PSS Releases Airbus A330/A340 Add-ons

Now available from Phoenix Simulation Software are its Airbus and Airbus 340 products. Featuring new 60,000 polygon 3D models, these aircraft are suitable for both FS2002 and FS2004 and feature great detail and a wide variety of available liveries. For more information, click on Read More.

Phoenix Simulation Software (PSS) is proud to announce the release of its Airbus and Airbus 340 products.

These all new packages include

  • FS2002 and FS2004 Compatibility
  • Highly Accurate 60,000 polygon 3D Models

Full compliment of moving parts including:

Hanging bogies,
Passenger doors,
Cargo doors
2 Speed wipers (2d, 3d and VC)
3d Fans
Thrust reversers
Flexing Wings
VC "Side sticks"
Rudder Pedals
Steering Tiller
Flap & Speedbrake Lever

Reflection and specular mapped Hi detail textures
Night Lighting features

Plus following PSS-R.E.A.L features:

  • Hard coded wingtip vortices with high
  • humidity
  • Hard
  • coded Intake vapour with high RPM and Humidity
  • hard coded multiple flash strobes (Not MS effect files)
  • hard coded synchronised Beacons (Not MS effect files)

  • Accurate flight models, Performance tested by real Airbus
  • pilots
  • Fly
  • By Wire Flight protection
  • System
  • accurate
  • sound sets for all
  • variants
  • compatible
  • with both FS2002 and FS2004

Fully featured Airbus Panel with:

  • Full view (see less outside but all flight gauges)
  • VFR View (see More outside and important flight gauges)
  • Fully Programmable MCDU
  • "one click" Popup EFIS
  • Displays
  • Overhead
  • Panel
  • Centre
  • Pedestal
  • "one click" popup of all panels (no need to use keyboard)
  • Accurate Virtual Cockpit with fully operational gauges
  • "Click spots" for VC Control (FS2004 only)
  • GPWS
  • System
  • ACAS
  • System
  • Hydraulics
  • , Electrics, Fuel and Airconditioning systems

The A330 and A340 will be available as TWO seperate Packages. Consisting of the following content.

A330 "Pro" BASE PACK (FS2002/FS2004)- £15

A330-200 and A330-300 Both in 3 engine variants GE, PW and RR.
These will be painted in Airbus House Liveries and include...

6 Aircraft (With PSS R.E.A.L lighting and vortex effects)
Engine Specific Panel
VC (with vector gauges and clickable in FS2004)
3 X accurate Sound sets
panel config utility
PSS Registered FSUIPC

A340 "Pro" BASE PACK (FS2002/FS2004)- £10

A340-200 and A340-300 CFM Engines
These will be painted in Airbus House Liveries and include...

2 Aircraft (With PSS R.E.A.L lighting and vortex effects)
VC (with vector gauges and clickable in FS2004)
Accurate sound sets
panel config utility
PSS Registered FSUIPC

Each Livery will cost £7 and we will have Multipacks available

BUT don't forget our discount structure...the more you buy the less you pay.

The liveries available are:

A330-200 GE House Colours
A330-200 PW House Colours
A330-200 RR House Colours
A330-200 GE Aer Lingus
A330-200 GE Air Caledonie
A330-200 GE Air France
A330-200 PW Air Greenland
A330-200 RR Airtours International
A330-200 RR Air Transat
A330-200 PW Austrian Airlines
A330-200 RR British Midland International
A330-200 GE Canada 3000
A330-200 RR Corsair
A330-200 RR Cyprus Air
A330-200 RR Edelweiss Air
A330-200 RR Emirates
A330-200 RR Gulf Air (standard)
A330-200 RR JMC Air
A330-200 PW Korean Air
A330-200 PW LTU International Airways
A330-200 PW Lufthansa
A330-200 RR MidEast Airlines
A330-200 RR Monarch Airlines
A330-200 RR MyTravel Airways
A330-200 GE Qantas
A330-200 GE Qatar Airways
A330-200 RR Srilankan Airlines
A330-200 PW Swissair
A330-200 PW TAM Brasil
A330-200 GE Thomas Cook
A330-200 GE EVA Air

A330-300 GE House Colours
A330-300 PW House Colours
A330-300 RR House Colours
A330-300 GE Aer Lingus
A330-300 RR Air Canada
A330-300 GE Air Inter
A330-300 RR Air Transat
A330-300 RR Cathay Pacific
A330-300 RR Dragonair
A330-300 RR Garuda Indonesia
A330-300 PW Iberworld
A330-300 PW Korean Air
A330-300 PW LTU
A330-300 PW Malaysia Airlines
A330-300 PW Northwest Airlines
A330-300 GE Philippine Airlines
A330-300 GE Sabena
A330-300 RR SAS Scandinavian
A330-300 PW Skyservice
A330-300 GE SN Brussels
A330-300 PW Thai Airways
A330-300 PW US Airways

A340-200 CFM House Colours
A340-200 CFM Aerolineas Argentinas
A340-200 CFM Egypt Airlines
A340-200 CFM Lufthansa
A340-200 CFM Royal Brunei
A340-200 CFM South African Airways
A340-200 CFM Royal Jordanian

A340-300 CFM House Colours
A340-300 CFM Air Canada
A340-300 CFM Air China
A340-300 CFM Air France
A340-300 CFM Air Jamaica
A340-300 CFM Air Porugal TAP
A340-300 CFM Air Tahiti Nui
A340-300 CFM AOM
A340-300 CFM Austrian Airlines
A340-300 CFM BWIA
A340-300 CFM Cathay Pacific
A340-300 CFM China Airlines
A340-300 CFM China Eastern
A340-300 CFM Gulf Air
A340-300 CFM Iberia
A340-300 CFM Kuwait Airways
A340-300 CFM Lan Chile
A340-300 CFM Lufthansa
A340-300 CFM Olympic Airways
A340-300 CFM Philippine Airlines
A340-300 CFM Sabena
A340-300 CFM Scandinavian SAS
A340-300 CFM Singapore Airlines
A340-300 CFM SriLankan Air
A340-300 CFM Turkish Airlines
A340-300 CFM Virgin Atlantic
A340-300 CFM Virgin Atlantic (new)
A340-300 CFM Swissair

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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