FSX Lockheed L10E Electra

Preview Lockheed L10E Electra. Converted from FS2004 version of Amelia Earharts Electra Modern and Sperry models by Charles Cheung.

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Lockheed L10E Electra. Converted from FS2004 version of Amelia Earharts Electra Modern and Sperry models by Charles Cheung.

Screenshot of Lockheed L10E Electra in the air.

Screenshot of Lockheed L10E Electra in the air.


1. Unzip Lockheed L10E FSX.zip.

2. Copy the folder L10E and the 3 gauge files (if they are not installed) from the FSX Gauges folder into the FSX's Gauges folder.

3. Copy the folder Lockheed L10E_FSDB into the FSX's SimObject\FS9 directory (sub-folder); if you don't have the FS9 sub-folder, create one and add the path in the FSX.cfg file. FSX.cfg is located in somwhere on the C: directory path.

For example:
C:\..\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX\
Notes: ".." means your own C drive directory setup; Application Data also have directivariation too!

User Objects=Airplane, Helicopter
SimObjectPaths.6=SimObjects\FS9 //<---Added this line *****

4. Copy the Amelia Earhart World Flight folder into FSX's Addon Scenery folder and Add the Scenery Area in FSX's Scenery Library.

5. FSX Flight Plan is included for Amelia Earhart last flight. Copy the files in the folder AE Flight Plan to your Flight Simulation X Files folder.

For FS9 user, you need to go to the sound folder; delete the sound.cfg file and rename the sound.cfg.FS9 to sound.cfg or you can edit the path in sound.cfg yourself to get the DC3 sound. You can also install howland.zip for an enhanced Howland Island; however, you need to remove the file F2_Howland KHAQ.bgl in Amelia Earhart World Flight Scenery folder.

Note: The L10E original Readme files and the AE World Flight scenery Readme are included for proper creditation. Thanks for the original designers (l10eae01.zip & AEL10VC1.zip) of this aircraft and scenery designer (aewfv01.zip). The L10E Instruction Manual is from the original author.

Happy Flying.

Charles Cheung


Some gauges do not work in the 2D panels and the VC of FSX. They were designed for FS98. The gauge files in the gauge folder "L10E" are removed. The faulty gaguaes in the panel.cfg are // out or replaced if other gauges works in FSX are available.

* The main-panel and sub-panel gauge command lines in panel.cfg are re-grouped (for a more rational placement).
* The Panel.Modern main_dig.bmp file is modified for moving the ADF digital readout location.
* Some gauge sizes and loctions are adjusted.

* This modified version works in FSX and Fs9.
- Except in FSX the replaced radio gauges do not respond to mouse click. They do respond to assigned key command.
- Except in FSX the Fuel Tank Selector and the Engine Fuel Selector do not respond to mouse input. They are stuck in the "Left" and "Both" position respectively for lack of key command assignment in FSX. This two switches do repspond to mouse click in FS9! Therefore, you need to refuel often when flying this aircraft in FSX. (I am lack of knowledge in fixing this).

* Virtual Cockpit from Norman Hancock also incorporated. However, the main instruments panel background in FSX does not display properly as in FS9. It needs fixing. (I am lack of knowledge in fixing this).

Charles Cheung 2011.05.26

Combined the "Modern" and "Sperry" models in on airplane folder "Lockheed L10E_FSDB_FS9" to reduces the redundency of airplane files!

* Moved "panel.sperry" to the "L10E Modern" airplane folder.
* Copy the entire [Sim.0] section in the Sperry aircraft.cfg and paste into the Modern aircraft.cfg; change [Sim.0] (Sperry's) to to [Sim.1].
* Delete the "L10E Sperry" airplane.

by Charles Cheung

Screenshot of Lockheed L10E Electra landing on runway.

Screenshot of Lockheed L10E Electra landing on runway.

