FSX Spirit Of St. Louis

Preview Spirit Of St. Louis. This file contains the default FS2004 Spirit of St. Louis (Ryan NYP) that has been coverted to FSX. Includes upgrades to flight dynamics. Package by David Grindele.

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Spirit Of St. Louis. This file contains the default FS2004 Spirit of St. Louis (Ryan NYP) that has been coverted to FSX. Includes upgrades to flight dynamics. Package by David Grindele.

Screenshot of Spirit Of St. Louis in flight.

Screenshot of Spirit Of St. Louis in flight.

"FS9 Default Spirit_of_StLouis Converted TO FSX"

"Will no longer work in FS9 in it's converted state"

I have given the Converted Spirit_of_StLouis a few updates to work in FSX such as better flight dynamics I have also added a repaint,And two splash screens. I have taken all the trouble for you by adding the free repaint that are always readily available. All the code has been written the panels and sounds are already installed all you have to do is download Install into your flightsim and have fun. What more can you ask for. So don't just sit there download and have some fun.

"Personal Comments"

You might be asking yourself why I am doing this. Well I am retired for one and it give's me something to do and I enjoy doing it. The other reason is I have over 10,000 aircraft and Helicopters that work in FS9 but not FSX so it might take me awhile but I am going to convert every single one of them to FSX. So they just don't die with FS9 and we can keep enjoying these beautiful art's of really hard work the designers put into them.


All repaints are the property of the original designers and I always give them credit for magnificent art work and talent for without whom I would never beable to put these packages together. And to the guy's that do such a fantastic job on the effects they create for these aircraft. I would like to say thank you and also for keeping it free.


Unzip to a tempory folder and place the whole Microsoft Spirit_of_StLouis folder into your Program Files/ Microsoft Games/Flight SimulatorX/Simobjects/Airplanes folder. Thats it go fly have fun. Scoot now!!


These textures were created for the use and enjoyment of my fellow flight simmers and may not be part of any payware package sold or other wise implied.

Screenshot of Spirit Of St. Louis in flight.

Screenshot of Spirit Of St. Louis in flight.

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The archive spirit1.zip has 73 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
File_id.DIZ.txt11.07.07327 B
Microsoft Spirit_of_StLouis FSX11.07.070 B
aircraft.cfg11.07.0716.15 kB
model11.07.070 B
model.cfg01.29.0234 B
Spirit_of_StLouis.mdl05.30.031.87 MB
panel11.07.070 B
panel.cfg04.08.033.92 kB
Panel_Decals_Spirit_1.bmp03.21.03257.05 kB
Spirit_of_StLouis.cab06.12.03224.51 kB
spirit_panel_background.bmp09.16.02769.05 kB
Thumbs.db11.07.077.50 kB
sound11.07.070 B
sound.cfg05.16.035.80 kB
spirit_door_close.wav04.09.0349.76 kB
spirit_door_open.wav04.09.0342.42 kB
spirit_noncombust.wav01.16.0358.12 kB
spirit_prop.wav03.18.03262.17 kB
spirit_rpm1.wav01.16.03532.71 kB
spirit_rpm2.wav01.16.03545.77 kB
spirit_rpm3.wav01.16.03480.58 kB
spirit_rpm4.wav01.16.03495.11 kB
spirit_shutdown.wav01.16.03411.12 kB
spirit_starter.wav02.06.03175.20 kB
spirit_startup.wav02.06.03526.04 kB
xspirit_noncombust.wav01.16.0345.38 kB
xspirit_prop.wav03.18.03262.17 kB
xspirit_rpm1.wav01.16.03260.07 kB
xspirit_rpm2.wav01.16.03155.96 kB
xspirit_rpm3.wav01.16.03256.57 kB
xspirit_rpm4.wav01.16.03200.13 kB
xspirit_shutdown.wav01.16.03262.13 kB
xspirit_starter.wav02.06.0356.20 kB
xspirit_startup.wav02.06.03181.13 kB
soundai11.07.070 B
AIdc3_rpm1_leftF.wav07.13.06235.39 kB
AIdc3_rpm1_leftR.wav07.13.06235.39 kB
AIdc3_rpm1_rightF.wav07.13.06235.39 kB
AIdc3_rpm1_rightR.wav07.13.06235.39 kB
AIdc3_rpm3_leftF.wav07.13.06215.36 kB
AIdc3_rpm3_leftR.wav07.13.06215.36 kB
AIdc3_rpm3_rightF.wav07.13.06244.44 kB
AIdc3_rpm3_rightR.wav07.13.06244.44 kB
soundai.cfg07.13.068.27 kB
Spirit_of_StLouis.air06.12.035.82 kB
spirit_of_stlouis_check.htm05.21.0334.43 kB
spirit_of_stlouis_ref.htm05.21.032.55 kB
Texture11.07.070 B
Damage_Spirit.bmp08.06.0364.07 kB
Prop_Spirit.bmp08.06.03256.07 kB
Spirit_of_StLouis_c.bmp08.06.034.00 MB
Spirit_of_StLouis_d.bmp08.06.034.00 MB
Spirit_of_StLouis_t.bmp08.06.034.00 MB
thumbnail.jpg11.07.0718.10 kB
Thumbs.db11.07.0723.00 kB
Texture.111.07.070 B
Damage_Spirit.bmp04.08.0310.74 kB
Prop_Spirit.bmp11.27.02341.40 kB
Spirit_of_StLouis_c.bmp03.22.03682.74 kB
Spirit_of_StLouis_d.bmp05.12.03682.74 kB
Spirit_of_StLouis_t.bmp04.04.061.33 MB
thumbnail.jpg11.07.0714.28 kB
Thumbs.db11.07.0712.50 kB
Read Spirit of StLouis.txt11.07.072.29 kB
Splash Screens11.07.070 B
Spirit.bmp11.07.072.25 MB
Spirit2.bmp11.07.072.25 MB
thumbnail.jpg11.07.0718.10 kB
thumbnail2.jpg11.07.0714.28 kB
Use agreement,credits and Thanks.txt11.07.071.35 kB
Spirit111.07.070 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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David C OgbornThu, 03 Jun 2021 04:27:01 GMT

Is there a possibility that the Spirit could be made for X-Plane 11? Even if it is payware, it would be worth it.

Steven C DevineSat, 02 Feb 2019 13:45:42 GMT

Will it be made to work in P3DV4?

p3d pilotMon, 22 Jan 2018 23:09:36 GMT

This doesn't work in P3Dv4.

Nick WatsonWed, 12 Oct 2016 03:07:35 GMT

It should be noted that this package contains an extra repaint - that's it - nothing else WHATSOEVER is changed from the FS9 version of this aircraft.

fsxpilotThu, 14 Jul 2016 04:37:54 GMT

Yikes. The flight dynamics are crazy. Using any rudder causes the plane to spin like it is in slew mode and the plane takes forever to takeoff.

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