FSX GPS Oil Platforms Scenery Update

GPS Oil Platforms. Updated old scenery, marks the stock oil platforms around the United states and Mexico with GPS tags, NDB, and VOR for navigation. All platforms NDB's are on helo deck. By T. Marson.

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GPS Oil Platforms. Updated old scenery, marks the stock oil platforms around the United states and Mexico with GPS tags, NDB, and VOR for navigation. All platforms NDB's are on helo deck. By T. Marson.

Extract To desk top, Move GPS Oil Platforms folder out of the unziped/extracted Folder to your FSX-MAIN Directory- Addon Scenery folder. Activate through the simulators Settings-Scenary Library,> Add Area> GPS Oil Platforms , Click ok. Effects goes to the effects folder.

Updated OLD SCENERY, I've marked the stock Oil platforms around the United states and Mexico with GPS tags, NDB, and VOR for navigation. All Platforms NDB"s are on helo deck.

Mission Platform Corpus Christi, (GPS ident:KNGO), (VOR:115.40 Mhz - ident:CORP range:150.0 NM), (NDB:391.0 kHZ - ident:CORP range:100.0 NM),

Mission Platform Galveston , (GPS ident:KGLO), (VOR:108.20 Mhz - ident:KGOL range:150.0 NM), (NDB:396.0 Khz - ident:GOPO range:100.0 NM),

Mission Platform Lafayette, (GPS ident:KLFO), (vor:116.25 Mhz - ident:KLOF range:150.0 NM), (NDB:477.0 kHZ - ident:LUPO range:100.00 NM),

Stock oil platforms U.S and Mexico info below.

Rig 7 coast of Texas: (GPS ident:RIG7), (VOR:116.90 Mhz - ident:PLA77 range:30.0 NM), (NDB:598.0 Khz - ident:RIG7 range:30.0 NM).

Rig 8 coast of texas: (GPS ident:RIG8), (VOR:113.15 Mhz - ident:PLA88 range:75.0 NM), (NDB:306.0 Khz - ident:RIG8 range:75.0 NM).

Rig 9 coast of texas: (GPS ident:RIG9), (VOR:117.95 Mhz - ident:PLA99 range:100.0 NM), (NDB:274.0 Khz - ident:RIG9 range:100.0 NM).

Rig Lou1 coast of Louisana: (GPS ident: LOU1), (VOR:117.90 Mhz - ident:LOU11 range:150.00 NM), (NDB:436.0 Khz - ident:LOU1 range:100.00 NM).

Rig Lou2 coast of Louisana: (GPS ident: LOU2), (VOR:117.35 Mhz - ident:LOU22 range:150.00 NM), (NDB:398.0 Khz - ident:LOU2 range:100.00 NM).

Rig Lou3 coast of Louisana: (GPS ident: LOU3), (VOR:115.75 Mhz - ident:LOU33 range:150.00 NM), (NDB:464.0 Khz - ident:LOU3 range:100.00 NM).

Rig Lou4 coast of Louisana: (GPS ident: LOU4), (VOR:113.35 Mhz - ident:LOU44 range:150.00 NM), (NDB:287.0 Khz - ident:LOU4 range:100.00 NM).

Rig Lou5 coast of Louisana: (GPS ident: LOU5), (VOR:108.20 Mhz - ident:LOU55 range:150.00 NM), (NDB:507.0 Khz - ident:LOU5 range:100.00 NM).

Rig Lou6 coast of Louisana: (GPS ident: LOU6), (VOR:117.35 Mhz - ident:LOU66 range:150.00 NM), (NDB:567.0 Khz - ident:LOU6 range:100.00 NM).

Rig Lou7 coast of Louisana: (GPS ident: LOU7), (VOR:112.95 Mhz - ident:LOU77 range:150.00 NM), (NDB:477.0 Khz - ident:LOU7 range:100.00 NM).

Rig Lou8 coast of Louisana: (GPS ident: LOU8), (VOR:115.35 Mhz - ident:LOU88 range:150.00 NM), (NDB:637.0 Khz - ident:LOU8 range:100.00 NM).

Rig Lou9 coast of Louisana: (GPS ident: LOU9), (VOR:109.25 Mhz - ident:LOU99 range:150.00 NM), (NDB:334.0 Khz - ident:LOU9 range:100.00 NM).