Images & Screenshots

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The archive lockheed_l10e_fsx.zip has 280 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
!FSX L10E_FSDB README First.txt06.09.114.14 kB
AE Flight Plan06.09.110 B
AE 1937 05 20 VFR Metro Oakland Intl to Howland Island.PLN06.04.1131.56 kB
AE 1937 05 20.FLT06.04.1132.23 kB
AE 1937 05 20.FSSAVE06.04.11231.62 kB
AE 1937 05 20.WX06.04.11273.95 kB
Amelia Earhart World Flight06.09.110 B
Scenery06.09.110 B
AE_NDB_63 Howland.bgl04.29.06262 B
AF2_Howland KHAQ.bgl05.03.06651 B
SV88 Runway.bgl09.26.043.16 kB
Texture06.09.110 B
Earhart_L10E_Instruction_Manual06.09.110 B
earhart_documents06.09.110 B
Driftmeter_Manual06.09.110 B
drift7.GIF03.29.067.07 kB
drift7.JPG03.28.0627.50 kB
driftmeter.jpg01.16.055.77 kB
Driftmeter_Manual_v2.htm05.11.062.37 kB
PREFACE.htm01.14.051.24 kB
principles.htm01.14.052.65 kB
readmefirst.txt03.29.06705 B
Sim_opn_inst.htm03.29.061.46 kB
use.htm03.28.065.82 kB
e6b_icon_back_37x37.gif03.06.061.43 kB
e6b_icon_front_37x37.gif03.06.061.41 kB
e6b_quick_start_guide.html05.04.0617.44 kB
kelly_johnson_data.html05.20.061.75 kB
pixel.gif07.23.00807 B
qs_e6b_01a.gif03.05.0624.93 kB
qs_e6b_02a.gif03.05.0621.99 kB
qs_e6b_03b.gif03.05.0621.89 kB
qs_e6b_04a.gif03.05.0629.23 kB
qs_e6b_05.gif03.05.0617.61 kB
qs_e6b_06a.gif03.05.0618.97 kB
qs_e6b_07a.gif03.05.0618.27 kB
qs_e6b_08e.gif03.05.0614.54 kB
qs_e6b_09b.gif03.05.0614.62 kB
qs_e6b_10a.gif03.06.0618.36 kB
qs_e6b_11a.gif03.07.0620.91 kB
qs_e6b_12d.gif03.07.0619.28 kB
qs_e6b_14a.gif03.06.0623.90 kB
qs_e6b_15a.gif03.06.0621.69 kB
qs_e6b_16.gif03.06.062.82 kB
qs_e6b_17.gif03.06.062.10 kB
qs_e6b_18b.gif03.06.0626.26 kB
qs_e6b_19.gif03.06.062.08 kB
qs_e6b_20a.gif03.06.0622.26 kB
qs_e6b_21.gif03.06.062.19 kB
qs_e6b_22a.gif03.06.0621.91 kB
qs_e6b_23a.gif03.07.0621.69 kB
Sextant_Manual06.09.110 B
astrodome.jpg12.05.0432.52 kB
douglas_dc3_ref.htm12.05.047.97 kB
img0.jpg12.02.0415.72 kB
img1.gif12.02.04907 B
img10.jpg12.02.0414.68 kB
img11.jpg12.02.0446.54 kB
img12.jpg12.04.0430.14 kB
img13.jpg12.02.0429.81 kB
img14.jpg12.02.0429.88 kB
img15.jpg12.02.0421.68 kB
img16.jpg12.02.0422.60 kB
img17.jpg12.03.0414.41 kB
img18.jpg12.03.0414.87 kB
img19.jpg12.03.0411.39 kB
img2.gif12.02.04864 B
img20.jpg12.03.049.03 kB
img21.jpg12.03.0442.70 kB
img22.jpg12.03.0441.76 kB
img23.jpg12.03.0441.09 kB
img24.gif12.02.045.91 kB
img25.gif12.02.042.94 kB
img26.gif12.02.0411.66 kB
