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Project Open Sky Release P-8A Poseidon

Last updated Sun, 26 May 2019 16:35:47 GMT
Originally posted on Fri, 05 Feb 2010 16:40:29 GMT

POSKY PoseidonProject Open Sky has released the second military variant of the Boeing 737NG, the P-8A Poseidon. The P-8A Poseidon is based on the Boeing 737-800 and is designed to replace the P-3C. The first flight was April 27, 2009. Please have fun flying our newest model.

Model: Hiroshi Igami
FDE : Brandon D. Henry
Paints: Brandon D. Henry and Alex Siu

As a collaborative project between two people who are deeply passionate about flight simulation and improvement, this mod manages to capture high-end performance and looks in the one package. Many intricate features have been included throughout to give you all the information and assistance that you need to really understand how to make the most of this faithful recreation of the P8A Poseidon.

Always designed as a military equivalent for the US Navy to use in their “roll-out” schemes, this comes with a huge range of the real features that were included on the real thing to provide it with seamless attention to detail and connecting it to the real-life equivalent perfectly.

It comes with many key features included, such as;

  • Totally animated control surfaces so that you can see everything react to your very touch within the cockpit, at all times
  • Fully independent suspension that allows you to manage the speed of the aircraft throughout the flight without having to worry about getting your balance wrong
  • Nose gear steering which can help you become a far more accurate pilot
  • Trim animations that are always on the move and add another nice layer of sincerity to the whole project
  • Opening passenger doors to give the interior a bit of extra life
  • Rolling wheels so that the aircraft literally takes off instead of skating along the runway!
  • Detailed textures that manage to really see just how detailed this aircraft is in terms of every little rivet and bolt being visible
  • Weapons bay with deployable ornaments included inside the aircraft as well for that extra little touch into the military direction!
  • Completely re-worked and mastered flight dynamics to get the aircraft up in the sky and flying just as the real thing did
  • Crash effects have been made from scratch to fit the real physics of how this aircraft would deal with impact

Today, the P-8 Poseidon is being used by many different flight groups across the world including the Indian Naval Air Arm, ordered under the name P-8I Neptune, as well as the Royal Australian Air Force who are expected to confirm the order in the near future. This shows that the Poseidon is still one of the most appreciate aircraft of its kind, being capable of carrying heavy firepower like depth charges, anti-ship missiles and even drop sonobuoys to help improve navigation for naval fleets down below.

This aircraft holds a real reputation within the US Navy for its incredible levels of consistency and the ease in which it can be deployed and used for missions of any scale or size. Its origins actually lie in the Lockheed P-3 Orion which had served for more than two decades before the Poseidon was first brought up. It never went into development until 2004, after Boeing won the contract for developing the hardware, and since then the aircraft has been used by these various forces as one of the most powerful aircraft available for large scale transport and various tactical bombing missions. 

You can download the file from the file library here.



US Navy Boeing P8A Poseidon

US Navy Boeing P8A Poseidon

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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