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TweakFS Releases Free Menu Mate Utility

Last updated Wed, 19 Apr 2017 11:13:00 GMT
Originally posted on Sat, 08 Dec 2007 23:00:00 GMT

TweakFS has recently added to its inventory of handy freeware utilities with a new release called Menu Mate for FSX.

It is designed to give quicker access to most FSX menu items without the need to "drill down" into various menu/sub-menu layers (over 60 menu items supported). This can be handy if - as a developer, beta tester or power user - you need to repeatedly select a particular FSX menu item for any reason. You can assign up to 20 different menu items as button short-cuts.

Menu Mate is still available today and while being close to a decade out of date, is still a nifty little tool to have installed. It made it easier for you to access new FSX Menu items, with more than 60 unique selections fully supported by this piece of kit. Add in the fact that you had new 20 new shortcuts and hotkeys to work with, and you had all the help that you could possibly need.

Also, this works on top on FSX if you are using the Windowed mode. So, this can fit on top of the original software and make sure that it provides the style needed without always having to be maximized to be usable again.

Also, it can be positioned anywhere that you need it – if you don’t like the normal positioning then it can easily be placed elsewhere. A simple to work with tool that made it much simpler for you to fly like a professional, this is a program well worth picking up for a bit of extra functionality.

While many other mods can offer similar features, for those who are in need of a simple add-on that does what you need without causing a fuss, Menu Mate can be just what you need. However, just remember that this was made when MS Vista was on the scene – it looks outdated and does not fit with the flatter styles of the likes of Windows 10 anymore, sadly.

However, aesthetics aside, this is still a pretty useful little tool to get used to using! 

To download a copy go to the "Freeware Tools" banner at

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