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Eaglesoft Development Group Announces Beechjet 400A Service Release

Last updated Fri, 14 Dec 2012 16:47:50 GMT
Originally posted on Fri, 20 Jun 2003 20:35:21 GMT

The EagleSoft Development Group has just made available service release 1.0 for their Beechjet 400A business jet add-on for FS2002. For more information, click on Read More.

Eaglesoft Development Group has announced that Service Release 1.0 for their already outstanding Beechjet 400A business jet is available for download on their website. This service pack contains updated Beechjet 400A flight dynamics by Rob Young of Real Air Simulations SF260, MAAM B25, and Falcon 50 fame!! If you don't have this aircraft, get it! If you do, then get the new Service Release.

The 400A with stairs detracted.

The 400A with stairs detracted.

The Beechjet 400 A Service Release is new pack that contains updated flight dynamics and, other tweaks for the flight simulator. The installation is a twenty six megabyte download file that is featured on Eaglesoft's website.

For the visual aspect of the aircraft the 400A Beechjet looks amazing and, has a GMAX model of the plane. The walking around model looks just like the real thing so anyone curious about the design of the craft can see it all!

The 400A isn't just for show though, it features landing lights, spoilers, animated flaps, passenger door, and even a reverse thrust. After inspecting the outside of the aircraft, the Pre-Start Checklist can begin bringing the viewer to the beautifully detailed 2D panel. All of the instruments that are needed to fly the aircraft in real life are there and, look just like the real thing.

As an added bonus for the PFD which stands for Primary Flight Display, there's an option to switch to the electronic version of the checklists too. There is also a customizable option the display of the switches and buttons to suit any pilot's needs and preferences for their in flight data. Some other neat things about the virtual cockpit is the ability to keep an eye on all the fuses, and that the pilot can check the cabin with an over the shoulder view.

The 400A Service Release is an amazing package that really delivers the complete experience of flying the actual aircraft. It is clearly shown that the people at Eaglesoft really took the time to make sure that it almost gives the perfect look and feel of the real life version. While the Beechjet 400A isn't a five star leap it does deliver the best experience in the flight simulator genre and, anyone who is interested in the flight simulator experience should definitely give it a try!

Best Regards,

Ron Hamilton
Eaglesoft Development Group

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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