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Announcing Microsimulator T-37 Tweet

Last updated Fri, 12 Oct 2012 12:45:39 GMT
Originally posted on Thu, 18 Sep 2003 14:40:41 GMT

Coming soon for FS2002 is the Microsimulator T-37 Tweet, a version of the USAF primary jet trainer that has been flown by every Air Force pilot for the past 40 years. For more information and screen shots, click on Read More.


The T-37 Tweet microSimulator was developed as a training tool to supplement the established USAF training curriculum at Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT). Our goal is to prove to the US Air Force that microSimulator trainers are a very low cost / highly effective training tool that provides a method of building artificial experience without burning expensive jet fuel. We operate on the premise that most flight training is really an emphasis on learning procedures and being able to execute them under adverse conditions (real world flying). A prerequisite of this is having a high quality PC based simulation having capability that is similar to a full flight simulator. After the release of this product, formal analysis will be conducted on the impact of the simulator on USAF trainee aircrew. Additional capability will be added to the T-37 microSimulator based on feedback. Knowledge gained on this project will most likely be reapplied to create a similar microSimulator for the T-6 JPATS trainer, which is slowly replacing the T-37 as the USAF's primary trainer.

Features (general)

Visual Model

  • dimensionally accurate to all DASH-1 specifications
  • Gmax constructed model
  • Photorealistic paint schemes including:
    • Vance Air Force Base (Enid, OK) circa late 1990's
    • Columbus Air Force Base (Columbus, MS) circa late 1990's
    • Laughlin Air Force Base (Del Rio, TX)
    • Sheppard AFB (Wichita Falls, TX)
    • Randolph AFB (San Antonio, TX)
    • Reese AFB (Lubbock, TX)
    • NASA
    • 70's AETC paint scheme
    • Cessna T-37 rollout colors
    • Korean AF colors
  • photorealistic virtual cockpit
  • accurate moving parts are modelled
  • T-37 B and C models included

Flight model

  • extensively researched and applied aerodynamics
  • engineered to match known USAF taught pitch and power settings and coincides with instruction received by students from LSI Inc. (the company that runs the real life T-37 simulators)

 Avionics / Systems Models

  • photorealistically skinned instruments and panels
  • instrument failure modes modelled with inclusion of partial panel modes
  • avionics are accurately responsive to systems (i.e. DC/AC power loss, hydraulic failures, single engine ops, etc.)
  • systems are modelled (AC/DC electrical, hydraulics, flight controls, engines) with accurate effect on flight


  • Authentic recorded T-37 sounds
  • 2 Sound schemes
  • real life sampled T-37 scheme
  • T-37 simulator sampled sounds
  • Aircraft avionic system aural cueus
  • Co-pilot prompts (training)

Instruction Manual

  • 250+ printed pages (included in HTML format)
  • written by a USAF pilot
  • includes many illustrations

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