FSX Diego Garcia Photoreal Scenery

Diego Garcia Photoreal Scenery. This scenery package is dedicated to Pesso and includes the Diego Garcia Atoll. Diego Garcia is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, it's the southern extension of the Maldives archipelago. It is actually British Indian Ocean Territory and belongs to the U...

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Diego Garcia Photoreal Scenery. This scenery package is dedicated to Pesso and includes the Diego Garcia Atoll. Diego Garcia is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, it's the southern extension of the Maldives archipelago. It is actually British Indian Ocean Territory and belongs to the UK but also has a US base called Camp Thunder Cove. Diego Garcia has a 12,000 foot runway which makes it an ideal destination for any kind of heavy metal. Texture resolution is 1m/pixel (LOD 15). Comes with simple runway and taxiways and basic aiport autogen plus a huge fleet of tankers in the anchorage area of the lagoon. By Tiberius Kowalski.

How to install:

1) Close FSX.

2) Extract zip file to your hard drive, this will create the folder [DIEGO_GARCIA].

3) Go to [Microsoft Flight Simulator X] ---> [Scenery] ---> [0804] ---> [Scenery] and move file "cvx6734.bgl" to your [DIEGO_GARCIA] folder. You have to move it, not copy it, it has to disappear from that folder because that's the default waterpoly for this region and we don't need this waterpoly for this scenery.

4) Run FSX.

5) Go to "Scenery Library" and add folder [DIEGO_GARCIA], click ok and scenery library will update automatically.

6) Now you can choose the airport of Diego Garcia (FJDG) and off you go!


1) Default fsx mesh is enough.

2) Set texture resolution to 1m/pixel.

How to uninstall:

1) Go to "Scernery Library" in FSX and delete [DIEGO_GARCIA], click ok, scenery library will update automaticallly, then close FSX.

2) Move file "cvx6734.bgl" from your folder [DIEGO_GARCIA] back to [Microsoft Flight Simulator X] ---> [Scenery] ---> [0804] ---> [Scenery].

3) Delete folder [DIEGO_GARCIA] from your hard drive.

Happy flying!!!

The archive diego_garcia.zip has 85 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
FILE_ID.DIZ11.05.11671 B
read me.txt11.05.111.89 kB
scenery11.05.110 B
Diego Garcia LOD15.bgl11.04.1144.73 MB
FJDG.BGL11.05.1111.85 kB
WC_6734.bgl08.28.11536 B
texture11.05.110 B
120003121021113an.agn08.30.111.12 kB
120003121021123an.agn08.30.11440 B
120003121021131an.agn08.30.11200 B
120003121021213an.agn08.30.111.48 kB
120003121021231an.agn08.30.111.35 kB
120003121021300an.agn08.30.111.10 kB
120003121021301an.agn08.30.11424 B
120003121021302an.agn08.30.113.87 kB
120003121021303an.agn08.30.11200 B
120003121021320an.agn08.30.113.91 kB
120003121021321an.agn08.30.11184 B
120003121021322an.agn08.30.11920 B
120003121021323an.agn08.30.113.82 kB
120003121021332an.agn08.30.11632 B
120003121023101an.agn08.30.11992 B
120003121023110an.agn08.30.113.62 kB
120003121023111an.agn08.30.11488 B
120003121023112an.agn08.30.112.38 kB
120003121023113an.agn08.30.113.68 kB
120003121023131an.agn08.30.111.63 kB
120003121030002an.agn08.30.11152 B
120003121030020an.agn08.30.11472 B
120003121030021an.agn08.30.111.54 kB
120003121030023an.agn08.30.111.65 kB
120003121030032an.agn08.30.11312 B
120003121030210an.agn08.30.111.27 kB
120003121030212an.agn08.30.112.71 kB
120003121030213an.agn08.30.11112 B
120003121030230an.agn08.30.11448 B
120003121030231an.agn08.30.112.73 kB
120003121030320an.agn08.30.11216 B
120003121030322an.agn08.30.112.43 kB
120003121032002an.agn08.30.112.65 kB
120003121032020an.agn08.30.112.37 kB
120003121032022an.agn08.30.111.60 kB
120003121032031an.agn08.30.111.29 kB
120003121032033an.agn08.30.111.43 kB
120003121032100an.agn08.30.111.43 kB
120003121032102an.agn08.30.112.21 kB
120003121032120an.agn08.30.111.54 kB
120003121032200an.agn08.30.111.26 kB
120003121032202an.agn08.30.11952 B
120003121032210an.agn08.30.11112 B
120003121032211an.agn08.30.111.41 kB
120003121032212an.agn08.30.11360 B
120003121032213an.agn08.30.112.26 kB
120003121032220an.agn08.30.111.43 kB
120003121032222an.agn08.30.112.20 kB
120003121032231an.agn08.30.111.71 kB
120003121032233an.agn08.30.11240 B
120003121032320an.agn08.30.11680 B
120003121032322an.agn08.30.113.26 kB
120003121201111an.agn08.30.11208 B
120003121201113an.agn08.30.111.01 kB
120003121201131an.agn08.30.111.18 kB
120003121201133an.agn08.30.11824 B
120003121201311an.agn08.30.11232 B
120003121210000an.agn08.30.111.35 kB
120003121210002an.agn08.30.11248 B
120003121210011an.agn08.30.112.51 kB
120003121210012an.agn08.30.112.38 kB
120003121210013an.agn08.30.112.09 kB
120003121210021an.agn08.30.11872 B
120003121210022an.agn08.30.11128 B
120003121210023an.agn08.30.111.74 kB
120003121210030an.agn08.30.111.98 kB
120003121210032an.agn08.30.11160 B
120003121210100an.agn08.30.112.23 kB
120003121210200an.agn08.30.113.21 kB
120003121210201an.agn08.30.111.90 kB
120003121210202an.agn08.30.112.34 kB
120003121210203an.agn08.30.11744 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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