FWI Announce Lanzarote V2 For FSX

Fly Wonderful Islands is pleased to announce the upcoming scenery for FSX: Lanzarote GCRR V2, Canary Islands, Spain. Compared to version 1, GCRRV2 offers more details, more 3D: Port Playa Blanca, Pourto del Caarm, Timanfaya geysers...

As one of the most common holiday resorts and tourist destinations in Europe, there’s no surprise that Lanzarote has been completely reworked for a flight simulation purpose. This new addition is perfect for anyone who spends their time flying around the Canary Islands, and wants to get involved in one of the most enjoyable parts of using a flight simulator – the realism.

Screenshot showing Lanzarote scenery

It adds a whole host of new features and additions to the region in the simulator, improving the overall image quality and the authenticity of the whole location to give you a far clearer picture of where you are on the map!

The airport within Lanzarote itself has been completely updated, and is situated just 5 KM of Arrecife in the Canary Islands. In the old edition of FSX, this wasn’t quite as visible – today, you can almost recognize the flight from real-life! With more than 6 million passengers per year at this airport, it’s been redone to fit the representation that anyone who has holidayed in the region will be more than familiar with.

It gives you a stunning chance to really enjoy yourself, creating an industrious and friendly environment that really represents the community perfectly. For those who want to really expand on the realism and authenticity of their flight simulation outside of the aircraft, then packages like this are an absolute must. This complete re-haul of the region gives you total representation of the airport and the surrounding areas.

Land masses, cities, roads and scenery have all been re-created using photorealistic designs and ensuring that the whole Island itself looks just as it should. As one of the key points of the region, the volcanoes have been re-mastered as well to look better than ever.

The airport, though, has gone through a total phase of reconstructive surgery. Everything from the signals and taxi signs in the airport has been remade to fit a far more realistic representation of the airport. Many hours of footage was studied to find this, giving you an amazingly reminiscent design of the real-thing with many modern additions to the airport taken into account.

Additionally, 2 missions have been included in the package which were refined and improved in V2 of the package. V2 also gives you some texture updates and general improvements to the whole package, as well as introducing some new textures and extra additions to further add to the whole Lanzarote experience for anyone flying around in the skies above.

Coastlines have also been improved and corrected further to give you a much more genuine representation of the island – if you were to compare in-game designs of Lanzarote and the surrounding areas in-game, you would find plenty of likenesses to the real thing. It’s the small additions that help make this stand out and really look the best that it can using the FSX engine.

This is compatible with both Service Packs 1 & 2, and will be capable of running on any computer that is capable of running the original Flight Simulator X installation.

We have updated our web site with new full slideshow of the upcoming title Lanzarote GCRR v2 here.

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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