FSX New Jersey Airports V2 Scenery

Preview New Jersey Airports v2. Five New Jersey (NJ) airports with all new scenery objects and AFCAD files. Includes Camden County 19N, Hammonton Municipal Airport N81, Robert J Miller Airpark KMJX, Princeton Airport 39N, Salem Airfield NJ74. By Ed Wells.

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New Jersey Airports v2. Five New Jersey (NJ) airports with all new scenery objects and AFCAD files. Includes Camden County 19N, Hammonton Municipal Airport N81, Robert J Miller Airpark KMJX, Princeton Airport 39N, Salem Airfield NJ74. By Ed Wells.

Screenshot of New Jersey Airports Scenery.

Screenshot of New Jersey Airports Scenery.

I have taken each of these airports and completely redone them from top to bottom to include:
New Airport Boundary ground texture.
New AFCAD based on satellite imagery.
All new scenery objects placed per the satellite images.
Miscellaneous scenery objects as filler in and around the hangars.
Additional trees where the autogen did not fill as much as I wanted.
additional landclass in a few areas.

There are no custom scenery objects, I don't have the ability to do anything custom, wish I did but I don't. All scenery objects are either default FSX and FSX/SP2 or freeware scenery objects available on most download sites. I've tried as close as possible to place the objects in such a way as to give a fair representation of the airport layout, I think what you'll find is that these are far better than what the default offered and a lot more enjoyable to fly into.

As mentioned, I placed additional trees in every one of the airports as filler. They are not "autogen" trees, they are scenery objects and because of that they will not show seasonal changes. For the most part that isn't going to affect the overall appearance for Spring, Summer or Fall. . . .however Winter will be a different subject. In hard winter it will be obvious which trees are which. If that doesn't bother you, then by all means, fly into any of these airports no matter the season, but if you want 100% seasonal changes, then stay away from winter flying OR stay away from these airports in the winter.

The airports each have their own individual folders so you can choose to drop all of them into your favorite FSX Scenery location or pick the ones you want and discard the rest. . .your choice. If you are experienced in adding and activating scenery in FSX then you know what to do from here. Everyone seems to have a favorite way of installing and I'm leaving that up to you to figure out on your own as you've done it many times before, right?

Ok, for those who haven't a clue how to install scenery. . .stay with me on this.
You've obviously unzipped the zipfile and found five (5) scenery folders, each with a different airport name and each of those five also has a "scenery" folder inside. This contains all the bgl files needed to make the airport display correctly so don't remove anything unless you know what you're doing.

Now, the easiest method is to take all of these folders and move them to the main FSX "Addon Scenery" folder. Now when you open the Addon Scenery folder you should see all five airport folders.

Next, start up FSX and open the "Scenery Library" by clicking the "settings" button on the left side of the Aircraft Selection screen and then select "Scenery Library" under "Other Settings".

Now select "Add Area" and that will allow you to browse to the Addon Scenery folder. Select the first of the five airports (doesn't matter which one) by double clicking the folder. Now click "OK" and that scenery should appear at the top of the library list. Repeat that for each of the remaining airport folders. If you are using Win7, after clicking "OK" you must also place your cursor somewhere inside the box showing the scenery folder and right click. It's an extra step that must be done for Win7 users otherwise the scenery won't show up in the library listing.

That's it. Once all the scenery folders are loaded click "OK" and FSX will load all the new airports.

Scenery Objects:
I have included all the necessary scenery objects in a separate download (43megs). Cut and paste the link below into your browser and download. If you have the previous set of NJ Airports then you have most of the objects already, however some new ones have been added so simply replace the previous scenery objects folder with this one. Still refer to the next step for instructions on installing if this is your first time.

There is one bgl file called "Airport_Buildings_AP.bgl". . . .that lone file must be put into the following folder:
Microsoft Flight Simulator X\scenery\Global\scenery. Over 70% of what displays at these airports is contained in that one bgl file so it's imperative that it be placed correctly.

OK, on to the remaining scenery objects. There are two ways to handle the scenery objects:
1.) Load the enclosed scenery object folder into the Scenery Library and activate the same way you did for the airport folders
2.) Take everything from the "scenery" folder and dump it into the Addon Scenery\scenery folder
then take everything from the "texture" folder and dump it into the Addon Scenery\texture folder. . .in this way all the objects for these airports will automatically be loaded every time you load FSX.

I may still do additional airports for New Jersey at some point but for now this completes the series for me. Enjoy!!

Ed Wells

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1

The archive nj_airports_ii.zip has 32 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
AFX_19N.bgl03.09.128.12 kB
Camden_Co.bgl03.09.122.90 kB
cvx_Camden_Co_AB.BGL03.05.12560 B
cvx_Camden_Co_exc.BGL03.05.12227 B
cvx_Camden_Co_pond.BGL03.06.12301 B
LC_2817.bgl03.07.12318 B
AFX_N81.bgl03.09.128.17 kB
cvx_Hammonton_AB.BGL03.06.12386 B
cvx_Hammonton_exc.BGL03.06.12228 B
Hammonton.bgl03.09.123.09 kB
LC_2817.bgl03.07.12298 B
AFX_KMJX.bgl03.09.1217.23 kB
cvx_Miller_AB.BGL03.08.121003 B
cvx_Miller_exc.BGL03.08.12228 B
LC_2817.bgl03.08.12374 B
Miller.bgl03.09.123.71 kB
AFX_39N.bgl03.10.1215.08 kB
cvx_Princeton_AB.BGL03.09.12841 B
cvx_Princeton_exc.BGL03.09.12228 B
LC_2817.bgl03.10.12312 B
Princeton.bgl03.10.125.90 kB
AFX_NJ74.bgl03.09.126.42 kB
cvx_Salem_AB.BGL03.09.12362 B
cvx_Salem_exc.BGL03.04.12224 B
LC_2717.bgl03.05.12291 B
Salem.bgl03.06.125.43 kB
Airport_Buildings_AP.bgl03.31.09372.23 kB
NJ_v2_Readme.txt03.11.125.67 kB
FILE_ID.DIZ03.11.12142 B
SOH_NJ.jpg03.11.1286.71 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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