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Preview Armilla LEGA X. This project is a recreation of the home base of "Ala 78" pilots of Spanish Air Force Helicopter Pilot School Base located at Armilla, Granada (Andalucia, Spain). The flight area of the base (hangars, control tower, fuel station, etc.) is included in this low detail version, A ...

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Armilla LEGA X. This project is a recreation of the home base of "Ala 78" pilots of Spanish Air Force Helicopter Pilot School Base located at Armilla, Granada (Andalucia, Spain). The flight area of the base (hangars, control tower, fuel station, etc.) is included in this low detail version, A higher detailed version is only for "Ala 78 Virtual" active members. The buildings and ground marks were designed using Google Sketchup for a better performance. By Martin Lopez.

Screenshot of Armilla LEGA X Scenery.

Screenshot of Armilla LEGA X Scenery.


The project has been created for the enjoyment of the simulation world community, respect the working hours devoted to it.

This scenery may be freely distributed in its basic version (Low Detail) provided that the following points:

*No object or part of this scenary can be used in another public or private project without the written consent of the author, who will respond to requests via email and will respond in the terms that apply.
*You can not make money with this project.
*You can not sell any part or object of this project.
*You can not add this scenery to any "package" of software without the written consent of the author.

Enjoy it!

Martin Lopez
a.k.a. LBMartin

Overview of Armilla LEGA X Scenery.

Overview of Armilla LEGA X Scenery.