img27.gif12.02.0413.10 kB
img28.gif12.02.046.95 kB
img29.gif12.02.04928 B
img3.gif12.02.04928 B
img30.gif12.02.04923 B
img31.gif12.02.04918 B
img32.gif12.02.04864 B
img33.gif12.02.044.15 kB
img34.gif12.02.045.70 kB
img35.gif12.02.04928 B
img36.gif12.02.0416.34 kB
img37.gif12.02.0421.90 kB
img38.gif12.02.0480.74 kB
img39.gif12.02.04907 B
img4.gif12.02.04923 B
img5.gif12.02.04918 B
img6.gif12.02.04928 B
img7.jpg12.02.0460.80 kB
img8.jpg12.02.0432.17 kB
img9.jpg12.04.0415.91 kB
index.html05.11.066.05 kB
jon4.gif12.04.0412.15 kB
page10.html12.05.043.60 kB
page11.html12.05.045.72 kB
page2.html12.05.045.04 kB
page3.html12.06.0415.33 kB
page4.html12.05.0427.35 kB
page5.html12.05.0420.02 kB
page6.html12.05.047.95 kB
page7.html12.05.0424.42 kB
page8.html12.05.0413.09 kB
page9.html12.05.047.16 kB
earhart_images06.09.110 B
cambridge_02.jpg05.20.066.48 kB
e6b_back_04.jpg05.08.0638.63 kB
e6b_front_04.jpg05.08.0673.44 kB
e6b_icon_back_37x37.gif03.06.061.43 kB
e6b_icon_front_37x37.gif03.06.061.41 kB
Earhart_Map.pdf05.10.06186.94 kB
fuel_system.jpg05.21.0612.17 kB
L10ELanding_3rd.jpg05.19.0651.55 kB
L10E_Pnl_Modern.jpg05.22.0683.75 kB
L10E_Pnl_Modern_sm.jpg05.22.0623.64 kB
L10E_Pnl_Sperry.jpg05.22.0681.59 kB
L10E_Pnl_Sperry_sm.jpg05.22.0623.04 kB
L10_driftmeter_01.jpg05.20.0649.53 kB
L10_sextant_02.jpg05.20.0632.48 kB
panel_one.html05.20.06517 B
panel_two.html05.20.06513 B
pixel.gif07.23.00807 B
sextant.jpg02.22.0627.31 kB
simicon_drift_meter.jpg03.09.06893 B
simicon_fuel.jpg05.21.06763 B
simicon_sextant.jpg03.09.06761 B
Electra_Getting_Started.html05.24.0618.68 kB
FILE_ID.DIZ06.09.111.53 kB
FSX Gauges06.09.110 B
bendix_king_radio.ap.gau04.17.0181.00 kB
bendix_king_radio.xpndr.gau04.17.0169.00 kB
F4U7_Instr.gau08.31.044.73 MB
L10E06.09.110 B
!bendix_king_radio.ap.gau.BAD04.18.0181.00 kB
!bendix_king_radio.xpndr.gau.FS9804.17.0169.00 kB
!dfd_i_omi.gau.FS9802.16.0040.00 kB
!dfd_m_omi.gau.FS9802.16.0040.00 kB
!dfd_o_omi.gau.FS9802.16.0040.00 kB
!prop2ERKadf.gau.FS9801.28.00102.00 kB
!prop2erkap.gau.Not Used01.28.00132.00 kB
!prop2ERKcom1.gau.FS9801.28.00142.00 kB
!prop2ERKnav1.gau.FS9801.28.00139.50 kB
!prop2ERKxpnd.gau.Not Used01.28.00100.50 kB
!Radalt.gau.FS9807.17.9836.00 kB
AE_AP_HI.CAB05.19.06963 B
altimeter.CAB05.16.0620.15 kB
Annunciators_L10E.CAB05.10.062.80 kB
Att_Ind_nh2.CAB05.15.0633.07 kB
cad_dcagauges1.gau09.28.03100.00 kB
cad_fs2k2dcagauges.gau03.30.05104.00 kB
Cessna.gau01.18.051.51 MB
