110 B
Thumbs.db05.24.0915.00 kB
tiremarks1.dds03.08.08256.12 kB
Training Squadron 7 circle only.bmp09.06.088.07 kB
Training Squadron 9 circle only.bmp05.01.0848.05 kB
Training Wing 1.bmp09.06.088.07 kB
Weapons.dds11.29.08128.12 kB
wheel_Crash.dds06.01.0910.79 kB
whtstripe.dds03.07.0864.12 kB
window.dds06.01.0985.45 kB
windwall.dds08.03.08512.12 kB
windwallN.dds03.10.08512.12 kB
woodfence.dds03.04.0816.12 kB
wtbody.dds01.02.09128.12 kB
wtbodyaf.dds01.07.09128.12 kB
wtbodyaf_N.dds01.07.09128.12 kB
wtbodyCGpsd.dds01.07.09128.12 kB
wtbodyCG_N.dds01.07.09128.12 kB
wtbodyMR.dds01.07.09128.12 kB
wtbodyMR_N.dds01.07.09128.12 kB
wtbody_N.dds01.02.09128.12 kB
wttop.dds01.02.09128.12 kB
ylostripe.dds03.07.0864.12 kB
ylotex.dds11.19.0742.79 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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Rick WioskowskiMon, 03 Feb 2020 00:48:01 GMT

I find the taxi and parking lines on the apron are too close together. When trying to leave from one of the parking spots, with Crash Detection on, my wingtips run into the nose of one of the other parked AI aircraft.

These parking spot lines and taxi lines seem to be painted on as an object or layer, is there any way to remove the lines so a program like ADE can supply the lines and spaces. I can use ADE to remove one of the parking rows to allow more room, but the painted lines are still in there and now in the wrong places.

I would just like to know which software to use to remove or readjust the lines or is there a procedure I can use with ADE?

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