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The archive lega_x_fsx_low_detail.zip has 178 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Para Effects FSX01.28.120 B
fx_Helipad_LEGA_X.fx12.28.111.32 kB
fx_Taxilight_LEGA_X.fx12.28.111.31 kB
Texture01.28.120 B
FX_LEGA_X.bmp12.06.02170.75 kB
Thumbs.db12.28.1114.50 kB
Para RealSpain Andalucia01.28.120 B
012113122002132Su.bmp09.26.1042.75 kB
012113122002133Su.bmp12.27.1142.75 kB
012113122002310Su.bmp09.26.1042.75 kB
012113122002311Su.bmp01.25.1242.75 kB
012113122002313Su.bmp09.26.1042.75 kB
012113122003022Su.bmp12.27.1142.75 kB
012113122003200Su.bmp12.27.1142.75 kB
012113122003202Su.bmp09.26.1042.75 kB
Para Scenery-World-Scenery02.04.120 B
APX47180_ALT.BGL02.02.12389 B
Sin no tienes RealSpain instalado01.28.120 B
LEGA_Ground_VTPP.BGL12.21.11883 B
LEGA_X_Info_Low_FSX.pdf02.14.122.81 MB
LEGA_X_Info_Low_FSX_EN.pdf02.14.122.82 MB
LEGA_X_Portada_Low_Detail_800.jpg01.28.12349.27 kB
Read_Me_FSX.txt02.02.121.30 kB
Thumbnail.gif02.02.1210.80 kB
Armilla_LEGA_X_Low_Detail01.28.120 B
Scenery02.02.120 B
LEGA_ADEX_ADE.bgl02.14.12883.68 kB
LEGA_ADEX_ADE_CVX.bgl02.02.12384 B
LEGA_Ground_VTPP.BGL12.21.11883 B
LEGA_X_Arnos_Tree objects.bgl12.21.0515.84 kB
LEGA_X_Extintores.bgl12.21.11380 B
LEGA_X_Extras_Lib.bgl01.07.121.61 MB
LEGA_X_Hpad_lights_2D.bgl12.28.111.03 kB
LEGA_X_Lib_AC.bgl12.23.112.72 MB
LEGA_X_Low.bgl12.23.11236 B
LEGA_X_Low_extras.bgl02.02.12812 B
LEGA_X_Low_monumentos.bgl02.02.12140 B
LEGA_X_Low_puntos_visuales.bgl12.27.11348 B
LEGA_X_Marcas.bgl12.28.11434.59 kB
LEGA_X_Obstacles_lights.bgl12.27.11332 B
LEGA_X_Reflex_Plataforma.bgl01.14.121.80 kB
LEGA_X_Taxilights_2D.bgl01.14.124.59 kB
Texture02.02.120 B
Agua_Suspiro.bmp01.14.1232.07 kB
Agua_Suspiro_LM.bmp01.19.1264.07 kB
air_w1.bmp12.22.11586 B
air_w2.bmp12.22.11586 B
air_w3.bmp12.22.11586 B
air_w4.bmp12.22.11586 B
amarillo.bmp12.22.1132.07 kB
Baldosines.bmp12.23.1142.74 kB
Blanco.bmp12.26.11170.75 kB
Blanco_vivo.bmp12.22.1132.07 kB
br_apt6w.bmp12.22.112.07 kB
Camion_B3.bmp12.22.11512.07 kB
Camion_B3_LM.bmp01.19.121.00 MB
Cemento.bmp12.22.11128.07 kB
Cesped_Suspiro.bmp12.22.1132.07 kB
Combustibles.bmp12.22.11512.07 kB
Combustibles_Camo.bmp12.22.1132.07 kB
Combustibles_Camo_LM.bmp01.19.1264.07 kB
Combustibles_Gris.bmp12.22.1132.07 kB
Combustibles_Gris_LM.bmp01.19.1264.07 kB
Combustibles_LM.bmp01.19.121.00 MB
Combustibles_Suelo.bmp12.22.11512.07 kB
Combustibles_Suelo_LM.bmp01.19.121.00 MB
Combustibles_tierra.bmp12.22.11128.07 kB
concrete.bmp12.22.11128.07 kB
EdificiosB.bmp12.22.11512.07 kB
EdificiosB_LM.bmp01.19.121.00 MB
EdificiosT1.bmp12.22.11512.07 kB
EdificiosT1_LM.bmp01.19.121.00 MB
EdificiosT2.bmp12.22.11512.07 kB
EdificiosT2_LM.bmp01.19.121.00 MB
EdificiosT3.bmp12.22.11512.07 kB
EdificiosT3_LM.bmp01.19.121.00 MB
Estucado.bmp12.22.1132.07 kB
Estucado_LM.bmp01.19.1264.07 kB
flatroof_1.bmp12.22.118.07 kB
flatroof_4.bmp12.22.118.07 kB
flatroof_5.bmp12.22.118.07 kB
Hangares1.bmp12.22.11512.07 kB
Hangares1_LM.bmp01.19.121.00 MB