cpt.toggles.steel.2.CAB05.04.068.67 kB
DIG.gau05.09.061.96 MB
e6b-v2.CAB05.12.061.22 MB
Electra_Ammeter.CAB05.12.066.92 kB
Electra_electrical_panel.CAB05.21.0692.58 kB
Electra_Mag_SW.CAB05.12.0627.46 kB
Electra_Voltmeter.CAB05.12.066.95 kB
extra-300.turn-coordinator.gau04.18.01106.50 kB
Gear_Lever-L10E.CAB05.12.0613.05 kB
Gyro Compass_NH.CAB07.30.0541.01 kB
l10e_ecu.CAB05.23.0695.73 kB
L10E_flaps_lever.CAB05.12.0616.01 kB
L10E_Radio_Compass.CAB05.21.0631.43 kB
magtrue_hdg.gau05.10.0617.50 kB
marker_sw.gau06.02.06104.00 kB
nh-db_magwind_dca.CAB09.13.05987 B
NH-DCA-BB_Sextant.CAB05.21.0676.20 kB
NH-DCA-Brake_Lever.CAB03.04.062.06 kB
NH-DCA-Driftmeter_DB-PV.00003.04.0637.43 kB
NH-DCA-Driftmeter_DB-PV.CAB05.13.0637.64 kB
NH-DCA-Gearlights.CAB03.04.062.96 kB
NH-DCA-Normicons.CAB05.16.067.58 kB
NH-DCA-Pitch_Trim_Remote.CAB05.18.066.96 kB
nh_altimeter2a_dc3.CAB09.07.0543.11 kB
nh_ASI_L10E.CAB04.24.0624.31 kB
nh_cambridge_L10E.CAB05.23.0624.61 kB
nh_Carb_Air_Temp_L10E.CAB05.05.0630.24 kB
nh_CHT_Temp_L10E.CAB05.05.0631.38 kB
nh_clock_L10E.CAB04.25.0632.55 kB
nh_Flaps_L10E.CAB06.02.0621.04 kB
nh_fuel-left_L10E.CAB05.04.0623.35 kB
nh_fuel-right_L10E.CAB05.04.0623.51 kB
nh_fuelcenter_L10E.CAB05.13.0624.98 kB
nh_gn_fuelflow_L10E.CAB05.23.0625.89 kB
nh_Gyro Compass_L10E.CAB05.15.0639.88 kB
nh_HSI_Gyro_Hdg.gau09.09.0516.00 kB
nh_MAN_L10E.CAB04.23.0622.28 kB
nh_OAT_L10E.CAB05.01.0623.13 kB
nh_OBI_dig.gau09.09.0516.00 kB
nh_Oil_Pressure_L10E.CAB05.23.0624.24 kB
nh_Oil_Temp_L10E.CAB05.05.0630.09 kB
nh_RPM_L10E.CAB05.21.0623.71 kB
nh_VSI_L10E.CAB05.01.0623.72 kB
pitch_trim.cab05.18.069.73 kB
RMI.CAB05.19.0626.74 kB
RR Sig Strength meter 2.CAB08.06.0524.97 kB
Sperry_AHI.CAB05.12.0619.09 kB
Sperry_Compass.CAB05.12.0627.09 kB
Sperry_magnetic_compass.gau09.19.01124.07 kB
timer_icon.CAB05.12.06439 B
turn_and_bank_2.CAB05.15.0611.25 kB
L10E Landing.jpg05.19.0651.55 kB
Lockheed L10E_FSDB06.09.110 B
Aircraft.cfg06.08.1110.75 kB
Electra_L10E_Check.htm05.24.064.77 kB
Electra_L10E_ref.htm05.20.062.28 kB
FSDB3c.air05.22.0610.16 kB
model06.09.110 B
FSDB_L-10AE.mdl09.26.04859.07 kB
Model.cfg09.26.0430 B
panel.modern06.09.110 B
E6-B.bmp05.11.06769.05 kB
electra_oh.bmp05.21.06126.05 kB
electra_xpndr.bmp05.22.0686.05 kB
icon_cover.bmp05.06.0671.04 kB
main_dig.bmp05.24.11769.05 kB
modern_panel.bmp05.21.06769.05 kB
panel.cfg06.04.1111.70 kB
Thumbs.db06.08.1117.50 kB
panel.sperry06.09.110 B
E6-B.bmp05.11.06769.05 kB