Rig Lou10 coast of Louisana: (GPS ident: LO10), (VOR:117.15 Mhz - ident:LO110 range:150.00 NM), (NDB:307.0 Khz - ident:LO10 range:100.00 NM).

Rig Lou11 coast of Louisana: (GPS ident: LO11), (VOR:115.95 Mhz - ident:LO111 range:150.00 NM), (NDB:661.0 Khz - ident:LO11 range100.00 NM).

Rig GEO1 coast of Georgia: (GPS ident:GEO1), (VOR:111.45 Mhz - ident:GEO11 range:150.00 NM), (NDB:496.0 Khz - ident:GEO1 range:100.00 NM).

Rig Lou13 coast of North Carolina: (GPS ident:NCA1), (VOR:117.95 Mhz - ident:NCA11 range:150.00 NM), (NDB:384.0 Khz - ident:NCA1 range:100.00 NM).

Rig Lou14 coast of Virginia: (GPS ident:VIR1), (VOR:114.30 Mhz - ident:VIR11 range:150.00 NM), (NDB:799.0 Khz - ident:VIR1 range:100.00 NM).

Rig ALA1 coast of Alabama: (GPS ident:ALA1), (VOR:110.00 Mhz - ident:ALA11 range:150.00 NM), (NDB:889.0 Khz - ident:ALA1 range:100.00 NM).

Rig ARK1 coast of Arkansas: (GPS ident:ARK1), (VOR:117.50 Mhz - ident:ARK11 range:150.00 NM), (NDB:854.0 Khz - ident:ARK1 range:100.00 NM).

Rig MXO1 coast of Mexico: (GPS ident:MXO1), (VOR:117.45 Mhz - ident:MXO11 range:150.00 NM), (NDB:755.0 Khz - ident:MXO1 range:100.00 NM).

Special thanks for all parts of this Scenery (Microsoft), and ADE.(Airport Design Editor)

This archive file is provided as FREEWARE and can be used in any non-profit making package. Use all files at your own risk.The author of this package is not liable for any problems caused by these files. The archive can be freely distributed.

The archive gps_oil_platforms.zip has 41 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Effects04.16.110 B
Cntrl_GPS_oilplatform_MOD.fx09.09.09534 B
fx_G_alarm_MOD.fx09.09.091.43 kB
fx_G_explosionOil_tankerHuge_MOD.fx09.09.096.18 kB
fx_G_FireHuge_MOD.fx09.09.099.79 kB
GPS Oil Platforms04.16.110 B
Oil Rid Information.txt04.16.114.28 kB
scenery04.16.110 B
ALA11.BGL04.16.114.33 kB
ARK11.BGL04.16.116.52 kB
Cntrl_GPS_oilplatform_MOD.BGL09.09.09467 B
GEO11.BGL04.16.114.24 kB
KGLO_Galveston oil platform V5.BGL04.16.111.18 kB
KLFO_Layafette Oil platform V5.BGL04.16.11965 B
KNGO_Corpus Christi oil platform V5.BGL04.16.111.04 kB
LO110.BGL04.16.113.29 kB
LO111.BGL04.16.113.12 kB
LOU11.BGL04.16.112.42 kB
LOU22.BGL04.16.113.27 kB
LOU33.BGL04.16.112.62 kB
LOU44.BGL04.16.112.35 kB
LOU55.BGL04.16.112.37 kB
LOU66.BGL04.16.112.41 kB
LOU77.BGL04.16.113.40 kB
LOU88.BGL04.16.113.55 kB
LOU99.BGL04.16.114.25 kB
MXO11.BGL04.16.112.48 kB
NCA11.BGL04.16.112.64 kB
RIG77.BGL04.16.118.01 kB
Rig88.BGL04.16.113.80 kB
RIG99.BGL04.16.113.06 kB
VIR11.BGL04.16.115.30 kB
texture04.16.110 B
texture.cfg05.11.06110 B
Veh_USCG_Cutter.bmp05.20.081.00 MB
Veh_USCG_Cutter_Alpha.bmp05.20.0864.07 kB
Veh_USCG_Cutter_Alpha_LM.bmp05.20.0864.07 kB
Veh_USCG_Cutter_LM.bmp05.20.081.00 MB
Oil Rid Information.txt04.16.114.28 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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