Hangares2.bmp12.22.11512.07 kB
Hangares2_LM.bmp01.19.121.00 MB
HangaresT1.bmp12.22.11512.07 kB
HangaresT1_LM.bmp01.19.121.00 MB
HangaresT2.bmp12.22.11512.07 kB
HangaresT2_LM.bmp01.19.121.00 MB
HangaresT3.bmp12.22.11512.07 kB
HangaresT3_LM.bmp01.19.121.00 MB
Ladrillos.bmp12.22.1132.07 kB
Ladrillos_LM.bmp01.19.1264.07 kB
Ladrillo_Suspiro.bmp12.22.11128.07 kB
Ladrillo_Suspiro_LM.bmp01.19.12256.07 kB
Lights.bmp12.27.1142.75 kB
Lights_LM.bmp12.27.1142.75 kB
ltgrayroof.bmp12.22.118.07 kB
ltgrayroof2.bmp12.22.118.07 kB
Marcas_Helipuerto.bmp12.22.11512.07 kB
Marcas_Helipuerto_LM.bmp12.28.11682.75 kB
Metal1.bmp12.22.118.07 kB
Metal2.bmp12.22.1132.07 kB
Metal3.bmp12.22.1132.07 kB
Monumentos.bmp12.22.11512.07 kB
Monumentos_LM.bmp01.19.121.00 MB
Numeros.bmp12.22.11512.07 kB
Pared_blanca.bmp12.22.11128.07 kB
Pared_blanca_LM.bmp01.19.12256.07 kB
Pared_escuela.bmp12.22.1132.07 kB
Pared_escuela_LM.bmp01.19.1264.07 kB
pista.bmp12.22.11128.07 kB
Reflex_Plataforma.bmp01.11.122.07 kB
Reflex_Plataforma_LM.bmp01.17.122.00 MB
rojo.bmp12.22.1132.07 kB
Rojo_vivo.bmp12.22.1132.07 kB
rotor.bmp10.03.10128.07 kB
Rueda.bmp12.22.1132.07 kB
Setos.bmp12.22.1132.07 kB
SirenaN.bmp12.22.1132.07 kB
sky_w_midgray2.bmp12.22.112.07 kB
sky_w_midgray3.bmp12.22.112.07 kB
sky_w_midgray5.bmp12.22.112.07 kB
sky_w_red.bmp12.22.112.07 kB
sky_w_red3.bmp12.22.112.07 kB
sky_w_tan2.bmp12.22.112.07 kB
sky_w_white1.bmp12.22.112.07 kB
sky_w_white3.bmp12.22.112.07 kB
streetlamp.bmp12.22.118.07 kB
streetlamp_lm.bmp12.22.118.07 kB
Suelo_rojo.bmp12.22.1132.07 kB
Suelo_rojo_LM.bmp01.19.1264.07 kB
Suspiro.bmp12.22.11512.07 kB
Suspiro_LM.bmp01.19.121.00 MB
tanroof.bmp12.22.118.07 kB
tanroof2.bmp12.22.118.07 kB
tanroof3.bmp12.22.118.07 kB
Techo.bmp12.22.1132.07 kB
Techo_oscuro.bmp12.22.1132.07 kB
techo_piscina.bmp12.22.11128.07 kB
Tenis_Padel.bmp12.22.11128.07 kB
Thumbs.db01.28.1260.50 kB
tileroof_1.bmp12.22.118.07 kB
Torre.bmp12.22.11512.07 kB
Torre2.bmp12.22.11512.07 kB
Torre2_LM.bmp01.19.121.00 MB
Torre_escudo.bmp12.22.1132.07 kB
Torre_escudo_LM.bmp01.19.1264.07 kB
Torre_LM.bmp01.19.121.00 MB
UH1D_Spain_2.bmp10.03.10128.07 kB
varios2.bmp12.22.11512.07 kB
varios2b.bmp12.22.11512.07 kB
varios2_LM.bmp01.19.121.00 MB
Varios3.bmp12.22.11512.07 kB
Varios3_LM.bmp01.19.121.00 MB
Varios4.bmp12.22.11512.07 kB
Varios4_LM.bmp01.19.121.00 MB
Varios5.bmp12.22.11512.07 kB
Varios5B.bmp12.22.11512.07 kB
Varios5B_LM.bmp12.22.111.00 MB
Varios5_LM.bmp01.19.121.00 MB
Varios6.bmp12.27.11682.75 kB
Varios6_LM.bmp12.27.11682.75 kB
Varios7.bmp12.22.11128.07 kB
Varios7_LM.bmp01.19.12256.07 kB
wh_w2.bmp12.22.112.07 kB
wh_w6.bmp12.22.11586 B
windsock.bmp12.22.1132.07 kB
windsock_LM.bmp12.22.1132.07 kB
Thumbs.db01.28.127.50 kB
Cartas02.05.120 B
LEGA_ADC.pdf01.11.12124.08 kB
LEGA_PDC.pdf01.07.12135.54 kB
LEGA_VAC.pdf01.11.12154.66 kB
LEGA_X_Puntos_Visuales.jpg02.02.121.37 MB
Thumbs.db02.05.1218.50 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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