electra_oh.bmp05.21.06126.05 kB
icon_cover.bmp05.06.0671.04 kB
main_dig.bmp05.16.06769.05 kB
panel.cfg06.04.1110.62 kB
sperry_panel.bmp05.21.06769.05 kB
Thumbs.db06.08.1118.50 kB
sound06.09.110 B
sound.cfg05.23.1167 B
texture06.09.110 B
FSDB_LE_enginestuff.bmp02.06.04341.40 kB
FSDB_LE_fuselage.bmp09.25.041.33 MB
FSDB_LE_gearstuff.bmp01.18.04341.40 kB
FSDB_LE_glas.bmp07.23.0216.07 kB
FSDB_LE_interior.bmp09.25.04257.05 kB
FSDB_LE_interior_L.bmp01.10.041.33 MB
FSDB_LE_propeller.bmp01.10.041.33 MB
FSDB_LE_rack.bmp01.18.0442.70 kB
FSDB_LE_tailplane.bmp09.25.041.33 MB
FSDB_LE_VC_blackpanel.bmp08.08.03257.05 kB
FSDB_LE_VC_cockpitceiling.bmp01.10.04257.05 kB
FSDB_LE_VC_cockpitceiling_L.bmp01.18.04341.40 kB
FSDB_LE_VC_cockpitfloor.bmp01.10.04257.05 kB
FSDB_LE_VC_cockpitfloor_L.bmp01.18.04341.40 kB
FSDB_LE_VC_floor.bmp08.31.03192.05 kB
FSDB_LE_VC_floor_L.bmp01.18.0485.40 kB
FSDB_LE_VC_interior.bmp01.10.04513.05 kB
FSDB_LE_VC_interior_L.bmp01.18.04682.73 kB
FSDB_LE_VC_lever1.bmp01.10.04129.05 kB
FSDB_LE_VC_lever2.bmp01.10.04129.05 kB
FSDB_LE_VC_lever3.bmp01.10.04257.05 kB
FSDB_LE_VC_overheadpanell.bmp06.01.06513.05 kB
FSDB_LE_VC_overheadpanell.bmp.ORIGINAL01.10.04513.05 kB
FSDB_LE_VC_overheadpanell_L.bmp01.18.04682.73 kB
FSDB_LE_VC_overheadpanelr.bmp06.01.06513.05 kB
FSDB_LE_VC_overheadpanelr.bmp.ORIGINAL01.10.04513.05 kB
FSDB_LE_VC_overheadpanelr_L.bmp01.18.04682.73 kB
FSDB_LE_VC_panel.bmp01.10.04257.05 kB
FSDB_LE_VC_panel2.bmp01.10.04513.05 kB
FSDB_LE_VC_panelboard.bmp06.01.06513.05 kB
FSDB_LE_VC_panelboard.bmp.ORIGINAL01.10.04513.05 kB
FSDB_LE_VC_panelboard_L.bmp01.18.04682.73 kB
FSDB_LE_VC_rudder.bmp01.10.0417.05 kB
FSDB_LE_VC_seat.bmp01.10.04257.05 kB
FSDB_LE_VC_seat_L.bmp01.18.04341.40 kB
FSDB_LE_VC_throttle.bmp01.10.0465.05 kB
FSDB_LE_VC_yoke.bmp01.10.04257.05 kB
FSDB_LE_wingbottom.bmp09.25.041.33 MB
FSDB_LE_wingtop.bmp09.25.041.33 MB
Thumbnail.jpg05.21.0612.31 kB
Thumbs.db06.09.11144.00 kB
Readme Amelia Earhart_World_Flight.txt05.27.113.00 kB
Readme_Earhart_L10E.txt06.09.112.71 kB
Readme_Earhart_L10E_VC.txt05.26.112.56 kB
Lockheed L10E FSX06.09.110 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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dirk Sun, 27 Mar 2016 15:36:24 GMT

i find this very hard to install can someone help me?

WALTER ALLENFri, 18 Mar 2016 01:42:56 GMT

Thank You for the Vintage planes...

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