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FFX/SGA Release Douglas DC-10 Series

Posted on Tue, 22 Jul 2003 20:42:10 GMT
Now available for free download are the series of Douglas DC-10 passenger jetliners for FS2002 created by FFX/SGA. They include the standard Gmax features that people expect these days including animated parts, dynamic shine, etc. For full details, click on Read More.
 Today, the crew of FFX/SGA headed up by Jonathon Stewart, Erick Cantu and Mike Baumann release their DC10's to the public. They include the Series 10, Series 15, Series 30, Series 40, Series 40I and the Series 40D. The models feature what has become today's standard in Gmax design: dynamic shine, interior wing views, fully animated flight control surfaces including animated reverse thrust and stabilizers, two opening passenger doors, two opening galley service doors, both lower cargo compartments open as well and the flight crew is even animated. All three engines are modeled with 3D fan blades too. Visable interiors are textured and features "close to the real thing" flight dynamics specific to each series. We would never boast that our flight dynamics are "the" real thing because FS is incapable of simulating the "real thing". Sounds for both the PW and GE engines done by Erick Cantu are available in seperate files.

The freighters (10, 30 and 40 Series) will arrive in a few weeks and will feature opening cargo doors with visable cargo containers in addition to the features mentioned above. There is a scheduled upgrade for all the series that will incorporate "dynamic-speed compensated-flexing wings". In other words, it will not "pop-up" as current designs do that require tagging the wings to the suspension. Jonathon Stewart's design incorporates a gauge that will control the wing flex through various speeds, so as in real life, the wings wouldn't reach their full flex till after a certain speed is attained. We couldn't use the new wings just yet, because the design requires that we have a "free-open animation tag" that currently FS2004 lacks. Once the issue is resolved, then the upgrade will follow.

The DC10's were built with as much detail as we were allowed or were capable of inserting without running into major stumbling blocks in the build process. Some very minor issues still exist on the aircraft and we are aware of them all, and everyone will be addressed in the scheduled upgrade. We still decided to release, feeling that the minor issues would not deter everyone from still enjoying the aircraft overall.

The aircraft files can be downloaded from here in the library or thru links to our server. Links to our site for downloads are provided in the forum. We hope that everyone will enjoy this aircraft as much as we enjoyed building it. A new DC10 has been long overdue for FS. Not since the release of FFG's excellent model for FS2000, has one ever been built and released other than for AI use. We hope that we've now filled the void.

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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